See Your Life… Song

The FutureI’ve written on several occasions on the Jesus Alien about looking after the umbilical chords that connect us to the Earth and the Universe.

We have a maximum life span of approximately 120 years, dictated by the Hayflick Limit and there are things we can do to help us reach that limit in as healthy a way as possible, avoiding illness and the torture that old age brings.

You see the Earth has been attacked and abused by us and as a result we are hurting our own eco system, which in turn hurts us.  Why are we self harming on a global basis.

We can blame big pharma, gmo companies, factories and the illuminati but essentially we are responsible.  We are they.  We support the destruction of the Earth through our own insatiable consumerism.

It’s not all bad news, we’ve got to make sure that we get pure air, water, organic food and plenty of sunlight (the 4 elements).  We have to avoid gluttony and allow our bodies to do what they are designed to do.  If you don’t give a plant these things it will wilt and die… we are the same.

I wrote this song to capture this idea.


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Destroyed and Saved by Technology

Science FictionIt’s amazing how many people don’t realise this but a 1000km cube (possibly other shape with 4 sides and a height like a pyramid) descends to the earth according to the book of apocalypse/revelation.

This happens after a fairly nasty period of either being peppered by asteroids or nuclear bombs or both etc. it descends in order to save a large portion of humanity…

All sorts of shit happens before that point such as mechanical locusts (possibly weaponised quadcopters) and the resurrection of an ancient demi-god called Apollyon…

I’ve gone into some depth with some of these topics before, but if you arm yourself with the knowledge of today it is quite easy to interpret what is going on.

The Earth is laid bare after a period of rule by some thing… some sort of augmented or transhuman.  All of our ancient myths talk of titans, demi-gods and so on, the children of the gods (descended angels, who do their own will).

Of course the Book of Enoch describes the damage these things did to the Earth, and the upset of the natural balance and the desolation. And it talks of how God, through the good angels, put things right through the flood. At this point he saved Noah.

So, the end of times will mimic these times to a degree, a demi-god set up on the throne where it should not be.  The abomination of desolation? The Earth destroyed again, this time through fire, and the saving of humans (this time hopefully more than just one man and his family).  Noah’s line was limited to 120 years after the flood, this time the opposite will happen… all of the limits of disease and age will be removed.

It seems to me we will be destroyed by technology, and also saved by it, although the technology we are saved by will be beyond our comprehension.  A space ship 1000 kilometers as wide as it is long and upgraded bodies that never die! WHAAAT!

Where do we go from there?


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Human Beings are God’s Mars Rovers?

If you had to answer the question “why are we here?”  how would you answer it?

I personally think that we are here to live.  That is obvious right?  So if what is living except the gathering of experience.  Experience occurs through our senses of sight, touch, sound, taste, smell and intuition… based on these we react internally through complex thoughts and emotions.  This is all autonomous and the data is recorded in our brains… but is that it?

Mars RoverNow look at the Mars Rover. What is it’s purpose?  It also experiences through it’s devices and sensors capturing data.  It is autonomous to a degree but it is mainly relaying information back to scientists back on Earth.

Robots, such as the Rover mimic our senses but they are far inferior.  They have no ability to self-repair and so are very fragile.  Even though robots and machines can do specific tasks better than us sometimes, they are much inferior to genetic beings such as us, who use the minerals, air, water and heat of the planet we live on to create and repair our skeletons, muscles, blood, nerves etc. and to provide us with energy to move.

In many ways, we too are robots, just highly advanced, self repairing robots, with incredible subconscious mind that regulates our body, calculates physics in terms of speed, distance, co-ordination and so on.  I won’t delve into it too deeply here but we are absolutely incredible machines, as are all life forms from plants to other complex animals.

So, here’s the thing… what if that’s what we are?  Machines sent here to experience and explore, just like the Mars rover.  Just as we have sent out machines to explore the universe, what if God has done the same thing?  In our case evolving species that self repair and mutate to adapt to planetary conditions through evolution… absolute genius, but our evolution may always tend to create species with minds like ours over time.

If this is the case, then we should be reporting back to God with information right?  Just as rover does through radio waves…  Well, perhaps we do exactly that!!! At night, when we go asleep our pineal gland activates creating DMT which allows us to dream.  Most of the time we don’t know what we dream, but perhaps in this state we upload data back through the cosmos using the pineal gland as a transceiver.  Often people who take drugs that activate the pineal gland or put DMT into our systems experience communication with beings from other dimensions, conversations are had etc.  Perhaps we do this in deep sleep as part of our programming, but we do not remember it as our job is to simply experience without a specific mission.

If we knew we were here on a mission to experience it would possibly skew the information!

Given enough people are born  (be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it), over time, every conceivable experience will happen, every inch of the planet explored and if we all dream and send back data through some sort of electromagnetic or quantum channel, and so God or creator can experience everything through us.

Perhaps in this way, if there is a harvest they use our dream reports to judge us and decide which ones of us get to become immortal and assist the next set of Rovers :-)

Food for thought!




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Joshua hunted the Nephilim, Jesus hunted their Demon Spirits

It is interesting that the name Jesus means God Saves.  In the old testament, Joshua was the equivalent name.

Joshua had the task of wiping out the remnants of the Giants.  More Giants came after the flood somehow… perhaps the post flood human had some nephilim DNA still there and nephilim were born so further purification had to take place OR maybe another set of fallen angels created a second wave of Nephilim.

Either way, Joshua was given the task of saving mankind from the Nephilim, as the first batch had desolated the Earth, the second wave, left unabated would have done the same, so the story of Jericho occurred.

Joshua was assisted by God in this task and thus the name God saves is very apt.

In the case of Jesus, he was sent here to save us from evil spirits more so than ancient Nephilim. There were no Nephilim left in Jesus time but their remnant spirits, or demons roamed freely causing all manner of trouble for man.  Today, we are still affected by them but they are far less open.

Jesus did many task, casting them into pigs, healing the sick and so on. So again God saves humans from the same creatures that Joshua saved us from.

Yeshua is how the name is pronounced and it is poweful because it can be used to find out if a spirit is good or evil.  Really there is only one true spirit, but there are many angels, some good some bad and they can communicate with us on this channel.  To test a spirit ask them do they believe that Jesus the messiah came in the flesh.  If they answer yes, in the form of electrostatic sensation on your skin then you know they are good.  If you get nothing when asking that question BANISH them from your house. You will know the difference as the sensation is a crackly feeling rather than a beautiful trembling sensation.  I’m getting the sensation now and asked the question here and it’s all good.

Thank you Spirit.



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Finding the Spirit, Eureka Moment

I have a very close friend for the past 35 years.  We are like brothers really and we have discussed the Spirit, Jesus, Aliens, Angels, Science, Pseudoscience and everything in between for a long long time.

We’ve had arguments about different things and I’ve always tried to get it across to him that the Spirit is everything and all you need.  And when we’ve discussed things he’s felt it over and over again, but only lately has he finally accepted the power of it and it wasn’t through my words, but his own discovery.

You see that is the key to it all…  you have to have that dialogue with the spirit and ask it to connect to you in whatever language makes sense to you.  He invoked the spirit of Jesus into his atoms and that opened him the spirit blast. Hopefully, the seed has now landed in rich soil and it will grow.

Even with this he felt that he needed to do something with his life, create something for humanity and I ask him what invention could you possibly make that is better than your eyeballs? They are made from dirt, yet can see and transmit visual information to your brain, which is also made from dirt and will return to dirt.  How can we ever have more impact than that?  Enjoy the miracle of technology that we are.  Trees are advanced machines creating beauty, air and nourishment from dirt, water and sunlight.  What invention could better that?

So then we got discussing New Jerusalem as He was asking where Jesus is now and I said he is preparing rooms for us… and he was like “real rooms?” and it became very real for him when I showed him revelations when we started talking in dimensions using google conversions for stadia and cubits… essentially a flying city will descend that is 1000km x 1000km z 1000km with 144m thick walls… enough to keep us safe from cosmic radiation.

Who knows how many levels in this city for crops, quarters, leisure areas etc.  It’s just overwhelming really, but possible for God… and his Spirit is calling for us to be part of it… this is our mission, to prove our readiness to enter the city when it descends.

Are you ready?

Call the Spirit into you today… but be careful, make sure that it admits that Jesus, the messiah, came in the flesh, for Jesus is Immanuel, which simply means ‘God with us’ and God is Spirit.



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Mother Earths Umbilical Chords

Earths Umbilical ChordsI’ve written before on the importance of the 5 elements and how our bodies cannot survive without them but I didn’t realise just how important they were and how each has been attacked over the past centuries.

I recently read an Essene Gospel, where Jesus explains that the Earth is our real mother and the similarities between us and her e.g. rivers are akin to blood, rocks to blood, fruit and vegetation to flesh etc.

Living creatures are her real children and she gives us our life force through 4 umbilical chords  i.e. air, water, food and light (obviously light comes from the sun but the earth filters it for us and stores heat etc.

Jesus said that this is our real mother and we will return to her after our death, but he explains that illnesses come through not tending to these umbilical chords. (He does not call them that, I am just using that analogy).

Jesus, explains how sick people can heal themselves by tending to them and here’s how.

Air: Find a place where the air is pure.  I suggest a mountain or high ground.  When you are there, remove clothing and breathe in the good air and feel it on your skin.  Jesus says to pray to the angel of the air, which I interpret as giving thanks and gratitude for pure wonderful life giving air.  We now how good breathing exercises can be of course today for mind and body.

Water: He suggests that with clothes off to bathe in pure fresh water from a stream again praying to the angel of the water, and to tend to insides too… he suggests fasting to purify the body, and we now know that fasting for 3 days gives the immune system a full reboot (google it) and drinking the water. He also gives instructions on how to give yourself an enema with fresh warm water from the surface of the stream and while fasting continue for days with the enemas until the water runs pure.  This will cure many illnesses.  There is of course many benefits to keeping hydrated with pure mineral water and cleansing the colon also.

Sunlight: He suggests bathing in sunlight also and again praying to the angel of the light and suggests this will also cleans and purge demons.  We know today the sun provides heat, sterilisation of germs, and that sunlight on the skin produced vitamin d3 from cholesterol which is hugely beneficial in a multitude of ways from helping to absorb calcium, to brain health.

Minerals: Jesus suggests using the earth, mud banks etc. for healing.  We know that the skin absorbs from the environment and we also know that there is something to homeopathy.  Jesus used the mud technique in the approved bible to heal the blind by mixing it with his spittle (water, air, mud). He used this to help heal people with badly gnarled feet (probably arthritis). Today we see beauty treatments including mud, seaweed and all sorts of mineral therapy including epsom salts etc. to help with various health issues.

In extreme cases he mixed all 4 elements to cure people.  One man was still bad after trying all of the above so Jesus milked a sheep, mixed the milk with the mud, heat then made it steam and mix with air and put the sick mans head down into the steam. Because he had gone through with the other 4 his body was hungry and so when the vapor reached his nose a huge worm emerged from this throat and Jesus killed it to the amazement of the crowd.

I found this fascinating and it is a real lesson for today as all of the above are being discovered today, the importance of pure air, hydration, cleansing, fasting, sunlight and minerals.  If any of these are affected, it is like damaging and umbilical chord to our health and they are all being attacked.

Today for example our air is being polluted damaging climate and even opening the ozone so that harmful sun rays come through.  Some even say our air is being polluted on purpose through spraying (the contrails/chemtrails theory).  Our water is being polluted and additives added to tap water such as fluoride, chlorine and so on.  There have also been nuclear disasters poisoning seas.  Our land is being depleted of minerals and being polluted with weed killers, insecticides, refuse and other poisons.  And of course, harmful suns rays are coming through the ozone, and our bodies are being covered with sun block and clothing such that d3 has to be supplemented…

Essentially all 4 umbilical chords are being strangled and we are getting sick as a result.

But it is not too late, Jesus promised us that we can reverse illness. So go to nature, find the purest air and streams you can find and breath the air, bathe in the water and feel the sunlight on your skin.  Take off your shoes and socks and ground yourself to mother earth, get your feet and body mucky too.  I guarantee you will feel better.  I’ve been doing this subconsciously for years. This year I will try the fast and cleanse and see how far I can take it… he promised the whites of your eyes will shine with health if you do this.

Oh and I almost forgot the most important bit!!! He also promised that if you do this, all manner of evil will leave your body, both sickness and demons as you become more and more pure and then your body will be fit for your spirit and the Spirit of God to come and dwell within you.  The water of life.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it.  Don’t forget to give thanks to the angels and your Mother, Earth if you do.  That is part of the deal!

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LOCUSTS of Revelation – Could you be any more obvious guys?

Above is a video of the new LOw-Cost Unmanned aerial vehicle Swarming Technology program or LOCUST for short.  Nice acronym guys.  I wonder where you got the inspiration???

Revelation 9:3 And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. 4They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree.

We’ve discussed this before with the use of quadcopters as a means of controlling people.  The reason I suspect quadcopters and drones is because of the description.  They have no interest in vegetation and  they have what look like crowns on their heads and their wings make the noise of horses galloping into battle.  Some of the other descriptions of the drone locusts are a little bizzare but you could expect that from a guy having a vision of something that he had no reference for.  

The crown explanation can be seen  in this article that posted on the BBC about how in South Africa they will have drones that can control crowds using pepper spray for example  The skunk drones blades could be described as  a crown by someone who had no clue about technology.

In this article it shows another drone that can fire tasers at people, a much more powerful looking drone.  You can imagine the noise of 1000 of these flying about in unison.  Their blades would make noice like galloping horses.

The main point of this article is the use of the term LOCUSTS in this instance.

“The recent demonstrations are an important step on the way to the 2016 ship-based demonstration of 30 rapidly launched autonomous, swarming UAVs,” program manager Lee Mastroianni says.

30, will become 30,000 and eventually cities could be overcome and people sought out and “stung” if they cannot be verified or are seen as a terrorist.

This technology is more dangerous than the nuclear bomb, because it is so cheap and so invasive.  George Orwell eat your heart out.


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How to draw in the Spirit – drink from the well

I was asked on another thread how to draw in the Spirit in the comments so I thought I’d make a quick blog about it here.

Essentially your body is an energy system, electrical as well as everything else.  We don’t fully understand all there is to know about the human body and I am sure that in the future our greatest discovery will be to do with consciousness and spirit.

There are people who experience energy such as the Spirit, Chi, Kundalini and tingles that they simply cannot explain etc.   My opinion is that God is Spirit and we were made in it’s likeness and so this is what we are feeling.

So, how to fill up.  You can will it in, you can discuss the Spirit and it will come, you can listen to music, or get in touch with nature, but here is a simple physical exercise I use from time to time.

  1. Put your hands in front of your belly button, one hand over the other
  2. Move them upwards past your heart upward past the top of your head. Inhale as you do this through your nos.
  3. Once you get to the top with hands fully stretched overhead, make a big outward circle with your hands bringing them back down to the starting position. Exhale through your mouth as you do this.
  4. You should do this about 10 times. Sometimes you will get tingles when you do this, this is filling yourself with energy.

Once you are filled with energy, you can use it for various tasks, the very first thing it should do is make you feel better.  You have to help yourself before you can help others.

Let me know if this works for any of you via comments below or via email.

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Water IS the new oil

Water fuelIn the not too distant future, oil will no longer be necessary for transport.  As more and more vehicles move towards hydrogen power through fuel cells, the oil industry will become more and more defunct.  This will be somewhat gradual, but eventually there will be a huge redistribution of wealth across the entire globe.

Oil rich nations will no longer hold such a strong position.  Countries in the middle east will suffer as they begin to require more taxes from their citizens unlike the current situation where people can earn tax free because of the astronomical wealth of Arab princes, who pay for things like roads, water etc.   America, will also feel real pain from this as the dollar is heavily linked to the price of oil.

A recent advance in the  extraction of hydrogen from plants means that countries with good rainfall and climate for growing corn can really maximize on this new industry.  Farmers and entrepreneurs willing to create small hydrogen factories in localities could really become a major business in the future.  It will be a far fairer distribution of wealth, once it can be run by independents and not taken over by huge chains as per usual.

Of course, hydrogen is a fantastic fuel because it is kind to the planet because when it combines with oxygen and heat, an explosion happens that results in energy and a by product (clean water).  It will change our planet to move to this source as mining of oil will no longer be necessary, which has always posed huge risks.  Then there’s the burning of such fuels releasing toxins and carbon into the air, which arguably contributes to climate change.

The sinister side to all of this, the bit that I find very disturbing is how current Governments across the globe are becoming so controlling over water supplies.  I guess they know what is coming and if they don’t control water supplies, there will be huge revenue deficits when they no longer make money from sale of oil.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but hydrogen power opens up a whole new chapter in human history.

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See that you are not alarmed!

It’s unbelievable how many people these days say the end of the world is imminent “you better be good and do what I say because Jesus is coming soon!!!”

At the moment it is the tedtrad blood moons, an asteroid, the eclipse etc.  All signs that Jesus is about to return.

I have news for you.


(Well not yet anyway).

And I am not telling you this. You see, Jesus doesn’t need anyone to talk for him, he already warned the Apostles very clearly and they wrote it down.  Matthew 24:4

Jesus answered: Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.

OK, so this may be the BEGINNING of the birth pangs.  Jesus said it clearly and instructed us not to be alarmed, yet we have people deceiving others in Jesus name, just as he foretold on YouTube, Facebook and web sites. I hope this site is not one of them!

People have a way of getting you to listen to them through preying on fear.  They are mostly con artists, using something you already know a little about to con you into their lie for whatever reason.  Maybe its their own ego, self gratification, attention seeking or maybe it’s for your money, who knows.

In essence, they are included in the false prophets he warned us about.

I am a believer in the end times, but I don’t believe it will be for some time yet based on the Gospels.  Yes the buds are out so we know summer is near, just as Jesus explained, however we are some time away from the abomination of desolation.

Here is the order of events based on Matthew 24:

Stage 1 – Birthpangs

  • Wars and rumours of wars (this could be previous wars such as the cold war, world war II, the current tensions between Russia and Europe, these happen all the time).
  • Earthquakes, famines etc. (these happen all the time)

Stage 2 – Persecution

  • People will be hated by all nations because they believe in Jesus and put to death
    • Those who refuse to take the mark of the beast/chip and are forced into poverty or death
    • Possibly implemented with technological locusts (weaponised quadcopters)
  • People will betray one another and love will grow cold
  • False prophets will deceive many
  • Gospel preached to everyone (via internet possibly)
  • Those who stand firm and keep believing will be saved

Stage 3 – Persecution

  • Abomination of desolation as per Daniel (genetic abomination, return of aryan nephilim, those who caused the desolation before the flood as written in the book of Enoch)
  • More false prophets performing great wonders deceiving even the elect (maybe nuclear bombs on their command)
  • Great distress unequalled from the beginning of the world until now and never to be equalled again.  From the book of revelation, the 7 trumpets may include:
    • Nuclear War
    • Asteroid impacts etc.
    • Volcanoes
    • All of the above

Stage 3 – The Return

  • Immediately after the distress, the sun and moon will be darkened, the stars fall from the sky, heavens shakened (sounds like dust raised from post nuclear war, asteroid hit, volcanoes, earthquakes or both, nuclear winter essentially).
  • Then Jesus comes in a flash out of nowhere because if he didn’t we would all die in the dark.
  • The people cry because he has returned as foretold because they are so happy, because they know they would have perished with the Earth otherwise.
  • The good people of the Earth are to be saved by Jesus and his angels and brought away to be transformed into immortal beings.
  • Only for the return of Jesus and the army of angels nobody would survive.

So, if someone tells you that Jesus is about to return, tell the to read Matthew 24 and not to be alarmed just yet.   The 3 days of darkness spoken will happen after the great distress and the disastrous abomintion, which have yet to occur.

All of the dots are being connected and revelation is occurring, the veil is certainly being lifted.

If you want to save this world or at least slow down the end of the world you must get out there and stand up to tyrannical laws being brought in to oppress entire people.  I don’t mean full on revolution, but I do mean speak out.  If we don’t speak out about opression now, then what chance have we of speaking out when we are getting chipped up and being farmed like sheep by drones equipped with darts, facial recognition, GPS and so on.

The goal of Governments is to control everyone.  This is a satanic objective as it seeks to take away our free will (including harvestin rainwater lately!!!).  We need to fight for freedom to make our own choices.  Once it’s gone this time, it will be gone forever, until we are saved by an external force lead by Jesus, so we must resist it.

Don’t get me wrong, I want Jesus to return, but I also know how bad it must get before his return and I don’t want that to happen to us, and maybe we can stop it for 20, 50, 100 or 1000 years, which means more people will have a chance at human life and enjoy what is left of this wonderful planet.

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