Blockchain, the technology underlying Bitcoin, part of the 666 end game?

Blockchain is the next big thing in terms of internet technologies.  Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, is built on blockchain.  Blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger where copies of the entire ledger are kept on every machine so that it can never be lost or corrupted, the only problem is that everyone can see everything for the entire history of the lifetime of the system.

In terms of identity, your identity on the blockchain is anonymous, however if someone links your actual identity to your key, all of your transactions can be known to that person be they an individual or a government or whatever.

The beauty of the system is that it is kept honest by everyone and so it is definitive, more accurate and less prone to corruption than any previous form of technology used for the same purpose, and so it is of great interest to banks who both fear and revere it as it could at worst replace them and at best help them improve many of their processes.

What does it mean for us though?  With all technology there are good and bad sides.  It can change things for the better but can also be abused for power.  Because it is so little understood by the mainstream, it can be implemented and employed under the radar and services then deployed on it.  For example,  it could help implement the system of not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.  Once your identity is set in the system, literally everything you do within it can be tracked… if a one world currency was set up with a blockchain it is probably game over once we start using phones to pay for things using it… all you would need is your code and you could pay using it, and not only that, bots, called smart contracts can be deployed on it too to interact with everything you do to automate absolutely everything from paying your wages, to paying vat back to government instantly, taxes, fines and it could all orchestrate together without any intervention from humans once these agents are set up.

Keep a close watch on how it develops…

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Demon Octopus – Spiritual Eyes

I was sick over Christmas and was heavily tested.  After two weeks of sounding like Barry White, during the course of my illness I got conjunctivitis, which, added with mouth ulcers and other nasty symptoms, I ended up sleeping 16 hours a day for 5 days.  At the height of it my eyes bled.  Looking at this in the mirror in the middle of the night was scary.  I thought I was on the way out.

However, this illness gave me time to think, dream and focus.  One night my vision changed in the dark and I could see creatures coming towards me in the dark.  They looked like little black or dark grey, round headed monsters about the size of a football, with orange, fiery, glowing mouths and tentacles flailing everywhere at incredible speeds. I named them Demon Octopus.  They seemed to be trying to attach to my head.  Perhaps they were even causing the illness.  I get the feeling the hundreds of tentacles are used to attach to our brains and nerve endings to essentially interface with our systems.

Unfortunately, for many days during the illness I could not even feel the Spirit, it was like a total disconnect, which was lonely, however on this night it began to come back.  I drew it in and use the name of Jesus.

[As an aside here I just want to mention I am not a Christian religious nut,  I do not support any organised religion at all.  I simply recognise that Jesus, through his words and actions has proven that he was the house of the Spirit during his short life.  In particular during his 3 years of ministry he was essentially possessed by the Spirit.   I believe this same Spirit, which is the Spirit of Nature or God, visits our humble houses from time to time and this presence can be felt by many.  I use the name of Jesus, which is a form of the name Joshua, which means God Saves.  I’m sure other religions use various names such as YHWH, the intent is what is important.]

Once I felt the spirit I was able to drive these things from my bedroom and house.  Once I did that my illness began to leave me.  For the next 3 nights I’ve been drawing in spirit and no sign of any entities.  The interesting thing is that I can now see the light coming towards me to go with the Spirit sensations.  The colour of the light is strange and I’m not sure if I can even call it light, it has edges to it that have various colours but it flowed into my eyes and face coming from one location… being absorbed into my body.

Using Google Skymap the energy seemed to come from the direction of the Star Vindemiatrix. Which is the right hand of Virgo constellation and it can penetrate walls no problem.  Perhaps the illness was some sort of alteration.  I did not enjoy it but I’m grateful to have levelled up.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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Jesus, the Greatest Troll in History

Christmas is about the birth of the greatest troll who ever lived. Jesus was so controversial that people still debate trivial things about him including his mother’s sex life, the exact date of his birthday, the colour of his beard and skin, whether he had brothers or cousins.

He trolled the pharisees with his words, trolled crowds with his parables and trolled his apostles daily… they always seemed confused. His intention of course was simply to challenge their minds, their way of thinking and free them from just going along with societal norms.  He wanted them to think for themselves, think about living in balance with the world, with nature like sparrows.  He promised them if they did this they would never want for anything because The Spirit of God would look after their needs.

Unfortunately, the world has tried to eclipse Jesus with a fat, gluttonous, materialistic beardy guy whose sole focus is consumerism.  It puts a lot of pressure on people each year to buy presents and prepare a feast for their families.  I’m all for lovely food and experiencing people’s company and for making people feel special and happy through a thoughtful gift but this is not it… this is false. I don’t need Santa Claus to make that happen.

We all just need to live each day like it’s our last. Seize every moment of happiness you can and make others happy with the gift of a nice experience if possible.

Anyway, my discount store Santa hats off to you Jesus on the eve of your birthday. You’re always cool in my book no matter how stuffy the churches of the world, who supposedly represent you, make you out to be.

They should read what you said about them in more detail.

Merry CHRISTmas peeepull!

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Santa is Real

Santa is Real is a cute little music video about parents passing on the legend of Santa to the next generation. As a boy I remember Santa coming into my room with toys, and then when I grew up and Santa didn’t come anymore… but now I have kids of my own and Santa is alive for me again!!!

Santa is real as long as we keep the love alive in our hearts!

For more visit

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Are Mushrooms Antennae for Alien Mind Control?

I had a strange dream last night.  A woman had a baby in a pram and out of the babies head grew mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms.  Out of embarrassment she started picking them away.  I said to only pick the ripe ones and she threw them at me out of jest.  Then I said the words:

Mushrooms are antennae for mind control.

Recent studies have suggested that fungus is linked to Alzheimers and perhaps this is a simple pick up on that research or perhaps it is more akin to Terence McKenna’s ideas of mushroom spores being a sort of panspermia (how life travels through the universe) and part of our evolution through helping our brains develop through the use of Psilocybin.  Our earliest ancestors must have noticed the effects eating these mushrooms had on themselves and used them regularly.

Paul Stamets gave a very insteresting Ted talk about the wonder and uses of mushrooms…

The mycelium (the vast net that appears under the soil from which mushrooms pop up) in particular in conjunction with mushrooms helps environments thrive and survive, which would back up the panspermia idea and perhaps mushrooms are the way in which life in the universe has come about.  In fact on Earth, mushrooms appeared over a billion years ago, before vegetation.  It essentially terra formed the planet for life.

The question then is, was it planned or is it just nature, where were the first spores produced? Are the mushrooms acting as antennae for the mycellium and facilitating overground communication between the conciousness of the mycellium and us or maybe even the universe…

I’m not necessarily talking about them being physical antennae (as well as their many other uses such as propagation, feeding soil and animals to spread spores), though I don’t rule out that. However, maybe it’s more metaphorical, as taking mushrooms with psilocybin content does make people more aware linking parts of the brain not normally linked.  Often people have life changing spiritual experiences becoming more in tune with nature and life and the universe.

Perhaps this is what the dream meant by the phrase “Mushrooms are antennae for mind control.”  Perhaps the feelings we get are the giant mycellium organisms telling us how we should be doing things according to the Universal law.



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What do the spirals of Newgrange mean?

I recently visited Newgrange and Knowth with my wife and kids and I was really astounded at the passage tomb in Knowth.  The massive boulders surrounding it seem to show spirals and wavy lines alternating along the outside of it.


These people worshipped the Sun, and we know that light in Newgrange enters the tomb right up to the altar during the winter solstice climaxing on 21st of December.

Knowth is configured to catch the light during the solstice in spring and autumn.

They are truly wonderful monuments that are a testament to the skills and craftsmanship of the people at the time.  Apparently no water has gotten through the roofs of these monuments since they were built thousands of years BC.

These people placed a great emphasis on building something that would last the test of time.  They were perhaps trying to preserve a message for future generations… so what could that message be?

The spiral is constantly seen of course and so too, particularly in knowth are wavy lines.  I can’t help but feel that they are talking about physics, perhaps a standing wave, vs transfer sine wave, or the particle nature of energy such as an photon, vs something fuzzier such as a light wave.


We know electrons display some mass, and have weird properties. e.g. either their momentum or location can be predicted but as one property is observed more closely the other becomes indeterminate… this is one of the baffling things about our amazing universe… an electron has been described as a wavicle in the past as it has the properties of both a wave and a particle just like light does, however it is a fundamental building block of matter.

My suggestion therfore is that the ancient people had some understanding of this, perhaps it was passed down to them from a pre-ice age culture that was similarly advanced like us, which suffered some sort of catastrophic end of days type scenario, where only a certain few survived and tried to preserve their information into the future as best they could.

So what were they trying to do at Newgrange?  If the spirals mean matter, and the waves mean light then perhaps what they were trying to do inside at the centre of the monument/temple was manifest something into reality from the special light that was entering the tomb.

DSC_0225Apparently it comes in as a magic orange glow and trickles up the tomb right into the centre, which as three areas within.  Perhaps, when a few people in there, or even the entire tribe believed something would manifest from the light, it actually did because what we observe and believe tends to happen… perhaps this is the earliest form of The Secret being demonstrated.

It’s certainly a concept worth exploring, so if you are lucky enough to win the lottery to attend the solstice event in Newgrange, make a wish for something to become a reality and you never know!!!

Here are some images of the trip below…

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If enough people believe Jesus will return, he probably will!

11895942_10207466537079167_4980755875642339613_nIf Jesus and his relationship with Spirit is like the quantum wave particle duality then the Spirit can be represented as a wave, where as jesus is the manifestation of that wave signature as particles.

Particle Wave Duality is a demonstrable phenomenon whereby if you shine a light through a double slit piece of cardboard at a wall, the light will reflect off the wall with an interference pattern as the waves passing through the slits are similar and cause interference with one another.

This is the normal behaviour of waves… if two people whistled loudly at roughly the same pitch you would hear a vibration effect as the two whistles begin to tune together.  This vibration you hear in your ear is when the waves add together to make louder noises and when they subtract and cancel each other out.

The reflection on the back wall in the double slit experiment acts in exactly the same manner unless, and this is where noodles are baked, you observe the light as a particle.  If you do this, the light becomes a discrete particle and hits the wall as a discrete photon.

This is part of Quantum physics, i.e. that the observer has an effect on a wave.  We’ve written about this before and have stated that it may be the universe is a simulation based on this as it saves processing power keeping things in wave form until observed, and then bringing into actual reality, much like a video game does not render sprites unless within visible range of the game player and in their visual view. The why of this is theorised here

So, how does this relate to Jesus and the Spirit.

Well the universe is built on these micro level rules.  So if God exists, the of course this rule is universal and should scale up to the macro level also.  There have been books written about this such as The Secret.  I was in Newgrange lately also and on the stones surrounding the tomb, there were rocks with wavy lines and rocks with spirals, I can’t help but think they were trying to get across this very important idea through time… in fact the light that enters on the 21st of december is such a wave and perhaps in the tomb they had some way of manifesting something from this wave, some energy that they could use somehow.  I’ll write on this an put up a gallery on that soon.

In terms of the Secret, I tend to live a little bit like this these days, I am thankful more often than not and expect good things to happen and they do more often than not.  When bad things happen, I laugh them off and call it balance.

It seems to be easier to manifest things that do not affect others, but on the grand scale, on the biggest level, do our expectations bring through realities?  Look at how we accept the bullshit money sytstem, political systems, law enforcement etc.  Some of the things in place in our cultures are absolute madness, but seem sane because that is the perception and are impossible to reverse it seems, until there is mass revolt against something, a mass change in consciousness or observation.

It seems to me that Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same.  The spirit is the quantum, fuzzy wave form version of Jesus, and Jesus is the discrete observable form, made from pure matter.  So if enough (majority) of us decide to observe the Spirit as Jesus, perhaps then he will manifest as expected, because that is simply how this place works!!!

In the Book of Enoch, it speaks about how the cries of man went to heaven because of the desolation here… I hope it doesn’t take something like this for us to manifest our protectors into this reality again.

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Scientists Baffled by the EM Drive

It seems science is being re-written at the moment with the EM drive being verified through experimentation over and over from the US to China, the EM drive is the real deal, except for one thing…

Nobody knows exactly how it works!!!

From Wikipedia:

RF resonant cavity thrusters are a proposed new type of electromagnetic thruster. Unlike conventional electric thrusters, they are not designed to use any form of reaction mass, nor to emit any directional radiation. Their design principles are not accepted by mainstream science, which predicts that they should be unable to produce thrust.

Conventional, newtonian science is based on one simple rule:  for every action there’s an equal but opposite reaction.  I learned this in secondary school.  Although I didn’t study physics as my major in University I do have a B.Sc. degree and got an A in Honours Physics in Leaving Cert at Secondary School (Final Year High School) so I have more than a basic grasp of physics.

The problem with the EM drive is that there is too much thrust for the amount of microwave energy being pushed through the cone shaped chamber.  In fact, science predicts there should be no thrust whatsoever from the configuration!!!

There are various theories about how this might be provide thrust, however they are trying to fit an explanation in with their understanding of physics.  Perhaps the books need to be rewritten, or we need to go back to an earlier model.

In my opinion, we need to go back and revisit the idea of an Ether.  For me it seems utterly mad that light, as a waveform, should travel through space without traveling through some form of medium.  I’ve suggest this on other blogs on this site many years ago, see this article on cosmic current and light waves.  

Newton believed in a subtle medium, and Einstein did too, however, mathematically they are not necessary for relativity to work so it has been removed by modern science… even though somehow there is a link between matter, light speed and energy.  I believe that this link is ether, and that light travels through it, and matter uses it as an energy form, which in turn causes gravity.  Simple.

One of the main reasons it was removed from science was based on an experiment to detect lumineferous aether (the medium light was predicted to be travelling through) drag, the Michelson Morley experiement.  They wanted to see if they could detect a difference in light speed in different directions relative to the Earths rotation and the experiment showed there was no difference and thus no ether drag.  This helped to get rid of Ether, however they did not take into account that if matter is absorbing ether, and causing gravity, that the movement of matter would cause a torsion field i.e. the ether itself would be moving in unison the Earth.  If this happened then  it could be a reason why no Ether drag was detected.

I’m suggesting there IS an Ether and that the EM drive proves it.

So here is my theory on how it works…

Ether tends to get into balance with the matter in its environment through the torsion field of the larger object, and so to most objects, including us, ether seems stationary, except for the gravitational effect… in a vast solar system like ours, the sun causes torsion fields, the earth, the moon etc. and so it is a system of cogs and wheels that really affect each other through this common medium.  Light is shown to be affected by larger bodies also, and this is known as gravitational lensing.  It is much simpler to explain it this way, than to say that light is affected because the space time continuum has been affected, and then give the analogy of the bowling ball and the sheet.  Yes, this is what seems to be happening and is described by maths correctly, but in terms of real life explanation, if ether is fuel for matter, causes gravity and light travels through this medium the grand unified theory is right here in a nutshell.

Anyway, maybe I’m getting to big for my boots… back to the EM Drive… so ether seems stationary to it here. By sending microwaves through a cone shaped device, perhaps a sort of tornado effect is being created, and as this is essentially a light wave (be it in non visible part of the spectrum) in a tornado like configuration through localised ether. What if this creates a drilling like effect through ether, like a propeller through air.  Essentially the drive could be burrowing or drilling through ether by latching on to it and dragging the device through the field.

Though I’m sure this idea would be mocked by mainstream scientists, I think we need to be open minded and imaginative when technologies like this break our current theories.

Food for thought…




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