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6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. It’s medication time guys,lol.This is the best laugh i have had in ages.Keep up the good work!

  2. The “mysterious” Bolon Yokte Ku is clearly female stargate of the Heavenly Queen,Milky Way,the Black Hole as the cosmic “vagina” leading to the double centre known as Cosmic . The male stargate is Hunab Ku,the phallic Belt of Orion…The biblical story of Peleg goes to cca 3114 BCE when started the Maya cyclus of our Fifth Sun…Peleg is translated in many other biblical translations as Faleg and has phallus meaning…His close relative is Yoktan,the Black Hole,always both yoked together in a new Creation…Codex Mendoza is the best depiction of this Galactic yoke of both stargates!

  3. God has nothing to do with death, death was an invention of Ithobal one of the Sons of God. Mortality is his magic trick, Ithobal was a sorcerer, it is time to teach people Gods teachings. We are all eternal, made in the image and likeness of God. No more magic, no tricking people, be truthful.

  4. There are several issues here you have not addressed Deuteronomy 13 reference a coming prophet that matches Jesus description as Does Deuteronomy 4;1thru 4 the entire word of the law ye shalt not add to nor subtract yet every time Jesus in the new testament says'”But I say unto you” he both adds and subtracts from the law .The exact thing Hashem G’d said ye shalt not do Jesus did Those are serious issues by themselves. proving he was not the Messiah, 116 times he contradicts himself another issue and Deuteronomy declares that this man whom would call his self God should be put to death right there in Deuteronomy 13 chapter Jesus like Lucifer both refer to themselves as the bright morning star “The sun” all to which states this is the one that fooled all the nations of the world Quotes from Revelations real issues in Messiah- ship from and I have proofs of 116 times Jesus contradicted himself in the new testament want more proof contact me I will show you that which the world having eyes has not seen writen in the scriptures like another references revelations 13;15-thrru 18 The name is in the number of a man and the name is in the number of he whom is the Beast let he whom has understanding decipher its meanings [The answer] Ezra 2;13 The number of [Adonikam] is 666 now since you do not speak hebrew go to the web and translate the name Adonikam = “my lord has risen” defines once again Jesus is no less than Lucifer the bearer of light the one whom had power to give life to the image There is much more but it cannot be defined all here contact me Barruch HaShem Ha Shem Ecchad Blessed be the lord God the Lord God alone is God. remember in numbers the blessing of Jessie father of King David by Samuel God is not a man Jessie that he should decieve you nor the son of man that he should lie A voice to all those whom have put away Gods law, If God changes not why would he have given the law to later do away with it? Blind guides all Yesha Yahu Isaiah Ye though they have eyes the do not see yea though they have ears they do not hear for they have become liken to their images and idols they worship me in vain In Vain do they worship the lord God They give me great praises with their mouths and their deeds But their hearts are far from me so I shalt spew them from my mouth and cast them into utter darkness for they know me not? Best open your eyes and re examine 700 to 800 more years must pass before the great tribulation events will then occur No one man know s the appointed hour but ye might know it by the signs

  5. Nor do I deny alien contact has been here ,in pre -biblical times the figure in the space suit and helmet carved in stone Temple of Salamanca one example the ancient writings of the Hindu Vimanas [flying devices} The flying devices inside the Abydos temple Giza Plateau , there are many such references such as these that are sure marks such as the Anunakki scripts in cuniform Yes man on this planet has had visitors from other worlds ,the proofs are all around us the keys are with the Anunakki

  6. We are in the image of our Galaxy and Universe above…As above,so below…We live in cyclical universe,determined by Tao-path of heavens/precession. The two stargates,phallic(male)Belt of Orion,also known as T-tav and Min are well known in the ancient world. So is the yonic(female) Black Hole,the 13th house of zodiac,also known as Yama…The Black Hole is the Cosmic vagina,leading to the double centre of our Galaxy,also known as the Cosmic womb(Valhalla)….Its sacred number is number 8 in ancient Egypt,and number 20(9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 rings/stars within that Jar/Pot)in ancient Mesoamerica,as proves Codex Mendoza,depicting it…Number 8 also stands for resurrection/rebirth and reincarnation…In our Thalamus brain centre is located Black-White-Worm Hole,the spiritual centre of each human being…Once our body is dying,the Black Hole collapses and became a White Hole=Tunnel trough which our soul/spirit travels back to its source,the Light Galactic double centre-the Cosmic Womb,for purification and new life cycle-rebirth/resurrection…Memories are erased(except few individuals who remember some passages from their previous life or lives,Edgar Cayce,etc.)and we start new life-cycle when our purified spirit/soul descend into another born infant’s body…This was the pharaoh’s afterlife journey,toward Orion,male stargate up(Galactic anticenter) and then Blach Hole stargate down to the Earth to new life-cycle…This is also described by the TWO MOUNTAINS OF TRANSFIGURATION,Tabor (Tab=Tav) to life here and hermon(see Herna in Egypt),to death=life in the spiritual world…On Sinai peninsula,Moses went up to Sinai and Horeb,one is female,lunar stargate mountain and the other,solar(Horeb)…Bethlehem(Beth-LHM Pythagorean formula)is the male-solar stargate,meanwhile ,Jerusalem is female-lunar stargate,just as is Luxor-Karnak in Egypt,or Benares/Varanasi/Kashi in India and Madurai,the female serpent temples and lunar city-stargate…Both have the same angle-slope as the Way of the Dead(Way of Stars)in Teotihuacan! The masonic copy is White House(White-color of purity and purgatory)-Pentagon(lunar stargate)as is Pentateuch,5 books of Moses,symbolizing descend to Earth and start of new life-cycle!

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