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In the immortal words of Arthur C. Clarke, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

There is a universal truth in this particular quote. Advanced cultures (technologically speaking) can easily control lesser developed cultures through the use of technology (e.g. the jet vs the tank vs the gun vs the bow vs the sword vs the fist etc.). We have seen wars end countless times on this planet because those with the more advanced technology used it gain the advantage over the enemy, from the Egyptians to the Romans to the British to the Germans to the US it is inevitable that the culture with the more advanced technology wins the war and writes the history books.

This site is based on the idea that perhaps the ‘gods’ of old utilised highly advanced technology to fool our ancient ancestors in to believing they were supernatural deities. We believe there is enough evidence out there to clearly show that the ancients did indeed use technology to control the world. From dolmens dotted across the countryside; to the great pyramids; to the giant trilithon at baalbeck; to the ancient signature earthquake proof walls seen at various sites around the world before the continents were even known; the Jesus Alien explores the world depicted by our ancestors, where the gods chose human females as wives, producing mighty offspring called ‘The Nephilim.’  These ‘Nephilim,’ ‘Giants’ or ‘Heroes of Old’ are mentioned in the Bible and practically all mythologies across the planet, and have piqued the interest of many scholars over the centuries. The parents of the Nephilim are referred to in ancient mythologies such as Sumerian, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Mesoamerican etc., as  as ‘The gods’, whilst to religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, they are referred to as ‘Fallen Angels’. This site is dedicated to exploring these legends in a thorough and unbiased (if that’s possible) way.

The Jesus Alien takes a unique perspective on the universe and harmonises spiritualism, paranormal activity, ufos, religion, science and technology.

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7 thoughts on “About the Jesus Alien”

  1. Thank you for your research in these topics. I hope you are following authors Tom Horn, LA Marzulli, Steve Quail and from Ireland Patrik Heron. I am not sure you believe in the inerrency of scripture, if so then I pray you understand that God is almighty, all power is His, including will, there is one free will in the universe and it is His, in this manner we can come to Him, if He wills it. Christ is so far, the only one to rise from the dead, the one thing all the gods of old desired, Jesus did. The pyramid, the religion, the lies, the demonic horrors of old that are still working hard, will not accomplish thier desire, neither will man.
    God will. Thanks again.

  2. Yo, good stuff, I can dig it. The above comment by James Smith is a little preachy and condacending, and has some illogical statements as well I might add. No being, I do not even care if it is the “suprmeme creator”, can be infallible. Sometimes your just wrong. And the ultimate catch-22 of philosophy is, no matter how high up the ladder one goes, in the end there will always be someone questioning where they came from. Like, if I was God or whatever, Id be like okay so where the helck did I come from then. Its all just silly, I guess, no point worrying about anything.

  3. Thanks guys, the Universe makes no errors, only thought can, but then is thought a product of the Universe?

  4. No Sir Jalien, a thought would not be a product of the universe, but the thought is the product of the universe.

    A thought produced the universe, now man many thoughts are now trying to figure out the universe.

    Okay lets get it. The same as when you expose the khazars/Jewish of the filth and corruption, morally corrupting the fabric of our society, with the lies of Aliens, Top jewish satanist and freemasonist know that there are no aliens, but ancient heros of old.

    But you dont cross that line because they control your money and resourses, so you dont cross that line.

    The same as the universe brought forth the thought, and not the thought (the though of the Eternal) brought forth the universe.

    If the Eternal ( Thee Almighty) thought brought forth the universe, that means there is someone we must give a account to, and some day will stand before him, man dont what to hear that so he wont cross that line, so he saids that the universe brought forth the thought.

  5. Sorry jalien its started of shaking ( the thought is not the product of the universe, BUT THE UNIVERSE IS THE PRODUCT OF A THOUGHT) but hopefully at the end of my comment I got it together.

  6. When you realise that we live on a flat earth with no other planets or universe as such, the notion of Aliens disappears… try “200 proofs that the earth is not a spinning globe” on youtube.

  7. Yeah If thought can change everything why is it that a person who gets hexed can’t change that. I’ve tried prayer I have tried being positive and yet still to this day I am punished for speaking my beliefs. Watch out for spiritual warfare it’s getting crazy in this world especially if certain people don’t like you . I can’t see god making a persons backside burn continuously lol no joke has anyone experienced this maybe god just hates me . One this is for sure the hidden hands are constantly surrounding me

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