All the Gods / Aliens want us for is our Gold!!!

Gold is an exceptionally rare element.

Inside a star like our sun helium, with 2 protons, is constantly fusing and producing byproducts such as carbon atoms, which themselves fuse with helium to produce other byproducts and the process continues all the way up the periodic table to atoms that have 26 protons (iron).  This process is called nuclear fusion and as these atoms collide they release energy in the form of light and heat. Atoms such as iron cannot fuse under normal circumstances so once much of the fuel in a star has converted into iron the star collapses in on itself and eventually explodes in a magnificent fashion with a brightnesses millions if not billions of times greater than our sun. This explosion is called a supernova and is where the magic of the universe happens. During supernova heavy elements such as lead and mercury are produced.  Sometimes Gold is produced but it is a rare occurrence even under these circumstances.

These particles are flung into space and are collected into the orbits of other stars.  On occasion these gold particles clump together with other particles and form planets that are habitable by life forms. You must realise that this is an exceptionally rare set of circumstances. We live in such a place.

Gold is also an exceptionally valuable element.

In terms of its malleability, ductility, longevity and conductivity. It can be bent, shaped and beaten into sheets so that are so thin that they are translucent. It never corrodes under normal circumstances and is exceptionally conductive in an electrical sense.  To a primitive society gold has its value as an ornamental metal, however as a civilization becomes more technologically advanced, gold becomes even more valuable.  For example in our society we use gold in computing circuitry in mobile phones because of its conductivity and the fact that it does not oxidise like copper does.  It is also a good infra red shield and has been used in visors of astronauts suits to protect them from harmful solar rays.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the interesting bit…

According to some Sumerian myth interpreters such as Sitchin, aliens, called the Annunaki, came down from the planet Nibiru thousands of years ago to mine our gold. They needed gold to fix their planet’s atmosphere.  They got fed up with the labour intensive activity themselves so they decided to create a slave race in their image. Us.

They created us in their image and we multiplied.  Initially, they set themselves up as gods and ruled as such and gave rise to our early religions such as Egyptian and Hebrew religions. Perhaps at some point they collected enough gold for their needs and went on their merry way back home. Perhaps this gave rise to the Egyptian pharaoh cult, which is why they collected and hoarded gold to take with them to the afterlife. Perhaps subsequent kings and pharaohs were copying the original gods, whose mission it was to collect gold and store it in an impenetrable buildings that would stand the test of time and act as a beacon or marker for others of their kind to come and pick up their amassed wealth.

All this is postulation of course, but it is no coincidence that the kings that followed Egypt’s in Rome, Germany, the Middle East, Africa, France, the UK, and eventually the presidents of the US can be traced back in lineage to the ancient Sumerians or their brotherhoods. The ones who set up secret brotherhoods to collect wealth.  The ones who set up the central banks, owned by the super-rich to loan to governments, who they know are good for the money as they can tax millions of people to recoup it.  We know that financial institutions like the Federal Reserve in the US can create money on a whim to loan to the US Government.  This money is loaned to banks and then loaned again and again to smaller banks and eventually end up as a millstones around the necks of poor plebs and businesses who want to buy cars, buildings or whatever. This poor pleb then works his ass off for years to pay back this loan with his blood, sweat and tears so that the bank that loaned it to him can make a few pounds, so that the bank that loaned it to them can make a few more and so on until the federal reserve gets all its virtual money back + interest.  Money that didn’t even exist in the first instance!!!

This is what is wrong with our society, it’s driven by credit rather than value… we’re all working our asses off to pay back money that was conjured up by a group of people who like to see just how far they can push us. These people control periods of boom and recession. It’s like throwing coal on a fire or leaving it burn down to a few embers.

If you think about it, this wealth can only be measured through a substance with value.  The paper notes and metal coins themselves have no real value and are backed up by real wealth.  This wealth in the not so distance past was real gold, but today can be used to purchase gold, so there’s still not much difference.

What I find disturbing today however is that during a time of recession we are now seeing all these money for gold and cash for gold services appearing everywhere.  If these banks can control the recession they can sure as hell time it with the creation of these services.  It is quite sinister really as they are preying on the vulnerable, people who are facing unemployment start selling their material goods such as their old jewelery and of course these services offer very good money during these times for gold so as not to been seen as exploitative.

So here’s my thinking…

We do not work to create wealth for ourselves, we work to pay of debt that does not even exist in the first place.  We are given mortgages and loans so that we are forced to work incessantly for the best years of our lives.  We are essentially slaves once we sign that dotted line.

Our entire society therefore exists to do one thing and one thing only. Generate wealth.  This wealth is in the form of gold.  Obviously we need all the other aspects of life to be catered for such as food, shelter, heat, transport etc. and they are all inextricably linked, however the one thing that all these activities generate is wealth for a select few, the select few running the central banks, whose profit is either backed up by or can be exchanged for gold.

There are other incidents throughout history where massive amounts of gold were taken or transferred from one kingdom to another… for example the looting of Egyptian graves, the looting of the Jews during the holocaust and the transfer of this Nazi gold to Swiss Banks, the taking of Meso-American gold by the Spanish, the transfer of Spanish Gold to Russia etc.

So my question is this… Is this gold shipped off to the mother ship or is it sitting in some secret vault somewhere gathering dust?

Are we slaves or should we be happy that we can get credit and live in nice warm houses with good cars outside our homes?

Personally, if we are being duped I think it is unnecessary.  If the Annunaki want our gold to replenish their atmosphere they’re welcome to it!

Why not just ask nicely instead of all the skulking around?

*** UPDATE ***30/10/2012

Mach just pointed out below that a ship went missing only a couple of days ago:

Or did it?

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19 thoughts on “All the Gods / Aliens want us for is our Gold!!!”

  1. Best one yet! Also structured extremely well and easy to take it. I think you should publish this to a newspaper or something also. Keep em coming!

  2. i had anunucki inplant from a past life removed by alloya and have been attacked by annucki things like stingy energy under my skin in my head that drains into my mouth leaving a metal taste pain in my thrid eye and heart charkra on theres lots ov chaneled info similar to this about anunucki i also have a blog post here about my annucncki implant removoval that includes what alloya wrote about it


    Rev 3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and [that] the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

    keywords: divergence, separation of spirits, discerning of kingdoms.

    The story you wrote is half of it, and then again; look at who’s got the right to be here, and who is not here yet but will come, has more then enough so that He advises us to buy gold and clothes from him ? Sounds to me as a restoration of all things; a repair for the destitute that were robbed for all those eons….

    There are the imposters, and there are the genuine. The imposters are trying to get away.

  4. Very thorough. I enjoyed your theories. Although I disagree on one point; that being the rarity of gold in the Universe. Just like we just found a planet made entirely out of diamond, the same is most probably true for gold. If your a civilization technologically advanced enough for stellar space travel you would also have ways to detect raw materials that give by density vibration or even something more advanced. For example there must be other chemicals in the universe that the Earth doesn’t even produce, so how can you say what is rare, your heliocentric view is by definition very limited.

  5. Hi Shark, Diamond is made of carbon atoms in geomoetric formations produced under pressure, which is much lighter than gold and can be produced by a normal star. If enough carbon atoms clump together the gravity would be enough to compress the carbon atoms into diamond…

    Gold on the other hand is much rarer and only produced when stars go into super nova stage so there may be planets with more gold atoms than earth within Earth might be one planet where gold is relatively easy to access given the work force here.

  6. gold is a good for conductivity but it is not the best…

    ever heard of super conductor materials ?

    to put it simply they don’t cause any friction. they can be used to levitate heavy objects. to create quantum entanglement devices to offer lag free communication over great distances. to build super fast computers

    if it is only the gold that they need to restore their atmosphere with . why uplift us ?
    why not use biological-mechanical robots to do that job ?

    i fear for my race. if we are uplifted to some limit (not just our technology but our genetic code also) this means we are already a SUB-RACE, a slaves.

    instead of spending centuries to uplift us and create a fake society why not kill us all and then terraform our planet ?

    there are lots of questions in my mind. i think they will be never answered by it self. i need to spend my own time to find a proper answer.

  7. Hi Kaantech, yes superconductors are better, but who’s to say that they haven’t found a room temperature superconductor with gold as one of the main ingredients? At the moment, gold is the best we know of that doesn’t require super cooling.

    Re. your questionabout bio-mechanical robots… what exactly do you think we are? We eat minerals to replenish our bodies and fix any damage… we eat when we are hungry, we cannot resist our need to procreate. It seems to me we follow our programming very very closely and just because we are dflesh and blood does not mean we are not a technological creation. Just because it is beyond our science does not mean that it is beyond all life in this universe to create us from the stardust.

    do not fear for the race, there is a battle going on over us. We are a valuable creation to at least one side. We can feel the spirit, which means we are more than just mere robots, though the suits we wear are simply avatars :-)

    They don’t kill us because we did the terraforming for them!

    If you find some answers make sure you post them here. All opinions are welcome.

    Viva le difference.

  8. Hi.i think your right.It is now all making sense.Especialy after news like “German gold disapeared “,FEDs revisited,gold is missing”or,”boat with with 700tons of golden ore disapeared in storm”just two days ago. Very posible.thanks

  9. I like the theory, awesome. Just one thing, however, have you considered the minds eye. Perhaps they came for the gold, but I have to wonder, why would all religon on planet earth and those leaders you spoke of, be down right obssesed with the all seeing eye? Perhaps they found on earth a being with a built in space and time organ, commonly called the minds eye gland. Gold and space\time travel. Makes me wonder. Check it out you will be suprised.

  10. why don’t the aliens reveal their selfs . To show the man kind to understand that we are not alone in this cosmos ?Do they are afraid of human species? I don’t think so,become they are highly advanced fareback than and they even gives knowledge to man kind .so why could thay reveal in this modern world and say ‘we are the one who created you’?

  11. hi.answer this question .why don’t the aliens reveal their selfs . To show the man kind to understand that we are not alone in this cosmos ?Do they are afraid of human species? I don’t think so,become they are highly advanced fareback than and they even gives knowledge to man kind .so why could thay reveal in this modern world and say ‘we are the one who created you’?

  12. Hi hspd, quite simply, they did a number of thousand years ago, and caused massive problems here ending with the great flood.

    The prime directive in star trek is exactly why they do not announce their presence. We have to make our own fate, but unfortunately there are dark forces trying to ruin everything, so one day, they will be flushed out and caughht in the act of the crime and the rest of us will then be freed.

  13. Dear friend.
    love and light i bid you and your loved ones. May the divine blessing be with you always. I too awaken to the discovery of our kind some years ago. Since then everything was revealed to me. You are doing a noble work by sharing truth to those who seek it and feel through their heart. May our path link one day.
    I feel you strong vibrations.
    Love and light.

  14. I am glad there is someone braking the wall like you… I loved ur argument.. Even that humans are being very iintelingent and somehow everyone inside feels that this reality or life system is really fake. But the sistem crush their ideas. Reply to ” why the aliens doesn’t come and take our planet to live here” – well maybe the needs are not the same for their life form. Beside even if a planet can provide life , its not the same thing , cuz the size . gravity, time, light and etc couldn’t be the same… So if an extraterrestrial lifeforms needs oxygen water etc. Cones and live here the other factors mentioned up will make that life form to evolve change , or maybe by time die…

  15. Hello and greetings. I do not think that now it is gold that they are after. That would be placing it all into the ‘now’ With their advanced technology. Not needed. By now’ their tanks must must be more than full, especially ref. their technology. It is you that they are after, your soul. Your dna connection/ direct line to the Creator, who is most blessed. Anakaki ? re read fallen angels and give your whole existence to Him who created you. Numbers 6, 24 to 26. Rev. Philip Murray. U.K. p.s. its your choice, and an eternal one. x

  16. Do you know in our universe everything is basically made of electrons.. and ali said everything is made form me.. everything… Even gold.. because he is the source of electrons..

  17. Very interesting to read, and good comments about it. I also want to tell you a nice secret information but I think I told it so much time on internet and still, all your CD’s and LP’s are fakes. I won’t tell you what distributor the jews selected secretly to provide the real ones for themselves and their circles.

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