Are Mushrooms Antennae for Alien Mind Control?

I had a strange dream last night.  A woman had a baby in a pram and out of the babies head grew mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms.  Out of embarrassment she started picking them away.  I said to only pick the ripe ones and she threw them at me out of jest.  Then I said the words:

Mushrooms are antennae for mind control.

Recent studies have suggested that fungus is linked to Alzheimers and perhaps this is a simple pick up on that research or perhaps it is more akin to Terence McKenna’s ideas of mushroom spores being a sort of panspermia (how life travels through the universe) and part of our evolution through helping our brains develop through the use of Psilocybin.  Our earliest ancestors must have noticed the effects eating these mushrooms had on themselves and used them regularly.

Paul Stamets gave a very insteresting Ted talk about the wonder and uses of mushrooms…

The mycelium (the vast net that appears under the soil from which mushrooms pop up) in particular in conjunction with mushrooms helps environments thrive and survive, which would back up the panspermia idea and perhaps mushrooms are the way in which life in the universe has come about.  In fact on Earth, mushrooms appeared over a billion years ago, before vegetation.  It essentially terra formed the planet for life.

The question then is, was it planned or is it just nature, where were the first spores produced? Are the mushrooms acting as antennae for the mycellium and facilitating overground communication between the conciousness of the mycellium and us or maybe even the universe…

I’m not necessarily talking about them being physical antennae (as well as their many other uses such as propagation, feeding soil and animals to spread spores), though I don’t rule out that. However, maybe it’s more metaphorical, as taking mushrooms with psilocybin content does make people more aware linking parts of the brain not normally linked.  Often people have life changing spiritual experiences becoming more in tune with nature and life and the universe.

Perhaps this is what the dream meant by the phrase “Mushrooms are antennae for mind control.”  Perhaps the feelings we get are the giant mycellium organisms telling us how we should be doing things according to the Universal law.



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One thought on “Are Mushrooms Antennae for Alien Mind Control?”

  1. Beautiful, insightful, thoughful, posts. I feel joy knowing that minds like yours exist.

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