Jesus, the Greatest Troll in History

Christmas is about the birth of the greatest troll who ever lived. Jesus was so controversial that people still debate trivial things about him including his mother’s sex life, the exact date of his birthday, the colour of his beard and skin, whether he had brothers or cousins.

He trolled the pharisees with his words, trolled crowds with his parables and trolled his apostles daily… they always seemed confused. His intention of course was simply to challenge their minds, their way of thinking and free them from just going along with societal norms.  He wanted them to think for themselves, think about living in balance with the world, with nature like sparrows.  He promised them if they did this they would never want for anything because The Spirit of God would look after their needs.

Unfortunately, the world has tried to eclipse Jesus with a fat, gluttonous, materialistic beardy guy whose sole focus is consumerism.  It puts a lot of pressure on people each year to buy presents and prepare a feast for their families.  I’m all for lovely food and experiencing people’s company and for making people feel special and happy through a thoughtful gift but this is not it… this is false. I don’t need Santa Claus to make that happen.

We all just need to live each day like it’s our last. Seize every moment of happiness you can and make others happy with the gift of a nice experience if possible.

Anyway, my discount store Santa hats off to you Jesus on the eve of your birthday. You’re always cool in my book no matter how stuffy the churches of the world, who supposedly represent you, make you out to be.

They should read what you said about them in more detail.

Merry CHRISTmas peeepull!

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If enough people believe Jesus will return, he probably will!

11895942_10207466537079167_4980755875642339613_nIf Jesus and his relationship with Spirit is like the quantum wave particle duality then the Spirit can be represented as a wave, where as jesus is the manifestation of that wave signature as particles.

Particle Wave Duality is a demonstrable phenomenon whereby if you shine a light through a double slit piece of cardboard at a wall, the light will reflect off the wall with an interference pattern as the waves passing through the slits are similar and cause interference with one another.

This is the normal behaviour of waves… if two people whistled loudly at roughly the same pitch you would hear a vibration effect as the two whistles begin to tune together.  This vibration you hear in your ear is when the waves add together to make louder noises and when they subtract and cancel each other out.

The reflection on the back wall in the double slit experiment acts in exactly the same manner unless, and this is where noodles are baked, you observe the light as a particle.  If you do this, the light becomes a discrete particle and hits the wall as a discrete photon.

This is part of Quantum physics, i.e. that the observer has an effect on a wave.  We’ve written about this before and have stated that it may be the universe is a simulation based on this as it saves processing power keeping things in wave form until observed, and then bringing into actual reality, much like a video game does not render sprites unless within visible range of the game player and in their visual view. The why of this is theorised here

So, how does this relate to Jesus and the Spirit.

Well the universe is built on these micro level rules.  So if God exists, the of course this rule is universal and should scale up to the macro level also.  There have been books written about this such as The Secret.  I was in Newgrange lately also and on the stones surrounding the tomb, there were rocks with wavy lines and rocks with spirals, I can’t help but think they were trying to get across this very important idea through time… in fact the light that enters on the 21st of december is such a wave and perhaps in the tomb they had some way of manifesting something from this wave, some energy that they could use somehow.  I’ll write on this an put up a gallery on that soon.

In terms of the Secret, I tend to live a little bit like this these days, I am thankful more often than not and expect good things to happen and they do more often than not.  When bad things happen, I laugh them off and call it balance.

It seems to be easier to manifest things that do not affect others, but on the grand scale, on the biggest level, do our expectations bring through realities?  Look at how we accept the bullshit money sytstem, political systems, law enforcement etc.  Some of the things in place in our cultures are absolute madness, but seem sane because that is the perception and are impossible to reverse it seems, until there is mass revolt against something, a mass change in consciousness or observation.

It seems to me that Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same.  The spirit is the quantum, fuzzy wave form version of Jesus, and Jesus is the discrete observable form, made from pure matter.  So if enough (majority) of us decide to observe the Spirit as Jesus, perhaps then he will manifest as expected, because that is simply how this place works!!!

In the Book of Enoch, it speaks about how the cries of man went to heaven because of the desolation here… I hope it doesn’t take something like this for us to manifest our protectors into this reality again.

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Why does music give us chills or goosebumps, cause us to cry…

Why does music give us chills or goosebumps or make us ctry

There are various theories on why music gives us chills, some say that it is purely chemical and part of our internal reward system, whereby our brain releases dopamine and you get the tingly chills down your spine.

Mental floss website describes it well here:

“When your playlist strikes all the right chords, your body can go on a physiological joyride. Your heart rate increases. Your pupils dilate. Your body temperature rises. Blood redirects to your legs. Your cerebellum—mission control for body movement—becomes more active. Your brain flushes with dopamine and a tingly chill whisks down your back.”

Read the full article here

In the article, it describes how we anticipate the climax of the song and actually release the dopamine just a few moments before that point in the song so that the bang hits us at exactly the right moment.  Sometimes it overwhelms the recipient causing involuntary tears.

Now, obviously, this is the physiological response explained as best we can, but this phenomenon is not limited to music.  People often feel it when speaking about subjects of a spiritual or philosophical nature.  But is it all simply physiological?

Perhaps there is more at play here, perhaps it is quantum in nature.  Some think the pineal gland is involved in this process.  The fact that it is precognitive makes it very interesting.

My own thoughts on it are that your brain releases dopamine into your body in response to some sort of spiritual exchange, even an acknowledgement of truth.  I find that it activates in me when a truth is spoken… Sometimes even before the words are spoken. I’ve called it the electric wind in a previous blog entry.

For me it seems that it is some sort of resonance, and resonance is a big part of the laws of our physical universe.  So, if the emotions in a song are very true, they will send out these reverberations and they can activate a response in you via resonance, whether they be via sound waves where the brain acts as a transducer into this energy signature.

Music is powerful.  Similarly the spoken word can also do it and in many cases great leaders have had this effect on crowds.  But it can also occur most powerfully in a gentle environment on your own. Often I’ve been affected so powerfully tears flow and my face locks up with the level of power felt.

So, if this is part of our physiology, it stands to reason that it could be activated by external forces with knowledge of it.  For example, the Spirit Jesus spoke of, the Spirit that lived within him or resonated with him during his life… Demons and other entities such as the sleep paralysis demon… Potentially extra terrestrials with advanced technology could also activate this within us to overwhelm victims.

If you’ve felt the chills from music, or for any other reason, please leave your testimony in the comments section.  We want to hear your truth.


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Destroyed and Saved by Technology

Science FictionIt’s amazing how many people don’t realise this but a 1000km cube (possibly other shape with 4 sides and a height like a pyramid) descends to the earth according to the book of apocalypse/revelation.

This happens after a fairly nasty period of either being peppered by asteroids or nuclear bombs or both etc. it descends in order to save a large portion of humanity…

All sorts of shit happens before that point such as mechanical locusts (possibly weaponised quadcopters) and the resurrection of an ancient demi-god called Apollyon…

I’ve gone into some depth with some of these topics before, but if you arm yourself with the knowledge of today it is quite easy to interpret what is going on.

The Earth is laid bare after a period of rule by some thing… some sort of augmented or transhuman.  All of our ancient myths talk of titans, demi-gods and so on, the children of the gods (descended angels, who do their own will).

Of course the Book of Enoch describes the damage these things did to the Earth, and the upset of the natural balance and the desolation. And it talks of how God, through the good angels, put things right through the flood. At this point he saved Noah.

So, the end of times will mimic these times to a degree, a demi-god set up on the throne where it should not be.  The abomination of desolation? The Earth destroyed again, this time through fire, and the saving of humans (this time hopefully more than just one man and his family).  Noah’s line was limited to 120 years after the flood, this time the opposite will happen… all of the limits of disease and age will be removed.

It seems to me we will be destroyed by technology, and also saved by it, although the technology we are saved by will be beyond our comprehension.  A space ship 1000 kilometers as wide as it is long and upgraded bodies that never die! WHAAAT!

Where do we go from there?


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Joshua hunted the Nephilim, Jesus hunted their Demon Spirits

It is interesting that the name Jesus means God Saves.  In the old testament, Joshua was the equivalent name.

Joshua had the task of wiping out the remnants of the Giants.  More Giants came after the flood somehow… perhaps the post flood human had some nephilim DNA still there and nephilim were born so further purification had to take place OR maybe another set of fallen angels created a second wave of Nephilim.

Either way, Joshua was given the task of saving mankind from the Nephilim, as the first batch had desolated the Earth, the second wave, left unabated would have done the same, so the story of Jericho occurred.

Joshua was assisted by God in this task and thus the name God saves is very apt.

In the case of Jesus, he was sent here to save us from evil spirits more so than ancient Nephilim. There were no Nephilim left in Jesus time but their remnant spirits, or demons roamed freely causing all manner of trouble for man.  Today, we are still affected by them but they are far less open.

Jesus did many task, casting them into pigs, healing the sick and so on. So again God saves humans from the same creatures that Joshua saved us from.

Yeshua is how the name is pronounced and it is poweful because it can be used to find out if a spirit is good or evil.  Really there is only one true spirit, but there are many angels, some good some bad and they can communicate with us on this channel.  To test a spirit ask them do they believe that Jesus the messiah came in the flesh.  If they answer yes, in the form of electrostatic sensation on your skin then you know they are good.  If you get nothing when asking that question BANISH them from your house. You will know the difference as the sensation is a crackly feeling rather than a beautiful trembling sensation.  I’m getting the sensation now and asked the question here and it’s all good.

Thank you Spirit.



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Mother Earths Umbilical Chords

Earths Umbilical ChordsI’ve written before on the importance of the 5 elements and how our bodies cannot survive without them but I didn’t realise just how important they were and how each has been attacked over the past centuries.

I recently read an Essene Gospel, where Jesus explains that the Earth is our real mother and the similarities between us and her e.g. rivers are akin to blood, rocks to blood, fruit and vegetation to flesh etc.

Living creatures are her real children and she gives us our life force through 4 umbilical chords  i.e. air, water, food and light (obviously light comes from the sun but the earth filters it for us and stores heat etc.

Jesus said that this is our real mother and we will return to her after our death, but he explains that illnesses come through not tending to these umbilical chords. (He does not call them that, I am just using that analogy).

Jesus, explains how sick people can heal themselves by tending to them and here’s how.

Air: Find a place where the air is pure.  I suggest a mountain or high ground.  When you are there, remove clothing and breathe in the good air and feel it on your skin.  Jesus says to pray to the angel of the air, which I interpret as giving thanks and gratitude for pure wonderful life giving air.  We now how good breathing exercises can be of course today for mind and body.

Water: He suggests that with clothes off to bathe in pure fresh water from a stream again praying to the angel of the water, and to tend to insides too… he suggests fasting to purify the body, and we now know that fasting for 3 days gives the immune system a full reboot (google it) and drinking the water. He also gives instructions on how to give yourself an enema with fresh warm water from the surface of the stream and while fasting continue for days with the enemas until the water runs pure.  This will cure many illnesses.  There is of course many benefits to keeping hydrated with pure mineral water and cleansing the colon also.

Sunlight: He suggests bathing in sunlight also and again praying to the angel of the light and suggests this will also cleans and purge demons.  We know today the sun provides heat, sterilisation of germs, and that sunlight on the skin produced vitamin d3 from cholesterol which is hugely beneficial in a multitude of ways from helping to absorb calcium, to brain health.

Minerals: Jesus suggests using the earth, mud banks etc. for healing.  We know that the skin absorbs from the environment and we also know that there is something to homeopathy.  Jesus used the mud technique in the approved bible to heal the blind by mixing it with his spittle (water, air, mud). He used this to help heal people with badly gnarled feet (probably arthritis). Today we see beauty treatments including mud, seaweed and all sorts of mineral therapy including epsom salts etc. to help with various health issues.

In extreme cases he mixed all 4 elements to cure people.  One man was still bad after trying all of the above so Jesus milked a sheep, mixed the milk with the mud, heat then made it steam and mix with air and put the sick mans head down into the steam. Because he had gone through with the other 4 his body was hungry and so when the vapor reached his nose a huge worm emerged from this throat and Jesus killed it to the amazement of the crowd.

I found this fascinating and it is a real lesson for today as all of the above are being discovered today, the importance of pure air, hydration, cleansing, fasting, sunlight and minerals.  If any of these are affected, it is like damaging and umbilical chord to our health and they are all being attacked.

Today for example our air is being polluted damaging climate and even opening the ozone so that harmful sun rays come through.  Some even say our air is being polluted on purpose through spraying (the contrails/chemtrails theory).  Our water is being polluted and additives added to tap water such as fluoride, chlorine and so on.  There have also been nuclear disasters poisoning seas.  Our land is being depleted of minerals and being polluted with weed killers, insecticides, refuse and other poisons.  And of course, harmful suns rays are coming through the ozone, and our bodies are being covered with sun block and clothing such that d3 has to be supplemented…

Essentially all 4 umbilical chords are being strangled and we are getting sick as a result.

But it is not too late, Jesus promised us that we can reverse illness. So go to nature, find the purest air and streams you can find and breath the air, bathe in the water and feel the sunlight on your skin.  Take off your shoes and socks and ground yourself to mother earth, get your feet and body mucky too.  I guarantee you will feel better.  I’ve been doing this subconsciously for years. This year I will try the fast and cleanse and see how far I can take it… he promised the whites of your eyes will shine with health if you do this.

Oh and I almost forgot the most important bit!!! He also promised that if you do this, all manner of evil will leave your body, both sickness and demons as you become more and more pure and then your body will be fit for your spirit and the Spirit of God to come and dwell within you.  The water of life.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it.  Don’t forget to give thanks to the angels and your Mother, Earth if you do.  That is part of the deal!

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Drawing in Energy to Heal Others (that want it)

Mark 5:30 – At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” “You see the people crowding against you,” his disciples answered, “and yet you can ask, ‘Who touched me?’ But Jesus kept looking around to see who had done it. Then the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet and, trembling with fear, told him the whole truth. He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

There are a few simple truths.  There is an energy source that is the swiftest of all birds, it comes to you in your hour of need.  Too few call on it in this modern age.  I have described it in may ways on this blog, the electric wind is one name… in other religions it has different names but it is the same source.  It wants to help people that ask it.

The Spirit of God is the Christian name for it, or the Holy Ghost and it comes to comfort, to give knowledge, to empower.  This is the water Jesus spoke of… the real true water that gives you life.  The type of Water that cannot be metered by any Government.

If the Word is our food, the the Spirit is our drink and this is why Jesus said, eat my flesh (he is the scripture come true) and drink my blood (the spirit sent from him).  Now the nature of the Spirit is something that people argue about… Is it a disturbance in the etheric field, is it thought itself, is it a phantom or spectre, is it love… for me it is a signal directly from the heart of the creator.

All life has access to it, in fact without it there would posibly be no life.  If you ask is it technical in nature, then yes of course it is, isn’t this entire Universe technical in nature… light waves, atoms, electrons, nuclear power, radio waves and so on.  The angels use technology for their parlour tricks as did the ancient priests of Egypt.  And this technology can be used to communicate with the Spirit, but yet it is built into us also.  This ability to communicate with it in a fundamental way… some can decode it better than others and that is why everyone has different gifts and talents.

So now to the crux of this post.  I used this energy to heal my wife’s shoulder the other night.  She had a sore shoulder under the collar bone and I could not get to it directly through massage, so I powered up with the spirit by asking it to come to me and by breathing in passing my hands from naval to crown via the heart and built up the energy so that I could feel static charge.  The I placed my hand on her and willed her to heal, and of course she willed the same.

Just like an electric circuit, the energy flowed from me to her, me being the source or battery, her being the sink or ground.  This flow of energy facilitated healing and she was perfect almost instantly and the next day.

This is what the parable at the top of this article is about.  Jesus was full of the Spirit all of his life, he had all of that power within him to use at will.  It’s not so easy for us, but we too have this ability thanks to Jesus, so if you feel the spirit and can draw it in, then charge up and release that beautiful energy into the person who is injured.

I don’t know how it works, I’m sure it is highly technical in nature and may be explained through science one day, but all I can tell you i what I have experienced and what I feel and many of us can use this power at will.

I would love to hear your testimony.




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8 down, 8 down, 8 down (888 = Jesus coming down?)

Before I went to sleep on Monday night I heard a robotic voice saying, “8 down, 8 down, 8 down”

I was speaking with my sister and she said that my mother had heard a robotic voice a few days prior to this. When I spoke to my mother she told me the voice said “The voice is real,” perhaps getting her to pay attention to future messages such as this.

It piqued our interest and it turns out 888 is the numeric representation of Jesus.

From wikipedia:

“In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus, or sometimes more specifically Christ the Redeemer. This representation may be justified either through gematria, by counting the letter values of the Greek transliteration of Jesus’ name, or as an opposing value to 666, the number of the beast.”

Maybe someone out there can shed some more light on it.


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And the word was made flesh – Jesus’ DNA encoded into Old Testament?

I came up with a theory during a lunchtime conversation the other day that struck me as being very interesting.

A few things came into my mind to create the perfect storm that allowed me to even contemplate this but it’s very simple really.

1) DNA is like a language: There has been a huge amount of study done with regards to DNA encoding and some russian scientists have come to the conclusion that our DNA is a language.  They say 90% of our DNA is Junk DNA but that this is not actually junk but very complex rules like grammar that make it seem like a language of sorts and possibly relates to the fact that we can speak.

From a study:

According to there findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code – especially in the apparent “useless” 90% – follows the same rules as all our human languages.

2) Bible Codes: We know that the Torah, or Pentateuch, the first 5 books in the bible, written in hebrew, have TORAH and YHWH enoded into it at intervals.  To me this seems like a checksum or a way of ensuring that the original text has been preserved through time.  Hebrew is a very complex language where the letters have a numeric meaning also.


Beginning with the first ? (T) in Genesis and counting every 50 letters you find the word Torah spelled out. The same is true in Exodus. However in the book of Numbers the word Torah is written backwards, the same is true for deuteronomy except in this case the sequence begins in verse 5 and at an interval of 49 letters instead of 50. The Torah sequence is not found in Leviticus but instead the Hebrew word (YHWH/Yahweh) is found at intervals of seven. It has been proposed that this code shows the Torah pointing to Yahweh;


3. The Word Was Made Flesh: In the Gospel of John, we are told that the Word, i.e. the word of God, was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.  i.e. Jesus or Immanual, God is with us.

John 1: 1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… 14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…

We know that DNA is encoded in groups of 4 letters ACGT, we have the TORH, and YHWH is sequences in the first 5 books of the bible.

What if Jesus is actually the Word of God made flesh.  I.e. his junk DNA has the bible encoded into it.  Perhaps the entire thing, perhaps the TORaH?

It’s an interesting concept at the very least and would allow some more science based individuals come to terms with the phrase “The Word was made flesh”.

You have to realise the level of genius that God and the Angels work at, this sort of thing would be relatively straight forward for them to achieve, and the beautiful thing is that we can comprehend these things eventually, once we know the basics of how the world operates.  At the end the veil will be lifted on everything, no stone left unturned.  This for me is a beautiful concept and something a loving God and people would do for us.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get his DNA from the Shroud of Turin and test it to see if we can interpret God’s original word directly from his DNA, which may have been preserved?

What are your thoughts?

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Nibiru / Planet X, The Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12?

Possible photo of Nibiru taken by a friend of mine, Summer 2013, Ireland.

Revelation 12

“A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.”

This is more of a thought provoking post.  I’ve read on several websites and seen on various youtube videos the theory that Nibiru/PlanetX/Wormwood, the homeworld of the Annunaki is actually not just a planet but a system.  A dwarf star with an iron gas atmosphere and 7 planets  orbiting it.

This could possibly be an interpretation of Revelation 12.

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

Could this simply refer to the Earth?  The Earth is to go through birth pangs as per Matthew 24.

“She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

Maybe the entire point of the Earth is to give birth to a batch of spiritually mature beings that are ready for the next life.  The harvest that Jesus spoke of.

Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads.

This is the interesting bit, a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns… could this be a planetary system of some sort.  A red dragon, or red dwarf star at the centre with seven planets orbiting it, and 10 moons perhaps.  The crowns might be atmosphere being blown off by the sun giving the main star a horned look as it is depicted in ancient myth and also as seen in the image above that my friend photographed unbeknownst to himself earlier this year (2013).

“Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth.

A visionary 2000 years ago would have had no knowledge of the 3D nature of space, they thought the stars were pin holes to look into the heavens.  However, what John seems to be describing here is some sort of meteor shower.  Obvoulsy a huge system travelling through our solar system would bring debris with it.  The tail of Nibiru therefore dragging all of these meteors, comets or whatever past Earth resulting in what seemed like 1/3 of the stars falling from the sky and hitting the Earth.

“The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.”

This is where we get into a little bit of religious interpretation.  If the dragon is on a collision course with Earth, or moving past it, the point where it would do most damage is at its closest point, or standing before it.  In which case if bigger, it would possibly devour the entire earth given it is potentially so much larger (some are suggesting 4xJupiter).  It would devour it by dragging the Earth in to itself through the force of gravity, literally consuming the Earth.  Her child meaning the fruit of the Earth or the minds/good people that it has created over the years.  The planet Nibiru strikes at the moment the planet is at a point of spiritual, technological, societal breakthrough.  Great timing huh.

“She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne.”

This I suppose is speaking about how the Earth produced the son of God, Jesus, who was taken up through the clouds to his Fathers house.  New Jerusalem?  Some form of space ship?

In any case, should something like this happen, it means the beings that fight against this coming destruction are so powerful and advanced that they can actually either stop this from happening or take the fruit of the Earth (the elect) away before this event happens (the rapture).

This is just food for thought.  Please share your thoughts via the comments box below to expand on this theory.

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