Santa is Real

Santa is Real is a cute little music video about parents passing on the legend of Santa to the next generation. As a boy I remember Santa coming into my room with toys, and then when I grew up and Santa didn’t come anymore… but now I have kids of my own and Santa is alive for me again!!!

Santa is real as long as we keep the love alive in our hearts!

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Mystery of the Celtic Dolmens of Ireland Finally Uncovered

For the last 10,000 years, man has inhabited the island of Ireland eating, loving, praying to the gods, and burying their dead; at least that’s what we think these huge monoliths are for. Recent research, in the field of archaeology, has uncovered some interesting little known facts about the way in which these stone structures were actually used…

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How to stop the Devil and other demons

I read before that there will be 3 days of darkness before the end where demons will walk the earth devouring everything in their path. Here is some information from the Catholic Daily Forum

Holy candles will be the only light which will not extinguish in the palpable darkness which will be everywhere during the 3 days of darkness. If you have a young (innocent) child in your household, the child will easily strike a match to light the holy candle.

The doors and windows must be closed and curtains, or blinds or if nothing else sheets should be used to cover the windows. Do not look outside.

Everyone inside the house must not go out. Anyone outside the house can not enter.  We should ask God for Mercy on us throughout this time, and Trust Him and only Him. Of course this includes Jesus, Mary, the Holy Angels and Saints.

We were told it will be like the passover in biblical times. We are to stay inside and not under any circumstances go out. The reason I was told is because the demons will be let loose from hell and they will kill anyone who goes out. They will not be allowed to enter the homes who are under the protection of God. They will be able to enter homes of sinners who have no regard for God. So go to confession regularily as Our Lady asks.

The demons will mimic our relatives who are not living at home and will call from outside begging us to let them in. Don’t open the door. If we do we would be killed. If our relatives tried to get to us they would be killed by the demons, so they could not be outside begging to come in.

That’s some pretty scary stuff right there. But there is hope if the above is true.

Lucifer is the most beautiful of all God’s creations, with the greatest intellect of all God’s creatures outside of the Lord of the Universe Himself.

I have to question this intelligence however because besides not being able to read scriptures and realise he is doomed, according to the link above he does not have the mental capacity to figure out a way past regular curtains?

Satan, with all his minions, legion itself no less, cannot figure out how to pull a draw string or simply draw curtains manually in order to get into your house and eat your family.

What is it that is so complicated about curtains?  Is it the drawing mechanism?  Which string should he pull?  And what is it about blinds, is the lever twisting mechanism for the blind slats so complex that the greatest mind the universe has ever known cannot figure it out?

Perhaps that’s why ghosts/demons go around wearing sheets?  Perhaps they’re not sheets at all but curtains that assailed them as they tried to pass them by. Maybe curtains have this innate ability to cling to ghosts/demons and so what we know as the common depiction of a ghost is actually the result of a ghost clothed in curtains as it tried to attack your house. No wonder they go around screaming and going ooh, they’re hitting themselves off everything and can’t see a bloody thing.

So, my advice is to simply wear a curtain around you and you will be impervious to demonic attacks, they just won’t know what to do.

For added effect wrap a wet towel around your head.

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