Demon Octopus – Spiritual Eyes

I was sick over Christmas and was heavily tested.  After two weeks of sounding like Barry White, during the course of my illness I got conjunctivitis, which, added with mouth ulcers and other nasty symptoms, I ended up sleeping 16 hours a day for 5 days.  At the height of it my eyes bled.  Looking at this in the mirror in the middle of the night was scary.  I thought I was on the way out.

However, this illness gave me time to think, dream and focus.  One night my vision changed in the dark and I could see creatures coming towards me in the dark.  They looked like little black or dark grey, round headed monsters about the size of a football, with orange, fiery, glowing mouths and tentacles flailing everywhere at incredible speeds. I named them Demon Octopus.  They seemed to be trying to attach to my head.  Perhaps they were even causing the illness.  I get the feeling the hundreds of tentacles are used to attach to our brains and nerve endings to essentially interface with our systems.

Unfortunately, for many days during the illness I could not even feel the Spirit, it was like a total disconnect, which was lonely, however on this night it began to come back.  I drew it in and use the name of Jesus.

[As an aside here I just want to mention I am not a Christian religious nut,  I do not support any organised religion at all.  I simply recognise that Jesus, through his words and actions has proven that he was the house of the Spirit during his short life.  In particular during his 3 years of ministry he was essentially possessed by the Spirit.   I believe this same Spirit, which is the Spirit of Nature or God, visits our humble houses from time to time and this presence can be felt by many.  I use the name of Jesus, which is a form of the name Joshua, which means God Saves.  I’m sure other religions use various names such as YHWH, the intent is what is important.]

Once I felt the spirit I was able to drive these things from my bedroom and house.  Once I did that my illness began to leave me.  For the next 3 nights I’ve been drawing in spirit and no sign of any entities.  The interesting thing is that I can now see the light coming towards me to go with the Spirit sensations.  The colour of the light is strange and I’m not sure if I can even call it light, it has edges to it that have various colours but it flowed into my eyes and face coming from one location… being absorbed into my body.

Using Google Skymap the energy seemed to come from the direction of the Star Vindemiatrix. Which is the right hand of Virgo constellation and it can penetrate walls no problem.  Perhaps the illness was some sort of alteration.  I did not enjoy it but I’m grateful to have levelled up.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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How to draw in the Spirit – drink from the well

I was asked on another thread how to draw in the Spirit in the comments so I thought I’d make a quick blog about it here.

Essentially your body is an energy system, electrical as well as everything else.  We don’t fully understand all there is to know about the human body and I am sure that in the future our greatest discovery will be to do with consciousness and spirit.

There are people who experience energy such as the Spirit, Chi, Kundalini and tingles that they simply cannot explain etc.   My opinion is that God is Spirit and we were made in it’s likeness and so this is what we are feeling.

So, how to fill up.  You can will it in, you can discuss the Spirit and it will come, you can listen to music, or get in touch with nature, but here is a simple physical exercise I use from time to time.

  1. Put your hands in front of your belly button, one hand over the other
  2. Move them upwards past your heart upward past the top of your head. Inhale as you do this through your nos.
  3. Once you get to the top with hands fully stretched overhead, make a big outward circle with your hands bringing them back down to the starting position. Exhale through your mouth as you do this.
  4. You should do this about 10 times. Sometimes you will get tingles when you do this, this is filling yourself with energy.

Once you are filled with energy, you can use it for various tasks, the very first thing it should do is make you feel better.  You have to help yourself before you can help others.

Let me know if this works for any of you via comments below or via email.

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Sleep Paralysis Attack with Vivid Dream – Avalanches, Prayer, Happiness & Death

I woke up at 5 this morning after an ordeal with the Sleep Paralysis Demon or Imp. Here’s how it happened…

In my dream I was up in an area with snow capped mountains with members of my family. A big vivid avalanche occurred but we were not really in danger.  After it fell we went to a place at the top of mountain. There was weird old church there and the locals were reluctant to let us in but eventually they did.

Within this place was a lovely little quaint church with low hanging lights to give the place a very serene ambiance. Whilst in there I was compelled to say one quick prayer trusting god knew what I wanted/needed. My good friend was also there and he prayed too hard but was also play acting and loudly uttered for something bad to happen to me at which point I told him to quit horsing around.

Once through this area, we got to sit down meal area. I sat next to my younger sister, she was a child and I was so content. We hugged and were delighted to see each other and be in each other’s company. I have rarely felt happier.

Then it started.

I saw my father in law with tubes everywhere, with blood going through them, it seemed like he was giving up his life for a child in some sort of transfusion or transplant operation. I’m not sure.

Then I woke and was under Sleep Paralysis. I shouted the name of Jesus about 20 times, it didn’t work and was getting sore.  I was gagged and held down very forcefully as if someone was above me pushing my head under water by the chin. I tried to  grab my sister calling her name and it didn’t work.

I eventually woke after about a 10 minute struggle and laughed.  Obviously I was the target of torment last night.

After the event I was pulsating with the Spirit, I felt it like a cold flame coming off my head and tears of gratitude flowed down my cheeks. I went back to bed and back to sleep.

So this message is for you Oh Pathetic Demon, all your actions do is make me stronger and bring me closer to the Spirit. You will not put out my flame with your fear tactics. You might enjoy your control and attacks on me in my subconscious state and for a minute you may even frighten me, but once I wake and my wits return, you will flee like the coward you are and I will chase you away with the power of the Spirit.  Begone foul creature!

For more on Sleep Paralysis on this site please read the following article and submit your own Sleep Paralysis Story:

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Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Ether update

Just a quick update to my previous post regarding the human bodies need for the five elements.

  1. If we don’t get air (wind) we will die within minutes
  2. If we don’t get fluids (water) we will die within days
  3. If we don’t get food (earth) we will die within weeks
  4. If we don’t get adequate sunlight and heat (fire) we will die within months from sickness
  5. It stands to reason then, if we don’t get spiritual fulfilment (ether, quintessence) we will die within years of misery

It is important to nourish your body mind and spirit with the five elements at regular intervals.  Whenever I feel tired and down over a period of days and I can’t quite put my finger on it, I realise that it is one of the pillars above that must be lacking (generally it’s no. 4 or 5).  Often one of the pillars can assist another as I often take Vitamin D3 supplement to help with lack of sunlight, which helps the immune system and stops me getting sick. I also take Kelp to help rid my pineal gland of fluoride and to also protect my thyroid glands.  Cleansing the pineal gland can make spiritual experiences more regular and more intense. However, there is nothing that will clear it better than using it, so talk about the Spirit of Christ with one another as it is promised that it will come when you discuss it and I can confirm that as I feel it as I write this now. The 4 classical elements will sustain your body, but you need the 5th for mental and spiritual health so eat from the  words which became flesh and more importantly drink from the cosmic well of the Spirit especially with your friends, you will love it. I guarantee you that you will see an enhancement in your demeanour for days after your soul has been nourished.

In today’s world it is upsetting that we are damaging these elements. We have a symbiotic relationship with them.  Life relies on the basic elements and yet we pollute the air, deplete minerals, add toxins to our water. We rely on them and are connected to them because our species has evolved through the spirit within these parameters.  We are tethered to this place as a result and we rely on all of the elements including Spirit.  It seems that as well as polluting the 4 physical elements, we have also polluted and blocked out the spirit through the creation of controlled dogma religions. My advice is to drink directly from the well readers, do not subscribe to any way except your own. Think for yourself and trust your instincts.

We need all the help we can get with all the distractions there’s rarely a moment to relax so please make time for focus on your breathing, eat a wide variety of healthy foods (and enjoy well deserved snacks too), drink purified water where possible, get sun and take vitamin D3 in areas where there isn’t much sun, and most importantly read the Word and speak to the Spirit and discuss it with your friends.

Please testify through comments if you have regularly drink from the well I speak of.

God bless all who read this.

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Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Quintessence = Minerals, Hydration, Oxygen, Sunlight & Spirit

It occurred to me today that the 5 ancient classical elements of Earth and the key elements that we require as humans to be healthy.

Earth = Minerals & Vitamins… without the 90 vitamins and minerals found in sea salt, our bodies don’t repair properly, it is critical that we get these minerals to build bones, muscles, cells, and keep us in good health.

Wind = Air… without good air our bodies are starved of oxygen.  It is important to learn to breath correctly and use the diaphragm to intake air.  Breathing through the nose can filter out harmful dust particles also.  Some believe there is Vril in air and that we get 70% of our sustenance from air alone and so breathing is critically important.  It has been suggested that breathing and meditating on breathing for 15 minutes a day can keep your telemorase levels up, keeping your cells in tip top shape and young.

Water = Hydration… we all recognise that pure water helps us in very many ways.  Detoxifies, hydrates, refreshes, cleanses and so good Water is critical to health.  In todays world tap water is polluted to get rid of pollutants and contains chlorine and flouride.  Fluoride being the most harmful as in large doses it can actually kill.  The reason behind the addition of fluoride to water was to strengthen tooth enamel, however, does this warrant all the negative side effects.  Apparently, fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, or the spirit gland, blocking out our intuition and truth and makes people more docile, so try and drink pure water as much as possible, from bottled source or through use of a good filter.

Fire = Heat, Sunlight etc…  sunlight sends down electromagnetic waves towards the earth including infra red, ultra violet and lots of other types of rays besides visible light. It causes us to release melanin so that we tan and also converts cholesterol into vitamin D on our skin and has obvious health benefits.  It also helps with depression and people in countries with long winters and long nights suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  It is no coincidence that people live longer, happier, healthier lives in sunnier countries as people produce more vitamin d, food is more plentiful and full of anti-oxidants, people eat less (as their bodies don’t need to burn as much energy to keep warm).

Quintessence = Ether and Spirit… of course Sunlight possibly uses this element to travel across the universe.  Quintessence or Ether is THE fundamental element as all other elements swim in it as fish do in water.  It is the subtlest element and is required for the flight of sunlight, the flow of gravity, and the existence of all matter.  Perhaps it also relates to our need for spirit.  Our bodies require Earth or food in the form of what the earth produces, plants and animals are mineral extraction units converting earth into minerals that humans consume to self repair.  Our bodies require water, which the Earth purifies naturally through the precipitation cycle. Our bodies require Fire or sunlight to produce vitamin d naturally and reduce cholestoral.  Our bodies require Wind or clean air to remain healthy and young.  Our bodies also need to eat and drink from another source, the spiritual source that feeds our mind and our emotions.  We can get this from other people through love and affection, however we also need to draw from the source of this well.  The best way to do this is to connect with the Spirit through asking it to come into your life, to teach you and to also read inspired scripture.  This is real drink and real food for your soul, spirit and mind and is as important as the other four elements.

This is like a five sided table, OK it will stand if you consime 4 of the 5 elements, however it won’t be balanced and may collapse if all five legs are not in place and even.

So daily you need to

  • Earth: Take in moderate amounts of minerals through balanced diet
  • Water: Drink 6 glasses of water per day, but make sure it is pure
  • Wind: Practice your breathing and meditate 15 minutes a day focussing on proper breathing
  • Fire: Get as much sunlight as you can when you can, let it hit your skin (in more northerly or southerly countries make sure you supplement your vitamin D intake and keep your cholesterol in check… consider intallaing a safe UV lamp in your house
  • Spirit: Connect with the spirit daily through conversation, be grateful, listen to music and appreciate it etc.  Also read the words of Christ as they are full of the spirit, remember you need to feed your mind and soul just as much as you need to feed your physical body.  The bible and the spirit are real food and real drink, the bible is the flesh of christ and the spirit is the water of life.

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die…


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We Must Tap into the Power to Protect Ourselves

I just read my brother’s blog entry ‘Does the Fall of the Euro fulfil Revelation’s Prophesy regarding the fall of Babylon the Great?‘ and I felt the truth tingling through me!

I had a dream during the week (to be honest I think it was the same night that my brother wrote this particular blog). During the night my brother had sent me a text message to tell me that he had felt an almighty blast of energy while he was writing that blog entry. I didn’t get his text until the next morning, but it was during that same night, that I had this dream.

It was about a holy girl (but after reading my brother’s blog about ‘The Fall of the Euro’ and I’m feeling the spirit so strongly now, I know that this girl was a representation of the innocent holy people… the people like us, the people who believe in the truth). In the dream, I was in the Foyer of this great building, lots of marble and full of wealth. There was a guided tour going on and I listened in. The guide said to the group “come into this room and see the place of satan”. As he said this, he showed us a map/picture of this room and there was some sort of symbol on the floor.

There were three men standing next to me in the dream and when they heard the tour guide saying these words, they started to break away from the group. I said to them “are you not going to stay to see this?”. At this point I had absolutely no fear, I just wanted to see this symbol and hear about this symbol. We all (including the three men who wanted to walk away) went into the room where the symbol was. When we were in the room, the Tour Guide said something like ‘bring forth the holy one’ , a young woman (the holy girl I mentioned earlier) was then pulled forward into the middle of the room. She was automatically pulled into place by an unknown force.

Suddenly, all these books and playing cards (with Kings and numbers) started to gather around her feet in a circle about two inches away from her. She kept moving at an inhuman speed from one part of the room to another. She was being pulled from place to place against her will. Then the tour guide spoke again, and what he said this time was, “It is not the symbol of satan that is in control of her, it is these three men. Everywhere they look she is dragged to, by their eyes.’

Only now after reading my brothers blog, I can see the correct interpretation of this dream. It is a confirmation of everything which my brother has said in his blog. Again, right now I feel the spirit very strongly. These three men, must be a representation of certain powerful governments and leaders. The innocent people of the world (people like us) are being forced against their will to bow down to these powerful leaders. We are being led (or going to be led) to believe that they are not too blame, so that the majority of the world will be blinded to the truth. (everyone on the tour in that dream believed it was the power of satan forcing the young woman to be moved).

I also had a dream a few days before in the number 27 was being stressed to me. I was told in my dream (not in words, but I felt it) that this number was very significant in relation to the end times. I was shocked when a member of my family informed me that there were 27 countries included in the European Union!

We are entering a battle, which I fear (this is being confirmed by the spirit making me teary now) is going to be the hardest thing we will ever have to face.

We are definitely being prepared for it!

I know I will be in Ireland with my family when the time comes. There is a lot of magic in Ireland… which will be a good and a bad thing… We will be given more clues along the way which will enable us to tap into the power which we will need to contend with the evil energies.

The world we live in has a way of pulling us away of our higher abilities… we must to try harder to tap into this power and understand it. We need to to be able to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This will happen, I have seen it in my visions.

The time is coming…

Stay strong in the light… we will get through the battle and we will see paradise!

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The Spirit Cured my Swolen Lip

I recently went to Peru to take part in a charity challenge trek to Machu Picchu.  During the trek my bottom lip got burnt or had an allergy to a sun protection product.  In my tent one night I woke and found that my bottom lip had swollen out of proportions.  I woke up my partner and she got a fright after looking at them. She told me to wait until the morning and get anti-histamine from the Doctor.

There was no doctor available to look at my lip at 3am so I lay in the bed slightly concerned and prayed to the spirit. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I felt it’s presence.  I said the words ‘I believe I will be healed’ several times with conviction, putting stress on the believe part.  I felt the power of the spirit and the swelling went down almost instantly. It’s 3 or 4 days later now and though my lips are still tender, the initial swelling went down.  I am not sure what caused it, but I am sure that a supernatural intervention reduced the swelling on the night in question.

After I was healed I asked the Spirit to help the entire camp and went through each persons face to bless them and protect them. The next morning when we woke there was a strange semisphere in the haze directly surrounding the tents. I’m not sure if this was related but I felt it was a visible trace of a protective spiritual field.


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Placebos and Photons – Proof that we are gods (or part thereof)!

When a photon is observed into existence is it a miracle?  Currently it might as well be magic because we don’t understand how this can happen.  Google the double slit experiment and duality of light and you will find plenty about this.

Light waves stay in a weird wave state until observed as photons when it becomes a discrete and real particle that can only follow one path.  It is essentially doomed to live and die.  Created and destroyed by the observer.  Does this make the observer like a God?  Bringing something into physical existence from a fuzzy wave like energetic state?

Similarly, when we are sick, we can be given placebos or tablets that make us believe that we will get better.  Amazingly, placebos work brilliantly and the power of the mind can cure many ailments.  Some believe that this is why homoeopathy and herbal remedies work so well for some people.

The same theory goes for healers and why they can heal.  Both they and the patient will the patient to become better.  The more both believe the more likely a healing will occur. Of course in the case of Jesus, knowing he was God, meant that he could bend the laws of physics in any way he saw fit. He multiplied matter, killed trees through thought, reduced his mass and so on.

Through science we do similar things to Jesus, but not on the same scale because we don’t fully believe it, no matter how much we try, because the laws of physics are difficult to break when so many are observing things into being the way they are.  We live in a rigid world because of our expectations, yet we see fundamentally how the universe operates in the laboratory AND through the power of the mind.

If we were made by something that observed us into existence (remember we were created from nothing), then it stands to reason that we would take on some of that power ourselves being conscious creatures with creative minds. Just like a fractal we are a smaller part of something bigger except in this case it cannot be visualised because it is energy based, a beautiful mathematical construct.

So being part god, we have a responsibility to use our gifts.  Ask the spirit to help you manifest a better reality for you and your family and the world today. This is known in other books as the law of attraction or, the secret, and it is very much a real secret. Birds have no problems finding food and building homes and being content because they expect it.  Expect to be looked after by the Universe and it will happen for you.

The thing is, be careful what you wish for.  You need to be very specific!

I’ll leave you with this passage from Matthew 21:18

Early in the morning, as he was on his way back to the city, he was hungry. Seeing a fig tree by the road, he went up to it but found nothing on it except leaves. Then he said to it, “May you never bear fruit again!” Immediately the tree withered.

When the disciples saw this, they were amazed. “How did the fig tree wither so quickly?” they asked.

Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

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Bin Evil Dreamcatchers NOW!!! Stop Invoking Evil Paralysis Demons through the Pentagram Symbol

This may not be the most popular of posts, especially for manufacturers and retailers of dreamcatchers but I need you to realise that when you hang a dreamcatcher, you are possibly inviting an evil manifestation into your house. Possibly the sleep paralysis demon!!!

A few nights ago, I was awoken. My name was being called by one of my children.  I went to investigate and the first was sleeping soundly.  I went to the other child’s room and she was murmuring and fidgeting. I tried to wake her but couldn’t she was in deep sleep and dreaming of something uncomfortable.  I noticed the window open so went over to close the curtains when I noticed her dreamcatcher.  At that moment I felt a prana, kundalini, chi, spirit buzz.

This is basically an activation that occurs when something is to be noted, it happens when something is said, read or done that means something. In this case it was notification of what was the problem.  I was absolutely shocked when I took down the dream catcher to inspect it.

A section of strings on the dreamcatcher were configured in a pentagram pattern.  Many of you may be aware that this is one of Lucifers symbols and a demonic symbol representing a star.

Needless to say I was shocked and immediately binned the offending item. I would go as far as to say remove every symbol from your house including crucifixes. What’s the point in having them, if you want to pray to God just pray to God, but don’t think of a man, woman or the stay-puft marshmallow man.  The best thing to do is pray to the spirit, the life giving spirit of the universe.  You can feel this spirit if you want to and become aware of it.  It has no face, it interacts with us through sensation, through electricity, through physics.

I am not a baptist or protestant but the ancient scrolls forbid the worship graven images amd i think this is sensible because the spirit is primal, it is physics, nature, chemistry, spark and biggger than all of this! Get rid of them today and ask what you need from the invisible intelligent energy that permeates us.

If you worship a thing or an image of a thing then you are worshipping something false because they cannot represent the spirit since the spirit does not have physical form.

So ditch these symbols.  There are many gods that need worship, many demons that feed off your fear and notice of them.  They, just like photons, require you to observe them for them to manifest.  Don’t let them manifest.  When you pray, pray to love, pray to peace, pray to the electrostatic sensation provided by the spirit to confirm its presence.

That is my God because it lets me know I am not alone.

When asked what it was the God of the universe answered, “I am.”


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My Beliefs and Hopes

Just to put it out there, some may see this page as a mockery of Jesus, but it is exactly just the opposite.

Here are my beliefs and hopes:

In the beginning, there was no universe, it was conceived and brought into being by our creator,

The creator interacts and directs life and matter in this universe through his spiritual presence,

Without the spirit, there would be no life in this universe.

Through natural processes, The spirit created life on the earth and eventually, humanoids,

The spirit also functions to comfort us, enlighten us and to help us identify goodness,

It does this through interaction with our body’s physical system through a type of electrostatic charge,

This charge has been called chi, prana, kundalini and has had many other names.

Jesus was born on this earth and was filled with this spirit and taught his friends about it,

Jesus was assisted whilst here by angels, technologically advanced humanoids of unknown origin (though some suggest Sirius-b),

Jesus, like all men, was a prisoner to physics, but used all the tools at his disposal to show us we can overcome any obstacle through the spirit.

He taught us to sense the spirit and used his experience as a man and his integration with the spirit to make it accessible to us all,

Now we can use it to feel, heal and protect amongst other things.

He was killed by those who did not want knowledge of the spirit to become known,

He resurrected, and he and his helpers left technological proof that he was here through his image and fluids imbued on the shroud of Turin.

Jesus now interacts with us through the spirit, and promised to come back phsyically  at a time when humanity is at risk of total annihilation.

After this great upheaval, the Earth will be at peace for 1000 years, but will have been damaged beyond repair.

A new planet will be prepared for us during that period of time and the conciousness of people who have demonstrated good hearts will be ressurected in this paradise.

The rest will be left here to remain both human and fallen teachers.

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