Supernatural Resurrection or Advanced Resuscitation Techniques

OK, I have been thinking again, I know, dangerous but anyway… I was contemplating how our three deities might have done it. In previous entries I’ve spoken about the three men who met with Abraham: the Lord, who stopped at Abraham’s house; and the two others, probably Gabriel and Michael, who went on to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.  I’ve spoken about how two of these men hung around after Jesus death and assisted in the spectacle of Jesus finally flying up into the clouds. Let’s call these men Jesus’ associates.

So with this background consider the following…

When Jesus gave himself up to the authorities and was whipped and punished for blaspheming against God by simply admitting he was the son of God, but just before this in the garden, he asked God to stop the inevitable from happening, however at this point an angel appears from heaven and “strengthened” him (See Luke 22:43).

I am speculating here but perhaps one of Jesus’ associates gave him some sort of drug to calm his nerves. After this he was beaten up badly, whipped, crown of thorns etc. but he was defiant during the torture, perhaps this drug also inhibited pain?

Jesus was then made carry his cross and was crucified confident in the knowledge that he would be resurrected soon after he was pronounced dead. When he was on the cross he forgave the people that did this to him and when he breath his last breath he released his spirit. The sky went unusually dark for several hours at this point… perhaps his death was timed with a predictable eclipse or perhaps it was a localised effect caused by Jesus’ two famous associates and their bag of technological tricks.

Regardless, after his death, his body was placed in a tomb and this is where the fun begins:

Perhaps the two associates of Jesus then began their work by reviving Jesus. Firstly they took a scan of his body and imprinted it on the shroud we now know as the shroud of Turin, which apparently has a 3D information encoded in it…

Aside: here’s an interesting video on the shroud:

They did this to give us evidence that it happened.

They then revived Jesus and brought him to their medical quarters where they accelerated his healing for a few days.

In the meantime, the next morning when Jesus female friends went to the tomb they saw it open and Jesus was gone!!! Jesus’ two associates stood beside them in the tomb with their luminous uniforms.

“While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them.” Luke 24:4

Sounds to me a bit like Superman’s Father Jor-El on Krypton in Superman the Movie, but you could easily see how simple women (in terms of technology at least) would be fooled by men in glowing uniforms… The angels could have achieved this with a simple UV source and white reflective uniforms in a dark setting such as the inside of a tomb. Or the uniforms themselves could have had a power source and used some sort of display technology to illuminate themselves, which could also explain how they vanish and appear on a whim. This technique is called ‘Active Camouflage’ and is a well known concept (see Wikipedia entry here). These same uniforms used to make them vanish could have also been used to make them light up brightly… Of course this is currently beyond our technical abilities but for how long if you consider the advanced made in display technologies in the last 10 years!!!

So at this point the women go back to the apostles and of course none of them believe the story, which really makes me angry when people call Thomas ‘doubting Thomas.’  I mean they were all doubters and these guys lived with Jesus for 3-4 years, but that’s another day’s blog.

So as you can see, here is a plausible explanation for the story of how Jesus was resurrected, how we got the shroud and how the legend began.

Next blog I will go into details of the resurrection of humanity and how that might be achieved through technology.

Any thoughts?  Would love to read your comments.

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Who Wants to Live Forever??? Biological Immortality Only Years Away!!! – In Yo’ Face Gods!

If you’ve read this blog you will know that I personally believe that human DNA was modified, just as was stated in Genensis 6, to limit our age to 120.

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

A lot of scientific work has been done in the area of Telomeres which are basically the shoe-lace ends (incidentally these are called aglets and I am getting a serious bout of de ja vu here) that stop the ends of our DNA chromosomes from fraying.  These telomeres shorten as our cells split acting literally as a fuse or a time bomb, the bomb of course being our death via ageing.

A few children across the globe have a condition called progeria, which causes them to age prematurely. Most don’t live past their teenage years and this is directly caused by the extremely short telomeres these children were born with.

So, in essence, because of telomere shortening our cells can only regenerate properly around 60 times limiting humans to around and about 120 years.  This is called the Hayflick limit as Hayflick discovered it. Isn’t it interesting that in the 1960s Hayflick unwittingly discovered the scientific proof behind the age limit imposed on humanity by the gods in Genesis 6, thousands of years after the book was written!!!

In a documentary by the BBC called living forever the narrator states:

“Whatever our genes, our lifestyle, our nutrition our bodies always wear out at a maximum of 120 years. By then our organs and tissues have stopped functioning properly and that’s because of our cells.”

You can view the transcript of the entire show here:

If you look at the list of the oldest people recorded in modern history (, it also backs up this fact, that very few humans ever reach 120 and only one has surpassed it by a mere 2 years.  How could someone who wrote a book at least 2000 years ago have been so accurate?  How could they have known this exact age???  Please take a moment to consider the implications of this. It is mind boggling to me.

To me it is pretty conclusive proof that we were genetically modified as a species thousands of years ago by a race of advanced people who knew the human genome inside out.

The interesting thing is now that we know about this enforced time limit, we can combat it. If anyone out there knows of some good telomere supplements please comment with the links… though on this planet, even if immortal, you can be killed in a plethora of other ways: illness, traffic, freak accident, weather, drowning, falling on to a subway track while drunk etc. etc.

Should I become biologically immortal here what I’d do:

  1. Explore the world
  2. Avoid being hit by buses
  3. Try not to catch swine flu
  4. Buy a Kevlar vest
  5. Invent a spaceship
  6. Find another planet with humanoids
  7. Mate with the attractive females on the planet
  8. Grow a beard
  9. Set myself up as a god there
  10. Have a fight with my crew members over who is the most powerful deity
  11. etc. etc.

Sound familiar…

So if you were biologically immortal, what would you do for the next 1000 years?

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Your Own, Personal, Sonar Device

He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

– John 21:6

personal-sonarAre you thinking of tricking your fisherman friends into thinking you are a powerful Deity???

Then perhaps this is the device for you!!!

Check the depth of lakes and rivers and detect nearby fish with the NorCross HawkEye DF2120PX portable sonar system. Offering the most significant benefits of a full-size sonar system without the hassle. The device measures water depths between 3 and 120 feet. Once the boat arrives at the proper depth, users can then activate the fish detector to get a feel for where the fish are swimming. Meanwhile, the SideScan function will help detect depth drop-offs or hiding fish.

The combined features make the DF2120PX a great tool for scouting the best fishing spots regardless of conditions so that you can convince your dumb ass friends that you are a powerful deity.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke,

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The Spirituomagnetic Energy Field

If there are people reading this that understand the basic mechanics of gravity they will concede immediately that there is an invisible field that matter acts upon to allow bodies in space move towards one another. This field has been given many names over the years but Aether is the most ancient name for it.

Aether, is derived from the Greek ‘aithen,’ which means to kindle or burn. It described the substance thought in ancient times to fill the heavens (space).

In the late 19th century the ‘luminiferous aether’ was the medium responsible for the transfer of light. Physicists assumed that electromagnetic waves required a medium for propagation. Thus, they hypothesized the existence of aether. However early in the 20th century, Einstein stated that aether wasn’t necessary for the formal definition of relativity, thus the idea of aether has since been rejected by the majority of mainstream scientists. However, Einstein himself believed space, time, matter and gravity are linked intrinsically and thus an aether of some description must exist.

“We may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists ether. According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of measuring rods and clocks, nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense.”

– Albert Einstein, “Sidelights on Relativity” (1920)

Newton also thought it preposterous that there be no medium in space…

“Is not the heat of the warm room convey’d through the vacuum by the vibrations of a much subtiler medium than air, which after the air was drawn out remained in the vacuum?”

– Isaac Newton, Newton’s Optiks (1704)

“It is inconceivable that inanimate brute matter should, without the mediation of something else, which is not material, operate upon, and affect other matter without mutual contact… That gravity should be innate, inherent and essential to matter, so that one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum, without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one to another, is to me a great absurdity, and I believe that no man who has in philosophical matters a competent faculty of thinking, can ever fall into it. Gravity must be caused by an agent acting constantly according to certain laws; but whether this agent be material or immaterial I have left to the consideration of my reader.”

Isaac Newton, A letter to Dr. Bentley dated 25 February 1693

What frustrates me is that even though Einstein describes the mechanics of gravity in his formulas exceedingly well he never went so far as to describe what causes that effect.

This field that we observe through gravity, magnetism, nuclear forces, quantum physics, kundalini energy etc., is a real, measurable field and I wanted to share my intuitions on the nature of this field with anyone willing to listen.

To me it is obvious that matter absorbs ether to survive like the flame burns oxygen to shine… the resulting volumetric matter we see is the action and gravity is the equal but opposite reaction to this energy draining system (given this the ancient description of aether becomes a little more interesting).

It is a simple system that can be described in our 3D universe. This way gravity is exactly analogous to a river flowing towards a source, except in this instance it is ether flow rather than liquid matter flow.

It gets interesting when you consider that light is simply a wave or oscillation of this same field… we can observe an effect called gravitational lensing when light is bent as it passes by an object with a huge gravitational force… if gravity and light are linked as current and waves through one medium (the lumineferous aether that was cast aside by science 100 years ago) the system becomes very simple indeed.

What will really bake your noodle however is relativity… you see this theory accounts for relativity if the energy available to matter affects matters internal clock speed.

Modern experiments with atomic clocks show that clocks at high altitude run faster than here on earth!!! WHY? Simply because there is more ether fuel available to the clocks in high altitude meaning they run faster…

The point of all this is that the field is real and is exposed with measurable forces like gravity, though it is ignored by science… if this measurable entity is ignored by science yet is as plain as the nose on your face, what chance do we have to prove that the field is also used as a source of healing and spiritual energy.

In my opinion the field is everything. Gravity, magnetism etc. work on different frequencies, just as geopathic stress lines and kundalini/chi/spiritual energy work on yet other frequencies currently unmeasurable by modern instruments…

The sooner we attribute these things to the field the sooner we will advance as a species.

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Soddem all… I’ll Nuke the Bastards!!! The real story behind Sodom and Gomorrah

I can’t stand when people use the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to suggest that God Hates Gays… it’s simply untrue.

Here’s a slightly alternative version of the Sodom and Gomorrah story…

The General of Defence (GoD) from the Intergalactic Federation of Justice (IFG) arrived on Abrams ranch with two of his best foot soldiers from the Army of Nibiru and the Giant Earth Legion (ANGELs for short).  They were on their way to wipe out the city of Sodom with their advanced weaponry. However when GoD told Abram what he was going to do, Abram said, “How could the good and righteous leader of the IFJ kill all the people of a city, would you not spare it for the sake of 50 good people!”

GoD said, “Of course I’d spare it for fifty good people. What do you take me for?”

They labour on this point and Abram keeps whittling the number of people down to see just how many would be required to save the city. When he bargains God down to 10 good people, GoD says, “for the sake of 10 good people I would spare the city.’

While GoD and Abram were chatting the other soldiers in the party of three started on their mission towards Sodom, when they got to the city they met Lot at the gate.  He begged them to have dinner at his house and they reluctantly agreed postpone their mission.

They were having some food when they heard a commotion outside… all the men of the city had surrounded the house and asked Lot to bring out the two soldiers so that they could have sex with them???


What kind of messed up people would they have to have been to want to gang rape a couple of intergalactic foot soldiers on a visit???

Anyway, Lot goes outside and pleads with the savages to take his two virgin daughters to rape instead of the Aliens and they refuse…

(Jaysis, his daughters must have been fairly ugly… but even so offering them up to be raped by an entire city is kind of messed up too don’t you think?)

So the inhabitants of Sodom refuse this generous offer and tell Lot that they’re going to do worse to him on the basis that he was an outsider and he was judging them on their actions.

(No I don’t know about you but I think being gang raped by an entire city is about as bad as it gets so I’m not sure what the ‘going to do worse meant’ but let’s not explore that).

And this is where the story gets interesting…

The foot soldiers pull Lot inside when they realise just what the city dwellers want and they are outraged (wouldn’t you be???), so they threw out a stun grenade or flash bomb to temporarily blind them.

The two soldiers say to Lot, “Get yourself and everyone belonging to you out of here tonight, we are going to kick ass and chew bubblegum tonight! The boss has sent us here to do some recon on this city and to determine if it should be destroyed based on the injustices carried out here!”

(and I guess they city folk didn’t do themselves any favours by wanting to gang rape the very people sent to determine if they should be destroyed or not)

So the soldier call in the S.M.I.T.E strike team to Nuke the entire city. Lot escapes to a small village some distance away and the S.M.I.T.E team drop a Nuke in the plain… it destroys the city in one fell swoop and all the vegetation in the plains.

Next morning Abraham looks down on the plains and all he sees is a column of smoke where Sodom and Gomorrah used to be.

Now, for me the story is not about GoD destroying the city because they were bunch of rampant homosexuals, it was because they were a bunch of evil gang raping savages, who would rape a goat just as handy as two very handsome angelic foot soldiers. So I don’t think this passage should ever be interpreted as ‘God Hates Gays’ because it’s simply untrue. It’s about kicking the ass of a shower of wannabe angel rapists…

I guess you just can’t account for some people.

For more on this sort of stuff you could check out the L.M. Lewis book entitled “Footprints on the Sands of Time” or David Hatcher Childress’ book “Technology of the Gods”

Here’s a link to an excerpt from Childress’ book:

The real question I suppose is “Why Does God Need Nukes???”

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The Science Behind Transubstantiation – Could Homoeopathy be the answer?

Many of the miracles of Jesus were performed via touch. For example when the woman in  Luke 24:18 that touched Jesus cloak he felt power draining from him as if he were some sort of capacitor.  Some chi masters say that it is stored in the hara, two finger widths below the naval (I actually had a dream one night where I was told that your stomach needs to be in good physical condition to store chi, but I digress).

The point here is that power is somehow stored in the body and then can be passed on via physical contact. It seems to be some form of electromagnetic or energetic phenomenon, which is probably measurable. When I feel the electric wind, that amazing buzzing feeling like goosebumps only inside and out I have found that it can be passed on through touch.

So anyway, that got me thinking about the similarities between this passing of energy with simple homoeopathy, whereby molecules of water take on the energetic properties of whatever substance was diluted in it. Homoeopathy is the process of diluting a substance with water and then taking some of that mixture and dilute it again.  You can repeat this process and dilute the mixture indefinitely and the substance will not lose any of it’s original potency and in some cases will increase it’s potency. This indicates that something other than a chemical reaction is happening and that perhaps the energy signature of the original substance is somehow recorded by water, which is in essence a blank device that you can record onto, much like a disk drive.

New Scientist lists it in one of the 13 things in Science that cannot be explained see here:

They cite a paper by Madeline Ennis, a pharmacologist at Queen’s University, Belfast, who was opposed to homoeopathy but after she did the experiment she stated “We are unable to explain our findings and are reporting them to encourage others to investigate this phenomenon.” If the results turn out to be real, she says, the implications are profound: we may have to rewrite physics and chemistry.

You can read the paper here

So what has all this got to do with Transubstantiation says you?

Well the Catholic Church states that the Eucharist is transformed into the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ at consecration. Most Christians believe this to be a symbolic act but Catholics have believed from day 1 that something more was going on.

Now whether you are Catholic or not does not matter here, I am just proposing a possible reason as to how something like this could happen, remember the original process was initiated by Jesus as recorded in the Bible, which is accepted to have happened by most Christians, the only thing argued about is the literal interpretation. So with that in mind, consider the following:

During the homoeopathic process you could say the water is taking on the essence of the original substance. So perhaps when Jesus touched the bread, broke it and gave it to his disciples, maybe, just maybe, he passed on his essence or signature into the bread via some sort of energy transfer.  The bread became imprinted with his essence. Now when the apostles ate the bread, their bodies became infused with Jesus’ essence and following this they could repeat the process, transferring this essence back in to bread again and so on, much like the homoeopathic process. We are after all 90%+ water. If you delve deeper we’re simple atoms made from pure energy, so it is possible that energetic signatures can pass between substances, matter, molecules, atoms and well, whatever…

Food for thought and a penny for yours!

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666 – The Barcode of the Beast!

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

Revelation 13:17-18.

Am I the only one that sees the funny side of this. The guy who invented UPC bar codes, (George Joseph Laurer), the one thing you need these days to buy and sell items, decides to create a code where a double bar || represents 6.  Then he decides to use put 3 delimiting guard bars || within all barcodes.  Talk about making it obvious.

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself, put 11 or 12 6’s into the UPC-A bar-code widget below.


Most people out there brought up in a religious environment would have knowledge of Revelation 13, in fact anyone who has seen the film ‘The Omen’ will be aware of this particular passage, it says that nobody will be able to buy or sell anything unless they have the mark of the beast, 666 (six hundred three score and six according to the King James Version of the Bible).

Now I am no expert in Arabic or Greek but maybe they meant nobody could buy or sell unless the product had the mark??? Whether it did or not is irrelevant, the fact is that the guy who created the bar-code system, the system through which the world buys and sells everything, put an obvious 666 into it. It’s hysterical and something that an engineer with a devious sense of humour might do.

So was this just a practical joke and thus self-fulfilling prophesy, a subconscious act, a definite act by a Satan proponent or simply fate?

This is what the inventor had to say on the matter (from

“Answer- Yes, they do RESEMBLE the code for a six… There is nothing sinister about this nor does it have anything to do with the Bible’s “mark of the beast” (The New Testament, The Revelation, Chapter 13, paragraph 18). It is simply a coincidence like the fact that my first, middle, and last name all have 6 letters. There is no connection with an international money code either.”


I’ll let you decide, comments as always are welcome!

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The Electric Wind – Truth Vibrations

As a child I grew up a Christian but I never really got into the whole worshiping thing.  From a very young age (13ish) I came to the conclusion that extraterrestrials were a plausible explanation for the mythology and subsequent religions on Earth (and lets face it there is vast amounts of evidence that show religion followed myth). Later in my teens, my mother was part of a Christian Charismatic group and she asked me to sit in front of a picture of Jesus and asked me to open myself up to the Spirit.  She said if I do I might feel tingles in my hands and maybe my face too.  I was very sceptical at that point but I went along just to humour her. What happened next changed me forever.

It started with tingles, and it intensified slowly over a few months until occasionally when I spoke with certain people about spirituality or even cosmic science I would feel a strange energy flowing through me.  The best way I can describe it is like an electric wind or fluctuating energy flow through the body, from head to toe, that pulsates, intensifying and dissipating at random periods.

It seems to happen when some truth is spoken, something literally rings true and through. I initially associated this feeling with Christianity, thinking that nobody in any other religion could feel such ecstasy, and I bought into the messages of my church hook line and sinker. I defended sound and mindless arguments alike withanyone who would debate with me.  I spent 10 years like this and did feel the energy quite a bit. 

Eventually, I went back to grass roots and started thinking for myself. I can’t quite put my finger on why this happened but it did.  I started to reject the horrible guilt trips put on me such as ‘happy are those who have not seen and yet believe!’ The way this is used really annoys me suggesting we should all believe without questioning, when practically all of the apostles, who lived with the Christ could not believe he came back from the dead until they saw proof with their own eyes! Then you have the scruples that people develop from listening to people like Sr. Faustina who said that it is an insult to the Christ if you consume the Eucharist with the smallest of sins on your soul. This never sat right with me as Jesus came for sinners. From what I have read in the word, I cannot see how the Christ would never refuse anybody from coming to him. How dare anyone change his message. Revelation discusses what God will do to people who change this message!

The thing is, even after freeing myself from the spell I was under, I still feel the Electric Wind on a regular basis.  I often wondered was it real, was it just an inner feeling like adrenaline or some emotion brought on through nostalgia or something, however, something happened on the 0906o9 that proved it is far more than that.

I was having a deep conversation with a good friend of mine who is quite open-minded and we were speaking about space, chakras, the word, you name it… at one point we were discussing gravity and I was giving him my insights about it and how it ties in with light speed and the energy in space when I felt the energy flowing through me.  I told him it was happening and I said maybe we should try a transmission exercise.

I grabbed his wrist and the pulsating got very strong and he felt it very strongly.  He described it is as a feeling similar to a pulsating setting on a rife machine (rife machines tranmit electrical frequencies through the body to kill off parasites etc.).  Afterwards he got very hot and felt nauseous. I was elated, someone else had felt the energy flowing through me. 

So what is this energy? Is it a living entity that moves around the ether of space freely or is it a field technology that Jesus the master uses to communicate with people from wherever he is right now.  It seems to flow down from space and travel through the body lighting up my very being with some sort of electromagnetic wind, lifting and dropping me gently. Whatever it is it feels fantastic and I believe everyone feels it. Be open to it, it’s your birthright! 

So I suppose the key message is that no matter what I do, or what religion I subscribe to, it really doesn’t matter. There is something out there beyond our understanding that interacts with us on a regular basis. I hope to one day measure it and prove it happens so that scientifically it can be shown that there is something else out there beyond the physical that interacts withus when we hit on some universal truth. Call it chakras, kundalini, chi, global consciousness, christ self, ET or paranormal contact, the Holy Spirit or whatever you what. IT IS REAL and that’s all that matters.

If anyone has felt the electric wind please give us your testimony by commenting on this topic!

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The Grand Unified Theory: Cosmic Current and Light Waves

What if matter itself draws energy from space in order to exist resulting in an equal but opposite gravitation force? Perhaps gravitation is simply a flow of zero point energy towards vortexes in space caused by energy hungry subatomic point particles.

Have you ever wondered about what causes gravity? It is perfectly valid to assume that it is an effect, caused by massive objects, on the space-time continuum, but what is the nature of the space-time continuum and why does matter have an effect on it.

From what we understand, matter is made up of configurations of tiny particles called atoms. Atoms have a nucleus at their core and are “orbited” by point particles called electrons. The nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons, which are also made up of point particles, similar to electrons, called quarks. All matter is therefore made up entirely of these point particles or fermions which by themselves have no size.


So where do electrons and quarks get their energy from to give matter its volumetric properties? What if the tiny point particles, which make up matter, require fuel to exhibit these properties? What if matter itself draws energy from space in order to exist, like flames draw energy from the oxygen in the air in order to burn?

Let’s assume that we exist in an all-permeating sea of energy, call it the Zero Point Field (ZPF), Aether or simply the electromagnetic medium. Whatever you call it, there is good reason to believe this field exists (casimir effect, electromagnetic wave propagation etc.). If we do exist in such a sea of energy, then it is plausible that gravity may be simply a flow of energy towards vortexes in space caused by energy consuming subatomic particles.

Gravity would therefore behave in a manner analogous to water flowing towards a plug hole in a sink, or air towards the nozzle of an active vacuum cleaner. If this is the case then subatomic particles can be thought of as tiny vortexes in space, and thus Gravity can be thought of as the combined effect of zillions of these vortexes drawing energy in concert with one another. Therefore, the denser an entity is, the more point particles there are in it, thus the bigger the energy requirement to sustain the hungry matter it is made of, and thus the bigger the gravitational pull it exerts.

In summary, gravitation could be defined as a current in the fabric of space towards an entity, which the speed of flow is directly proportional to the number of point particles in that entity, and inversely proportional to the distance from the entity.

If gravitational fields are simply currents in space, then what is light, or more specifically, electromagnetic radiation? If gravity is current in space, and space is an electromagnetic medium, then perhaps light waves are simply waves through that same medium.

Image from
Image from

Consider this analogy: if a stone is dropped in flowing water waves are produced, the speed of these waves will be affected by any current observed in the water, however, they can still move upstream quite easily (especially when the current is weak). Perhaps light and gravity have a similar relationship. If gravity is a flow or current, then perhaps light is a wave through the same medium. If so, gravitational “lensing”, the bending of light as it passes by large entities in space, such as stars, could be explained in this way i.e. a wave passing through the medium is affected by the current in the medium at any point. In other words, light is affected by the draw (gravitational effect) matter has on the energy sea it travels through.

This would describe gravitation lensing in a very tidy way.

What is really interesting is that if our atoms are feeding from the same medium that light travels through, what kinds of weird effects would this have on our observation of light? According to Einstein, if we moving through space and we accelerate, we become more massive (E=mc2). Perhaps moving through space causes the matter we’re made of to feed from space at a new rate. What if this new rate of burn has the side effect of making our atoms speed up or slow down affecting our perception of time???

Perhaps we do not need to enter the nth dimension to describe the physical universe after all and the Grand Unified Theory is as simple as it should be!

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