The Force is with me and I am one with the Force

We may not be able to lift an X-Fighter out of a swamp with a muppet in our back packs, but the Force is with us and it does flow through us.  It can be called chi, kundalini, spirit, and many other names including the force, but it exists and flows through us when a truth is spoken, when something we need is near, when music touches the core of our being.

Do not listen to mans explanation of the force, it’s is always abused and always wrong.  I know that you could say I am a man and explaining the force, but I do not intend giving it any form of label other than it being an unseen force that we can feel and use in our daily lives.  Some call it instinct, but it seems to have an intelligence…

For me the function of the universe is life, i.e. all the stars and planets exist, and all the rules exist so that we have a place to explore and experience, that is what life is about. Experience.

People worry about death so much that they forget to live, but if you understand that you are a manifestation of the universe, so that it can observe itself, you will have so much more peace.  If you die and your own conscious mind ends, don’t worry, that is just your ego pangs.  We all experience that.  Even if there is nothing after, there is peace, and it is only through having a physical body once again can we experience a heaven, hell or whatever else is written down by men.

I do believe that it is possible that the most beautiful minds here might be mined for better roles in the future, nurturing other planets, entertaining, making things better and keeping things going, this is written in ancient texts, but it isn’t necessary for me to believe or speak about to others.  It isn’t necessary for me to have peace.  Knowing that I am the pinnacle of evolution, that I survived on behalf of a long line of humans and other creatures to experience now is enough.

By living life to the full now, we don’t need to be anxious about the future or depressed about the past.  We all make mistakes and learn from them or repeat them until we learn, but ultimately we choose whether to hurt or nuture and there is only one thing that makes you feel better and that is to give everything you have to life and to being a good friend.  This does not mean being walked over, far from it, if someone does not appreciate you, give your time to those who do.  It is a big planet filled with amazing people, who are human and make mistakes, but the capabilities you have are terrific and know little bounds, so make the most of what you have.  Even being able to stand up and walk around and hear, smell, touch and see is beyond incredible given we are made from dirt extracted from the ground by plants and animals… assembled by our DNA through eating food, breathing air, basking in the sun and watering ourselves… the four elements… when you do these things right the Spirit will come and you the force will be with you will be one with it, for the force is the very function of nature, and you are it.

May the Spirit of nature flow through you!

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Demon Octopus – Spiritual Eyes

I was sick over Christmas and was heavily tested.  After two weeks of sounding like Barry White, during the course of my illness I got conjunctivitis, which, added with mouth ulcers and other nasty symptoms, I ended up sleeping 16 hours a day for 5 days.  At the height of it my eyes bled.  Looking at this in the mirror in the middle of the night was scary.  I thought I was on the way out.

However, this illness gave me time to think, dream and focus.  One night my vision changed in the dark and I could see creatures coming towards me in the dark.  They looked like little black or dark grey, round headed monsters about the size of a football, with orange, fiery, glowing mouths and tentacles flailing everywhere at incredible speeds. I named them Demon Octopus.  They seemed to be trying to attach to my head.  Perhaps they were even causing the illness.  I get the feeling the hundreds of tentacles are used to attach to our brains and nerve endings to essentially interface with our systems.

Unfortunately, for many days during the illness I could not even feel the Spirit, it was like a total disconnect, which was lonely, however on this night it began to come back.  I drew it in and use the name of Jesus.

[As an aside here I just want to mention I am not a Christian religious nut,  I do not support any organised religion at all.  I simply recognise that Jesus, through his words and actions has proven that he was the house of the Spirit during his short life.  In particular during his 3 years of ministry he was essentially possessed by the Spirit.   I believe this same Spirit, which is the Spirit of Nature or God, visits our humble houses from time to time and this presence can be felt by many.  I use the name of Jesus, which is a form of the name Joshua, which means God Saves.  I’m sure other religions use various names such as YHWH, the intent is what is important.]

Once I felt the spirit I was able to drive these things from my bedroom and house.  Once I did that my illness began to leave me.  For the next 3 nights I’ve been drawing in spirit and no sign of any entities.  The interesting thing is that I can now see the light coming towards me to go with the Spirit sensations.  The colour of the light is strange and I’m not sure if I can even call it light, it has edges to it that have various colours but it flowed into my eyes and face coming from one location… being absorbed into my body.

Using Google Skymap the energy seemed to come from the direction of the Star Vindemiatrix. Which is the right hand of Virgo constellation and it can penetrate walls no problem.  Perhaps the illness was some sort of alteration.  I did not enjoy it but I’m grateful to have levelled up.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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If enough people believe Jesus will return, he probably will!

11895942_10207466537079167_4980755875642339613_nIf Jesus and his relationship with Spirit is like the quantum wave particle duality then the Spirit can be represented as a wave, where as jesus is the manifestation of that wave signature as particles.

Particle Wave Duality is a demonstrable phenomenon whereby if you shine a light through a double slit piece of cardboard at a wall, the light will reflect off the wall with an interference pattern as the waves passing through the slits are similar and cause interference with one another.

This is the normal behaviour of waves… if two people whistled loudly at roughly the same pitch you would hear a vibration effect as the two whistles begin to tune together.  This vibration you hear in your ear is when the waves add together to make louder noises and when they subtract and cancel each other out.

The reflection on the back wall in the double slit experiment acts in exactly the same manner unless, and this is where noodles are baked, you observe the light as a particle.  If you do this, the light becomes a discrete particle and hits the wall as a discrete photon.

This is part of Quantum physics, i.e. that the observer has an effect on a wave.  We’ve written about this before and have stated that it may be the universe is a simulation based on this as it saves processing power keeping things in wave form until observed, and then bringing into actual reality, much like a video game does not render sprites unless within visible range of the game player and in their visual view. The why of this is theorised here

So, how does this relate to Jesus and the Spirit.

Well the universe is built on these micro level rules.  So if God exists, the of course this rule is universal and should scale up to the macro level also.  There have been books written about this such as The Secret.  I was in Newgrange lately also and on the stones surrounding the tomb, there were rocks with wavy lines and rocks with spirals, I can’t help but think they were trying to get across this very important idea through time… in fact the light that enters on the 21st of december is such a wave and perhaps in the tomb they had some way of manifesting something from this wave, some energy that they could use somehow.  I’ll write on this an put up a gallery on that soon.

In terms of the Secret, I tend to live a little bit like this these days, I am thankful more often than not and expect good things to happen and they do more often than not.  When bad things happen, I laugh them off and call it balance.

It seems to be easier to manifest things that do not affect others, but on the grand scale, on the biggest level, do our expectations bring through realities?  Look at how we accept the bullshit money sytstem, political systems, law enforcement etc.  Some of the things in place in our cultures are absolute madness, but seem sane because that is the perception and are impossible to reverse it seems, until there is mass revolt against something, a mass change in consciousness or observation.

It seems to me that Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same.  The spirit is the quantum, fuzzy wave form version of Jesus, and Jesus is the discrete observable form, made from pure matter.  So if enough (majority) of us decide to observe the Spirit as Jesus, perhaps then he will manifest as expected, because that is simply how this place works!!!

In the Book of Enoch, it speaks about how the cries of man went to heaven because of the desolation here… I hope it doesn’t take something like this for us to manifest our protectors into this reality again.

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Joshua hunted the Nephilim, Jesus hunted their Demon Spirits

It is interesting that the name Jesus means God Saves.  In the old testament, Joshua was the equivalent name.

Joshua had the task of wiping out the remnants of the Giants.  More Giants came after the flood somehow… perhaps the post flood human had some nephilim DNA still there and nephilim were born so further purification had to take place OR maybe another set of fallen angels created a second wave of Nephilim.

Either way, Joshua was given the task of saving mankind from the Nephilim, as the first batch had desolated the Earth, the second wave, left unabated would have done the same, so the story of Jericho occurred.

Joshua was assisted by God in this task and thus the name God saves is very apt.

In the case of Jesus, he was sent here to save us from evil spirits more so than ancient Nephilim. There were no Nephilim left in Jesus time but their remnant spirits, or demons roamed freely causing all manner of trouble for man.  Today, we are still affected by them but they are far less open.

Jesus did many task, casting them into pigs, healing the sick and so on. So again God saves humans from the same creatures that Joshua saved us from.

Yeshua is how the name is pronounced and it is poweful because it can be used to find out if a spirit is good or evil.  Really there is only one true spirit, but there are many angels, some good some bad and they can communicate with us on this channel.  To test a spirit ask them do they believe that Jesus the messiah came in the flesh.  If they answer yes, in the form of electrostatic sensation on your skin then you know they are good.  If you get nothing when asking that question BANISH them from your house. You will know the difference as the sensation is a crackly feeling rather than a beautiful trembling sensation.  I’m getting the sensation now and asked the question here and it’s all good.

Thank you Spirit.



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How to draw in the Spirit – drink from the well

I was asked on another thread how to draw in the Spirit in the comments so I thought I’d make a quick blog about it here.

Essentially your body is an energy system, electrical as well as everything else.  We don’t fully understand all there is to know about the human body and I am sure that in the future our greatest discovery will be to do with consciousness and spirit.

There are people who experience energy such as the Spirit, Chi, Kundalini and tingles that they simply cannot explain etc.   My opinion is that God is Spirit and we were made in it’s likeness and so this is what we are feeling.

So, how to fill up.  You can will it in, you can discuss the Spirit and it will come, you can listen to music, or get in touch with nature, but here is a simple physical exercise I use from time to time.

  1. Put your hands in front of your belly button, one hand over the other
  2. Move them upwards past your heart upward past the top of your head. Inhale as you do this through your nos.
  3. Once you get to the top with hands fully stretched overhead, make a big outward circle with your hands bringing them back down to the starting position. Exhale through your mouth as you do this.
  4. You should do this about 10 times. Sometimes you will get tingles when you do this, this is filling yourself with energy.

Once you are filled with energy, you can use it for various tasks, the very first thing it should do is make you feel better.  You have to help yourself before you can help others.

Let me know if this works for any of you via comments below or via email.

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Observation could be the key to everything, time, gravity, light speed etc.

In the beginning the Earth, nay, the universe was a formless void and matter came into being.


Through the observation of the creator spirit…

What is a spirit if not a complex wave form?  Our conciousness could be described as such, brain waves, emotion, etc.  All of our atoms at the end of the day are energy in some form of modulation and thus waves… the universe is described by waves and can be described through complex mathematics.

So, in the beginning there was nothing but energy until the first matter was thought or observed into existence.  But matter then, too becomes an observer, observing each and every other piece of matter and you get a complex web of observers all making each other firm and real.

The process of observation causes wave forms to become discrete entities and it is my opinion that this process requires energy.  i.e. in order for matter to keep it’s ‘real’ or ‘firm’ or particle state requires energy.  This energy comes from the great energy field known as ether and the process of rendering something as a piece of matter causes an energy collape in this great field.

This can be demonstrated somewhat with the double slit experiment, the duality of light experiment. i.e. that light is both a wave and a particle, depending on whether it is observed as a wave or a particle.  It shows the magic of the universe and a fundamental aspect of how this construct operates.  Light stays in a fuzzy wave state until observed as particles, at which point the wave collapses and becomes a particle (though it has no mass).  As light has no mass the collapse to a particle has no major effect on ether.

To bring more massive particles into existence however requires much more significant and constant flow of energy from neighbouring space.  As observers are all observing at their own pace, time is relative to them and the matter and space around them get into a complex system or jigsaw of a rigid nature.


This rigid system accounts for gravity and the flow of energy or ether, or gravity towards matter… to exist all matter is competing for this same energy and this there are limits and balance between the energy and mass.  Light waves flow through this same sea of energy and is affected by the observers, sucking their energy from the ether and so we see other effects such as gravitational lensing and a constant speed for light as observers can only observe as fast as the energy that is available to them.

Inertia also is caused by observation as again the limits placed on the observer make it difficult to observe and move through the ether field. Observation is simple when moving in a straight line at the same speed but change that speed or direction and the observer has to adjust based on the energy that is available to render them into reality.

Observation is time, you observe linearly on a concious level, atoms observe also and become real to interact with and observer neighbouring atoms.  Even though the system we exist in seems like there is infinite energy available, in the immediate viscinity of atoms etc. energy is fought for agressively and once in balance it is difficult to change reality.

I believe that the man known as Jesus, that the spirit dwelt within, knew this and could alter reality through belief or faith.  What is belief or faith except observation.  We normally observe reality based on what unconcious entities such as atoms present to us, but we are far more powerful than that.  We are creative observers, we create our own realities and bring what we expect into existence.

Expect good things and you will get them, live in negativity and that’s what you get.  Live in love and you will receive love, live in hate and you will only bring harm to yourself.  This is the secret that Rhonda Byrne speaks of. The law of attraction. Obviously we are affected by the observers around us, so things that don’t affect others are easier to render into reality, similarly get several observers on the same wavelenght to believe something and that reality becomes more likely, especially if it doesn’t affect others expectations of reality.

Just some thougths, hope they make sense.



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The Universe creates from the Bottom Up and Nurtures from the Top Down

From earlier posts you might have read about my thoughts on the Universal Creator.  The Life Giver.  The universe as a whole is God and thus we are all parts of the same entity. However we are autonomous entities at the same time, sent out to experience shades and contrasts in everything, happiness, taste, sight, sound.  Without darkness there is no light, without silence there is no music, without bitterness there is no sweetness, without hunger there is no satisfaction in eating and without evil, good cannot prevail.

I have spoken about the 5 elements and how we need all of them to really flourish.  Without the minerals or Earth we die in weeks; without water, days; without air, minutes; without fire (or heat), we freeze in seconds; and without spirit, quintessence or the electromagnetic ether we cease to exist in an instant.

The spirit is the ether, the field, that created the universe, it created the medium for electromagnetic radiation and the building blocks of atoms (fermions), from energy so that the universe as we know it could come about.  Atoms causing gravity, gravity creating heavier atoms, causing more gravity, creating heavier atoms etc. molecules and complex structures forming and eventually life.  You see life is a function of the universe.  Given the right circumstances it just comes about because it is supposed to, otherwise we would not be here, so life is a function or a process that the Universe has at it’s core.

Life, is shepherded. Like a good gardener the best is kept, the weakest is removed and this is the basis of evolution, you see intelligent life must also come about as species have to be always one step ahead of predators and predators need to be more and more clever to catch the always improving prey.  Similarly with plants, the plants must improve to attract more bees to pollinate more offspring, the more beautiful and colourful the more attractive for bees and so the species improves as the pretties most pungent spread.  It is the way of the universe to continuously improve based on the rules it adheres to.  What it wants to create great spirits, great minds and this can only be achieved through challenge and trial. This is why the Bible speaks of separating wheat from chaff and lambs from goats.  Survival of the fittest Spirit.

The spirit does not abandon its creation, however. It nurtures it and cares for it. In general, things work out for people when they are positive and ask for help and do honourable things. As well as creating life from the most basic it cares for intelligent life at the pinnacle trying to lead it towards a better more caring way, possibly so that we don’t destroy what took so much time and energy and mathematics and thought to bring about in the first place.  So it cares for us at the macro level, from the top down, through interfacing directly with intelligent life as well as stimulating the beginnings of life at the micro level.

I believe that we will eventually be able to communicate directly with the universe.  Some do it naturally.  Personally, I FEEL the truth, when it is spoken, I feel the flame of the spirit evaporating from my head and charging my body when in full flow.  It is a beautiful enlightened mode that all of us can attain through appreciation, and taking the time to explore it.  Triggering it is key and that is done through asking directly for it to interact with you and live within you.  I think as technological marvels (we are biological, self replicating, robots), we can use technology to quicken our path to communicate directly with the Spirit and that the messengers of God (Angels) have already gotten to this stage and because of this, they do the will of the Universe.  However, some are disobedient and are co-responsible for the mess we have made of this planet.

We are currently slaves to an elite who are working for these self-pleasing technologically advanced aliens and they are making their move.  They want us to obey them and forget the universe. And we are doing exactly what they want. We are ruining the land, sea and are and all the life that lives within them that took aeons to come about and for what?  To make these few arseholes materially wealthy beyond comprehension.  WHY ARE WE SO FOOLISH?

All we need is clean food, water, air, warmth, shelter and love from friends and family and the Spirit then we will have everything including health and happiness.

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Sleep Paralysis Attack with Vivid Dream – Avalanches, Prayer, Happiness & Death

I woke up at 5 this morning after an ordeal with the Sleep Paralysis Demon or Imp. Here’s how it happened…

In my dream I was up in an area with snow capped mountains with members of my family. A big vivid avalanche occurred but we were not really in danger.  After it fell we went to a place at the top of mountain. There was weird old church there and the locals were reluctant to let us in but eventually they did.

Within this place was a lovely little quaint church with low hanging lights to give the place a very serene ambiance. Whilst in there I was compelled to say one quick prayer trusting god knew what I wanted/needed. My good friend was also there and he prayed too hard but was also play acting and loudly uttered for something bad to happen to me at which point I told him to quit horsing around.

Once through this area, we got to sit down meal area. I sat next to my younger sister, she was a child and I was so content. We hugged and were delighted to see each other and be in each other’s company. I have rarely felt happier.

Then it started.

I saw my father in law with tubes everywhere, with blood going through them, it seemed like he was giving up his life for a child in some sort of transfusion or transplant operation. I’m not sure.

Then I woke and was under Sleep Paralysis. I shouted the name of Jesus about 20 times, it didn’t work and was getting sore.  I was gagged and held down very forcefully as if someone was above me pushing my head under water by the chin. I tried to  grab my sister calling her name and it didn’t work.

I eventually woke after about a 10 minute struggle and laughed.  Obviously I was the target of torment last night.

After the event I was pulsating with the Spirit, I felt it like a cold flame coming off my head and tears of gratitude flowed down my cheeks. I went back to bed and back to sleep.

So this message is for you Oh Pathetic Demon, all your actions do is make me stronger and bring me closer to the Spirit. You will not put out my flame with your fear tactics. You might enjoy your control and attacks on me in my subconscious state and for a minute you may even frighten me, but once I wake and my wits return, you will flee like the coward you are and I will chase you away with the power of the Spirit.  Begone foul creature!

For more on Sleep Paralysis on this site please read the following article and submit your own Sleep Paralysis Story:

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Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, Ether update

Just a quick update to my previous post regarding the human bodies need for the five elements.

  1. If we don’t get air (wind) we will die within minutes
  2. If we don’t get fluids (water) we will die within days
  3. If we don’t get food (earth) we will die within weeks
  4. If we don’t get adequate sunlight and heat (fire) we will die within months from sickness
  5. It stands to reason then, if we don’t get spiritual fulfilment (ether, quintessence) we will die within years of misery

It is important to nourish your body mind and spirit with the five elements at regular intervals.  Whenever I feel tired and down over a period of days and I can’t quite put my finger on it, I realise that it is one of the pillars above that must be lacking (generally it’s no. 4 or 5).  Often one of the pillars can assist another as I often take Vitamin D3 supplement to help with lack of sunlight, which helps the immune system and stops me getting sick. I also take Kelp to help rid my pineal gland of fluoride and to also protect my thyroid glands.  Cleansing the pineal gland can make spiritual experiences more regular and more intense. However, there is nothing that will clear it better than using it, so talk about the Spirit of Christ with one another as it is promised that it will come when you discuss it and I can confirm that as I feel it as I write this now. The 4 classical elements will sustain your body, but you need the 5th for mental and spiritual health so eat from the  words which became flesh and more importantly drink from the cosmic well of the Spirit especially with your friends, you will love it. I guarantee you that you will see an enhancement in your demeanour for days after your soul has been nourished.

In today’s world it is upsetting that we are damaging these elements. We have a symbiotic relationship with them.  Life relies on the basic elements and yet we pollute the air, deplete minerals, add toxins to our water. We rely on them and are connected to them because our species has evolved through the spirit within these parameters.  We are tethered to this place as a result and we rely on all of the elements including Spirit.  It seems that as well as polluting the 4 physical elements, we have also polluted and blocked out the spirit through the creation of controlled dogma religions. My advice is to drink directly from the well readers, do not subscribe to any way except your own. Think for yourself and trust your instincts.

We need all the help we can get with all the distractions there’s rarely a moment to relax so please make time for focus on your breathing, eat a wide variety of healthy foods (and enjoy well deserved snacks too), drink purified water where possible, get sun and take vitamin D3 in areas where there isn’t much sun, and most importantly read the Word and speak to the Spirit and discuss it with your friends.

Please testify through comments if you have regularly drink from the well I speak of.

God bless all who read this.

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Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Quintessence = Minerals, Hydration, Oxygen, Sunlight & Spirit

It occurred to me today that the 5 ancient classical elements of Earth and the key elements that we require as humans to be healthy.

Earth = Minerals & Vitamins… without the 90 vitamins and minerals found in sea salt, our bodies don’t repair properly, it is critical that we get these minerals to build bones, muscles, cells, and keep us in good health.

Wind = Air… without good air our bodies are starved of oxygen.  It is important to learn to breath correctly and use the diaphragm to intake air.  Breathing through the nose can filter out harmful dust particles also.  Some believe there is Vril in air and that we get 70% of our sustenance from air alone and so breathing is critically important.  It has been suggested that breathing and meditating on breathing for 15 minutes a day can keep your telemorase levels up, keeping your cells in tip top shape and young.

Water = Hydration… we all recognise that pure water helps us in very many ways.  Detoxifies, hydrates, refreshes, cleanses and so good Water is critical to health.  In todays world tap water is polluted to get rid of pollutants and contains chlorine and flouride.  Fluoride being the most harmful as in large doses it can actually kill.  The reason behind the addition of fluoride to water was to strengthen tooth enamel, however, does this warrant all the negative side effects.  Apparently, fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, or the spirit gland, blocking out our intuition and truth and makes people more docile, so try and drink pure water as much as possible, from bottled source or through use of a good filter.

Fire = Heat, Sunlight etc…  sunlight sends down electromagnetic waves towards the earth including infra red, ultra violet and lots of other types of rays besides visible light. It causes us to release melanin so that we tan and also converts cholesterol into vitamin D on our skin and has obvious health benefits.  It also helps with depression and people in countries with long winters and long nights suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  It is no coincidence that people live longer, happier, healthier lives in sunnier countries as people produce more vitamin d, food is more plentiful and full of anti-oxidants, people eat less (as their bodies don’t need to burn as much energy to keep warm).

Quintessence = Ether and Spirit… of course Sunlight possibly uses this element to travel across the universe.  Quintessence or Ether is THE fundamental element as all other elements swim in it as fish do in water.  It is the subtlest element and is required for the flight of sunlight, the flow of gravity, and the existence of all matter.  Perhaps it also relates to our need for spirit.  Our bodies require Earth or food in the form of what the earth produces, plants and animals are mineral extraction units converting earth into minerals that humans consume to self repair.  Our bodies require water, which the Earth purifies naturally through the precipitation cycle. Our bodies require Fire or sunlight to produce vitamin d naturally and reduce cholestoral.  Our bodies require Wind or clean air to remain healthy and young.  Our bodies also need to eat and drink from another source, the spiritual source that feeds our mind and our emotions.  We can get this from other people through love and affection, however we also need to draw from the source of this well.  The best way to do this is to connect with the Spirit through asking it to come into your life, to teach you and to also read inspired scripture.  This is real drink and real food for your soul, spirit and mind and is as important as the other four elements.

This is like a five sided table, OK it will stand if you consime 4 of the 5 elements, however it won’t be balanced and may collapse if all five legs are not in place and even.

So daily you need to

  • Earth: Take in moderate amounts of minerals through balanced diet
  • Water: Drink 6 glasses of water per day, but make sure it is pure
  • Wind: Practice your breathing and meditate 15 minutes a day focussing on proper breathing
  • Fire: Get as much sunlight as you can when you can, let it hit your skin (in more northerly or southerly countries make sure you supplement your vitamin D intake and keep your cholesterol in check… consider intallaing a safe UV lamp in your house
  • Spirit: Connect with the spirit daily through conversation, be grateful, listen to music and appreciate it etc.  Also read the words of Christ as they are full of the spirit, remember you need to feed your mind and soul just as much as you need to feed your physical body.  The bible and the spirit are real food and real drink, the bible is the flesh of christ and the spirit is the water of life.

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die…


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