Demon Octopus – Spiritual Eyes

I was sick over Christmas and was heavily tested.  After two weeks of sounding like Barry White, during the course of my illness I got conjunctivitis, which, added with mouth ulcers and other nasty symptoms, I ended up sleeping 16 hours a day for 5 days.  At the height of it my eyes bled.  Looking at this in the mirror in the middle of the night was scary.  I thought I was on the way out.

However, this illness gave me time to think, dream and focus.  One night my vision changed in the dark and I could see creatures coming towards me in the dark.  They looked like little black or dark grey, round headed monsters about the size of a football, with orange, fiery, glowing mouths and tentacles flailing everywhere at incredible speeds. I named them Demon Octopus.  They seemed to be trying to attach to my head.  Perhaps they were even causing the illness.  I get the feeling the hundreds of tentacles are used to attach to our brains and nerve endings to essentially interface with our systems.

Unfortunately, for many days during the illness I could not even feel the Spirit, it was like a total disconnect, which was lonely, however on this night it began to come back.  I drew it in and use the name of Jesus.

[As an aside here I just want to mention I am not a Christian religious nut,  I do not support any organised religion at all.  I simply recognise that Jesus, through his words and actions has proven that he was the house of the Spirit during his short life.  In particular during his 3 years of ministry he was essentially possessed by the Spirit.   I believe this same Spirit, which is the Spirit of Nature or God, visits our humble houses from time to time and this presence can be felt by many.  I use the name of Jesus, which is a form of the name Joshua, which means God Saves.  I’m sure other religions use various names such as YHWH, the intent is what is important.]

Once I felt the spirit I was able to drive these things from my bedroom and house.  Once I did that my illness began to leave me.  For the next 3 nights I’ve been drawing in spirit and no sign of any entities.  The interesting thing is that I can now see the light coming towards me to go with the Spirit sensations.  The colour of the light is strange and I’m not sure if I can even call it light, it has edges to it that have various colours but it flowed into my eyes and face coming from one location… being absorbed into my body.

Using Google Skymap the energy seemed to come from the direction of the Star Vindemiatrix. Which is the right hand of Virgo constellation and it can penetrate walls no problem.  Perhaps the illness was some sort of alteration.  I did not enjoy it but I’m grateful to have levelled up.

Have any of you experienced anything like this?

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If enough people believe Jesus will return, he probably will!

11895942_10207466537079167_4980755875642339613_nIf Jesus and his relationship with Spirit is like the quantum wave particle duality then the Spirit can be represented as a wave, where as jesus is the manifestation of that wave signature as particles.

Particle Wave Duality is a demonstrable phenomenon whereby if you shine a light through a double slit piece of cardboard at a wall, the light will reflect off the wall with an interference pattern as the waves passing through the slits are similar and cause interference with one another.

This is the normal behaviour of waves… if two people whistled loudly at roughly the same pitch you would hear a vibration effect as the two whistles begin to tune together.  This vibration you hear in your ear is when the waves add together to make louder noises and when they subtract and cancel each other out.

The reflection on the back wall in the double slit experiment acts in exactly the same manner unless, and this is where noodles are baked, you observe the light as a particle.  If you do this, the light becomes a discrete particle and hits the wall as a discrete photon.

This is part of Quantum physics, i.e. that the observer has an effect on a wave.  We’ve written about this before and have stated that it may be the universe is a simulation based on this as it saves processing power keeping things in wave form until observed, and then bringing into actual reality, much like a video game does not render sprites unless within visible range of the game player and in their visual view. The why of this is theorised here

So, how does this relate to Jesus and the Spirit.

Well the universe is built on these micro level rules.  So if God exists, the of course this rule is universal and should scale up to the macro level also.  There have been books written about this such as The Secret.  I was in Newgrange lately also and on the stones surrounding the tomb, there were rocks with wavy lines and rocks with spirals, I can’t help but think they were trying to get across this very important idea through time… in fact the light that enters on the 21st of december is such a wave and perhaps in the tomb they had some way of manifesting something from this wave, some energy that they could use somehow.  I’ll write on this an put up a gallery on that soon.

In terms of the Secret, I tend to live a little bit like this these days, I am thankful more often than not and expect good things to happen and they do more often than not.  When bad things happen, I laugh them off and call it balance.

It seems to be easier to manifest things that do not affect others, but on the grand scale, on the biggest level, do our expectations bring through realities?  Look at how we accept the bullshit money sytstem, political systems, law enforcement etc.  Some of the things in place in our cultures are absolute madness, but seem sane because that is the perception and are impossible to reverse it seems, until there is mass revolt against something, a mass change in consciousness or observation.

It seems to me that Jesus and the Spirit are one and the same.  The spirit is the quantum, fuzzy wave form version of Jesus, and Jesus is the discrete observable form, made from pure matter.  So if enough (majority) of us decide to observe the Spirit as Jesus, perhaps then he will manifest as expected, because that is simply how this place works!!!

In the Book of Enoch, it speaks about how the cries of man went to heaven because of the desolation here… I hope it doesn’t take something like this for us to manifest our protectors into this reality again.

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Why does music give us chills or goosebumps, cause us to cry…

Why does music give us chills or goosebumps or make us ctry

There are various theories on why music gives us chills, some say that it is purely chemical and part of our internal reward system, whereby our brain releases dopamine and you get the tingly chills down your spine.

Mental floss website describes it well here:

“When your playlist strikes all the right chords, your body can go on a physiological joyride. Your heart rate increases. Your pupils dilate. Your body temperature rises. Blood redirects to your legs. Your cerebellum—mission control for body movement—becomes more active. Your brain flushes with dopamine and a tingly chill whisks down your back.”

Read the full article here

In the article, it describes how we anticipate the climax of the song and actually release the dopamine just a few moments before that point in the song so that the bang hits us at exactly the right moment.  Sometimes it overwhelms the recipient causing involuntary tears.

Now, obviously, this is the physiological response explained as best we can, but this phenomenon is not limited to music.  People often feel it when speaking about subjects of a spiritual or philosophical nature.  But is it all simply physiological?

Perhaps there is more at play here, perhaps it is quantum in nature.  Some think the pineal gland is involved in this process.  The fact that it is precognitive makes it very interesting.

My own thoughts on it are that your brain releases dopamine into your body in response to some sort of spiritual exchange, even an acknowledgement of truth.  I find that it activates in me when a truth is spoken… Sometimes even before the words are spoken. I’ve called it the electric wind in a previous blog entry.

For me it seems that it is some sort of resonance, and resonance is a big part of the laws of our physical universe.  So, if the emotions in a song are very true, they will send out these reverberations and they can activate a response in you via resonance, whether they be via sound waves where the brain acts as a transducer into this energy signature.

Music is powerful.  Similarly the spoken word can also do it and in many cases great leaders have had this effect on crowds.  But it can also occur most powerfully in a gentle environment on your own. Often I’ve been affected so powerfully tears flow and my face locks up with the level of power felt.

So, if this is part of our physiology, it stands to reason that it could be activated by external forces with knowledge of it.  For example, the Spirit Jesus spoke of, the Spirit that lived within him or resonated with him during his life… Demons and other entities such as the sleep paralysis demon… Potentially extra terrestrials with advanced technology could also activate this within us to overwhelm victims.

If you’ve felt the chills from music, or for any other reason, please leave your testimony in the comments section.  We want to hear your truth.


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Human Beings are God’s Mars Rovers?

If you had to answer the question “why are we here?”  how would you answer it?

I personally think that we are here to live.  That is obvious right?  So if what is living except the gathering of experience.  Experience occurs through our senses of sight, touch, sound, taste, smell and intuition… based on these we react internally through complex thoughts and emotions.  This is all autonomous and the data is recorded in our brains… but is that it?

Mars RoverNow look at the Mars Rover. What is it’s purpose?  It also experiences through it’s devices and sensors capturing data.  It is autonomous to a degree but it is mainly relaying information back to scientists back on Earth.

Robots, such as the Rover mimic our senses but they are far inferior.  They have no ability to self-repair and so are very fragile.  Even though robots and machines can do specific tasks better than us sometimes, they are much inferior to genetic beings such as us, who use the minerals, air, water and heat of the planet we live on to create and repair our skeletons, muscles, blood, nerves etc. and to provide us with energy to move.

In many ways, we too are robots, just highly advanced, self repairing robots, with incredible subconscious mind that regulates our body, calculates physics in terms of speed, distance, co-ordination and so on.  I won’t delve into it too deeply here but we are absolutely incredible machines, as are all life forms from plants to other complex animals.

So, here’s the thing… what if that’s what we are?  Machines sent here to experience and explore, just like the Mars rover.  Just as we have sent out machines to explore the universe, what if God has done the same thing?  In our case evolving species that self repair and mutate to adapt to planetary conditions through evolution… absolute genius, but our evolution may always tend to create species with minds like ours over time.

If this is the case, then we should be reporting back to God with information right?  Just as rover does through radio waves…  Well, perhaps we do exactly that!!! At night, when we go asleep our pineal gland activates creating DMT which allows us to dream.  Most of the time we don’t know what we dream, but perhaps in this state we upload data back through the cosmos using the pineal gland as a transceiver.  Often people who take drugs that activate the pineal gland or put DMT into our systems experience communication with beings from other dimensions, conversations are had etc.  Perhaps we do this in deep sleep as part of our programming, but we do not remember it as our job is to simply experience without a specific mission.

If we knew we were here on a mission to experience it would possibly skew the information!

Given enough people are born  (be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it), over time, every conceivable experience will happen, every inch of the planet explored and if we all dream and send back data through some sort of electromagnetic or quantum channel, and so God or creator can experience everything through us.

Perhaps in this way, if there is a harvest they use our dream reports to judge us and decide which ones of us get to become immortal and assist the next set of Rovers :-)

Food for thought!




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UFOs over Comeragh Mountains, Waterford, Ireland

coumshingaunWe have had a heatwave here in Ireland over the past week and I took every opportunity to make the best of the fine weather.  Last night I visited my favourite place in the world.  Coumshingaun lough, a jewel nestled in the Comeragh mountains in Waterford, Ireland.  If you are ever in Ireland it is worth a trek to see it.

I took a dip in the lake and when I was back down at the carpark I was talking with my friend and we noticed Mars in the sky.  Then we were chatting away and I glanced back up at the sky and there were a number of bright stars around it.  One particularly bright, then other were moving in different directions.  I got out my phone to try get some footage and then a streak of light shot downwards.

After a few minutes another 2 moving objects appeared, they looked like satellites and perhaps they were, but as one travelled towards the lough, it shone at us from this great distance.  Like a torch when it hits you with the sweetest bright spot. In order for it to shine the way it would have to have either shone intensely bright or focus some sort of light beam in our direction.  This suggested that it was more than just a satellite.  The sun had also gone down behind the mountain and it was twilight so I doubt it was a reflection from the sun, especially given what had happened earlier.  It was not a jet or a chopper either, as we would have heard those given it was so quiet up there, and it was not sky lanterns as they would all travel in one direction.

There was no cloud either so it wasn’t stars getting dimmer and brighter based on high altitude cloud cover passing over the objects.

I feel honoured to have witnessed them and am writing this blog for posterity as I am sure that I will forget what happened in a few years so it is nice to be able to mark down this experience.

There is something very special about this lake as I have took a shot of a UFO here many moons ago.




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And the word was made flesh – Jesus’ DNA encoded into Old Testament?

I came up with a theory during a lunchtime conversation the other day that struck me as being very interesting.

A few things came into my mind to create the perfect storm that allowed me to even contemplate this but it’s very simple really.

1) DNA is like a language: There has been a huge amount of study done with regards to DNA encoding and some russian scientists have come to the conclusion that our DNA is a language.  They say 90% of our DNA is Junk DNA but that this is not actually junk but very complex rules like grammar that make it seem like a language of sorts and possibly relates to the fact that we can speak.

From a study:

According to there findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code – especially in the apparent “useless” 90% – follows the same rules as all our human languages.

2) Bible Codes: We know that the Torah, or Pentateuch, the first 5 books in the bible, written in hebrew, have TORAH and YHWH enoded into it at intervals.  To me this seems like a checksum or a way of ensuring that the original text has been preserved through time.  Hebrew is a very complex language where the letters have a numeric meaning also.


Beginning with the first ? (T) in Genesis and counting every 50 letters you find the word Torah spelled out. The same is true in Exodus. However in the book of Numbers the word Torah is written backwards, the same is true for deuteronomy except in this case the sequence begins in verse 5 and at an interval of 49 letters instead of 50. The Torah sequence is not found in Leviticus but instead the Hebrew word (YHWH/Yahweh) is found at intervals of seven. It has been proposed that this code shows the Torah pointing to Yahweh;


3. The Word Was Made Flesh: In the Gospel of John, we are told that the Word, i.e. the word of God, was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.  i.e. Jesus or Immanual, God is with us.

John 1: 1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… 14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…

We know that DNA is encoded in groups of 4 letters ACGT, we have the TORH, and YHWH is sequences in the first 5 books of the bible.

What if Jesus is actually the Word of God made flesh.  I.e. his junk DNA has the bible encoded into it.  Perhaps the entire thing, perhaps the TORaH?

It’s an interesting concept at the very least and would allow some more science based individuals come to terms with the phrase “The Word was made flesh”.

You have to realise the level of genius that God and the Angels work at, this sort of thing would be relatively straight forward for them to achieve, and the beautiful thing is that we can comprehend these things eventually, once we know the basics of how the world operates.  At the end the veil will be lifted on everything, no stone left unturned.  This for me is a beautiful concept and something a loving God and people would do for us.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get his DNA from the Shroud of Turin and test it to see if we can interpret God’s original word directly from his DNA, which may have been preserved?

What are your thoughts?

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The Secrets of Great Pyramid to be Revealed – All Eyes point to the Eye of Horus

In a fox interview, Zahi Hawass, dubbed Egypt’s Indiana Jones, has stated

“I really believe that Cheops chamber is not discovered yet and all the three chambers were just to deceive the thieves, and the treasures of Khufu [are] still hidden inside the Great Pyramid, and these three doors could be the key to open this burial chamber,”

I do believe Zahi is on to something here and I posted about this in May 2012.  However, I believe Zahi is wrong about Cheops.

The Great Pyramid Chambers with their shafts, have been the topic of debate for a long time as to their purpose, a fortress for storage, a factory for mixing chemicals with air vents, burial chambers with escape routes for the souls of the Pharaohs.

Personally, I believe that the Great Pyramid is older than Cheops.  I believe it dates back to the rule of the Nephilim.  Azazel, the fallen angel who descended with the 200 who swore together on Mount Hebron to keep their secrets from Elohim, came down and interfered with humans, teaching us hidden knowledge and creating offspring with our species.

In anger Elohim sent Michael and co. to bind Azazel and cut off his limbs as it is put in Genesis.  But essentially this was a metaphor to describe Azazel and co. losing their technology, their wings, their ability to leave the planet.

So, Azazel, or one of his children, Osiris->Horus, set himself up as a god on earth, built the pyramid, being a stronger, more gifted individual than the average human, using human man power for certain parts to of the construction.


Simple, he knew what was coming.  The great flood, the hunting down of the nephilim.  So he created the pyramid as a fortress for his fortune and his body knowing that one day it would be found so that it could be resurrected.


Well, knowing how man was going to be sent back to the dark ages, he created the pyramid so that an early culture would not be able to access the treasure at the centre so, he created the pyramid knowing one day it would be entered.  The two chambers were made relatively easy to discover and the sacophagus was left open so that people would believe he had been resurrected, but the shafts where there, left as a clue to future generations with technology.

A culture like ours with the ability to remotely control robots must also have developed other technologies such as advanced materials science, cloning, computers etc.  This technology is waiting to be discovered by all intelligent species given time and that’s what he needed.

So now is the time, we are going to be amazed at what is in there.  It will stun the world and it will be the dawning of a new era.  You see, the secrets of what are at the top of this pyramid are known to some.  If you look at the dollar bill there are masonic clues to it there.  The illuminati symbolism all points to the top of the pyramid.

Christian religion also speaks about Apollyon rising from the pit, perhaps this pit is death, perhaps Apollyon, the horned man is also Azazel or his heir.  It is no coincidence that both names begin with an A. What is an A if not a pyramid with a section at the top (ben ben/eye of horus)!

When the pyramid is opened I expect there to be a mumified remains in there, of a type that the world is not ready for.  I would place a bet that the mumification methods used were as advanced as it gets and that all other pyramids and mummies copied this original to the best of their ability but failed to acheive the results we will witness. You see this knowledge was lost as our species lost our superhuman abilities and long age (Genesis 6).

What if the beast from the pit is in there, it means the false prophet (antichrist) could be alive and will pave the way for him soon.

This is what luciferians, masons, illuminati, christians, and other religions have been waiting for.  To some it will be the return of the king, christ, or messiah to others it will be the rising of the beast from the pit, who will rule with an iron fist over all mankind.

Just remember folks, Jesus will return from the heavens the way he left, with his host of angels… not the 200 that descended and messed with our kind, but the others who protect us and follow the will of the Universe, of Nature, of God Himself.  That which created hydrogen, energy/ether, that medium that light rides, and the simple law of conservation of energy that binds them all so that gravity on a micro scale creates more complex atoms and on a macro scale creates gravitational pull.  The interaction of the atoms in the ether soup that binds molecules leading to complex chemicals and eventually leading to LIFE.  The building blocks of this system are as astounding in simplicity as that of the complexity and beauty of the things it has produced.

Let the end games begin!

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Say a Prayer to St. Anthony to Find Something Lost

I don’t know how it works but it does.  Perhaps saying the prayer gives you the impetus to search in places you wouldn’t normally search.

I’ve been looking for my wallet for days, searching through coats, pants, the usual places, car, mantlepiece you name it.  Today out of desperation I said a quick prayer to St. Anthony.  Not something repetetive, just a simple “Please St. Anthony help me find my wallet.”

So within minutes I got the urge to search through the my wardrobe, hoping I would find it in a pair of jeans that had gone through the wash.  I picked up a pair of pants and there it was in the pocket.

So do you believe in the power of prayer to St. Anthony for this sort of thing and how does it work?  Is it a saint working from a supernatural dimension?  An immortal being helping us through technology, his function to help people find lost things? Is it our subconcious mind activating because of being in a submissive state? Is it some sort of divination process?  Who knows.  All I know is I’m happy to have my wallet back so Kudos to St. Anthony!

Have you lost something and found it again in this way? What have you experienced and what do you put it down to?

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