Mayan God of Judgement, Bolon Yokte is also the Christian God, Jesus Christ?

Matthew 24:30;

They will see the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory

David Stuart’s translation of the Mayan Tortuguero Monument 6, recording the 2012 Bak’tun ending

“The Thirteenth ‘Bak’tun” will be finished… (It will be) the descent(??) of the Nine Support? God(s) (Bolon Yokte) to the ?.”

Lets look at some of the similarities between Jesus Christ and Bolon Yokte

Both Jesus and Bolon Yokte were gods around at the time of creation, in John 8:58 Jesus said, ‘before Abraham ever Was “I am”‘

John Major Jenkins (author of Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012) says, “apart from symbolizing war, conflict, and the underworld, Bolon Yokte is a god that is often present during Creation events, often referring to the Creation event of in 3114 BC…”

He has appeared on the vase of the seven gods, one of the gods present during creation of our present world!!!

(Read some of John Major Jenkins research on Bolon Yokte here)

Jesus is also often referred to as a Judge and the commander of the army of angels and it is of course the main motive for coming back, to separate the wheat from the chaff, since Bolon Yokte symbolises war, this is another striking similarity.

Bolon Yokte is usually deciphered to mean Bolon (nine) y- (plural) ok (foot) -te (tree) or Nine Footed God or God of Nine Steps, according to Edmonson.

The fact that Bolon means nine is very interesting as according to the Biblical meaning of numbers nine is the number of Judgement

From… the Biblical Meaning of Number deals with judgment or the finality of things. Basically, it’s used when judging man and all of his works.

Isn’t that remarkable that Bolon Yokte is descending from the heavens just like Jesus who will come to judge man!!!

Finally, the reference to tree is also interesting as Jesus is also referred to as the branch.

It is also interesting that Bolon Yokte is often linked with the Aztec god Quetzal Coatl the feathered serpent (known as Kukulcan to the Mayans) who is also said to return in 2012.

In Graham Hancock’s book ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ he goes into detail about how Quetzal Coatl was a white bearded man, nothing like the indigenous Mesoamericans he taught… perhaps like Jesus who is depicted as a white bearded man unlike the Arab people he was born into, incidentally, some Morman scholars believe that Jesus was Kukulkan.

So in summary,  Bolon Yokte and Jesus Christ could be one and the same based on the following facts

  • They are both going to descend from the clouds at the end of time (to usher in a new era of peace)
  • They are both judgement gods, symbolised by the number 9 (9 in hebrew represent judgement, bolon means nine)
  • They are both referred to as tree/branch
  • They were both around during the creation of this world (we created man in our image)
  • Both were unusually white bearded which made them stand out from the crowd

I’m keeping an open mind on this one!!!

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83 thoughts on “Mayan God of Judgement, Bolon Yokte is also the Christian God, Jesus Christ?”

  1. can u guys or girls send me more of this stuff its so interesting and i want to keep a open mind

  2. just check out the blog section David… all entries should be chronologically listed there.

  3. These are a certain frequency range occurance of the One energy (Zero Point Energy/consciousness) that is decending upon man. Bolon Yokte is Scalar Wave Potentiality. Reality is being compressed into our (scalar) waves of potentiality (focus, think the portal inside of the DNA, the 2 strands are the potential high & low frequency & the middle is your experience) by way of the Fibonacci cycle of compression/expansion.

    The Christ (a perfectly chrystalized torsion field of perfect geometry/aura which allows for the free flow at speeds faster than light of Zero Point Energy) is coming as all of us… our consciousness is chrystalizing to enable it to hold the higher resonances of consciousness required to become out light bodies. This has happened before and will happen again, but it has been extremely long since it has happened like this! Just wait… as the days pass the compression will exponentially increase until we are compressed into the eye of the needle, the eye of God, the Black hole of conssciousness which flips polarities… the point of energetic orgasm of consciousness experience.

  4. Oh… technology is just weak spirituality… the true technology lies in the mastery of the spirit… the energy that is consciousness itself and from which all other frequencies are birthed.

  5. Bolon also means Solar, intension, pulse realize as far as the energies of the 9th cycle. The moon is also the 9th seal which stands for purification.

    The reptilians are the purefiers b/c they are the 4D creation of all of our thoughts in seperation or fear and they had been making sure you were in Fear in their War on “Terror” (false flag terror by MK-Ultra victims), but they are possesing anyone in power to which negative thoughts are directed to or anyone they are directed to and they posses anyone who allows such thoughts to be radiated from them.

    They are the winged serpents. They are not to be demonized but to shine the light on their actions showing the absurdity of consumption vortex consciousness… they are the magnefying tool to help us change our ways.

    Their egoic blatant actions which are really in fear and in seperation from life will be seen for the rediculous actions they are. :o)

    Then we will all take off our costumes and return to our higher source energy state.

    The reptilians incarnate in aryians because they have embodied stronger light abilities of dimensional travel through DMT from the pineal & can be used to access info from higher dimensions, but cannot give them full access to embody the higher dimensions… from what I have come to know.

  6. I have pondered the same thing because of the number 144,000 the number that identifies the loyal followers of Christ mentioned in the Bible, Revelation. I don’t think Bolon Yokte was Jesus but I do think he is an Elohim just as Jesus is. There are no pyramids in early Christianity and the culture is different. If there are books that say they are the same gods, I would like to know the reasoning behind it.

  7. Beware of Bolon Yokte! Jesus said that many will come in His name and not to go out to meet them. (Matthew 24:5 and Mark 13:6) The Bible also says that, because of the world’s wickedness, it will be sent a convincing great deception. (2 Thessalonians 2:11) Jesus is not “a god” but the only Son of God, the Maker of heaven and earth. He is the Lamb of God whose shed blood brings us forgiveness if we accept Him. When God judges the world, it will be terrible. Seek Jesus’ forgiveness now while there is still time! Jesus said, “unless you repent, you too will perish.” (Luke 13:3)

  8. I think there will be nuclear war next year in the middle-east, who knows how far reaching it will be.

  9. I agree with A. Christian’s perspective and position. You all should read Revelations, things are going to get pretty bad. Global nuclear war is just the beginning! And no…nobody gets to escape it through some neo-theology they call a “rapture”. All of those who put their trust in Jesus Christ, all of those who sing to Him and praise Him will have to endure the fullness of the great tribulation. And then we will be taken before the last great and terrible war against Satan. Unfortunately the unsaved and rebellious will have to go through that war too.

  10. It’s amazing how this was predicted so long ago… maybe it happens so much in the cosmos it’s just a stage of development.

  11. Jesus was the embodiment of the Spirit, but he did not have the knowledge of the Father… so he was a limited being until he died…

  12. yea, and I’m Adam…as in the first man….get for real. read the Bible and be aware, NO ONE knows when Christ’s return will be. dumbass.

  13. Your absolutely correct.

    Here is some other information if you wish to blog it, so be it.

    Here is a comment left on yahoo about the new Mayan interpretation.

    A more important bit of information related to this story is Codex Dresdan.

    In Codex Dresdan on page 74 are three beings. The being on the top (Caymen GOD, goat or reptilian in other cultures) has been identified as the Solwayfirth spaceman from a Cambria, England photo from 1964, this being is flooding the world. The being on the bottom (Bird GOD, apollo, the Great Spirit, Garuda, Ra in other cultures) is destroying the world with spears and arrows, he is seen in most UFO contacts and is currently called a large nose grey, but that is incorrect because he wears a black space suit with green cape and archers hat with a feather in it. Both beings appear on the cover of Kearsey Graves book from 1873 titled “The Biography of Satan”. The being in the middle is the Serpent GOD, which by coincidence the top figure is referred to as that also sometimes in other cultures.

    Unfortunately they also form the Triune, which the Rosicrucians wood cut of the floating or invisible school/college depicts these three beings as well.

    The being on top of the Codex or Caymen was the being that was shot at by the U.S. Army during what was called the Battle of Los Angeles when more then 3,000 artillery rounds were shot at a big white UFO, the craft can morph into any shape. The being in the middle flies on a yellow craft and the being on the bottom flies on a red craft or disc.

    If you wish to speak to them you must go outside at sunrise or set and project your love into the sky, just like the ancient people did, if your true they’ll show themselves, if they love you they’ll come down, just like ancient history. If your a bad person your on the wrong planet.

    This is the information the INQUISITION tried to destroy and then re-write.

    In the necropolis of the Vatican their is the image of the Sun God Apollo as Jesus Christ and in a non-public mosaic Jesus Christ is depicted as a red disc.

    Everyone has been dupped by our trusted leaders.

    Don’t believe, research it yourself, when you find the truth you will become a believer.

  14. It’s clear that A. Christian and Daniel have been reading the Word, but what about the rest of you? No offense intended, but seriously, we have the entire bible, both old AND new testaments, for a reason. If you were to actually read through it, you’d realize that the supposed similarities between Jesus Christ and Bolon Yokte that are listed above are overreaching at best, and purely the result of bible hopscotch. Everyone knows that if you want accurate results, you must first gather ALL the necessary facts. Before we begin, let me first state that I do not have all the answers, only the Father does, and in no way, shape, or form am I perfect – “For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) FACT #1: The first commandment tells us that we should have no other gods before our One and Only true God, Heavenly Father and Almighty Creator. (See also: the second and remaining commandments, Exodus CH. 20) Anything contrary to the above is blasphemy. FACT #2 “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void…” (Genesis CH. 1) At no point during the bible’s discussion of creation does it mention the idea of anyone else being present until they are created. Even Jesus did not arrive until many years later, around the beginning of A.D. FACT #3: At no point in the bible is Jesus Christ or his works symbolized as the number 9. Yes the Father is a righteous judge, and therefore so is Jesus, but in no way shape or form does that put Him in the same category as Balan, let alone Quetzal Coatl the feathered serpent. I mean really, when was Jesus ever referred to as a feathered serpent?!?!? Clearly it’s the devil that’s the serpent!!!! FACT #4: Faith in the Father means you believe His Word to be the Truth, with all your heart, mind, and soul. NOTE: the Truth is the Word, and the Word is with God, and the Word is God. This in turn, means that there is no room for exceptions, no room for other “possible truths,” because there is only One. (And, with a little research on the matter, you’d learn that the Mayans, along with the Aztecs, have had a history of worshiping false deities.) FACT #5: Jesus was [and is] the Word made flesh. In John 10:30, Jesus says, “I and the Father are one.” Not two, but one; not I and Ishtar, not I and Zeus, not I and Horus, not I and Bolon, for these are all false deities, workings of “that old serpent the devil and satan,” created in an attempt to confuse and mislead us, to stray us from the truth, which is the only thing that can set us free. Therefore, if you say Bolon and Jesus are the same, then you’re saying that Bolon and God are the same, which again is blasphemy not only in relation to the first commandment, but to the following verse: “Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it” (Deuteronomy 12:32, see also: Proverbs 30:5-6). Nowhere in the bible will you find the name Bolon, especially as a title for the Almighty Creator. Yes, it’s true that through the years man has translated and transliterated information and names into many different languages, so if you’re looking for a more specific name for the Father, instead of God or Lord, which can be vague, try taking a peak at the very beginning or end of your bible. (Take heed in the selecting your bible, as the newer versions tend to be more corrupt. The main message is always there, it’s just certain wording or phrasing that’s being altered to not only bring about confusion or a lack of clarity, but to try and tie the Word into a New Age movement, or religion, within the New World Order that is being manifested by the powers and principalities in high places (Ephesians 6:12). The views that Christy Rapture is presenting seem to fall into this category.) Most bibles have some sort of preface or “about this bible” section that gives a description of the steps that were taken to produce that particular bible. It is in this section that you should find a paragraph on the Tetragrammaton, or divine name of the Father, with the letters YHWH. Since we know the old testament was written in Hebrew, we can do a little research on the Hebrew language and find an English pronunciation for YHWH. Not everyone agrees on the same pronunciation, but then again not everyone uses the same thorough methods of research. The Hebrew pronunciation I’ve found to be most accurate, even true, is Yahuah (pronounced, YA-HOO-UH). Sometimes people add a “W,” spelling it Yahuwah. Personally, I’ve found it very comforting to put the Hebrew word for “father” in front his Hebrew name. Abba Yahuah. Names are important because you must be clear in who you are worshiping and praying to, especially since satan has conjured up all these false deities and methods of worship. Remember, satan is the ultimate deceiver, and constantly disguises situations or information as the truth, tweaking and twisting the smallest aspects with the intention of it going unnoticed, so that ultimately we are fooled. And, considering how easy it is for this world to follow traditions and things we’re used to instead of stopping and thinking for ourselves, deceiving us with minor details would not be too difficult a task. Speaking of traditions, did you know that the bible tells us not to take part in christmas, that it’s the way of the heathen? (see: Jeremiah 10:3-5) That’s right, December 25th is not the birth of our Christ Jesus, but instead the [Roman] Pagan celebration of the birth of the “sun god” Mithras, and the whole idea of christmas was established by the Roman Catholic Church to cover up the [Roman] Pagan celebration of Saturnalia, from December 17-23, celebrated in honor of Saturn the “god of agriculture and sowing.” (here’s a couple sites for reference on the matter: and In fact, nearly every traditional “holiday” we have, Thanksgiving being the only definite exception, has roots in Paganism, even birthdays. You should look it up for yourselves, and then make the choice of who you’d rather follow – humans, who are prone to sin, or the Almighty Creator, who reins over all, including Heaven and Hell, is perfect and holy and just in every way, and has unending love, mercy, and compassion. It is by His Grace alone, through Faith, that our souls are saved, that we may enter eternal peace and happiness in His Kingdom of Heaven. For a good Christian source of information, google David C. Pack. May Yahuah the Almighty Creator be with all who read this. Amen.

  15. Jesus said “you have seen me, you have seen the Father”. He also said “the Father and Son are one”. The Church says “the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are equal and co-eternal”. The Nicene Creed says in part; “And one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Only-begotten, Begotten of the Father before all worlds. Light of Light, Very God of Very God. Begotten, not made; of one essence with the Father, by whom all things were made”.
    As an Orthodox Christian I confess Jesus Christ as my God. If you read the Gospel of John, specifically Jesus “Priestly Prayer”, that theology is clarified.

  16. Admin – I heartily disagree with your comment (And so does the Church) – “Jesus was the embodiment of the Spirit, but he did not have the knowledge of the Father… so he was a limited being until he died…” That is a heretical statement.

  17. Keep in mind there were two trees spoken of in Genesis. The tree of life (Jesus), and the tree of Knowledge of good and Evil (Lucifer). There were two entities present at the creation Jesus and Lucifer. One was given convene of the earth (Lucifer). The other was given convene of Heaven (Jesus). One had a serpent that worked for him (Lucifer). Which he used to beguile Eve. I think it is funny that Bolon Yokte (Lucifer) and Quetzal Coatl (the Serpent) are coming back together at the same time. Master and servant return? Think about this logically ANTI Christ means (Instead of Christ) this time Lucifer is coming to impersonate Christ. If you are a Christian then you know Christ has already been here so if you have someone come to the earth claiming to be Christ, please remember he has already walked the earth and died for our sins. You will not be alive in this earthly body if he is here to judge us. It says he will come as a thief in the night, and when he touches his foot to Mt. Olive all will cease, It does not say he will come in all the glory descending from the heavens to show man how powerful and wonderful he is, Lucifer will come with the glory he thinks he is entitled to descending from the heavens with all his fallen angels and his soulless creations, his workers and spy’s those we know as UFO’s, or Aliens.

  18. Perhaps it is in your version of Christianity Daniel… not mine.

    I believe the statement as spoken in the Bible:

    Matthew 24:36 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

    I am sure you will try and resolve this and I used to when I was a Catholic, but if I’m honest, it can’t be resolved. Jesus is not the Father, he is the Son.

  19. I have never in my life seen such perversions as on this page. Think, people, how can the god of war and the underworld also be the God of peace and love? How could good and evil be the same thing? Insanity. Perhaps the god of the underworld is the antichrist spoken of in Revelation….the pure evil that will “deceive the whole world.” (Seems like the guy that wrote this garbage may be his little helper!)

  20. To any Christian on this page, you should leave and never come back. Playing around with darkness cannot be good for your soul.

  21. Julie, Jesus was always speaking about casting people into the pit and lake of fire… it’s not all hugs and kisses.
    P.s. I’ve let your comments through, Satan wouldn’t do that LOL

  22. This article is bologna. If you had some biblical knowledge you would know how ridiculous you sound.

  23. Enlighten us with your superior knowledge of the bible and I’ll gladly engage in a debate with you, if you can leave the insults out?

  24. Interesting twist Admin, but incorrect nonetheless. I’m curious to learn what bible you’re quoting from.

    In my King James Version, Mathew 24:36 reads, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” And that’s it. There’s no mention of the Son at all. Why not? Because if that quote is as you say, then you would be making Jesus, as well as God, a liar, according to other bible passages.

    Now, I’m not saying that you made it up. The bible you’re reading from could very well mention the Son in this particular verse, but as I mentioned before, we must take heed when selecting bibles to avoid being misled by the newer more corrupt versions. After all, we are getting closer and closer to judgment, therefore the great deception must be manifested to the fullest. “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled” (Mathew 5:18)

    Tell me Admin, how do you explain this quote from John 10:30, where Jesus says, “I and the Father are one.” ? Short and sweet. I don’t see how it could have been written any clearer. Allelujah, praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah for not keeping us in the dark.

    Which reminds me, I mentioned the Tetragrammaton, or divine name of the Father in my last post, and I would just like to add, that the name “Jesus” is also a transliteration of the original name. There is even more controversy over this than there is over the Father’s name, which is why I chose to leave it out of my last post, but indeed, I changed my mind. Through research, I’ve found “Yahusha” to be the accurate choice, but I insist, LOOK THIS UP FOR YOURSELVES! Remember, Jesus said, “I am come in my Father’s name, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive” (John 5:43). This means that if the name of the Son is not exactly identical to the name of the Father, then they must at least be extremely close to identical, otherwise, again, you’d be calling Jesus, as well as God, a liar.

    Also, related to the post by Charles, I wanted to present this little piece of research:

    Television, movies, and the media have molded and conditioned generation after generation to think of a particular image of Jesus when they hear, see, or say the name Jesus. This image is Caucasian, with [long] brown hair, blue eyes, and a brown beard, which is now sometimes portrayed as being split at the bottom. Many Christians think that this image portrays the Son of God, or Word made flesh.

    Truth is,

    Around the year 1500, the Catholic Church was waging war on Islam and a man named Cesare Borgia was the Captain General of the Papacy Military. At the time, the Muslims had successfully made their way to Germany and taken control of Turkey. This threatened the stronghold of the Catholic Church over the empire. During the same period, the image of Jesus was that of a Muslim, and the church was having a hard time selling its ideologies in the region. Consequently, Pope Alexander VI came up with a plan to have every painting of the original Messiah destroyed. Next, he commissioned Leonardo Di Vinci to reinvent Jesus in the image of his own beloved son, Cesare Borgia. Again, I encourage you all to look this up for yourselves.

    The following bible quotes prove relevant:

    (Revelation 13:8) Regarding the beast from the sea, which receives its power from the dragon: “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

    (Mark 13:22 ) “For false christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.”

    (Revelation 12:9) “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

    Let us now recall the second commandment:

    “Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth:

    Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I YHWH, thy God [of Israel], am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,

    And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.”

    Do I have to say it? Get rid of anything that resembles what you think is an angel, or a goblin/gargoyle, and of course any image of Jesus, even on the crucifix, and REPENT! I could go on but I think I have for long enough. God’s Word, the Word of the Almighty Creator and Heavenly Father Yahuah, is clear to those who have ears to hear. If you fully accept him as such, in the name of Jesus, by the blood of Jesus, you will have ears to ear.

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

    And Adam, you obviously are acquainted with (at least part) of God’s Word. Are you familiar with Galatians 5:22? “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.”

    Or even with Luke 6:27 and Mathew 5:44? “But I say to you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,” “But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you;” (see also: Exodus 23:4).

    I don’t know you but I have love for you and I only want to help you find the Truth, which in turn brings eternal peace and happiness. So, this business of name-calling, we can do away with, don’t you think? Remember, it is through the works of the spirit that we become fruitful, and with Undying Faith, Hope, Love, & Repentance, our sins are forgiven, and blotted out by the Blood of Christ, by the Power and Grace of the Heavenly Father. Amen. May the Almighty Creator Yahuah be with all who read this.

    Oh, and Daniel, go get ’em tiger!

  25. Clap – clap…that is the sound of me knocking the dust off of my sandals “admin”.

  26. Thanks for that detailed post pursuing truth. Maybe the original Hebrew should be investigated with regards to the son not knowing the end date. I suspect the writers of the kjv consciously omitted it because it diminished Jesus. Jesus is one with god but god can be one with many through the spirit. Fact is Jesus is not the father as the father forsook him on the cross. He has a synchronised will with god however and is a creation of gods and so is god also, more so than the rest of us, which are part of god too.

  27. Pursuing truth. God said in genesis “we did this” and Jesus said “before Abraham ever was, I am” which gives the impression he was around for as long time. Otherwise who is we? Also a white bearded man taught the Mayans cool stuff to help them become civilised. Sounds quite Jesus like, however his fashion sense has changed over time!

  28. Everything is Dreamtime/Maya NOT Real. You wake up upon
    death, every symbol, shape and colour is used to Subliminal

  29. Everything is Dreamtime/Maya NOT Real. You wake up upon
    death, every symbol, shape and colour is used as a Subliminal
    Suggestion to further enforce your false reality therefore keeping
    you subject to the Trance State which is, your emprisonment, If you
    continue to believe the Lie, you will experience more of it, Disconnection
    is the only way, to disconnect from it emotionally renders the control over
    you which is being fed you by egregore, and you are still buying it.

  30. …a lot of you could benefit from realizing that good and evil are inside. If you did, the war would take place there, and not in other people’s laps.

    Using words like ‘blasphemy’ is blasphemy. Ignore and project much?

    Own yourselves, for ‘pete’s’ sake. “oh my…” :)

  31. Well said another Daniel…

    Using the Bible from Matthew 7:

    “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

    Live and let live brothers and sisters, turn the other cheek.

  32. And into this curious history comes Our Lady of Guadeloupe with a clear message that she has control of the situation. She backs this up not only with miracles but numerous scientific phenomena; some of which are only discovered today. This is worth researching.

  33. Hi everybody!
    On regards of this topic I’d like to say something: Bolon Yokte indeed is an old mayan god but I’m afraid this god has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.
    According to the Chilam Balam (Mayan Sacred Books) Bolon Yokte defied the god L (the great god) and he asked for help to the other gods to defeat him and eventually loose that war. This resembles more the great heaven war on which the devil was defeated by god’s army. So based on those books, I don’t support the idea Bolon Yokte is Jesus.
    Now Yolon Bokte has some more similarity to Huitzilopochtli (the aztec god of war) and Mictlantecuhtli (the aztec god of the dead) beacuse of his actions and according to the Chilam Balam, he is the one who comes to judge the human race (dead and alive) just before an era of peace.
    Some additional fact is the similarity between the Mayan calendar and the Aztec calendar, in the mayan calandar the long count stops at 4 Ajaw 3 Kank’in or 21/12/2012 and in the Aztec Calndar stops at the end of the cane year (also 21/12/2012). The Cane Year is related to violent changes and pestilence,shortage,sickness and losses, e.g. The Spaniards conquiered Tenochtitlan on a Cane year (1521) and they spreaded sickness and generated losses. This also happens on the Mayan counterpart.

    I’m not a religious man but a researcher and I love to learn from different religions and beliefs and I hope this info helps a bit for clarification

  34. Be opened minded mates. This is supposed to be about the Bolon and Jesus relationship, not “Oh, watch out because Bolon … is the anti christ” or “Repent, for the end is near!” crap. This is about the connection of the two, or better said, they may be the same person(age).

    Please be open minded and stop being so DOGmatic. If you remain dogmatic, i shall require you sniff my arse.

  35. Bolon Yokte is the Mayan “god” of War and Creation…Nothing to do with jesus…jesus, if he existed was only a mere illusionist .. or a demi “god” – similar to Achilles, Hercules etc.. There is a theory that the eroded part of Monument 6 states “Descend from the sky..” …Heres my idea…all the ancient monolithic structures could not of been built or constructed by human hands alone..modern day technology like cranes could not even lift some of the pillars and stone blocks that make the structures..there are huge blocks slotted in above the foundations – up to 50ft above ground.. This is where i put it out there..If an advanced, possibly superior civilisation/species wanted to fly down and visit Earth all those years ago..they could, the worst that could happen was an arrow may fly at their aircraft…if they were to come back now, no doubt one of the super powers would want to war..if any extraterestrial was to reach us their technology would be advanced enough to be aware of any threats on Earth – e.g Anti-Air craft missiles.. nukes..etc. This could prevent them and also be the reason why they have never returned.. Now link this idea up with Bolon Yokte..Imagine living in a world where there is no lights no weapons other than a bow or spear..they could not even conceive the concept of aircraft – if something came from the sky .. you would see that being as a “God” – they are superior. Perhaps when they plan to return…this theory would also explain their vast knowledge of the stars, lunar cycles and being able to construct buildings in sync with the stars and moon. If this theory is true, perhaps these superior beings began to merge with mankind..leading to cross-breeding = demi-“god”. A hybrid of sorts, this could explain how a man such as Hercules was described as having the strength of 1000 men.. I conclude with this – Who knows what 21.12.12 means? Nobody does. However i cannot sit and believe that people are trying to associate Christian beliefs and Jesus with a civilisation that lived years before them. It is crazy..There is no “omnipotent being” only the psyhical world that we live in, and our imagination..our minds. Bryan

  36. Nice comment Bryan. You should read some of the posts on this site about the nephilim… Quite similar to your thoughts :-)

  37. Thanks, im glad you appreciate it..there is a lot of people, or i could use the term sheeple, that would think that theory/idea is crazy and yes, it does sound ****ing crazy!! ..But i like to keep an open mind, ive read up on many theorys about many things, including the Nephalim – “The Fallen Angels” i think they are also called..i notice many links between seperate theorys and combined together they lead me to that idea ^ i believe at the least, it is a very good shot at explaining where the concept of “god” orginated. I always have the words “what if” at the back of my mind, for example with the 2012 “end of the world” prediction, i cant help but think..what happens, so i wont be going to sleep ignorant on the 20th!..This may not be the place to post but heres an interesting question – what if..God was real, ok..hold that thought..The Devil is known to be “The Great Deceiver” – Imagine this what if God was Evil..and the Devil’s “Great Illusion” is in fact having people believe and worship “God” as an idol and resent the Devil? It would be the greatest trick in the history of life itself. Dum dum dummmm

  38. Also, Pahana of the Hopi Indian, Kalki of the Hindu, Imam al Mahdi of the Shiit Muslims. Christ, Kalki and Mahdi all ride a white horse, Revelation 19:11, and destroy with a ‘sword’.
    Meditation, introspection for the Almighty is the key. Silence of mind, humility, love for all forgiveness despite specifics, non’judgement…
    Isaiah 41:1, Psalm 1:1-3 Proverbs 3:5-6 – all secret messages not understood by people.
    With love and peace

  39. If God is everything, then God is both good and evil. God in good mode is all loving, but in his negative mode he sends forth his wrath. Envy and anger are negative traits, so called “deadly sins” and yet God experiences these. maybe Jesus was called Bolon before the christian age, the Age of Aries. Aries is linked to Ares, the greek god of war. Christ was born at the start of the Age of Pisces and he told his followers he would make them “fishers of men” and the vesica piscis is the symbol for Christ. 21 dec 2012 is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and Christ will return, as promised, but maybe with a different name.

  40. I would just warn all those as most of the Christians have stated
    That there is a great Deception already started the Buble says it has already began God is righteous and upright He left His word to those who would seek truth listen to this next verse and meditate if you have eyes to see with and ears to hear with you will understand

    He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. (John 3:18-21 KJV)

  41. Christians are evil, but the bible is not. Their lack of understanding creates an ignorant way of life which leads to destruction. Christians and misunderstood religions have caused more hell than any form of life. How dare you believe in something which only ends in destruction! God is beautiful. The answers are right in front of your face. Eat some mushrooms and experience the beings that what over us— YOUTUBE “alien compilation 2011” and “Pleiadian message 2012” and see for yourself.

  42. Richard is correct.
    We look for a day of judgement when we should be looking for a better day. If we are Christians.

    And it shall come to pass in that day, I will hear, saith the Lord, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth; (Hosea 2:21 KJV)

    But we don’t listen, to what is being said.

  43. Bolon Yok’te Ku is clearly depicted on the last page of the Dresden Codex,as the “Warrior God or Storm God”with two arrows as the “double edged sword”in the Bible.The Jar/Pot?Bowl or Cup symbolize the Black Hole(CygnusX1-The Swan)in the Aquarian age of new creation and New Cosmic (Precessional)Year.The Creator consists of male(Hunab Ku)and female bodies(Bolon Yokte Ku)and in the Bible is described as Potter(y.s.r.=Yoser/Djoser in Hebrew,hence the Djoser pyramid is the oldest and first)who remake the world on his Potter’s wheel.Even Judas’ 30 silver ends on Potter’s Field who will turn everything into a new clay…The male and female bodies(or stargates)also depicts the Aztec Mendoza Codex.The central column depict the galactic alignment of 2012 of the cosmic Trionity: The T-shaped Belt of Orion,known as Min or Tav of 11 stars-dots,as the symbol of phallus rising and declining in the skies during the Great Year. Below is depicted the Jar/Pot/Bowl or Cup as Yama-symbol of Black Hole.Its gematria is 52,the same as in Maya word.Interestingly,Yama/Jama means in all Slavic languages “hole”…It is the symbol of cosmic vagina leading to the centre of our galaxy which is the COSMIC WOMB…It is 9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 rings-stars inside this Bowl,symbolizing phallus inside vagina with values of 9/11 and as the true source of the Maya vigessimal system(20).The ancient Persians knew this Jar/Pot/Bowl/Cup as 7 ringed Yamshid,because 7 is the Head or Beginning and 9 is the Tail and end…The Sixteenth Chapel of Vat-i-Can,and not “Sistine”deliberately deceptive in English language.In all other languages of Europe it is Sixteenth Chapel with motives of Creation and Destruction.Its main axis is aligned as the Way of Death in Teotihuacan or Jerusalem-Bethlehem,Luxor-Karnak,etc.,15 arc degrees and 28 arc minutes east of true North,matching the current alignment of Milky Way in the galactic alignment of 2012.The Dark Rift with its Black Hole is also known as Mesopotamia in Milky Way,between Pishon and Gihon rivers,Genesis,chapter 2.There are many local copies of this Mesopotamia on global scale:Mesopotamia between Tigris and Euphrates.Then,the Sinai peninsula.Hindu Doab,confluence of Ganges and Yamuna.Olympia in confluence of Alpheios and Kladeios rivers.Cuzco in confluence of Huatamay and Tullumayo rivers…And also the Manhattan island between Hudson and East rivers with its local version of 9/11 events tied to the Maya calendar in numbers…See Google:Maya Calendar In US Skyscrapers Architecture.Then click on:Maya2012Calendar,scroll to my name,Jaroslav Kukla from Slovakia and you will know what had happened in 9/11…On the Codex Mendoza below both stargates of Min/Tav and Yama is aligned also our potent Sun(Shiva=7),completing this galactic Trinity alignment of 2012…They all consists of 42 stars-dots,what is 42 months x 30 days,or 1260 days in the book of Revelation and Daniel,also konown as “Time(360 days)-Two Times(720 days)-Half Time(180 days)” of the Judgement of the World in the Trials and Tribulations…The Bible is also the Maya calendar and here is it how it was done:Alignment of Milky Way(Mery-yam=Miriam=Mary and Marwah)is 15*28″ NE as the Way of the Dead/Way of Stars in Teotihuacan,the “Meeting/Union place of Gods”(the reason why Bible starts by plural,Elohim),what is 928″ arc minutes. The Old Testament has 928 chapters,in Western,Protestant Bibles…The N.T.has 260 chapters(matches Tzolkin),what is 4 arc degrees and 20 arc minutes + 15*28″=19*48″,the latitude of Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan…The Bible has total of 1948 RED verses as dirrect speech of Christ(the Son/Sun)…Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington,DC has the solsticial slope of 19*48″ SE-NW as the pathe of winter solstice Sun…In masonic architecture of squared twin city,DC aand Alexandria,where Pentagon and Bull shaped White House has the angle of 15*28”,as does the Trident(Aquarian symbol)shaped Union Station and DelaWARe Avenue…Of “Warrior-Storm God”on the last page of Dresden Codex,with the two atl-atl arrows…From the flipped Jar/Pot descend the White Owl(Muan)-symbol of DEATH,and below it is the descending Bolon Yokte Ku-god of the death in Maya symbolism,sometimes portrayed as male and sometimes as female!Only in creative/procreative “Union of 69″they are as ONE CREATOR-POTTER…This is the reason why to Pakal’s temple-pyramid leads 69 steps in calendrical pattern,from top to bottom:,and from b ottrom up: the cycles of sunspots and magnetic fields of the Sun,from minimum to its maximum.The basic number for the magnetic fields of the Sun is 117.Double of it is 234,doble of it is 468,then 936 and 1872-the Maya number with 18720 and 187200 days(13 Bak’tuns)…The Aztec calendar of Tonatiuh,Sun-god has 117 dots on its outer edge…When the Sun will cross the Black Hole and will be reborn from the Cosmic River-Watery Windy Way…In Bible symbolized by Moses who does NOT cross the Jordan river(he dies as an old sun)and Joshua(Yashua,another name of Jesus),son of Nun-sea in sky crosses to Canaan as “savior”…Hagai 2:10,18,21 state that it will happend on 24th day of 9th month,which is Hebrew Kislev/Chislev which is our December! And on the 25th December we celebrate Christ birth…24×9=216,very important number in Mayology and heights and measures of their pyramids from God of Measures and Cycles,Hunab Ku…We have an astronomical message and layout across the whole globe,the same astronomy,the same message!!! The Twin Towers had each in total 117 floors and stood upon 117 steel columns…The US nat.flag has 9 rows of stars and 13 stries(9×13=117).Prophet Mohammed had 13 wives in total and when he died,9 of them remined as widows…The holy processional way Sajj/Saaee in Mecca has the same angle as Jerusalem-Bethlehem or Way of Dead in Teotihuacan.So does Varanasi-Madurai in India,Nanking-Canton in China,or Kukuklan pyramid and Cenote Sagrado y Sacrificos v Chichen Itza(Chi-c hen means female cosmic forces and Itza means newborn or anew child).Beer’sheba is Well of Seven.Enneakronos is Well of Nine in Acropolis(squared city)…The Maya had Hopolchen-Well of 5,Bolonchen-Well of 9,but the Well of Chichen Itza was Well of 7&9 !! Septahindu is the Seven rivers of India…Iravati(note Vat /tav of Ira)in Myanmar(Burma)means 9 rivers…Rangoon/Yankoun has the famous 117 meters tall temple/pagoda of Shiva’s DaGoN(Shwedagon)-golden phallus to start the Golden Age after this Dark Age of Fire(Kali yuga) and Iron dominating Age,also kown as Sata-yuga-satan’s age…That’s why Abel was replaced by Set/Seth-symbol of satan’s age…Then is he chained for 1000 years,says Revelation,chpater 20,mentioning it 6 times for 6000 years…The architect of Twin Towers was MINoru YAMAsaki from Seattle,where stands masonic 9 monuments(mandala)on West Mall Lake with Space Needle in the shape of Sting of Scorpio which points to the Black Hole(Al Shaula star is the biblical Shaul/Paul who was at the beginning stinging the early christians-Steven).Then,on 1st Avenue stands the “Hammering Man” statue which is the celestial smith-Orion with its “sword and hammer”(of Thor/Votan=Vat/Tav)…Nearby London,UK is the local Hammersmith…with local versions of Min/Tav,from WestMinStar up to WarMinSter,etc…Male and Female forces in a WAR,hammering out a new cosmic year and creation-procreation through 69…3 synoptic gospels declare that when was Christ(the Sun)on the Cross,darkness covered whole world/land from 6th to 9th hour,the christian version of 69…The same calendars are in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games(London’s Trinity or 3rd time after 116/117 years from Athens 1896)as solar and lunar calendars…The Chinese terrracotta army is yet another,but the same calendar of Maya who inherited it from the “Olmec” people who should be correctly called as Yama people since they had died out,hence Benu Yamina and Benjamin of the Bible,the only brother to Joseph(Egypt)after Mother and Father…Jacob had total of 13 children with 4 women=52…12 sons and daughter Dinah,she was 7th child…Remember the story of Joseph in Egypt who wants to see Benjamin with the SILVER CUP story??Silver is the female color in symbolism…And Jar/Pot/Bowl/Cup or Vase is the Aquarian symbol ofd the Potter/Creator in this Head Age of New Cosmic(Processional)Year…The female forces symbols are also the Well,Cave and Groin/Grotto,Valley,River,Lake or Pond,etc…Fish is the symbol for both,male and female as the smell of their sexual organs in the procreation process…The Czech capitol,Praha,means Doorstep(between ages)and is klnown as Golden City,100 towered city standing on 7 hills as Vat-i-can…Vysehrad’s plan(Upper Castle)has the blueprint of Fish in a fish…The female portion has also a pentagonal shape…The Vysehradska cesta(Upper Castle Road)has 15*28″ NE-SW slope and starts at Cihelna brana(Brick Gate) with need of RED CLAY for the Potter/Creator…It goes across the Leopoldska Gate(of Leo-Lion,the Sun) and ends or exit at Taborska Gate(Tabor Gate) with Tab/Tav “sword and hammer”…This is a true scholarly work and don’t have to listen and read of all the nonsense from John Major Jenkins and other selfdeclared “Mayologist-experts”which are in reality only amateurs….This age(Sata-yuga)will end in destruction as all previous ages before!!! Nonsense about the “spiritual transformation” from them,but true,they will also transform into the ascending spirits of dead bodies after the next purification of this planet,ascending toward the cosmic WOMB,and then later on in appointed times back to this world and new infant body…The supermasive Black Hole is the Shiva’s Third Eye below Thalamus,the bridge in our brains…It is also the White,or Worm Hole,our past,presence and future-our common sense and belonging the same ONE SOURCE…When we die in body,our Worm Hole collapses,and we take spiraling path in a White Tunnel-Hole to our common source,Cosmic Womb…We know that there is somewhere a life source in us but we cannot pinpoint it where…It is the Third EYE,the Black-White-Worm Hole…It is also depicted on the 22 stelae in Izapa(located on 15*28″ latitude),what Jenkins deliberately omitted from his “scholarly” works…It were always the so called “outsiders” who made a major breaktrough in Mayology,such as Yuri Knorozov and tatiana Proskouriakov-and now myself,bringing the knowledge on the next,higher level…Go to Google:Maya Calendar In US Skyscrapers Architecture;click to Maya2012Calendar and scroll to my name,Jaroslav Kukla from Slovakia and read what is there for you in the near future…

  44. Bolon Yokte Ku is ANTICHRIST of the Book of Apocalipse(Apo-father;cali/kali-fire;pse-dog)-Revelation ,chapte 1,with fiery eyes,belt(phallus of Orion)and double edged sword coming out from his mouth(Pakal’s T-tav)..He is the lord of the 7 Stars and will at later stage turn from Omega to Alfa…Becoming Christ,the Savior-reborn Sun from Milky Way after a brief(3.5 years of Chaos=Antichrist)…The Antichrist is also a type of “female-dragon-serpent”who will later appear as “male”and “savior”…The Head becoming the Tail and the Tail becoming the Head…Sort of biblical Peter and Paul also…Antichrist is given 1260 days(3.5 years or 42 monthsx30 days)-the “Time-Two Times and Half Time”of 360-720 and 180 days” of Trials and Tribulatios…Doesn’t have the Aquarian symbol also twice the 3.5 waves of “water”?One wavw should be red and the other blue,or vice versa…The biblical Jordan also symbolizes the Milky Way(cosmic river)as does Nile,Ganges or the Yellow river,and so on…

  45. Many of you should also realize that the masonic Statue of Liberty in Jew Yoke (Yokte) City with Seven(7)spikes-thorned crown is the masonic symbol of Mary Magdalene,the female part of Jesus…Or,the “antichrist”…It isw loaded with astro-cosmological measures/numbers which supports it…The bay where it is located also symbolizes the feminine…She is the symbol of (East)and new beginning…The Khazarian Jew-architect,Bartholdi kept silent about the DUAL meaning of this statue…But in privacy he had always the Talmudic(Death) DOUBLE-TALKS about it…In Da Vinci Code,Opus Dei has 117 rooms,blue and red doors-entrances…Paris has 4 museums creating the SQUARE-symbol of New Jerusalem(purified Earth).Then,there is the 135 bronze medailions marking the old (0)-Zero meridian…There is no Cup on the table of Last Supper participants(the CUP is Mary Magdalene herself),hence mason Da Vinci(Khazar)got them 13 small cup-glasses,upsetting the religious(Catholic)masons with Pope as their head…Ama-ruca in Kechua language of the Incas means “motherly rich”coast/land/continent,as female dragon-serpent land. In the “butt”of South America is the Ama-zona river,and below is the Rio de Janeiro(January River) with the largest Statue of Christ in the world,hence the feminist/feminine continent as Mother with Big,grown up Child/Son…Madonna with Big Son…(Milky Way and old Sun)…In Ama-ruca continent,the female has most powers…In its opposite,China,female has the lowest powers and rights…In some Islamic countries,they burry females to deeper graves,saying that even there she cannot be on equal level to man,and has to be closer to the hell ,close as the man…In Ama-ruca,there is at least 20 000 religions,but all there believe in material…In the West,people goes to burrials in dark(black)dressing/clothing…In the far East,in white! In Ama-ruca,most people believes in allmighty Dollar-In God We Trust…They all have two or three cars…In Far East,they are still believing in the fictious,religious God and push their bicycles…Vatican’s symbol is the Peter’s KEYS,and in Far East the tombs are in a shape of KEY-HOLES…Abracadabra,would say the Talmudic Khazar…Artemis=Simetra;Zeus=Suez;Xerxes=SexRex;NIDAL=LADIN,etc…Hijackers and Black September of 70’s and 90’s…Long live Julian Assange who had “snitched” on this international zionist cabal which shout back:”Crucify him,crucify him”…Story of pigs and pearls…

  46. Re: 21/12/2012 – I found this article interesting because the ancient Mayans where very precise astronomers and the reference to Bolon Yokte K’uh having to descend or ascend the nine steps. Of interest to note is the fact that we have nine planets in our solar system and Bolon Yokte K’uh was referenced as the God of Judgment – God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.

  47. I seriously think there is nothing about this pagan god that is Christ. You can grasp at anything and connect it to something. The assumptions made here about the number 9 is ridiculous in itself. Here is one example: The ancient Egyptians believed in sun gods for one. Are we to say that because the sun is seen in the sky it has something to do with the ancient god Aten being Christ? Read the Bible and learn who God is, and then try to understand how this entire text you have is off by miles.

  48. the Mormons been saying Quetzalcoatl was Jesus for a while now….interesting

  49. when ” nothing happen” on 21 december 2012 everyone will say that mayans are moron… lol 😀

  50. Jaroslav Kukla is good Mayologist who spent 25 years in research and had reached some excellent results.

  51. Bolon Yokte Ku is without any doubt the 9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 stars within that Jar/Pot on the Codex Mendoza.It is our Black Hole as cosmic ‘vagina’ leading to the double centre of our Galaxy,the cosmic WOMB. With the Aquarian Age starts new Anno Magnus(Great Year),the Jar/Pot is the symbol of Aquarius.In Jeremiah,chapter 18 and 19,the Creator is clearly desscribed as Potter,who will remake the world on his Potter WHEEL…On the Potter’s Field ended also the 30 silver of Juda after he had betrayed Christ(Son&Sun).There is 30 stars within the body of Aquarius.14 marks his body and 16 stars can be seen in the water flow from his Jar/Pot…Aquarian head has the Great Sphinx and Leo’s body,West and East…The major prophets sees Face of Man(Aquarius)in the West… Furthermore,The start of the Maya calendar(13 Bak’tun) goes to 3114 BCE…To the age of Peleg(ityphallic Belt of Orion,the male stargate) and Yoktan,when the Earth was divided and God has descended to the earth to destroy the Tower of Babel and confuse the languages…Yoktan is rather relative than the mistranslated ‘brother’ Peleg is translated into some languages as Faleg and Phaleg=phallus…That’s exactly the Belt of Orion,the “hammer of Orion,the celestial SMITH”…It is also the biblical “SWORD”,plus Min or Tav… Since the male and female stargates must be aligned(overlaping) in the new CREATION and PROCREATION process,it is the plural Elohim of Genesis,chapter 1. It is the Chinese Jing and Yang with gematria value 135,since on the Codex Mendoza is total of 135 single stars marking the new CREATION PROCESS… Our Black Hole is the female stargate,the cosmic ‘vagina’. It is the unoficial 13th house of zodiac,nearby the ecliptic on the zodiac,pointed out by the small arrow of Scorpio and by the arrow of Sagittarius. Since the CIRCLE is the symbol of the CREATOR,the masonic EU flag symbolizes exactly the same as the Codex Mendoza,the current alignment of our potent Sun with the Black Hole,which suppose perfectly overlap on winter solstice 2019!(The Maya ball game,the ball is the Sun and the RING/CIRCLE on the wall is the Black Hole,and afterwards were all players SACRIFIED)…The 12 ‘golden star’is the 12 houses of zodiac,and the CIRCLE is the Black Hole and our Sun in it/with it aligned-perfectly overlaping. Biblical Jacob/Israel has 12 sons of zodiac and Dinah,daughter of Jacob is the unoficial 13th house,symbolizing the Black Hole! Her name is translated as ‘Judgement'(Dan is the Judge). She was raped by Shechem(SWORD) and Shechemchet’s pyramid is 2nd,unfinished and symbolizing Christ/Sun…Of course,Shechem is not only the ancient capital city of the Phillistines(Phallustinians of the Minoan culture-migrants to Palestine) and afterwards the 1st capital city of the Israelites who conquered it…The place of power and strenght by sword…It is today’s Nabulus(Nab is the Great Sphinx)…Beside that,it is clearly in ancient Egypt the SWORD! When the migrating Israelites are crossing Jordan(copy of the cosmic river-Milky Way) under Yashua(Joshua)=Christ,Savior=our Sun,in the middle of Jordan they built a CIRCLE(Gilgal) from 12 stones to commemorate this event…Jacob had Dinah as the 7th child…He had total of 13 children with 4 women(2 are as wives):13×4=52,the Maya calendar cycle…Hunab Ku(5+2 letters) was the Maya(gematria is 52) male Creator. The female Creator is Bolon Yokte Ku,9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 stars within that Jar/Pot of the Aquarian Age Potter-Creator known as ‘Y.S.R.’=YoSeR and Djoser,whose pyramid stood as the 1st in ancient Egypt…That’s the Yoktan,”brother” of Peleg…And Septahindu is the craddle of Hindu civilisation,consisting of Punjab(5 rivers)+Doab(2 rivers)…Yama(gematria is 52) is the India’s god and goddess of the Dead…The Black Hole is also known as Yama,what means in all Slavic languages,exactly what is it-Hole! The Black Hole which is also known in astronomy as Cygnus X1=Swan…And the swan is the sacred bird of the British (masonic) queen which symbolizes in masonry the cosmic queen,Milky Way,known in ancient Egypt as Meri-yam,the Hebrew Miriam and the Christian Mary… Jaroslav Kukla,aka Silvestre Manetti.

  52. Bolon Yokte Ku is without any doubt the 9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 stars within that Jar/Pot on the Codex Mendoza.It is our Black Hole as cosmic ‘vagina’ leading to the double centre of our Galaxy,the cosmic WOMB. With the Aquarian Age starts new Anno Magnus(Great Year),the Jar/Pot is the symbol of Aquarius.In Jeremiah,chapter 18 and 19,the Creator is clearly desscribed as Potter,who will remake the world on his Potter WHEEL…On the Potter’s Field ended also the 30 silver of Juda after he had betrayed Christ(Son&Sun).There is 30 stars within the body of Aquarius.14 marks his body and 16 stars can be seen in the water flow from his Jar/Pot…Aquarian head has the Great Sphinx and Leo’s body,West and East…The major prophets sees Face of Man(Aquarius)in the West… Furthermore,The start of the Maya calendar(13 Bak’tun) goes to 3114 BCE…To the age of Peleg(ityphallic Belt of Orion,the male stargate) and Yoktan,when the Earth was divided and God has descended to the earth to destroy the Tower of Babel and confuse the languages…Yoktan is rather relative than the mistranslated ‘brother’ Peleg is translated into some languages as Faleg and Phaleg=phallus…That’s exactly the Belt of Orion,the “hammer of Orion,the celestial SMITH”…It is also the biblical “SWORD”,plus Min or Tav… Since the male and female stargates must be aligned(overlaping) in the new CREATION and PROCREATION process,it is the plural Elohim of Genesis,chapter 1. It is the Chinese Jing and Yang with gematria value 135,since on the Codex Mendoza is total of 135 single stars marking the new CREATION PROCESS… Our Black Hole is the female stargate,the cosmic ‘vagina’. It is the unoficial 13th house of zodiac,nearby the ecliptic on the zodiac,pointed out by the small arrow of Scorpio and by the arrow of Sagittarius. Since the CIRCLE is the symbol of the CREATOR,the masonic EU flag symbolizes exactly the same as the Codex Mendoza,the current alignment of our potent Sun with the Black Hole,which suppose perfectly overlap on winter solstice 2019!(The Maya ball game,the ball is the Sun and the RING/CIRCLE on the wall is the Black Hole,and afterwards were all players SACRIFIED)…The 12 ‘golden star’is the 12 houses of zodiac,and the CIRCLE is the Black Hole and our Sun in it/with it aligned-perfectly overlaping. Biblical Jacob/Israel has 12 sons of zodiac and Dinah,daughter of Jacob is the unoficial 13th house,symbolizing the Black Hole! Her name is translated as ‘Judgement'(Dan is the Judge). She was raped by Shechem(SWORD) and Shechemchet’s pyramid is 2nd,unfinished and symbolizing Christ/Sun…Of course,Shechem is not only the ancient capital city of the Phillistines(Phallustinians of the Minoan culture-migrants to Palestine) and afterwards the 1st capital city of the Israelites who conquered it…The place of power and strenght by sword…It is today’s Nabulus(Nab is the Great Sphinx)…Beside that,it is clearly in ancient Egypt the SWORD! When the migrating Israelites are crossing Jordan(copy of the cosmic river-Milky Way) under Yashua(Joshua)=Christ,Savior=our Sun,in the middle of Jordan they built a CIRCLE(Gilgal) from 12 stones to commemorate this event…Jacob had Dinah as the 7th child…He had total of 13 children with 4 women(2 are as wives):13×4=52,the Maya calendar cycle…Hunab Ku(5+2 letters) was the Maya(gematria is 52) male Creator. The female Creator is Bolon Yokte Ku,9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 stars within that Jar/Pot of the Aquarian Age Potter-Creator known as ‘Y.S.R.’=YoSeR and Djoser,whose pyramid stood as the 1st in ancient Egypt…That’s the Yoktan,”brother” of Peleg…And Septahindu is the craddle of Hindu civilisation,consisting of Punjab(5 rivers)+Doab(2 rivers)…Yama(gematria is 52) is the India’s god and goddess of the Dead…The Black Hole is also known as Yama,what means in all Slavic languages,exactly what is it-Hole! The Black Hole which is also known in astronomy as Cygnus X1=Swan…And the swan is the sacred bird of the British (masonic) queen which symbolizes in masonry the cosmic queen,Milky Way,known in ancient Egypt as Meri-yam,the Hebrew Miriam and the Christian Mary… Jaroslav Kukla,aka Silvestre Manetti.

  53. And the Persians knew the 7 ringed Jar/Pot of Potter-Creator of Aquarian age ‘Yamshid’…Seven and Septenary is the CREATION…Nine is the end of it,clearly visible on the Lid of Pakal’s tomb.The COSMIC TREE(Cross) ends on the left side when facing it,by SEPTAGON. Atop it is SQUARE,and to the roight it is PENTAGON. It is not only calendar number of 745,but also a NEW CREATION,since number 7 symbolize the SEPTENARY CREATION PROCESS. The Squared Circle is well known to us,including the Ennead,the 9 gods of the Underworld. Nine(9) is the end of the CREATION as a JUDGEMENT numbers and end of a cycle…The Maya had holydays on the Isla de Mujeres lasting 7,8 and 9 days. The Bible has it too. Mesopotamia blossomed in the 7th Bak’tun of or age of Sun(since 3114 BCE),building 7 stepped ziggurat-pyramids to commemorate it. Mesoamerica blossomed in the 9th Bak’tun,building 9 stepped pyramids to Kukulkan…China is the Empire of the Centre and its sacred number is 8-the number used by the ancient Egyptians for the double centre of our Galaxy(the cosmic WOMB)…The Codex Mendoza shows it as the 9 ringed Jar/Pot with 11 stras in that Jar/Pot,hence as 9/11=20,the real source of their vigesimal system. And our modern masons transliterated it into the G8 and G20 groups…

  54. Bolon Yokte Ku is our Galactic Black Hole(Yama)-Cygnus X1(Swan) which is the 9 ringed Jar/Pot of the Potter-Creator(y.s.r.-Djoser) which will remake the world on his Potter’s Wheel(Circle=Black Hole and Creator) at the start of the Aquarian age(New Great Year). The male creator is known as Hunab Ku who both in ‘Unity of Procreation-69’ are known in Genesis,chapter 1 as Elohim-plural. They are also known as Ahalom and Kahalom,or Ying and Yang. In symbolism,it is also the Magen David-male and female stargates in “union 69″… The Maya current 5th Age of Sun started at 3114 BCE. Here is also dated the biblical Peleg(also tranlated as Faleg and Phallus) when the Earth was divided…He is biblically known to have relative Yoktan,perhaps the same as the Mayan Bolon Yokte Ku,when God descended to the Earth to destroy the Tower of Babel and to confuse the language of men… And the Elohim is known as the male phallic stargate and the female stargate… It is on the famous Codex Mendoza as 9 ringed/starred Jar/Pot/Bowl or Cup with 11 stars within,hence as 9/11=20,the origin of the Maya vigesimal system…The Black Hole(Yama) as the cosmic ‘vagina’ leads to the cosmic ‘womb’-the Galactic double centre,the Central Sun.

  55. The EU masonic flag design from the Belgian “jew” Levy: Has 12 stars-sons of zodiac in a Circle=Black Hole symbol of Creator/Potter,the 13th unofficial house of zodiac! The Sun will overlap perfectly with the Black Hole in December of 2019! The Golden Age is yet to come…Jacob/Israel has 12 sons of zodiac,and the 13th unofficial house is his daughter,Dinah(Judgement). He has 13 children with 4 women=52,the Maya cycle and calendar…The Hebrew-Israelites are crossing the Jordan river(local copy of the cosmic river)and in the middle they make a Gilgal stone-CIRCLE to commemorate this event(Crossing the Black Hole)…Original flag of the US had 13 stars in a CIRCLE,since the Precession goes backwardly,back to the 13th house….

  56. The US flag has 9rows+11columns of stars=20,the Maya Galactic centre number,also the main vigesimal number of their calendar.The Codex Mendoza with its 9/11=20 Jar/Pot/Bowl clearly marks the centre of our Galaxy…The 13 stripes only confirms that it is the 13th unoficial house of zodiac…

  57. I would advice to read and compare on the next web site BOLON YOKTE KUH? WAYAEB article from Michael J.Grofe and carefuly examine and compare the Maya Black God L with Bolon Yokte Ku who is most likely the same person in various roles and associations(see page 3)on the Rabbit Vase associated with the OWL hat,also seen on the Usumacinta stela,the Vase of Seven(7)Gods,and the Dresden Codex,once again associated with the white OWL(Muan) as the symbol of death,descending from the Jar/Pot of the old Goddess-Milky Way with cross-bones on her skirt. Below the white OWL is descending the Black God L which is also Bolon Yokte Ku…He is black and holds two arrows in his right hand and the SWORD in his left hand(symbol of anti-christ is SWORD).He is associated with the Dark Rift/Cleft (Mesopotamia)in Milky Way where is located the Black Hole(cosmic ‘vagina’)leading to the cosmic double centre(the cosmic ‘womb’)… Even the solar god ‘Viracocha’ on the Sun Gates of Tiahuanaco holds two headed serpent in his left hand and in his right hand it is one headed serpent…The Caiman-Milky Way spews 13 laps of water on the last page of the Dresden Codex…In the Caiman body aren’t aligned “planets”as some scholars have suggested,but it is in the 1st square the Cross and crossing point in Milky Way-the Black Hole.And the remaining three(3) are the cosmic stargates-Trinity alignment as depicted on the Codex Mendoza! Furthermore,the soli-lunar eclipses depict 7 and 9 laps,giving a pattern of 13x7x9=819 as on the precessional pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza(female energies,well in Black Hole)having 91 steps od days of four seasons in a year x 9 steps of the pyramid=819)… There is NO doubt in my mind that the Black God L is also Bolon Yokte Ku(biblical Yoktan associated with Peleg/Phallus)and expressing the descend of our Sun into the Black Hole,between 2012 and 2019!!!

  58. And note also the white OWL(Muan)Head Dress on Bolon Yokte Ku,associated with Milky Way sometimes seen as an OWL(Maya symbol of Night and Death,meanwhile in Near East the owl symbolized ‘wisdom’)…Why would the masons use the white owl in the left upper corner on the reverse side of the 1$ US bill? Why is there the Muan OWL in the streets-and-monuments architecture in Washington,D.C.??? Pennsylvania Avenue is the path of Summer solstice(aimed at skies toward the Galactic centre).Crossing it at almost 90 arc degrees is the Trident shaped(Aquarian symbol) Union Station and DelaWARe Avenue alignment(WAR symbol).It appears to be the Spring Equinox… The Winter solstice appears to be the ‘left leg’ starting at Virginia Avenue going mostly in tunnels(Underworld) and crossing it at almost 90 arc degrees is the New Jersey Avenue,meaning that our souls will be dressed anew in white linen-jerseys…It is an Autumnal equinox…Within the Muan OWL head is at the centre the T-shaped Capitol Hill building-symbolizing our Sun at the Centre of the White OWL(Muan) Milky Way…The lenght from the centre of the Capitol Hill building to the centre of the Bull/Taurus shaped White House is calendrical! There is no doubt in my mind that the current Galactic alignment of our potent Sun with the Black Hole(Crossing point-‘vagina’)and centre of our Galaxy(‘womb’) have a huge influence on our ‘exploding-climaxing’ Sun and the Sun CME energy-solar flares influence our weather,getting more and more extreme weather… It ionizes the atmosphere on one side and create depression on the other,resulting in huge storms,cyclons and huricanes… Yet,worst is yet to come by crossing the Galactic plane…

  59. The Maya allegedly knew ’13 layers of heavens’,what means 13 houses of zodiac,where the 13th and unoficial house was the Black Hole(female yonic stargate)leading to the double centre of our Galaxy(the cosmic ‘womb’). The Maya also recognised the 9 gods of the Underworld,9 planets of our Solar system. The basic number of the Maya calendar is 117,also based on the 9×13,and on the two magnetic fields on of sunspots,each passing 9* and 13* arc degrees in one day.Hence,in 117 days they merge into one magnetic wave. The number 117 is worlwide phenomena,encoded into numerous myths,religions,games and monuments. Double of 117 is 234,and another doule is 468,then 936 and 1872,multiplied by 10 or by 100 in the Maya calendar as 18720 “days” and 1,872,000 “days”,both known as 52 years and 13 Bak’tuns or 5124 years. Since the Maya ‘Ball game’ depicts the Sun’s passage across the Black Hole and Galactic plane,the same means the descent of Bolon Yokte Ku,the female part of the Dual Creator-Potter,whose symbol is Jar/Pot as start of the Aquarian Age. This 9 ringed/starred Jar with 11 rings/stars within that Jar,depicts the famous Codex Mendoza,in its Central column,depicting this Galactic rare alignment when our Sun and solar system is re-created and reborn anew,including our planet Earth.The male part is Hunab Ku(5+2 letters). The Jar/Pot is universal symbol of death and rebirth.For this reason also many cultures were burrying ash of the dead relatives in urns(jars/pots).Some are burning the death on pyres of wood on Ganges river,the local symbol of Milky Way-the cosmic river and Goddess of rebirth and resurrection. 1 arc degree of Precession takes about 72 years. since our Sun is about 1/4 of arc degree wide,it takes to perfectly cover and overlap the Black Hole,about 18 years. The 9/11 events in New York were marking points of this event culminating on Winter solstice,2019. It is the ‘Last 7 years’ of ‘trials and Tribulations’ since the end of the Long Count of the Maya calendar,on December 2012…The period of Bolon Yokte Ku(biblical Yoktan with Peleg)descending upon our world…Then,all the playesr involved will be sacrified to the ‘crucifixion’ of our Sun in Milky Way,its death and resurrection as young child or young Lion from the tribe of Judah,etc…The 1st modern Olympic Games had participants from 13 countries in 9 sport disciplines. Mohammed had 13 wives,and when he had died,9 of them had remained as widows…The US masonic flag has 9 rows of stars(with 11 columns)and 13 stripes…Clerly,proving the Centre of our Galaxy with 9/11 stars as the Maya vigessimal number of 20,as the Black Hole as the 13th unoficial house of the zodiak! The EU flag has 12 stars in a circle-the symbol of Creator(Djoser-Potter),the Circle as the 13th house! Jacob has 12 sons and 1 daughter,Dinah(Judgement),as the 13th house! The Hebrews,crossing Jordan(Milky Way)made circle in the center of it from 12 stones…

  60. Bolon Yokte Ku can also be the 9 planets(gods)of our Solar system,aligned with the Black Hole and Galactic Centre,plus the Galactic pleane(Equator)…But why is on the Mendoza Codex depicted our double centre of Galaxy as a jar/Pot/Bowl with 9 rings/stars outside and 11 within that Jar/Pot/Bowl and Cup???The central column of the Codex Mendoza clearly depicts the current Galactic alignment of two(male+female)stargates and our potent Sun as the famous Trinity or Triad…The 13 “layers” of the Maya heavens is without any doubt,their 13 houses of zodiac,where the Black Hole is the 13th(unoficial) house…The 9 gods of the Underworld is most likely our 9 planets of the solar system…The T-shaped Stela6 in Tortuguero symbolizes our Sun,also symbolized by the T-tav and Cross…The Solomon’s Temple is depicted in any Bible jerusalem plan as T-shaped,and Solomon’s Temple is without any doubt also our Solar system… Plus,Pakal has t-shaped amulet in his green jade ritual mask. The Chinese Lady Tao from or of Mawangdui(female forces/powers) had covered her tripple coffin by T-shaped silk with motives of the Chinese cosmogony/cosmology.Two more inverted T-tavs can be seen on that T-shaped silk…Furthermore,the masonic aprons have in full display the (usually 3) inverted T-tavs…The Seagram (Whisky) skyscraper has T-shaped architecture and is part of the Maya-Biblical calendar as revealed in the US Skyscrapers by National Geographic magazine,Feb.1989,pages 140-185,in two parts/articles…Didn’t know the ancient Persians also similar,but only 7 ringed Jar/Pot of the Potter-Creator,jar known as Yamshid???Definitively,the answer is ONLY astronomical! And comparable to biblical Yoktan,relative to the phallic Peleg,when God allegedly destroyed the 8 coiled Tower of Babel,(Baby-lon means Female lap),divided the land and language of mankind…For me,Bolon Yokte Ku is the female counterpart and concubine or wife of Hunab Ku(5+2),the male Maya god of measures and Creation…Both are the biblical Elohim,plural,and Maged david,or Jing and Yang…

  61. The 9 steps are the 9 levels of Creation, the 9 Mayan underworlds!
    Each of these levels are divided into 13 sections 7 days and 6 nights! According to the Swiss microbiologist Carl Johan Calleman
    On each level the 5th day and 5th night are the tipping point. The 5th day brings light (eg Christ to earth) and the 5th dark (eg the fall of Roam)
    The 5th day on the 9th level started on 9/3/11 and ends on 28/10/11. The 5th day ended on my Birthday 17/8/11 and the 5th Night started at midnight the night of my Birthday!
    It is said that Bolon Yokte will descend to earth and put on a costume! I know this prophecy has something to do with me!
    I am no Christ or Antichrist, I am who I am!
    Let it be known, that I the Last Adam is now on Earth! People will awaken from there dreams and nightmares and see the dawning of the 5th Sun which shines upon me. All wars shall soon cease and the prince of peace will rule over all.
    Do not fear our judge what you do not understand, for if you know yourself then you will be known and you will know me. This world has already ended and the new Earth established, thou none yet realise it! On the 17/8/17 (17=1+7=8 8/8/8) I will be known to all and the golden age will begin.
    Peace be with you and glory be to God!

  62. i believe,I must write on web sites a “!world manisfesto” to explain our past and future,our ancestry and our demise as a civilisation of the “5th Sun”: Please, note the UK published bibles,mostly by University of Cambridge,CODED(and masonic Bibles) ,such as KJV 1611;Illustrated RSV Bible;New English Bible,or even, a Collins publishing House bible…They ALL contains a CODES,such as A,B,C,D,and so on,up to X,Y,,on the right pages,and under the religious texts! In summary of the numbers of the code-pages,it is clear ASTRONOMY and its CYCles…These codes,clear.y points at the years of 2013,2016 and 2019-there aren’t any other dates! The muslim Qurt’an(means also Heavenly Hill/Mountain) has CODED 29 suras.exactly with the same same numbers aand dates of the Common Calendar counts… So,I say to all hate mongers and religious indoctrinaed idiots,it’s time to wake up and realise what UNITES US ALL AS HUMAN BEINGS!!!!

  63. The Qur’an Initials Codes in 29 suras: These codes are also known as ABJAD. There is total of 84 codes,which is the JUDGEMENT NUMBER. There are 13 types of codes,such as: Alif,Lam,Mim,Sad,Ra,Kaf,Ha,Ya,Ayn,Ta(v),Sin,Qaf and Nun. The Black Hole leading to the double centre of our Galaxy is the unofficial 13 HOUSE OF ZODIAC,matched by the 13 Maya Bak’tuns or by the 13 biblical Desciples at the Last Supper,and so on,to the 13 children of Jacob(Jacob is zodiac,see Santiago di Campostella: Santiago is Jacob and Campo is Camp,plus Stella is stars)… There is 29 coded suras(chapters)in Qur’an. Chapter 2 has codes-Alif Lam Mim,all three gematria value of 71(Alif=A=1;Lam=L=30;Mim=M=40). be4side chapter 2,there are the following coded chapter(suras):3,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,19,20,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,36,38,40.41,42,43,44,45,46,50 and 58.The summary of these numbers is 822. The summary of the gematria value of all 84 codes is 4955+822=5777 Anno Mundi,what is our year of 2016,the year of antichrist coming on the world scene and start of chaos in the world…The solar year startes 3760 BCE,hence,5777-3760=2016… All in accordance with the Arabic alphabet gematria value! Alif =1;Lam=30;Mim=40;Sad=90;Ra=200;Kaf=20;Ha=8;Ya=10;Ayn=70;Tav=400;Sin=60;Qaf=100;and Nun=50… Of course,there is plenty of deceptive articles on these codes by various “islamic” scholars on the web sites who tries to derail a true student of these codes,what they are about and what they are for in the 29 suras of the Qur’an! They even openly lie that Qur’an means “Recitation”…Perhaps,but the real meaning of Qur’an is this: Qur means Hill/Mountain and An means Heavens…A true PHALLIC symbol,just as is the whole complex of Mecca from the above,air view! Furthermore, there is within that complex the U-shaped(symbol of female and yoni)Hagar
    wall enclosure and in front of it it is the Ibrahim’s pillar(the phalic symbol)…See in masonic Paris layout,with the U-shaped
    Louvre and in front of it the phallic Eiffel Tower. The U has the same symbolic meaning as the Crescent! See also the U-shaped lake and in it Hathorin T-tav shaped Temple in Egypt.The T-tav is the phallic symbol,also seen on the Egyptian ANKH symbol,where the OVAL female symbol is atop the male shaped T-tav…The masonic aprons have usually 3 inverted T-tav symbols. On the “holy processional way”in Mecca,known as Saa’ee(or Sajj)is 37 large green and white pillars,and 44+44 on both sides,short pillars,all for CALENDRICAL purposes! The angle of this “path pf life” is 15*28’NE-SW,exactly the same angle-slope as has the Way of the Dead/Way of the Stars in Teotihuacan,the slope of Milky Way before re-birth of our Sun and the world…The Salaat reciting muslim pilgrim walks from the RED HILL of SAFA to the BLUE HILL OF MARWAH,7 times,which makes the total distance of 3168 meters,well known number. The cubical Kaa’ba is 52.8*arc degrees to Saa’ee’what is again,the number 3168′ arc minutes,Christ number…Safa means ‘purity and innocence’or sinless start of Life Path,and Marwah means ‘pollution’,thus sinful end of Life Path of each human being,not just muslim life-path…The inner circumbulation is known as Tavajj-Tav… It starts at the SE corner of the cube-Kaa’ba,known as Al Yamanyia…Yama is Black Hole(see architect of the Twin Towers,Minoru Yamasaki)…The BLACK STONE,5 feet above the ground,consists from 14 soldered peaces,the amount of stars in the body of Aquarius(see United Airlines=14 letters,in 9/11 attacks).In the RIVER flowing out of that Jar/Pot is total of 84 stars,but usually depicted only first 16(American Airlines=16 letters,both used in 9/11)…Totalling the 30 silver of Judas Iscariot,ending on Potter’s Field(Potter’s Field is also nearby Lower Manhattan)…Pakal’s famous LID depicts 30 dots/stars ,which is the LID of DEAD and REBIRTH of the solar king(Sun)of Mexico,with SCORPIO on his chest(In the way of Scorpio is located the Black Hole in our Galaxy,also known as Yama and Swan)…When Pakal had died,there was 132 days of mourning x 24 hours=3168…Pakal’s name gematria value is also 132,as is in Sechemchet’s unfinished pyramid of Egypt,chambers/vaults… And the great pilgrimage of faithful muslim to Mecca and Mount Arafat lasts 13 days(number 13),split on 5 calendrical sections,equal to 5 ages of Sun! Total lenght of the great Hajj pilgrimage is 25,773 yards,as there is 25,773 years in the Great Year,which ENDED in 5773 Anno Mundi,our year 2012/13,when also ended the Maya calendar cycle…Hence,what’s the big fuzz about the religious fanatics who are denied this knowledge,the TRUTH that all religions have the same NUMBERS and are ASTRONOMICAL MYTHS!!!
    It was created by the masonic ruling “elite” of Black Barons,to divide and rule over the indoctrinated,religious idiots who cannot move their brains and only follows,blindly,the stupid doctrines which makes them fanatical,full of hate,on all sides of our deliberately divided world!

  64. The Christian “ONION” towered churches symbolizes the male,phallic stargate,known as the Belt of Orion(Min or Tav,the Sword and the Hammer)…Lately,only the religious women participate in its sermons,worshipping mostly there the Father and the Son-male God(s)…Plus the Virgin Mary=Milky Way(from Egyptian name of Milky Way,Meri-yam,from which is Hebrew Miriam and Christian Mary,or Islamic Marwah…The phallic church is clearly the male stargate,the Belt of Orion,culminating up on the skies,69 arc degrees…

    The jewish Synagogue has Greek name,where Sin means lunar god and goddess,just as the Sinai peninsula symbolizes the female lap. So does Mesopotamia with its Babylon,meaning the same,female lap-the female stargate…The Hebrew name of Synagogue is Minha or Minge,where mostly attend the services jewish males,worshipping all after Mother and female…This is the real reason,why they deny the male gods,such as Christ,and even the male G-d write with hyphen…

    Don’t we see in the temples of India the male lingam(phallus)sitting usually on the female-yonic(vulva)pedestals?

    Isn’t the so called (“Holy”)Moutain of God a symbol of male phallic stargate? Including the pillar or obelisk-symbols? And the Well,Cave,Lake or Pond,etc.,as the female yonic stargate?

    In Genesis,chapter 2:10-14,the bible describes Milky Way(the Heavenly queen/goddess) to have a Mesopotamia region(Dark Rift of the Maya) surrounded by the rivers of Pishon and Gihon…This galactic/heavenly EDEN is also known in the bible as Havilah-where the gold is…And every potent male knows what ‘gold’ holds the female lap and vagina…This galactic Mesopotamia is copied on Earth by numerous cultures! In Iraq,on Sinai peninsula,in Cusco,Manhattan island,Ganges and Yamuna confluence in India,and so on,just to name a few…

    What really means Chu-mu-lang-ma/Mt.Everest mountain? It is phallic symbol,where rests our Eve(Eva),Milky Way…It is 8848 meters high,plus 2012=10860 BCE,when started the second half of our Great Year…

    Don’t we have all over our world the phallic stones and also a “sacred lakes” as we also have the “sacred mountains”???

  65. Number 13 is clearly associated with the 13th house of the zodiac,the Black Hole. The Maya knew 13 “layers of heavens”,meaning,13 houses in the zodiac. Galactic alignment after 13 bak’tuns,the phallic Belt of Orion with the yonic Black Hole… Number 13 is clearly associted with REBELLION,APOSTASY and SATAN,THE SERPENT OF THE OLD. The time of this Galactic alignment,chaos and rebirth of the Sun and Earth as well(the Square and Cube,New Jerusalem)…
    In Genesdis 10,there is remarkable instance of 13. Yoktan,the biblical version of the Maya Bolon Yokte Ku,the ‘relative’ of the Peleg(Phallic Belt of Orion),when the rebellion took place on Earth,and the Earth was divided,and the ‘Tower of Babel’ was destroyed…
    Yoktan was the ancestor of a sinful and rebellious race of people of the previous civilisation before our current one. Yoktan was the 13th in the the order of the children of Shem. Yoktan had 13 sons,the gematria of his name is 169,13 x 13,and the gematria of his 13 sons is 2,756, 212 x 13.
    Dragon occurs exactly 13 times in the bible,and is associated with WOMAN,hence Milky Way,the heavenly queen and heavenly goddess…Meri-yam(Miriam and Mary),the Incas knew and called as Ama-ruca(America)…And America is feminine continent where women enjoys the most freedoms,but also,America has the shape of the female body…And America is full of Dragon/Serpent architecture and monuments! Even the name of Can means Serpent in the native people languages. Canada is the example of that name,and it can be traced even in the name of Vatican(where Vat is opposite of Tav,male stargate,meanwhile Can is the female stargate).
    In Revelation12:9,the Dragon is called the Devil and Satan of an old…His gematria is 2,197, 13 x 13 x 13 ! The great DRAGON which was cast out,that old SERPENT,called the DEVIL and SATAN…All his other names,as Dragon,Tempter,Belial,Murderer and Serpent have gematria of multiples by 13…
    And one shouldn’t forget the fact that the ANTICHRIST will be most likely a FEMALE,perhaps role to be played by Hillary Clinton,if she will be the First female president in the White House! The other known female is the Statue of Liberty,some masons suspiciously declare as ‘Mary Magdalene’,with 7 thorned crown(spikes)…

  66. And what we have and can see on the US masonic 1$ bill?
    E Pluribus Unum+ Annuit Coeptis+Novus Ordo Seclorum+MDCCLXXVI=52 (Latin)letters,the world famous “Maya” cycle of 52 “years”…Virtually,hundreds of self called “experts” on masonic symbols on the US 1$ bill and the Great Seal cannot this so simple matematical formula and cycle!

  67. The ANTICHRIST perhaps arrive after all on 06.06.2016,and the ANTICHRIST shall be a WOMAN(female) from the SERPENT/DRAGON continent,Ama-ruca/America-Motherly coast/continent…Perhaps,the hillarious Hillary Clinton will fulfill that role.Her name fits it as well,plus her high ranking masonic association is clear.
    Most people doesn’t suspect that so called “Statue of Liberty”(given to Ama-ruca by French masons) is also the ANTICHRIST STATUE,also depicting America/Ama-ruca as the female-Dragon/Serpent continent,located between the Y-shaped oceans(Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific), our earthly copy of the Y-shaped Milky Way(Meri-yam/Miriam/Mary-heavenly queen and goddess,female Isis or Nut bend over the arch of the sky.She is also known as the ‘Cosmic River’…Between her river-legs is the Dark Rift,also known as Mesopotamia,and in its confluence is the Black Hole=vagina as the female stargate and the 13th constellation,also known as CygnusX1=Swan…But the ancient name of the Black Hole was Yama/Jama with gematria value of 52)…
    The Antichrist-Statue of Liberty has Seven(7)thorned/spiked CROWN as the symbol of New Cycle/Age of Sun and the Great New Year of 25,773 earthly soli-lunar years… This was also the reason why had Jew Yoke City Seven(7) WTC buildings on the East coast,meanwhile,Seattle on the Western coast,where the solstices ends,has Nine(9)buildings of the Columbus Circle Project around the Y-shaped Union Lake,with 526 feet high ‘Space Needle’ in the shape of the STING of Scorpio(Al Shaula star=biblical Shaul/Paul who as the tail of the church became its head,meanwhile the head its tail)…WTC1/North Tower was 526 metres high and it was according the masonic Database(=Al Kaeda), it was attacked at 8:46 a.m.(E.T.=Eastern Time),what was exactly 526th minute of thatSACRIFICIAL Tuesday morning!

  68. According the various Bible CODES and the Initial(Abjad)CODES in Quran,plus numerous measurements of most famous and important temples and pyramids/monuments, ANTICHRIST should arrive on 2016,and the END TIME should reach us on 2019…The masons have monopoly on this knowledge and got ready(bunkers,food,medicine, with perhaps some bases on the Moon as well)…I remind you,read M.P.Hall’s book-Secret Teachings of All Ages-where he clearly states ‘That Our Mother Earth Shook Off Her Back Many Civillisations Before Our Present One !!!

  69. Bolon Yokte Ku is clearly depicted on the famous Codex Mendoza,where the 3 columns of “gods” clearly depicts the SEVEN,but also NINE “constellations” at the Galactic alignment and rebirth of the Sun and of our Earth and the Great Year starts anew… The CENTRAL COLUMN clearly deals with so called ‘Galactic Trinity Alignment’ of T-tav/Min=Belt of Orion which is also the Galactic Anticentre…Beneath it is the 9 Ringed Jar/Pot with 11 rings/stars in it…And beneath both is our potent star-Sun with 11 rings/stars depicting its 11 year sunspot cycles. The SEVEN/Nine “constellations” starts with Cancer/Crab whose number is 69=rebirth/procreation/creation…Below that is the Tail of Leo and below the Tail of Leo is stargazing astronomer-“priest” with tiers cominig out his eyes which points skywards…The CENTRAL COLUMN is described above…The third and right column starts with Pleiades .Below that is the ‘Ursa Major’…This is the so called SEVEN CONSTELLATIONS aligned at the REBIRTH…In the Central column,our Sun-circle of 11 rings/stars has an arrow pointing at an additional CIRCLE of 13 rings/stars which is below the 3rd column and Ursa Major of 16 rings/stars…The Circle of 13 stars can be the end of the 13 Bak’tuns,but also depicting the 13th house of Zodiac,the Black Hole! And to the right of the Black Hole is a glyph which clearly depicts a sort of TWIST or TURN,but cannot be excluded as sort of a “FALLING STAR”… In the Maya DUAL meanings and dual concept of their astronomy explanations and symbols,one cannot exclude that variety/possibilities…It can be seen in one of the two books from Prof.E.C.Krupp,page 168,published in 1977…

  70. The first SEVEN “constellations” has total of 117 rings/stars,and the NINE “constellations” have total of 135 rings/stars… Altogether it is 252…252 cubical meters has Pakal’s tomb under the Temple of “Inscriptions”(=Temple of Death and Resurrection of the Sun) where leads 69 steps atop,in calendrical order from top it is:×13=117) for the Sun cycles…With the Lid,there is additional 66 steps(1+65)to his RED painted burial chamber…Hence,total of 135 steps! The Temple has 3 hills with 5 plazas and is 9 tiered pyramid-house: 3x5x9=135 again! [Israel is sometimes referred by many biblical scholars as being ‘depraved’ for 2520 long years]… And additionally,the Pleiades cluster stars have enclosed in its tier shaped oval,7 or 9 rings with dots in their center,but two are just fully black and of the same size… The First column of the Codex Mendoza has summary 33;the Central column(Galactic Alignment) has 42(=3,5 years of Antichrist rule),and the Last,third column has also 42,totaling 117 … Plus the 13 Bak’tuns/dots in the Black Hole Circle with 5 tiers/dots/rings of the Crying priest-astronomer,it is totaling 135!!

  71. On the Codex Mendoza,the so called Pleiades cluster/”constellation” as describes it other scholars(I doubt-it is NOT Pleiades!) is 26 outer rings.stars in the tier shaped oval,just as there is 26 rings in the First constellation of Crab/Cancer(clearly seen as a Crab/Cancer)…The Tetragrammaton IHVH has the Hebrew gematria value 26(I=10;H=5;V=6;H=5=26,but also the year of 10,565 BCE as the start of the 2nd half of the Great Year,starting from Leo toward Aquarius,the Head of the Great Year)…12,886 years is half of the Great Year of 25,773 years,which has culminated on 5773 Anno Mundi,the year of 2012/13 Anno Domini,when exactly ended also the Maya calendar cyclus of 13 Bak’tuns (Kab+Nut of Egypt in reverse)…10,500 BC is the date where G.Hancock place the Zep Tepi,2nd half of the Great Year,its start…But he is wrong in one point…The Great Sphinx has the Head of Aquarius/Potter/Creator/Y.S.R.=DjoSeR and body of Leo…Hence,clearly pointing out that the Great Year starts by the Age of Aquarius/Potter-Creator!!! The famous Zodiac of Glastonbury also starts by the constellation of Aquarius/Phoenix! Zep Tepi is matched in Mexico by the famous Tepcan altar of Tepeu Kukulkan,in Chochicalco! It has exactly the same measures as the Egyptian Shabaka(+SEVEN) stone,84×135 cm! And both numbers are the JUDGEMENT NUMBERS!!!And nowadays,we already learned a lot about the Temples of Eden in the Turkish Kurdistan(Kur or Qur is Hill of god,as also mens Qur’an…So,the Kurds originated perhaps here,in the Mountains/Hills of god),in the Temples of GOBEKLI TEPE…(Gob=Geb/Kab or Seb,the Earth god,usually symbolised by SQUARE and CUBE=Kaba,as in Mecca,Kabah of Yucatan or two perfect CUBES in the Bible…The reason,why the English churches have cubical towers)…Then,there is the CUBICAL temple of Java island(Iava of Iahve/yahwe as is Hawaii backwardly,but also the Bahai “religious occult”,where B is often as V…The cubical temple of Java island in Indonesia is in confluence/Mesopotamia of two river-legs,known as PURA KEBO EDAN=PURE CUBE EDEN=our Earth,but also Paradise in Milky way-the Black Hole leading to the Galactic double center-cosmic WOMB,sybolised by the numbers 8 and 20(as 9/11 Jar/Pot)…

  72. My words coming to be true,WW3 is knocking on the door…There will be very few survivors(8 survivors? As is the biblical number of Resurrection?). That’s the God of War-Antichrist(female and Black Hole)…The atmosphere will perhaps evaporate and we will all die,including the zionist-masonic “ruling elite”…No bunkers will help them to survive for 2 or 3 years afterwards. And if they start WW3 in Syrian battlefield where all world war crimminals met,then I wish them the slowest and most painful death. The true Anno Magnus(Great Year) ends at 2016,after 25,776 years as 360* x 71.6 years per 1* arc degree.12.12.2015

  73. The ‘End Time’ date seems to be the Year of 2033,not only according the many Bible Codes summaries points at it in the UK
    coded Bibles,but also this:

    Number 33 is the highest masonic number and degree to be reached among the masonic ranks. Liberty Street 33, on Manhattan island,the local zionist copy of Mesopotamia in Milky Way,plays very important role-there is the GOLD VAULT of the
    phony “Federal Reserve Bank”…Genesis 2:10-14 clearly reveals that in the Black Hole which is located in Havilah-Paradise-Mesopotamia-Dark Rift is all the GOLD…
    Christ-the Son and Sun was allegedly crucified in the age of 33,
    and in 2033 will be 2000 year anniversary of that event. The Bible is allegedly split on 3 periods,each of 2000 years.
    And there is already plenty of real or false “prophecies” out there for the year 2033… But the masonic highest number and rank of 33 degrees,may also points at that ‘End Time’ date…

  74. Bolon Yokte Ku, is clearly the Nine headed Dragon of Apocalypse…And the Dragon is clearly identified as Milky Way,its Black Hole,as the Co-Creator,the female Creator. Since number 7 is associated with the beginning of a new cycle,New Great Precessional Year, number 9 is clearly associated with the END of that Great Precessional Year! ( See 7 WTC buildings on the East coast of USA, and 9 buildings of the Columbus Circle Project in Seattle,on the West coast of USA). 7+9=16,the 16 minutes between the attacks on WTC1 and WTC2…Encoded in the “Sistine” chapel of Vatican, which is Sixteenth chapel in all other languages of the world,except English,with masonic deception as “Sistine”…

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