Religion is there to catch the dead

I went to a funeral the other day and it saddened me to see old people being so obedient as to wreck their knees on hard pews, Simon says “stand up”, Simon says “Sit down…” you give over control of your will to a priest who may or may not know anything about the true force of the universe… The Spirit of Nature, that which comes to us and flows through us to teach every generation about the truth… the food that’s good for us, the thought’s that are good for us, the music that is good for us and so on.

It makes me sad to think people need to go to Church to know God, when in fact God can be seen in the rules of nature, from the fundamental laws of Physics to the glory of evolutionary biology.

I think that Religions are a trap for people… you must go to mass, give money, do good, not because you are good, but because of a reward.  Doing something for reward is bribery and actually dishonest.  Personally, I think the best thing you can do to thank God for your life is to live it… and hear the spirit and talk to it and respect it’s creation.

So many people are fan boys of a religion, be it a church, a football team, a gaming console, a type of physical exercise etc.  Don’t give yourself up to something to belong to a gang, be your own person… the only think you need to be a fan boy of is the beauty of this world, and that includes our fellow man…

Nurture nature, but use it for your survival, just as other animals do… a lion does not eat a deer because it wants to, it does it because it needs to… it is the same with us, we should do the things we need to make us whole, and that includes being kind, being productive and sometimes looking after ourselves so we can look after others.  Live life without hurting anyone including yourself.  Do not live in regret because you denied your instincts, but equally do not trigger your instincts unnaturally… follow your design, live and love.

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