Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest – Add Your Testimony

One of the worst things anybody can go through is sleep paralysis.  I have had this experience myself and you basically lie on the bed without being able to move a muscle and it can last momentarily or for minutes and even longer.  For whatever reason in the past I always break out of the paralysis saying the name Jesus or Yeshua…

Three of my friends have said to me that they saw a goblin sitting on their chest whilst having this experience, thankfully this has not happened to me thus far (update: I’ve had baphomet float over me and a little goblin pull at my head from behind since this post). All of them describe the creature similarly and two of them never knew that this creature is actually part of folklore…

Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest
Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest

Legend has it that Incubus is a demon that lies on the chest of sleeping people with the intention of having sex with them, Merlin the magician from the King Arthur saga, was purported to be the offspring of the Incubii. Apparently these creatures have penises that are very cold and very big (maybe like the metal probes described by people anally probed by aliens???)!

This legend varies from region to region and the demon takes many forms, the scariest of the lot is Popo Bowa, a Tanzanian demon that strikes fear into the hearts of men because this particular demon paralyses men and then sodomises them!!!

Scientists believe that sleep paralysis can be explained by the fact that your brain wakes up before your body does but there is no conclusive evidence about what actually causes it just yet…

These colourful legends stretch far and wide!!! If you’ve had one we’d love to hear from you!

Because of all the testimonies below I wrote a song and want to dedicate it to all of you guys who suffer terribly… here is the youtube video… 

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146 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest – Add Your Testimony”

  1. What amazes me about my experience of this is that the first time it happened I felt that there was a demon sitting on my chest. If I had been born in the 1700s and it had happened to me apparently I would have thought the same thing. Why would a 20th century boy, steeped in rock and roll, tv and technology be thinking “I’m paralyzed and there’s a demon on my chest”? Is there a demon-sense hardwired into all people that rises to the surface during sleep paralysis?

  2. Definitely a strange one alright gogonzola baby… extremely sinister if you ask me!

  3. I wasnt asleep when it happened.. i was totally conscious and weird thing about it is i was on the 10 floor and i saw lights passing by as if it was a car, but i was too high up for car lights, on top of it, there was no parking lot or road at my window. So i go back to my bed to lie down and fall asleep but i felt like something was there so i couldnt really sleep. next thing you know not even 1 minute after i lied down something paralyzed me, i couldnt move, scream, nothing, the only thing i could do was move my eyes.. i looked at the wall in front of me, and the middle of the wall started looking like (when someone takes a picture and you see those purple blue spots) flashes, then it started filling up the whole wall and as soon as it filled up the wall, i saw this huge hooded figure in the middle of the wall taking up the wall top to bottom. i couldnt see anything in the hood just a black bottomless pit like face. at this time i was praying to god or to whoever is up there because this wasnt the first time IT helped me.. whoever it is. i prayed and prayed until the demon le go and i broke free of the paralyzing. i ran out of the room, but as i ran out of the room, the door felt like there was a sheet of ice on it when i walked through it. chills ran up my WHOLE BODY. i ran out the apartment looked back once to see if it was still following me luckily i didnt see anything because if i saw something that day chasing me after that incident i wouldnt be normal today. thank god for blessing me and giving me the strength to ward off the evils that may.

  4. I wasnt asleep when it occured i was totally conscious and weird thing about it is i was on the 10 floor and i saw lights passing by as if it was a car, but i was too high up for car lights, on top of it, there was no parking lot or road at my window. So i go back to my bed to lie down and fall asleep but i felt like something was there so i couldnt really sleep. next thing you know not even 1 minute after i lied down something paralyzed me, i couldnt move, scream, nothing, the only thing i could do was move my eyes.. i looked at the wall in front of me, and the middle of the wall started looking like (when someone takes a picture and you see those purple blue spots) flashes, then it started filling up the whole wall and as soon as it filled up the wall, i saw this huge hooded figure in the middle of the wall taking up the wall top to bottom. i couldnt see anything in the hood just a black bottomless pit like face. at this time i was praying to god or to whoever is up there because this wasnt the first time IT helped me.. whoever it is. i prayed and prayed until the demon le go and i broke free of the paralyzing. i ran out of the room, but as i ran out of the room, the door felt like there was a sheet of ice on it when i walked through it. chills ran up my WHOLE BODY. i ran out the apartment looked back once to see if it was still following me luckily i didnt see anything because if i saw something that day chasing me after that incident i wouldnt be normal today. thank god for blessing me and giving me the strength to ward off the evils that may.

  5. This has happened to me also. I was asleep when i heard a voice say “Wake up, it’s in the room with you!” I woke up, sat straight up, looked around the room, didn’t see anyone but felt like I was being watched. I laid back down and as soon as my back hit the couch it jumped on top of me. I felt like my body was being pushed into the couch but at the same time I heard wind rushing past me ears as if I were going really fast. I couldn’t move anything but my eyes. I tired to scream for help but my mouth wouldn’t work. i could make sound but it didn’t matter with out being able to use my mouth. It took me about half an hour to get my foot off the couch. As soon as my foot hit the floor it got off and I was able to move. I ran into my room and woke my friend who was staying the night and told him all about it. As the weeks went by it started happeneing more and more. At first I could just feel it coming before the attacks began, but after a few times I could see him. Every time it was the same man. This went on for months. It got to the point that every time I laid down to go to sleep or if I became to relaxed he would come. Towards the end this even began happening to my roomates. Same man, same sensation. He also started yelling at me towards the end. He would be holding a book in his hand and shout “LISTEN TO ME, I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!” I couldn’t listen. I was way to freaked out. I don’t know if he actually meant to be so demonic in the way he made me feel or if I was just so overwhelmed by what was going on that it felt that way to me. The only way I got it to stop was to start going to church and praying for my life. I have heard and read that this is sleep paralyisis. That may be apart of it, but I don’t think thats all of it. I have never in my life dreamed the same dream or same person over and over for months and then have friends report that they are having it also. I think this thing is able to come when your body is relaxed enough that it can cause the paralysis. It has been almost 10 years and I’m still afraid to go to sleep.

  6. I have had sleep paralysis twice. The first time I was 22 and living in Arizona in an apartment. I woke up completely awake at around three am and was completely paralyzed with an alien on my chest. There were three other aliens in my room hanging out. My room appeared to be completely lit up with weird lights flashing everywhere. There were also what appeared to be four spirits flying around my ceiling. I could barely breath and I thought I might die. It seemed like this happened for at least two minutes. As soon as I snapped out of it I got on my computer and typed alien sitting on my chest and I started to find out about sleep paralysis.
    My second experience happened about two years later at my brothers house in washington. My brother woke me up at six am and asked if I wanted a ride. I declined the ride and decided I would like to sleep for a few hours more. I awoke again shortly after and heard noises coming from upstairs, sounded like people walking around, loud footsteps. I walked upstairs and everything was gone and the floors were red cherry wood floors all of a sudden, instead of light colored hardwood. I did not see anything else on the second floor and I heard loud noises on the third floor now. I walked up the stairs and saw a room full of spirits flying all around the room. I became very scared and said this has got to be a dream. My whole life I have been able to wake up in my dreams and fly around and basically control my dreams when I got lucky. So I said ” hot chick appear” and a dead nasty chick appeared before me and it was sick and I was so scared. Then suddenly I am back down in the basement in my bed fully awake. Then what appeared to be the devil. A huge face that was floating around my room and looking at me and moving from side to side laughing and making fun of me with his face. Then that devilish bastard flew inside my mouth and rattled my jaw for I would say a good two minutes. My jaw was waggling out of control when it flew inside me. My jaw was sore for a week after this happened. I was mad and scared more than I have ever been in my entire life. If anybody has any advice for me or something like that would be great. Because that is some weird stuff and I would like some answers. Thanks.

  7. Bobby, the key thing is not to be afraid… these tormenting spirits seem to feed off your fear so think about love and peace and happiness and hold on to those thoughts… easier said than done I know but just give off a scent of love and they won’t hang around long. Personally, I think the name Jesus has a lot of power (if Kundalini and Chi energy has a personality, this is one of its names) so next time it happens think of and try and utter that word and see what happens.

  8. @Mony Ali, yes the second time I had this happen I saw the same dude with the hood and the bottomless pit like face that you describe. He was leaning over the bed looking at me and I couldn’t move. That was one of the most terrifying things that ever happened to me. Although I think I felt a lot of anger too.

  9. I have recently had flu, blocked facial tubes eardrums about to explode and my very firs sleep paralysis. I have never been so scared in my 53 years of life.
    Satins baby was trying to eat me. I screamed for my husband, kicked the wall over and over again trying to get his attention. I realised after a few minutes that i was asleep so i tried to wake up, the pain in my eyes where i was trying to open them was horrendous. I have a TV & DVD player in my room and i knew that if i could see the 2 stand by lights on them i new i was awake, so i desperately tried to open my eyes but to no avail. This baby was getting ever closer and its face was so grotesque. I was about to have my face eaten off when i saw the 2 red lights of the TV. I gave out to my husband & asked why he didn’t try to help, he said that i had not moved an inch in bed and no sounds came from my mouth. The next night i was so frightened to go to bed because i thought i would not wake up a second time. I hope to god i never experience this ever again.

  10. First Encounter October 27, 2008

    I was hesitant to post, but seeing others experience this helps me. Hopefully my encounter will help someone else not feel alone.

    I had an encounter – not a dream – at around 5:30 am It was the first of its kind. I have never experienced anything even remotely similar. In psychiatry this kind of episode is referred to as Sleep Paralysis. Until now I was only familiar with these through stories I’d been told or had read. I now personally believe that this classification is the scientific dismissal of a spiritual assault.

    My husband had already left for work. I’m at home in my bed, lying on my back facing the ceiling. I do not know if my eyes were open, but when I “look” my husband’s face is about two feet over mine looking down at me. He is straddling me at about waist level and his hand is pressed down against the middle of my upper chest holding me firmly in place. At this point I am only mildly confused. To the right of my husband’s face I then notice a small creature sitting on his shoulders. It’s looking down at me, too. It is about the size of a six to nine month old baby, but its limbs are spindly and disproportionately longer than a human’s. Its hairless and greasy, sickly complexion is flesh colored, but mottled pasty gray from head to toe. It is sentient, aware and participating if only in presence. Now I know something is very wrong. I look back at my husband, but he’s gone and in his place is a large version of the tiny being. Its lanky body is slightly larger than my husband’s. Its head is bigger, elongated and wider at the top. It, too, is hairless and its skin is ashen and looks almost as if it is bruised. I have two monsters sitting on top of me. I struggle to move out from under the pressure of his one hand, off the bed and onto the floor, but the force coming down on me is so strong that no part of me can move. I’m paralyzed. With no way out, I scream “Jeeeee…” but there’s only quiet. I immediately try again, but realize that I am hearing the sound in my head only. My mouth is not opening and I am aware and very troubled that I can’t even call for help. Immediately after the second silent scream for Jesus, they both vaporized into nothingness.

    I have had several more encounters and each has been so markedly different that it seems that if “it” can’t enter one way, it is trying others.

    In two encounters I watched hands reach through glass and I felt several of them rapidly touching and grabbing my body. I knew that contact had been made and immediately forced myself awake.

    In another, I could see and feel the entire length of a dark human shaped silhouette parallel mine as it started to assimilate into the whole length of mine, like fluid stepping into my entire being. I could feel my heart being oppressed by that dark, deep, eternal darkness I’d felt in the previous experiences.

    With each episode there is increasing dread; a deep heavy dread and desire to not re-experience these encounters, but I do not feel fear. By this I mean, my heart rate does not increase, my breathing does not change and my eyes do not reflect anxiety or stress. My mind is in a heightened state of alertness, but I am otherwise completely calm. Still, at the time this is happening, my soul knows it is in danger. I do all I can to escape this dark energy’s grip and block it from entering.

    These visitations seem to be occurring at deeper states of sleep. It seems to me that whatever this is, it is trying to gain access to me and is trying to different entries, disguises and methods.

    Admin says the key thing is not to be afraid and to call on Jesus. I agree. I am not a mainstream Christian but an esoteric who embraces and teaches many of the ancient paths including the Middle Eastern Jesus, Buddhism and Taoism. I’m of pure and humble heart. My entire reality is shaped by my love for God and my service to others. As frightening as the encounters are, they have confirmed what I was quite certain of anyway and that is that there is another reality and dimension that we are not aware of during our regular waking state.

    I have not had another encounter since November 2009.


  11. This has also happened to me, it feels so good not to be the only one who experiences this. Last year it happened to me many times in 2 months (September, October 2009). It always happened to me before going to sleep, not while sleeping or after suddenly waking up. I suddenly couldn’t move or talk, I just could move my eyes. Since it happened to me before sleeping you could imagine my resting on those nights, I stayed awake until 5 am watching TV. The weird thing is that I pray every night and it still occured. Maybe my prayers aren’t that effective since I’m not a “good” catholic.

    I get really scared when I think about it…but when I’m experiencing it I’m not scared. I just think about the situation, and focus on the pressure I feel on me. I don’t pray to God (because I always pray before) so I just keep on questioning myself and everything until it stops. When it stops is when I get scared, turn all the lights on and bla bla.

    The last time it happened to me, I first felt a negative presence, don’t ask me how I know it was negative, but it just felt negative (you have to experience it to understand it). That presence felt so bad, it was disturbing and aah…no clear description. But well, I felt the presence and figured out that I was going to have a sleep paralysis because of the presence, and when I was going to get up from my bed DAMMIT I was already under the effect. This time I could clearly feel the pressure of 4 fingers pressing my leg. So as usual, I questioned everything, looked around so if there was anything and there was nothing, but the thing is that it the paralysis was so long that I got angry! So I said in loud voice (in my head) OK NOW WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, HUH? IF YOU ARE A DEMON ARE YOU GONNA POSSES ME LIKE THE MOVIES OR WHAT? DO SOMETHING OR JUST STOP PLAYING STUPID THINGS and then it stopped. I thinked if it was a demon or whatever, he felt offended or something like that, because that was the last time I was bothered.

    After that time I’ve felt the usual “someone is watching me but there is nobody there”, but no big deal. I mean I don’t think nothing “bad” was watching me, or at least it didn’t feel negative (feeling something negative is watching you is REALLY disturbing). And well, I’m scared of going to bed when I’m alone in my room, so I usually bring my dog or I tell my brother to sleep in my room (I have 2 beds so both ideas are not uncomfortable). Everytime I feel like I’m going to have a sleep paralysis, I go to my brother’s room. He is an angel really, his room feels like…PEACE.

    Well thats basically my story, I’m just glad I’ve never seen anything, just felt (though I’d prefer not to have felt anything). I had it all controlled and was not scared of sleeping anymore during November, and it lasted until December when I saw Paranormal Activity :( bad idea to watch that movie…but well! Nothing wrong has happened to me in 2010, so I just hope things keep on getting better .

  12. Thanks for that Pieri, I find when I pray I am more susceptible to nightmares, the feeling that there is something in the room and sleep paralysis.

    There are 3 possibilities here:
    1. The subconcious mind plays tricks on us when we begin to look more for spiritual signs
    2. The god you are praying to is the correct one and Satan and his demons attack you
    3. You are praying to the wrong god and bringing it on yourself

    I find that trying to live the way Jesus lived without worrying about praying in the traditional sense relieves the symptoms of sleeps paralysis.

    Be careful who you pray to I guess!

  13. I read somewhere that when you pray to God, demons get angry or something like that. This is why they “attack” you in when you pray, they are aiming to make you stop praying. But the web page were I read this, contradicted itself cause it also said that if you you pray, then demons will not bother you. So its kind of weird really.

  14. pieri, the praying that a lot of people do is exactly what jesus told people not to do, repetitive droney stuff… this is like chanting and it might annoy things that are around.

    personally, i would say appreciate what the source has given you and leave the repetitive praying to others.

  15. Hello,
    I have been researching incubi for some years now and have encountered several interesting cases.
    My latest one is in Dundee and she is being attacked every night by a number of invisible entities.
    As an earth energy researcher I have dicovered some very interesting aspects of these cases and I am building a Youtube on the subject.
    I take it the picture of the Incubus at the top of your page is not copyrighted, so that I may use it.

    Will keep in touch and tell you when it is ready.
    David R. Cowan

  16. I had something similar; I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt something was wrong, then I got extremely frightened and didn’t dare to move, after 5 – 10 minutes the feeling went away.

    the next night the same but less strong.
    very weird.

  17. i also go through the same encounter and also my work col-liq Richard, normally i can sense when it going to happen, i get into this deep sleep and gets me tired and exhausted after a few minutes i just dose off then suddenly some presses me, cant move or even scream but in my mind i am screaming and moving, i scream the name of Jesus inwardly 3 times ,the 1st time i scream Jesus it presses more then the 3rd time it leaves

    i believe in the name and it helps me bigtime

  18. I’ve had this experience. I remember dreaming of something that looked like a demon, just a terrible nightmare, and I woke up feeling very stiff and I could not move. I felt something heavy on my body, on my chest and I could feel myself wanting to scream out for help but I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to cry, I couldn’t, to get out of bed, couldn’t etc. The only thing I could do was move my eyes and think that I want help. I don’t remember how the feeling went away but it was definitely one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve had to experience. Now I know what it all was – thanks to Art History haha.

  19. I have the symptoms of not moving, but i have not been as far as seeing creatures or hooded figures. My experience is completely different.

    As soon as i regain control over my body again lights appear on my roof wall. The lights are characters like a different language. The characters seem like they are highly sophisticated. The characters are somewhat a mixture between letters and small pictures.. constantly moving around my wall, each character at the same pace.. its actually kind of beautiful.. I have had this happen several times now.. and each time i am amazed.. i try to intepret the language but it is too hard.. i dont feel scared.. i feel that something is trying to communicate something to me.. i am really curious to know if anyone has had the same experience.. of these lights that show constantly moving characters.. btw when i see these lights i am fully awake, i am sure that it is not a dream. please someone tell me that this that this has happened to them aswell.

  20. Hi Pat,

    I have not had this experience, but it sounds beautiful and it does seem something is trying to communicate with you. I hope it happens often enough that you can make sense of it.


  21. I have had two types.First is just explained as waist down/’asleep.I simply wake up and try to get out of bed only to fall to the floor.This has only happend like twice and is in no way supernatural.I feel it important to state because having experienced that I can say without any doubt that the other type I have gone through was not due to sleeping some weird way.Stopping or altering blood-flo causing this type of encounter.Without any question there was another present.OK MY STORY-I was working on the road in chicago in 1999 and met a lady.I was 19 at the time and she older at 26.She was not very religous and nor was I.She was greek and sometimes looking back I still wonder if she ever had this thing attack her.However we were only an item while I was working there and after my job forced me elsware we never remained in contact (this was before everyone had cell phones.).I have even went so far as wonder if it was atached to her in some way or atracted to her as she was kind of dark in nature and I could see her trying wichcraft or something like that.With that being said I to question all things and it would not be out of my bounds to try just about anything in search for some/ well anything.Anyway it was the first night we were together and in her appt in evenston.An old redbrick building maybe 4 stories and her place was on the third floor.I remember her bed was without a frame and the boxspring and matress were on the floor.I awoke about 9-10 am and was lying on my back with my arms out to the sides and bent so as my hands were just beside head.My mind began to collect itself and I went to move my right arm.I first tried verry little and my eyes were closed.Soon as I felt my muscle conrtact I felt pressure on me and more so on my arm.I than began to try harder to move my arm and only my arm.As I at this time was little more than awake or perplexed at this occurance.However as I tried harder my hand did slightly move but it was all my strength and only barely moving.That is when I felt the presence.It is very hard to describe but I will try.If you ever look at someone who is completly suprised with a gift they always wanted and the moment you see them crack that smile you know without a shadow of doubt they are happy like you even feel happy to just by being there to witness such true joy . That feeling is kinda yours for a moment .Well that is what it was like .My eyes were still shut ,I saw now smile but I felt its well-joy.It was overwelmingly thrust at me.I was instantly filled with fear and absolute anger.Angry that something was getting off at my expence.And make no mystake this..presance was feeding (for a lack of better words) of my emotional destress.Thats when panic set in and I began fighting for my life it seemed, to move anything.I could not screem but was able to open my eyes.When I did there was nothing .my head was to the side and I had to fight to move it into a position were I might see my attacker but after that struggle there was nothing visable but it still held me it was there and the fight was on.After what was probably a minute but felt like five I managed to lean forward and that is when I felt the resistance go. I ran out into the living room wich was only a few steps.There was my lady friend her roomate and one of her roomates friends.None had heard the strugle but after only one try to speak during the attack I wasnt surprised.However when I rounded the corner I said nothing about it.What could I say ?I had never met her roomate and bairly knew her.It simply would have sounded rediculous.I never spoke to her of this .In fact I have only told a handfull of people and even when I do I play it off like there is probably some medical explanation even when I know in my mind heart and soul exactly what occured.funny aint it how guided we are be society.Anyway that was the only time it happend and if ever in this life or after I am confronted with this presance I may know fear but I am that wich will enjoy the fight in fact I kinda wish to occur again just io confront it or any demon spirate or what ever it was .I would as crazy as it sounds.But If you ever feelt the anger it summend inside you ,you would understand.PS THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSTS THEY HELP MY SANITY.also I encurage anyone that might read this and then be challenged by said- whatever it is.Fight ,and use the fear as fuel.Fight for you are, and that is all that matters.AND IF YOU FEEL YOU MIGHT LOOSE / FIGHT ON AND FIGHT MORE AND NEVER STOP.SHOW YOUR OWN SPIRIT AND MAKE IT BE STRONG BOTH IN AND OUT.YOUR WILL TO CHALLENGE MAY HELP TO SHED LIGHT ON THIS FOR ALL HUMANITY TO USE.GATHER INFO AND SHARE IT. Thats all I got but if it helps only one in anyway it was more than worth my time to post.THANK YOU ALL …PS if you read this with doubt,so would I. But this stuff is real as me or you whatever it is.I really want to know more about it.does it have to do this is it just fun for it is there a purpose for it? so so many questions. please continue the search

  22. I have had two types.First is just explained as waist down/’asleep.I simply wake up and try to get out of bed only to fall to the floor.This has only happend like twice and is in no way supernatural.I feel it important to state because having experienced that I can say without any doubt that the other type I have gone through was not due to sleeping some weird way.Stopping or altering blood-flo causing this type of encounter.Without any question there was another present.OK MY STORY-I was working on the road in chicago in 1999 and met a lady.I was 19 at the time and she older at 26.She was not very religous and nor was I.She was greek and sometimes looking back I still wonder if she ever had this thing attack her.However we were only an item while I was working there and after my job forced me elsware we never remained in contact (this was before everyone had cell phones.).I have even went so far as wonder if it was atached to her in some way or atracted to her as she was kind of dark in nature and I could see her trying wichcraft or something like that.With that being said I to question all things and it would not be out of my bounds to try just about anything in search for some/ well anything.Anyway it was the first night we were together and in her appt in evenston.An old redbrick building maybe 4 stories and her place was on the third floor.I remember her bed was without a frame and the boxspring and matress were on the floor.I awoke about 9-10 am and was lying on my back with my arms out to the sides and bent so as my hands were just beside head.My mind began to collect itself and I went to move my right arm.I first tried verry little and my eyes were closed.Soon as I felt my muscle conrtact I felt pressure on me and more so on my arm.I than began to try harder to move my arm and only my arm.As I at this time was little more than awake or perplexed at this occurance.However as I tried harder my hand did slightly move but it was all my strength and only barely moving.That is when I felt the presence.It is very hard to describe but I will try.If you ever look at someone who is completly suprised with a gift they always wanted and the moment you see them crack that smile you know without a shadow of doubt they are happy like you even feel happy to just by being there to witness such true joy . That feeling is kinda yours for a moment .Well that is what it was like .My eyes were still shut ,I saw now smile but I felt its well-joy.It was overwelmingly thrust at me.I was instantly filled with fear and absolute anger.Angry that something was getting off at my expence.And make no mystake this..presance was feeding (for a lack of better words) of my emotional destress.Thats when panic set in and I began fighting for my life it seemed, to move anything.I could not screem but was able to open my eyes.When I did there was nothing .my head was to the side and I had to fight to move it into a position were I might see my attacker but after that struggle there was nothing visable but it still held me it was there and the fight was on.After what was probably a minute but felt like five I managed to lean forward and that is when I felt the resistance go. I ran out into the living room wich was only a few steps.There was my lady friend her roomate and one of her roomates friends.None had heard the strugle but after only one try to speak during the attack I wasnt surprised.However when I rounded the corner I said nothing about it.What could I say ?I had never met her roomate and bairly knew her.It simply would have sounded rediculous.I never spoke to her of this .In fact I have only told a handfull of people and even when I do I play it off like there is probably some medical explanation even when I know in my mind heart and soul exactly what occured.funny aint it how guided we are by society.Anyway that was the only time it happend and if ever in this life or after I am confronted with this presance I may know fear but I am that wich will enjoy the fight in fact I kinda wish it to occur again just to confront it or any demon spirate or what ever it was .I would as crazy as it sounds.But If you ever felt the anger it summend inside you ,you would understand.PS THANK YOU FOR ALL THE POSTS THEY HELP MY SANITY.also I encurage anyone that might read this and then be challenged by said- whatever it is.Fight ,and use the fear as fuel.Fight for you are, and that is all that matters.AND IF YOU FEEL YOU MIGHT LOOSE / FIGHT ON AND FIGHT MORE AND NEVER STOP.SHOW YOUR OWN SPIRIT AND MAKE IT BE STRONG BOTH IN AND OUT.YOUR WILL TO CHALLENGE MAY HELP TO SHED LIGHT ON THIS FOR ALL HUMANITY TO USE.GATHER INFO AND SHARE IT. Thats all I got but if it helps only one in anyway it was more than worth my time to post.THANK YOU ALL …PS if you read this with doubt,so would I. But this stuff is real as me or you whatever it is.I really want to know more about it.does it have to do this is it just fun for it is there a purpose for it? so so many questions. please continue the search

  23. I have had sleep paralysis myself. It was a sensation, & totally frieghtening the several times it has happened. I know people probably think I’m crazy, because I belive in God, Jesus, & the Angel’s-and I thouroughly believe they are are all by deffinition Extra Terrestrial’s!! I believe THEY are constantly watching us Human’s; either for amusement, or just to see how far an Individual will go? My favorite type’s of Entertainment are alway’s based upon the notion that God is dead, & has ultimately abandoned his creation, only to have the story wrapped up in the belief that, on the contrary, God is NOT dead, nor has he abandoned us, but is simply waiting for the former Angel of many names to prove that he cannot rule mankind successfully!! I think money is power on this planet, & I do believe for all intents & purpose’s, that the Aryan (caucasian) “Race” IS superior, because white people have all the power. It’s scary to me to even have formed that thought as I am a black man. All of that was to say, when I’ve had sleep paralysis, & couldn’t move any part of my body, including my mouth, I’ve used my mind to call on YAHWEH, or Jehovah
    as one of God’s many names is prononced in English. It’s alway’s worked for me. And yes, I think God IS white; as I believe he created man in his Image!

  24. Thanks Korey, that’s an interesting perspective. YHWH of the old testament is a scary God… the way he killed through the Arc of the Covenant anyone who was disobedient was unreal, obviously YHWH is a seriously powerful everlasting God, he did say ‘I am’

    I am not sure about the Aryan race being the same race as the caucasian race… I would say a vast amount of the wealth on earth is owned by wealthy European bankers etc. but there are many many poor white people out there just trying to get by like everyone else. I think there are many white races but you are correct there are a group of families that run things… these families probably have carefully protected their gene pool for millennia because of a superiority complex… it’s called the monarchy.

    What I really don’t understand is why we as humans ever accepted other humans as being superior!!!

  25. this happened to me twice. the first time, i became concious, but i was still sleeping and dreaming sort of. i couldn’t move and tryed with all my might. i had a weird feeling in my head and and it felt as if i had held my breath until the point of asphyxiating in my chest. eventually i was able to be free and went back to sleep. the second time i awoke to myself panting for breath, again, it felt as if i had held my breath for the longest time possible and woke up just in time. this has happened to my mother, grandmother, and aunt also.

  26. I have had this same feeling since the age of eleven. It has happened to me over and over again, sometimes all night long. The number of times must be in the thousands by now. The only difference is I have is that mine is very violent, it feels like they are choking me or trying to rip off my head. and it doesn’t happen when I’m sleeping. It happens right before I fall asleep. It feels like my eyes are being forced shut and once they are the torture begins. I have went through a couple sleep studies and they found nothing. I have seen faces, heard voices, seen lights, And when I try to pray sometimes it wont let me remember the words. I feel crazy. I try not to tell people but when I wake up screaming or jumping out of bed, its kinda hard to hide. I have always felt like it was demons. No matter where I move it follows me. Please if you know how I can get rid of this HELP ME.

  27. This only happen to me once. I was sleeping and all of the sudden I woke up and felt like I couldn’t breath right…..but it felt as if something was trying to get inside if I tried take a deep breath,I felt the pressure of something trying to make me breath it in, I was trying to close my mouth, I was fighting it, while my body was paralized. And then I felt a release, thats when I thought, ” Maybe it was trying to posses me”, I got creaped out. I sat up looked around and began to pray, The first thing I noticed it was that it felt weird praying, I was having trouble pronouncing my words and I was struggling. That got me more alarmed. I stepped out of my bed , turned on the lights, and just left theroom. ———After that experience,weeks later ( I don’t know if any of you guys have experienced it), but, I woke up 1 morning automatically again and immediately I heard something rubbing under my bed, like crawling. I just laid on my bed still and I didn’t dare to look , that kind of noise stopped after a few 5-6 seconds. I was afraid of stepping out of my bed, but I did and went straight out of my bedroom. Nothing else has happened to me ever since, but I still wonder what it was, a spirit?

  28. I saw a program yesterday called Nightmare. It described fully what happened to me 26 years ago. However, I never saw anything. I have had about 10 frozen moments since then even when my wife is right next to me. As soon as someone says they knew something bad was sitting on them and they can only move their eyes, I know that they have been through this. I have more details if anyone wants to discuss it.

  29. this is what happened to me last night….ive had similar experiences to this one many times but this is the first one where a demon and evil thoughts are involved. i just fell asleep for about five minutes and then i woke up or so i thought……just like before i couldnt move my body and i became overwhelmed with a fear that is undescribable……its hard to say or describe the feeling….but i can swear i was awake but sortive sleeping….everything was the same…my girlfriend was still next to me and actually i tried screaming to her and i thought i was but she said she did not hear anything….i looked over at her hoping she could see that something was wrong and then i began to hullicinate….her eyes turned black and i felt pure evil in the room it felt like there was a million pounds sitting on me and there was a baby on my chest and actually it had pajamas on that my son has so i thought it was my son on my chest but it was an evil form of my son if you know what i mean i couldnt see the babys face so now im wondering if it was my son at all. there was also a black shadow connected to the baby on my chest and i felt like a demon was trying to get in me and that is exactly what i thought at the time……i did not want to tell my girlfriend about it because i dont believe in that shit and she is always talking about ghosts and stuff and i didnt want to get her going about it but that is what it felt like….i am somewhat relieved to know im not the only one to feel this as being like a demon….i was afraid to tell that part to anyone because it sounds crazy but it is the truth…..i started to try to move and scream with everything in my being and luckily i was on my back so my head wasnt that hard to move i ended up throwing my head back and forth until i came out of it and my girlfriend was like what the hell is wqrong with you…she thought i was having a siezure or something. i said you couldnt hear me screaming to you…i said you looked right at me you couldnt tell something was wrong…she said i never even opened my eyes…….so wierd….i know i was awake!!!!!!!!!! anyway i hope this makes someone feel a little better

  30. Hi Joshua, you’re experience is in many ways similar to my first one (posted 4.14.10)

    I’m glad you posted it. I believe every word you’ve written. Hope that makes you feel a bit better.

  31. Whoever you are praying to, stop it… and fear is what gives something control over you. What can they do only frighten you. Say no to fear.

  32. I agree with admin. Fear is what gives something control over you. The experiences are dreadful, but do not be afraid. If you exhibit fear they continue to return because that seems to be what this dark presence feeds off. Remain calm and call on God and it will move on.

  33. My experience was a little different than most Ive read. I was awakend by the pressure on my chest, when I opened my eyes I saw the back of a head and shoulders coming out of my chest. I was able to move right away, I had no feeling of paralasis…this thing had filthy, long dark hair , greenish, black skin, really oily and greasy, I could see the side of its face and nose, the nose was huge…it was definately female, not sure how I know that, but I am possitive, I immediately grabbed its face and back of its hair and started was trying to turn its head and look at me..I felt like if I looked at its face I would die…I could see my girlfriend sitting up in bed, she was yelling at me, whats wrong, whats wrong..she was petrified. I ended up on the floor, still holding on to this things head, rolling around. This lasted about a minute, the whole time my fear was that it would look at me, it took all my strength not to let it turn its head. I ended up in my sons room, about thirty feet down the hall, through two doors, still on the floor…it just vanished, my son was just standing in his grib looking at me, it was over…sounds crazy, I know. Im not sure what I beleive, Sleep paralsis is NOT what happened to me, I was too aware of what was happening. All I know is that it scared me too the core, I dont ever want to see that again, and havent in 17 yrs..sweet dreams :)

  34. My experiences started when I was very young around the age of 3-4yrs old. I could see faces on my bedroom wall, about 5 or 6 of them on one particular wall. I don’t believe they meant any harm as such how ever I was quite frightened at the time, they appeared nearly every night making certain groaning noises and what not. These faces we’re made from some type of very vivid green, very electric energy a color/hue or texture that I’ve yet to see in our world. I always pretended I was asleep hoping i could trick’em I guess, or I would make a mad dash for my parents room and sleep under the bed haha. This type of experienced ceased once we moved from that house. How ever the sleep paralysis experiences happened on and off as the years passed by (I’ve had so many when I was younger there are too many to document etc.) One thing remained the same when the sleep paralysis took place was that I would be asleep on my back (A position that I don’t feel comfortable sleeping in which is interesting). I would very subtly awaken as if coached out of my sub conscious/sleep only to find a figure of a human in a very thin electric green silhouette some what standing over me or hovering over me, I could only see this figure from roughly the shoulders up with faint facial features etc. Speaking very loud and very fast in some language that sounds more like gibberish then any thing. I also feel very drained after this experience and also the same paralytic feeling as those described by the others on this site. I did realize though that once I even moved a finger or a toe etc, the paralytic feeling would shatter instantaneously. It’s been years since I’ve had any experience like this, I don’t miss it believe me, yet sometimes I do if you know what I mean. In my own beliefs I do know that those experiences simply reinforce the idea that death is only a word that we humans have created, and that when our physical body can no longer sustain it’s self and we ‘die’ that its only our body that does this but our souls live on, more of a transformation then anything. Sorry I get a bit carried away haha, but I do hope that it gives people hope like it has for me.

  35. i feel the need to share my stories, it is clear i’m not alone in this experience. hopefully it will provide some kind of help or awareness. this has happened to me twice. first, when i was 13 years old. awoke in the middle of the night, my room was pitch black but i could see dark shadows circling the ceiling above me. suddenly it felt like my entire body was being shoved into the mattress with enormous force, primarily on my chest. like many others, i opened my mouth to scream but could not speak. i was brought up with christianity, but my focus is now spirituality. however, i knew the best thing to do was to pray. “please god, stop this. please save me.” along those lines. the force lifted away, and above me i saw a large, glowing white cross. it got closer and closer to me. like a flash sequence, boom boom boom. and it was over. i have slept with a nightlight ever since.

    the second experience was about a week ago, which triggered my online search for more meaning. was heading to bed at about 4:00 am. had an extremely negative, dark feeling. even thinking about demonic things so much so that i hid under my covers like when i was a child. i felt a slight pressure on the end of my bed, like when my cat jumps up on it. so i looked but nothing was there. i disregarded it. i had only been asleep for an hour, when i “awoke” (the place between dreaming and being awake) and saw this little creature at the foot of my bed, looking at me and rapidly crawling towards my face. it was blue-ish green, had spindly limbs that gripped to things as it moved. dark, hollow eyes, no visible nose, and a dark mouth which seemed large in proportion to the face with short fang-like teeth and small elf-like cropped ears. i’d say it was about 3 ft long. as soon as it was reaching my face, i screamed in terror so loudly that my roomate came in, turned on the lights, and it was gone. now i’ve been sleeping with all my lights on. i still believe that praying or saying the name of god or jesus truly saves people from these dangers.

  36. I am very curious about all who have said they’ve had the dream of a demon sitting on their chest: what was the state of your relationships at the time?

  37. Here are my two experiences. I was laying in my back totally awake looking out the windows that surrounded my bedroom in my mobile home. The moon was shining brightly through all windows, when all the sudden the first window to my left got dark and then I could see the moonlight again. The next window did the same thing and continued to the foot of my bed as if walking around my bed. I watched this happening, but was kinda confused as it made its way back to the hallway to my left. Then as I layed there wondering what just happened, a shadow leaned its head into the doorway from the hall and in a very demonic voice said, “sleep well Brian”. I totally froze. I was petrified.

    This experience just happened a couple weeks ago. Again I was laying on my back, when I started to feel like I was sinking into my bed. I wasnt really sinking but it definately felt that way. I was totally paralized and looked down at my legs and saw a little greenish grey being sitting on my legs. He wasn’t moving at all just staring at me with his grey eyes. He was also wearing a wide gold fan type of necklace. I was shocked and closed my eyes and woke up, but there was no feeling of asleep to awake. The little guy was gone and has never returned again.

  38. Some years back, I visited my Father and Step Mother, with my daughter (16 yrs old) and stayed with them for about a week. My husband and son (14) were to join us in a week and we would return home then. On the 2nd night of our stay my daughter chose to stay with a friend over night and it was just me at my fathers place.

    At exactly 2.10am I awoke fully and was aware that the room had become very cold and extremely still, I was aware of a presence but saw nothing. Next I was being sucked down into the bed and felt pressure on top of my body. I was petrified and felt that I was going to die. Being of Christian faith and a spiritualist as well, I knew that I had to fight back. So I started to recite the Lords Prayer. It did not stop, so I visualized myself surrounded by a protective auro of light and recited it again. By this stage there were tears rushing from my eyes, but I kept at it. Saying also to whatever was happening to me, that you bastards will not get me as I have so much love in my heart and surrounding me. By the time I had said the 2nd Lords Prayer, it just stopped, nothing more, nothing less. I was a quivering, crying woman, with no one to turn to.

    The next night my daughter had returned, we had to sleep in the double bed together, etc. I told her that if anything should happen during the night, to wake me.

    At 2.10am, I awoke, the same presence as the previous night was there and then my daughter spoke. She said – “Mum are you awake, because something is happening”. I asked her what she was feeling and it was exactly the same attack. We held hands and started to recite the Lords Prayer and before we were even half way through it, the attack stopped and we both felt this feeling of anger that we had together stopped this attack.

    Nothing as bad as this has happened since and that has been 20 years.

    Its real, its not a medical brain glitch and I was awake as was my daughter.

    I never told her what to expect or what would happen, but when we talked later, her rendition of the attack was exactly the same.

    Would love to hear some feedback, if possible.

  39. I’ve had similar experiences. I never saw any entity but shallow spots in my bed , as if someone invisible was sitting there. Also sitting on my legs and chest with the inability to speak, I can only speak after pleading the blood of jesus numerous amounts of times. Often when this has happened to me I have the feeling of being victimized, it was not a beautiful experience for me. Luckily these happenings have not occured in about 1 1/2 years.

  40. Well this little GREMLIN happened to me to when i was 16 and I fell asleep in my room I had a dream about wine glasses being tapped then it happened everything turned black and white and this little GREMLIN appeared on my chest laughing at me, I was freaking out trying to scream for my mum but no noise was coming out of my mouth, I felt paralized and scared. It was the most scariest thing i’ve ever experienced. I then woke crying and my mother came in to ask what was wrong I then told her and she told me to leave the light on and door open, after that i went back to sleep and then he jumped back on me laughing and the same thing happened, i couldn’t move or scream!!! I then said prayed in my head and he dissapeared. I woke crying again and then went to sleep with my mum
    (stupid aye) After I jumped in with her and fell asleep he came and it happend again but this time my mum woke to the sound of laughter and i could hear her yelling trying to wake me up.

    when she started saying a prayer the little GREMLIN dissapeared and I woke SCREAMING, mum then told me what she saw and that she believed me and things are going to be alright that night i sleeped but for the next couple of weeks it happened at least twice a night I was so scared of sleeping that I tried staying up all night but when i did fall asleep it would feel really heavy on my chest. the last time i saw that GREMLIN i got so fed up with sleeping knowing that he was to appear I kept saying in my mind (‘ PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE, WHAT DO YOU WANT’) I said it over and over again, then he answered my question and said (“I want to play with you”) then i repeated please leave me alone over && over again!!! He then laughed and left I haven’t seen him since then I am now 18 and sleeping better than before. && relieved that he has gone. HOPEFULLY GONE FAR AWAY >

  41. Thanks for that Dianne, just trying saying the name of Jesus/Yeshua next time and see what happens.

  42. I believe it has happened to me 2 times when I was at the ages of around 8 and then again around the age of 12. The first was just the Paralysed sensation but the second was paralysis and I defiantly say a”gobblin” on my chest it looked as if it was having fun or causing mischief. It didn’t look full physically there but it looked as if it was made up of what I can only describe as when u look as at a light then look away u see the blocky thing, well that’s what copied it was in full detail. I couldn’t screem out just whisper it lasted around ten seconds, I didn’t tell anyone but now at the age of 21 I read about other

  43. I believe it has happened to me 2 times when I was at the ages of around 8 and then again around the age of 12. The first was just the Paralysed sensation but the second was paralysis and I defiantly say a”gobblin” on my chest it looked as if it was having fun or causing mischief. It didn’t look full physically there but it looked as if it was made up of what I can only describe as when u look as at a light then look away u see the blocky thing, well that’s what copied it was in full detail. I couldn’t screem out just whisper it lasted around ten seconds, I didn’t tell anyone but now at the age of 21 I read about other PeoLes experiences and I think it must be real as I knew nothing of this at the time, I am not frightened but comforted to be assured of gods existence, god will save us all thankyou jesus

  44. Thanks for that Jamie. Very interesting. There does seem to be entitied out there having fun at our expense.

  45. This one picked me up form behind in a church, I was put down heavily around the Alter area, the demon/spirit then hid > I then half woke up and decided to go back in to fight the b@stard. Sometimes on other occasion my soul gets wacked.

  46. Yes I am a Christian, and yes I do believe there is good and a evil! I have had the experience before multiple times after I got saved. Never saw a goblin on my chest, but have been woke and not being able to move my body at all! A scary feeling and I get paranoid after a few minutes! I am able to move after saying ‘in the name of Jesus!’. Works every time i have a nightmare which use to be a problem for me as a child. My mother taught me that and have used it ever since, we have to love our mothers! but my point is that evil is very real and can be faught against with the Word of God! Who is also very real!

  47. Thanks for that Dre… the label you use, Jesus, is powerful on this side of the Earth. The spirit has many names, and this was it’s name whilst residing in a human host fully so it responds to this name…

  48. this first happen to me when i was 13 but now im 14 and yesterday it happened again i turn 14 on nov 26 i know im only a child

  49. I am glad im not the only one experiencing these, it makes me feel a little but more normal. I have unfortunately been experiencing sleep paralysis since i was 15. But usually only when sleeping in weird unusal or new places. For example in the car on a road trip, or in a hotel that ive never been in before. Only once have i felt it in my own bed. But anytime i do feel it i only am paralyzed, i have never felt that there were demons present. Until a few nights ago i woke up at 5:30 a.m. I could see my room, which looked completely normal except a light from outside the door lit it up slightly. I felt an extreme pressure on my chest and i realized i couldnt move. There was something on top of me holding me down. This thing started to kiss me and lick me up and down my body. I tried to scream for help but nothing came out of my mouth. My breathing was short and my heart was racing rapidly. This thing just kept kissing me and licking me. The worst part was that it took the form of my sister, gross i know, but then changed into something else, which i never got a good look at. I would try to lift my arms to push it off of me but nothing worked. Eventually the feeling was gone, but for a few minutes afterwards by heart was beating so heavily i could hear it. After i fully woke up i looked outside my door to see where that light was coming from only to find out there was no light on. I checked on my sister across the hall and she was fast asleep. This experience was by far the worst ive had. not only the pressure on my chest and the inability to move, but that fact that it took form of my sister at first! I am scarred by this and hope and pray that it never happens again!

  50. I had sleep paralysis and was attacked by demons and it was such a violation. really scary. I would be paralysed lying on the bed. a darkness rolled up my body and then fear manifest in the room and I heard the sound of thousands of screeching demonic cat like animals. It was really scary. I managed to say the name jesus and this massive force of love manifested in he room like a giant arm and pulled off the demon and peace filled the room. It happened a few times and when I said Jesus peace came and it stopped.

    My take on it is that it doesn’t matter if it is a physical thing and is sleep paralysis or if it is a demonic attack. Jesus is king of the physical and the spiritual so calling on him to come and Rule with his Kingdom stops it happening. He is King of all. I align my life to his rule. I haven’t had these attacks in 10 years now and I totally 100% believe Jesus saves.

    Seriously, whether you suffer from sleep paralysis or not, go to church, find Jesus and let him come into your life!

  51. My experience happened tonight. I am writing this at 3 am to get my mind of it happening.

    My experience with sleep paralysis is when I am at my house. I’m sleeping in my bed and I hear a voice in the attic. I look to investigate and there is a little white gremlin there. I only see his legs at first but then he looks at me with two massive black eyes and I try to yell at him but I can’t. I feel as if my body wouldn’t yell. The moment I had the words in my mouth to say something I go blank. I get scared and start praying “Please God deliver me.” “Please God Help me!” “Please God help me!” and the gremlin goes away and start yelling to my Mom. I see the look on the white gremlin’s face and he starts talking again. It freaks me out. I want to call him out but I cannot produce any audible sound. I start to yell for mom as much as I can. I’m yelling “Momma!” “MOMMA!! “MOMMA!!!!” in my sleep and she’s not coming. I soon bust myself out of sleep yelling “Momma.” I’m hurt in the chest and my whole body feels numb. I’m paranoid as anything now.

  52. Strange that everyone sees a creature.

    Without prior knowledge of the old tales, I experienced sleep paralysis about 3 years ago. I was sleeping on my bed and then I opened my eyes. I could see around me, but I could not move. I felt there was a creature on my chest, trying to pin me down. The creature was struggling as I was trying to get up and it made a sound kind of like a small dog yanking on a toy. I began to freak out and what the creature off me. I became sad and hopeless after 2 minutes.

    Suddenly, I heard 3 beautiful female voices telling me not to move. These voices said ‘Hold on, stay calm… we are trying to help you’ I felt as if those 3 female beings were doing something. I could not see what they were doing, but I could feel them next to me.

    I could suddenly move my hand, but then my eyes closed and when I opened them a few seconds later, I could move but was in a lot of pain. My chest area hurt like a heartburn from food. I looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

  53. It’s interesting to look at how these dreams typically end. I was in sheer terror and I started to pray to God and the gremlin went away. I’ve noticed that in all of these other stories as well. That was not a good experience, the feeling of fear is not one I enjoy. The dream taught me to appreciate my spiritual life and not let the metaphorical gremlin hold me down.

    Best Regards,


  54. Twice I’ve felt the weight on my chest – exactly like something was crouching down staring into my face.

    I could feel and hear it’s breath as it said in a deep ominous whispery voice, “I’m going to kill you. You are going to die,” and similar things for a few minutes.

    It was terrible and terrifying.

    A couple of nights later I felt the presence of an angelic woman. Perhaps it was Mary – it felt like it might be. I felt at peace and felt an amazing feeling of joy, safety and security – of bliss.

    The night terrors have never come back.

  55. Everytime this has happend to me I’m pulled out of it by my mums cats they sit around me snarling and swiping when I’m fully back they calm and I’m usually coverd in scratches on my arms feet and face and around my hands is like temporary burn marks like old scars but their not my own if that makes sence it’s been happening for years once I calm myself it almost feels like I’m being lured back to sleep but I have managed to train myself to snap out of it. It takes so much energy as a few have said white lighting good thoughts and alot of will I really think the cats are sharing energy with me and protecting too

  56. Last week starting Sunday I woke up in the middle of the night terrified for no reason. I tried to move, and could not. I tried to call for help, and again could not. A few minuts later I was “released” from this feeling and “paralysis”.

    The same thing occured Monday-friday and then Saturday I was able to see something. I dont want to remember what I saw but It appeared to be a Hairless dog standing on my chest with human-like hands and feet. I can not get rid of this image and here it is sunday night and I’m scared out of my mind. Sleep? I dont think so…

  57. a hairless dog is about as scary as it gets… did you utter the name of jesus to break free?

  58. I did not, but probably should have. I just fought and fought until I eventually woke up. I cant believe this kind of thing can happen to someone! The thought of something so terrible and evil is disgusting.

  59. I have been experiencing SP episodes for over 30 years, off and on. I can link it directly to an encounter in the home of a cult member when I was in my early twenites. I do not believe Christian Believers can be possessed by demons. I do, however, believe we can be oppressed. Praying to Jesus is the only thing that gets me through these terrors.

  60. This has happened to me twice when I was very young. Call it sleep paralysis or whatever you want. I call it something sitting on my chest! Whatever it was, it was blacker than black and right in my face. There wasn’t much light in the room each time it happened but I could see its black outline as it sat there taunting me. I could sense evil. Each time it left it would spring off of me shaking the bed as it sped away, once slipping out the window like a black ghost. To the person who posted it must be a beautiful experience, it was horrifying!
    Later when I was about 7 an Alien type creature woke me up in my room very early one morning. As it walked around my bed and approached me I tried to scream but was unable to. After that there is a blackout period, missing time if you will when I woke up much later in the morning. WTF?

  61. i’ve experienced something the same. i cant move a muscle and couldnt eyes half open, but nothing like sitting on my chest. i can only feel that im shutting down slowly. my heart beating slowly as if about to die. my eyes fading to black. it still happens to even now. but every time it does i just breath in deep 3x. and thankfully it works. pumps back my dieing heart and saves me. but i cant avoid panicking every time it happens. i might forget to breath and die. makes me hard to go back to sleep again.

  62. Before I went to bed, I was praying to our father. I asked him to please tell me what name is best to call him. I explained to him, I wasn’t sure about the name Jesus because there are many people named Jesus. I mentioned I felt weary about the name due to bad (spirits or souls). I then fell asleep, was having a series of dreams, when suddenly our father appeared in my dream, stood in front of me. He looks so beautiful clothed in white. He said to me in spanish
    “( Hija quero me llame Jehova, preparate que vas estar en guerra. )” aka
    ” Daughter, I want you to call me Jehova. Prepare yourself, for you will be in war”
    I never expected in my wildest dream, that our Lord Jehova would appear to me in my dream. I looked up Jehova and saw several names after. One of them was Jehova ( Elohim) Dressed like he appeared in my dream, like the Shepard. ♥

  63. Recently have had this, it’s happened 4 times.
    It’s happened at these apartments in Rialto my friend rented out,
    they moved into an apartment where not too long ago, a man was found in there dead in his room, he was in there for at least a month! I was sleeping on his bed and all of a sudden I can’t move, my arms are stuck my body, I can’t even talk.
    I tried yelling for my friend because funny thing was he was on the other bed across the room, but nothing came out, before that I fell asleep I felt like something was moving the bed before, but I felt it was nothing. Now I guess I know why.
    I was always curious about what it was and my friend found out and told me, I’m so interested in the subject, what happens if you put your arms into the position to where you look like if you’re in a coffin?

  64. I have had this to.

    My eyes were open, but i could not move my body. It felt like there was something on my chest. I would describe it as a mist or small cloud.

    I also remember hearing sounds, almost like footsteps.

    I was able to force my self awake bye thinking, 1..2..3.. WAKE UP DAMIT, and then i woke.

    Have never been so scared in my life while sleeping / lying in bed.

  65. I’ll be the first to say I am the biggest sceptic you will ever meet. I try to rationalize everything but the following events, that occurred to both myself and my boyfriend a few nights apart, could not and still cannot be explained. I am 27, he is 34, and we had just moved in together. He awoke one night frantic and woke me up saying he was just frozen and heard a low voice in his ear say “i’m in the room…”t I think I laughed at the time, but whatever it was scared him enough to where he wouldn’t come back to bed the rest of the night. I thought nothing of it. Then about a week later I was falling asleep to the tv as I always do, alone in bed… my boyfriend was in the office across the hall. I awoke very suddenly as if my stomach dropped and could not catch my breath. I felt pressure on my chest and as I tried to sit up as something kept pushing my back. I could not scream. Once I’d snapped out if it I heard a low pitch “get out…” in my ear followed by what sounded like a growl. Something I still say helps with the validity of what I experienced was that as soon as I awoke I saw the tv screen bright blue as the dvd player had reset itself/ Not finished a movie, not been toughed, but resetting on its own. And i’d seen enough ghost shows to know they use electricity to transfer energy… I hate to admit it myself because I still don’t want to believe it’s true. Later that night I awoke to a loud buzzing sound on the side of the bed. I thought it was my phone but it had not wrang. I thought nothing of it then looked up some info online the next day and found out the presence of a buzzing like i’d experienced meant the presence of a demon. His old roommates warned us the house was haunted. When we explained our experiences to each other they were almost exact. There was also fingernail sounds on the bathroom door, footsteps and things moving around in the attic above the garage, the dogs following things around on the wall, and most convincing…. a bright ball of light we both saw one night shortly after turning the tv off. It startled us as it just appeared out of nowhere in the corner of the bedroom. I tried explaining it away but to this day I wonder if these events were all something more. The only experiences I have ever had were in that house during those few months. I now take sedatives to sleep. My lucid dreams are often frightening but (I just felt freezing air pass through me as I am writing this. I feel as if something it watching me, like I’m afraid to look behind me) I can say I have had no such experiences of such pressure since. I am finished with this as I feel I am inviting unfriendly energy. Seriously theres NO draft and the window just sounded as if a pebble hit it. Then again as I wrote that sentence. I’m scared as hell. There’s something here with me. There;s something in this house . Something just touched my shoulder

  66. I was attacked by a strong demon 15 minutes ago. Just as I began to drift off to sleep. I call it a demon (satanic attack) because I’ve had these experiences many times. It doesn’t matter whether I sleep in a chair or in a bed, they come. By the way I am a Born AgainChristian. I found out if I call out the name of JESUS the evil presence always leave. Glory to God! There is truly power in the name of Jesus. Demons tremble and fear his name. I also had one sit on my chest in the fom of a cat. It wanted to have sex with me. It’s a paralyzing state of mind whereas you try to scream for help but no words come. Your tongue is tied. You feel a heavy presence on you and the presence is real evil. One time I spelled out the names of J-E-S-U-S and the demon left. Demons are real. The bible speaks of them.

  67. First of all, i’m from denmark, so my spelling my bit a little weird.

    I’ve had the same dream, for 1 week in a row, for about 6 months ago, i was awake, but couldn’t move at all, on top of me, there was a black ghost, then suddenly, the picture changed, and i was viewing my frontdoor, like i was a camera in the corner, infront of the door, theres was this black ghost, and i knew it was gonna hurt my mom. Then i woke up, i thought. Agian, i couldn’t move, couldn’t scream for help, and this time, i knew the creature was inside my appartment. I knew it was standing over my mother.. Then agian, i woke up, and agian, i couldn’t move. Same over and over, till my alarm clock waked me up. Then yesterday, i was in the train on my way to school. I was sad beside an women, in the mid twenties, and her friend sad in front of her on the other seet. Then he started talking about this weird dream he had, and he completely got my intention, he described my dream 100%… Every single detail, every single thing that i had dreamt, he had too.. i know im gonna dream the same dream tonight, so, can some1 please, please, please, help me what to do? Right now, i’m just staying waken up!

  68. Do not panic or fear Craig. If you do it’s like bloody water to sharks. If you stay at peace they will leave you be.

    Ask the spirit to come to you and give you peace and protection.

  69. the other day i had a dream it was so rerythingeal i could feel the floor on my feet and in the dream i was in a viler next to the beach there was lots of people there and they ran down stairs and then though this arched passageway made of stone i followed and when i was running through i was running and running but it was getting longer and longer then there was no one insight then i woke up unable to more it felt like something was sitting on my chest and it felt like all my muscles were tightening up on my chest it lasted for about a minute then it happened again straight after but only for about 30 seconds and then i seen this witch type creature standing beside my bed and then one of my was staring in that direction growling then it just all disappeared.

  70. Last night it happened to me.Iam a Christain.Have had demons trying to suduce me in the past.This was at a different locztion 5 years ago.this is the first I remember anything sitting on my chest.I could not move.Called out to my daughter in next room
    but not without much grumblung and effect.This stinks!

  71. I was sleeping at my family home by myself shortly after my mother had passed when i was awoke with a demon on my chest. I couldn’t move anything but my eyes and mouth. The demon was , from the waist down ,burried in my chest. He was horrific looking and dug his right arm into my chest and pulled out what looked to be my heart. He was dancing around and taunting me with my heart. All of the sudden I involuntarily spoke the name of Jesus and he went away immediately. I’m so glad that I found this site because I always wonder why me? Am I leading an unholy life? I didn’t think so and by the grace of Jesus I made it through this tramedic experience. Jesus is alive and looking out for us always. Thanks,Kent

  72. This happened to me a few year ago back in 2005, i lived on my own in a flat above a shop. Once the shop was shut there was no neighbours or noise. I experienced several episodes of this when i was falling to sleep at night, along with not being able to move i couldnt breath……as anyone else had this because iv not seen much posted about breathing……it lasted a few minutes untill i knew i had to breath…….i never seen any demons sat on my chest but remeber seeing a picture years before which i instantley related to it. Along with not being able to breath or move i felt like someone was breaking in threw the shop underneath……i went to the doctors and got told it was panick attacks.I have never panicked in my life and heard alot of strange noises around the same time. These experiences carried on untill i moved out of the property when i fell pregnant……this now worries me after researching the term and what is believed.

  73. I had this creepy experience of a demon trying to sodomize me during waking moments. I was working with devil worshiper and he hated me cause I am Christian. He told a worker that he was going to send his demons after me. Unclean spirits would crawl on me at work,driving home and at home. Devils would hit my mattress and my bed would vibrate and I could feel unholy spirits in my room. Right before I fell off into deep sleep satan would invade my room..this eery sinister evil spirit crawled in my room usually on the ceiling or hovering and it tried to paralyze me fear. My skin would crawl with goosebumps. Then I would try to break out if this trance so I could rebuke this low spirit in Jesus name

  74. Usually all night long these demons would vex my rest
    everynight for about five years.long time of trying keep my sanity.My boss is responsible because it was his brother in law a devil worshiper. This guy and his impish clan would wear 666 on there wrist. This guy had the whole office creepy like hell. One night my I let my cat in from outside where the air was crawling wit demons from this guy in park Forest Illinois.I went to sleep but not quite te yet then this figure came walking in my room and I knew it cthenawled in my cat so if ,oils terrorize me. I got up and rebuked that damn low from hell. Tossed my CA out. Went back to sleepsleep

  75. One night this demon came in my room and it made an announcement sort of speak before it entered.I had an experience before with this devil. I felt it coming at me, paralyzing my brain so I couldn’t articulate the name of Jesus . I tried to say Jesus save me. It was a dumb spirminxit trying to dumb me. It say on my chest and tried to open my eyes and something spoke to my spirit telling me that this thing was terribly ugly.

  76. This demon sat on my chest snickering and felt tremendously ugly and I tried to open my eyes and to get my brain to work to say Jesus in my lasted like minutes I was a sign of things to come. Years later I got a respiratory infection unlike anything normal it smothered me almost. I have to work hard just to inhale naturally. It came from these so called friends who were around atheist and devil worshipers like Ozzy faggot Osborne hooker from hell. These friends of mine are black. What kind of black person admires this foolishness.I’m black. This person smoked crack heavily and demons would be seen crawling inside this mans back. Every since then I have been fervently casting these unclean dr old

  77. One day i woke up and couldnt move and this alien/demon thing came out of my closet and it was a faded purple and really skinny and looked like the alien from lilo and stitch. and when i seen it i freaked out and thought i was gunna die by a demon and i couldnt speak so in my head im talkin mess to the demon calling it names cuz i couldnt move or speak and i thought it was going to kill me. and i said to myself to stop tripping cuz if this was real then i can feel it and it jumped on me starting at my legs and crawled to my chest and this long skinny dry tounge came out and licked me on my face. all of a sudden it jumped off me and ran into the closet and my mom open my door to make sure i was sleep and i was able to move and i got out the bed and told her what i experience and she didnt believe me. i was pissed and i slept on the floor in her room for the night.

  78. Couple months ago I was lying in my bed fully awake in the mind, and I got this horrible feeling of terror all of a sudden, so I tried to move but I couldnt, I tried to call out to my mom but I couldnt speak, just a faint noise came out, then I felt this hot breath on my ear and was really freaking by this point, then I got angry and said to myself, Im goona beat this evil off of me! and slowly thinking fighting thoughts I was able to move again and I snapped out of it. But then two mins later I felt as if It was happening again and I couldnt fight it off I could tell I was slipping back into ps and this evil was trying to get me again, but somehow I jerked my leg and got up and ran outta my room like a bat outta hell.

  79. to isiah the fact that the demon was something you recognized from a cartoon makes me think that it was created by you in your mind.

    Although i have had a demon wearing a white type of tribal mask put me in a headlock. I first saw him in a zombie dream and he appeared on a bridge. I instinctively kicked him over bridge into the water. It was a like low rope bridge. Then awhile later I am having a dream i am at kung fu class. Then my teacher grabs me in a headlock from behind. I look at him cuz i dont think he would do that. Low and behold its that same demon holding me in a headlock. Next thing i know im in a paralysis state with him on top of me and im lying in bed. I easily push him off and i have to force myself to wake up as hard as i can. I ve had to do it several times in the past. You have that feeling you cant wake up but if you try with everything you got you can wake up kinda thing. Still not entirely convinced its not my mind playing tricks but makes you wonder.

  80. This has happened to me twice. The first time I was in high school I was 17 or 18 and I had some weird experiences leading up to it. So here it goes te night it happened I kept waking up because I felt like something was staring at me. Then I woke up and I was laying on my back which I never sleep that way. And I felt pressure on my chest and it was hard to breathe and I felt a tightening sensation around my wrists. So I tried to scream out and kick but I couldn’t. I felt my legs moving but they weren’t and I felt myself screaming with no sound. And finally it realeased me and I ran out of the house got in my car and left.

    Next experience. Was I believe mid last year so about 5-6 years after my dirt experience and this one was really bad. So I spent the night at my friends house and I woke up mid morning and I felt this evil prescence. And the was a heaviness on my chest kind of hard to breathe and I felt re tightness on my wrists. I trie really hard to fight it off and I did. As I wa sitting up I felt exhaustion and was forced to lay back down and all of the sensations came back. This happened several times. Finally the last time this happened I could feel it inside of me. I could feel it in my mind filling my mind with its thoughts and what it wanted me to do. I saw myself pushing my friend out if the bed and falling on top of her. I was so scared I said Jesus or god I don’t remember forsure please help me. This made it extremely mad it tightened its grip on my wrists and I could barely breathe then all of a sudden I saw it inches from my face. It was black with swirly edges but solid if that makes any sense. Then suddenly it was gone and I wasn’t sleepy anymore and I jumped up and told my friend what happened. It was scary.

  81. when I was 10/11 yrs old I used to feel something small crawl u my
    body. its small hands clutched my neck and I would keep
    my eyes closed out of fear not wanting to see what it was. I would
    try to yell for help but It would come out as a whisper. I felt it sitting
    on my chest and I just struggled to pry its hands off me and it went away.
    this happened numerous times. I would tell anyone who listened
    but no one believed me. I used to call it the gremlin. I am not religious
    so I wouldn’t pray or say jesus. it smply stopped coming when I started to sleep
    with my blanket held up and around my neck. I am now 30 and have
    only started sleeping without something protecting my neck in the
    last couple years. I told myself at that young age to never let
    anyone or anything diminish the truth of those events. I’ll never
    forget the terror.

  82. I usually cant breath or move for couple of mintues but i can see my surroundings and i feel something evil in my room, and when i can finally move i try sleeping a different ways and i will get it again the most i had it happen to me in one night would be 3 times, in one night!.. and i usually pray when i cant move breath or talk and it leaves and leave the light on. …

  83. Im 18, very religious and recently Ive moved in with my grandparents. They live far out in the country with an amazing view of the sky and I have been spending most of my late summer nights starring into stars and asking for knowledge and answers and if any aliens are out there I will listen. This event that taken place last night is something I never knew could happen I thought maybe I was still dreaming but this is how my night went. I was watching gsn the gameshow network with my mamaw and she said that she was extremely tired and took her medicine and went to bed. I went outside staying from about 10pm to 2am laying on the ground just star gazing and admiring Gods creation. When I came back into the house I suddenly got the feeling that I was ready for bed, so I skipped a midnight snack and didn’t brush]my teeth and crawled straight into bed without saying my prayers. But my ceiling in the room is full of glow in the dark stickers shaped like stars all above my head as a night light. I drifted off to sleep and I woke up feeling like I didn’t ever even fall asleep waking up to what I made out to be a tall shadowy figure that was wavy like smoke but keeping shape sitting on top of me and I didn’t feel no pain but I felt the pressure of this thing laying on me and I just keep starring at it because I didn’t understand why I couldn’t move, all of a sudden it faded away slow lifting off me and I could see my stars in the room glowing again as if this thing was blocking my view. I stood up feeling the presence of this still in my room giving me a very dark creepy feeling. I ran outta the room to go check all my doors in the house to make sure they are locked and I checked on my grandmaw and she was still asleep. I went to take a quick shower and brushed my teeth thinking maybe my body was just uncomfortable, then I turned the tv on seeing it was only 3 am making me think I barley even slept at all, theres no way I was in a deep enough sleep to simply not be able to move. Around 4am I got the courage to go back to sleep thinkin I was trippin maybe cause I was thinking about the stars. I got back in the bed just laying there thinking what if I feel this thing creep back ontop of me and lay there. a few time went by and I was still unable to sleep with my eyes closed just thinking then all of a sudden I felt a tighting on my body as somebody was wrapping me into a blanket and something held my eyes open and I saw terror of a golden demon that opened his face or whatever it was and I saw an endless spiral of golden light and felt like i was falling into him further into the spiral as it got longer I felt in less control and I started crying couldn’t stop then I screamed jesus save me and I was back in my dark room still crying tear still laying up. Jesus stopped this thing from scaring me. I ran out straight into my grandmothers room and she was awake saying that a light woke her up. I told her what I saw and she thought I smoked weed or something but This golden image of this demon is stuck in my head and im terrified to enter my room ive been sleeping in and I think its because I called upon this from the heavens above and its not good I need help I cant sleep.

  84. I normally do not like to talk about my experience but I have decided that to better understand I need to tell people about it. When I was 14 years old, a freshman in high-school, I woke up in the middle of the night in the petrified state of mind. My mind was aware of its surroundings. I could see perfectly, and the only thing keeping me from breathing was the sheer terror I am about to describe. This glowing green creature, roughly 3 feet tall, straddling my body. His hair was curly and grey, his skin was almost a scaly texture. I remember it quite vividly actually. As he sat perched on my chest it was whispering something very morbid sounding. I can only describe it by telling you it sounded similar to that of speaking in tongues. As I read the comments above I am pretty sure I remember the creature threatening to rape me, also, there was definitely some kind of sexual desire spewing from his reptilian lips. As cliche as it sounds, the bed started to rumble like something out of some cheesy horror flick with bad special effect. This went on for what seemed like an eternity but then the creature levitated from my body to the corner of the ceiling where two walls meet, still speaking in devilish tongues. Suddenly a gust of wind, conjured by the creature threw my comforter out of the bedroom door and about 7 feet down the hallway. A moment later everything stopped and I was laying in bed and things seemed normal. A bad dream you ask? Possibly. But I the next bit of information I am about to release proves otherwise. My comforter was still in the hallway the next morning, every single law of physics was broken, how does a thick cotton comforter get tossed out of a doorway, turn 90 degrees to the right and continue 7 feet before landing almost in the next room? I am not a religious person. Agnostic at best. I am a logical thinking and I question everything. To this day no one can explain it to me without saying it was a hallucination. If it was a hallucination how come my dad told me the next morning to “get my damn blanket out of the middle of the walkway.” Apparently whatever i was smoking, so was he. (all of this before i experimented with any drugs or alcohol. I was 14. It has not happened since.)

  85. I just now decided to research my experience and found the term “sleep paralysis”.. My experience fits some of the description but not all.
    5 years ago, I was laying in bed-normal night, nothing unusual- and I had just laid down, and I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of pending danger and absolute terror. At that time I could feel my heart pounding, along with the sound of something clawing quickly up the stairs to my room (I no longer could hear my heartbeat, move any muscle in my body, blink, speak and had no sense of time) barreling through my bedroom door, and jumping up onto my the end of my bed. Here is one difference I’ve noticed between what I’ve read and my experience; although I didnt have the sensation of “being suffocated”, I couldn’t feel myself breathing but the demon was on my legs/pelvic area, not my chest. It was jumping up and down on me, locked on my eyes with its small red eyes. It was hissing and laughing. It was scaley and black.. maybe two feet tall. Had two large wings and talons on its arms but no legs. I felt like it was telling me that I was all his and that I would not escape but without words. All I could think or feel was sheer terror. As soon as I registered that I was doomed, it was gone, everything was normal again and I could sit up. My sister was across the room in her bed sound asleep.
    I hadn’t known who Jesus was before this, had no intention of going to church or changing my life before this. My uncle had been trying to talk to me about going to church for a few weeks before this happened. Only after this night, I suddenly felt deep inside that I needed to go. The week that followed after, I went to church. I said aloud that I wanted to know God. My life has never been the same since. I never understood why this happened to me, and definitely didn’t know that there was others out there that had similar experiences.
    I guess that God just has a different plan of salvation for every person. Sometimes He takes us to the deepest of depths to help us recognize the light..

  86. Hey there name is Suzan, and I honestly don’t see the big deal about sleep paralysis. I literally happens everytime i sleep on my back. Its been happening since I was a kid, but I always remind myself to stop sleeping on my back because it’s isn’t exactly pleasant. It’s not so scary. What usually happens is I sleep on my back, I fall in and out of sleep, I end up waking up while my body still asleep, or paralyzed. I see a really short ugly looking dark grey/almost black demon with arms as long as its body from the neck down. And it has a whole bunch of creases on its forehead. I see it at the corner of my right eye every single time. It runs up on to my bed (remind me of a cartoon characters) and it just stares at me. It lasts approx 15- max 20 seconds.

  87. Hi,
    I used to have this experience a lot growing up. My mom’s explanation was that its a malevolent creature similar to what others have described here. I only saw the creature once and that was after my mother painted a vivid picture of what it’s supposed to look like so that’s probably why I saw it. I don’t share my mom’s superstitions or her beliefs. Anyway it stopped for a long time until 2008 when two major events took place. first one in April of 2008, I was asleep in my bed in Luton, England when suddenly an unseen force pulled me out of my bed and dragged me all around my bedroom before sliding me back onto my bed. the paralysis was just like before but the dragging was new. however while I was being dragged, some furniture was disturbed but when I got up and looked around everything was in its place so I don’t know if it was real or a dream.
    the second time was that year in the summer when I was visiting my sister in Exeter. at night I was in bed when I saw my sister come into the room. she grabbed me by my leg and tried to drag me out of bed. she disappeared when I screamed. this I was ready to dismiss quickly as a dream until the next morning. at breakfast I asked my sister if something strange ever happened to her. she said that on a number of occasions, something in the form of her youngest daughter came into her room and tried to drag her out of bed by her leg. I told her what happened to me after she told me that first. I am certain that whatever it was, it was real and not a dream or a psychological phenomenon. I am an atheist, PhD student with an IQ of 140. but that shit was real.

  88. I had my first experience at about 15 yrs old I had no idea that it was so common. I always suspected it was a demon but had no reference. I myself never seen a creature, only felt the presence, and as many have explained, I found after many experiences that calling upon the name of Jesus would always set me free. At Bout age 19 my mother bought me a dream catcher and I no longer have the problem. I now have a 12 yr old daughter a couple of yrs ago she had a bad dream I told he father to get her a dream catcher she hadn’t complained after that recently we moved and temporarily live with family and her dream catcher is in storage, well, two nights ago she had a “bad dream” .last night when I found her still awake at mid night I told her to go to bed she began to cry. I asked her to explain her “dream” to me. She stated that she woke up and it sat up on her chest she could not breath then it screamed in her face and she woke up again and that’s why I found her in bed with me. I asked what it was she couldn’t answer I asked what it looked like she couldn’t describe it. I then decided to serf the web and see what I could find here I am I asked her if it looked like the thing depicted in the photo and she said it did but it’s head was in between its legs and it appeared female.

  89. I was asleep and laying in the bed then I drift off into a dream as I was dreaming this goblin was on top of me it was other people in my dream but it came to me and tried to get me it was sitting on my chest grinding up and down try in to get to my mouth and I was trying to yell help help help help help help and next thing I know I was free my wife she nudged me I was released from this goblin or demon that was holding me down I don’t know how come fear didn’t strike into my heart but I know I wanted to be free and when I was yelling help he was to powerful for me to even say it so it was sounded as a murmured yell I don’t like that feeling at all but it happen to me

  90. I’m surprised to see others have had this experience as well, although mine is not quite the same. I had it happen just last night (or early this morning). I was sleeping and heard a noise come from my living room so I tried to get up and couldn’t. As usual I fight against whatever is holding me down. I eventually push to a standing position and am pushing forward. In my head I say something about my lord is my savior and then say fuck you! To whatever force is holding me. I’ve never seen a person or demon of any sort but I’m definitely fighting something. This has happened a lot to me and it used to happen every time I fell asleep, even during the day. Now it’s been maybe a year since it happened until now. I personally think it is a bad spirit and I will always fight back.

  91. Mostly all people that i know of apart from my family experiences it. I noticed that it happens only if you sleep like a dead man. It happebed to me a couple of times, never saw how he looked but evertime it happens i always say in the name of god the merciful. This thing always dissapears. But one time, i felt that there were 2 unwanted spirits in my room i looked at my door it was open and i can see the light of the living room being on but i cant move whatsoever, then suddenly this huge unbelievable pressure appeared on my chest almost couldnt breath. Fthen i look to the right in my imagination i hear a little girl laughing and running around. Then i notice a somehwat girl running atound the room in circles next to me that resembled my sister. It was creepy and that day it was the strongest preaaure i ever felt from this thing/demon.

  92. I have had a few of those experiances years ago. It would occur after if have slept for over 12 hours. I’d wake up and couldn’t move. I knew the lights were on but it was dark. No noise and no fear. Allthough i allways had cats in the house sleeping in the bedroom at those moments they weren’t around. It would last up to a few minutes. The first few times i was scared but later i wasn’t. A strange experience.

  93. So last night I woke up to use the bathroom then got back in bed and laid down. I pulled the covers over my head because the dark usually helps me to fall asleep right away. Im assuming I fell asleep at this point but it didnt feel like it. Im unsure though, I tend to lucid dream often and Im never sure when Im actually asleep and awake. So weather I was awake or asleep I heard my bedroom door open and I could imagine/see it opening then all of a sudden my chest felt incredibly heavy and immediately I knew something was sitting on my chest. The energy was intensely negative. I asked the “thing” to leave and i again imagined my bedroom door opening and closing like it left. After that i dont remember anything like I may have fallen asleep. Im nut sure how to feel about this experience or if it was just subconscious because i have been slightly stressed with working long hours lately. I would love to hear what you think :)

  94. It happened to me about 2 days ago. At first I felt like I was falling
    then I can’t move I opened my eyes and every thing was shaking
    and then I was really scared so I started praying and then I woke up. if it happening to you don’t open your eyes you see crazy shit like once I saw my step dad sitting next to me and laughing at me
    and also move your toe and your fingers it helps wake you up faster and pray to god in your head cause you cant move your mouth or anything and again DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES btw im 14 years old and it happens aleast every 2 weeks.

  95. I had that sleeping demon sitting on the chest…what is odd is that i dreamt that i was in church, well mainly in the back room of the church and watched soething like live tv where there was “new singers” featured, i knew noone till some band came up and i knew people that were there singing, they just looked different so it took me time to recognise some of them…
    but then, i was in church, and some guy that was in room with me and others, came dressed as priest, and said tht the statue is broken, and started to repaire it, using something like concrete to fix it, few moments later i was laying in the couch in the backroom, and suddenly i felt as if someone sat on me, and started fighting for my breath, that lasted for about a minute and jumped out of my couch, and scared the shit out of my roomate by staring at him dazed…

  96. I have been terrorized for ten days straight.After I fall asleep I have the same nightmare,a demon sits on my chest,and lately my belly the lays on top of me.He moves his face so close I swear I could smell his stench!!It always me to sleep only 3 hrs or less and when I wake up this morning screaming I feel as if I’ve been in a fight and lost.I slept in my lazy boy last night sitting up hoping it wouldn’t appear.It did sitting in my lap it wrapped it’s arms around me and the chair and was like trying to hump me,that’s when I woke up screaming.I’ts been 10 days! I feel like a zombie with the very little terrorizing sleep.I am scared.I have been keeping my wife in the dark.I don’t want to scare her,but she knows something is very wrong.I am Catholic It’s about 7:30am and I’ve been up since 3am. I don’t know what to do.I am so tired and beat down. I picked out some nice wood that I was going to use for shelving,and when My wife is awake I will saw them and create 3 wooden crosses. Then I’ll call the church and ask when I can come by and have them blessed.I will place them around the house,over our bed the living room,and my art studio. The last couple of nights I did not want to sleep I was drinking coffee as I sat in my recliner but the ugly sleep slipped in.This is not a small little gnome I’m fighting.This is a demon I believe I never seen any thing like it,and it is getting more aggressive.

  97. 6 years of sleep paralysis
    So, I’ll start off with my first sleep paralysis when I was 16. I’am now 22..
    So, one night when I was sleeping I woke up in a state of horror I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak and when I would yell out for my mum no words came out. I now understand it as “sleep paralysis”
    I immediately heard my kitchen cupboard banging open and shut as a repetitive sound the whole time while
    I felt a “gremlin” sitting on my chest, but before I new what to call it I would have described it as
    (A little ugly fat evil creature) I only new what to call it when I searched it later that night on the internet. Anyways the gremlin was sitting on my chest pressing against it like it weighed a ton. I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak I was absolutely horrified maybe why it last so long (7 minutes) felt like forever. When I finally snapped out of it. All the evil went away and I could speak I called out for my mum again and she came in. I explain to her what happened she went back to sleep & I went on to stay awake all night with out sleeping avidly terrified . I continued sleeping but with a horrible sleeping pattern slowly getting myself back to normal even though still abit scared , from then on I always slept with some light on whether the main one or the bathroom light.
    After maybe 2 weeks I had another sleep paralysis this time an evil dark figure stood in the corner of my room, watching me as I had sleep paralysis it was as though the more scared I was the more the evil (demon) i say *demon* because it’s what I felt it was at the time. Anyways he enjoyed my fear it like he was feeding off my fear.
    I continued having sleep paralysis for the next few months 1 night I had sleep paralysis 3 times in one night.
    By this time their wasn’t a figure necessarily in the sleep paralysis it was more just fear and a bad presence.
    Then I would have them maybe once every 2 months by the time I was about 18 I learnt to control them when they would happen I would try not to get scared I would just let whatever was their just be their. I would tell myself I’m going to wake up soon ect. But because I’ve had so many and understand when their going to happen I also put myself in sleep paralysis sometimes eg: when I’m having a regular dream that I know is just a dream I try wake myself up and end up putting my self in sleep paralysis or when I’m about to fall asleep I get scared that I’m going to fall into sleep paralysis so I try wake my self up but only fall in sleep paralysis. Though since the first two detailed sleep paralysis I have had a few bad ones that I couldn’t control.
    1 was when I was maybe 20 I floated above my body moving up when I panicked and down when I relaxed my self. Finally I wanted to see what would happen if I let go and seen what it felt like “they wanted me to see” and I woke up. Also another one when I was 21 their was a bald man sitting next to my bed I panicked immediately I tried thrashing around nothing worked and just before I work up the man changed into a little boy and leapt towards me.
    I learned not too call out because it never worked. The best thing to do is relax.


    I don’t believe in ghosts or god or anything. I believe in what I see .
    I understand that sleep paralysis can be the cause from something in the brain
    ( scientific reasons why we endure sleep paralysis )
    But… I don’t understand why I felt a gremlin I described the creature to
    Every single member of my family before hearing about a gremlin on the internet.

    Also one night recently I had sleep paralysis I felt an evil presence in the room, and when I woke up I had the feeling of checking on my sister in her room. I went in their and was too scared her Room felt cold and evil I walked out and slept in the loundroom ( my dog also kept close to her door the whole night ) when I woke up with out saying anything to her she told my mum that she felt like their was a ghost In her room last night, And my sisters not one to get scared about anything.

    This is pretty much the last 6 years of my sleep paralysis.

    But this last one also confuses me.
    One night maybe a couple weeks after my first sleep paralysis I had another sleep paralysis, I woke I felt something pushing against me ( not a gremlin )
    When I woke up I went to have a shower I seen a perfect red oval mark covering half of my stomach I felt it, it wasn’t engraved it wasn’t texta I tried to wash it off, it was like my skin was red ( the perfect outline of an oval)
    I kept a watch on it but maybe 6 hours later it disappeared.

    I decided to write down all my stories because, I remember how scared I was when I first had a sleep paralysis.
    And reading everyone’s stories made me believe that it was a normal thing and not a ( ghost thing ) or ( evil thing ) though sometimes I’m not sure what I believe. Any questions forward them to

  98. I feel these things are real, especialy if you feel someting getting in your crotch at night. Mine was horrifying and evil 100% evil i was so scared. I had to lay real close to my husband after this time. Any one who experiences these things, you will have to rebuke satan on this. What ever it takes, needs to be done. You have to take control of this, it must be done. Before you go to bed at night to need to read the Armor of God please i beg you. Get your bible read Psalms 23, The Lord is my Shepard. Always if you experience something like this to need to say “In the name of Jesus Christ i rebuke you Satan”. Constantly. Pray ” Holy spirit of God come before me and protect me from any demonic forces.” pray these prayers. God be with you always. D

  99. I am scientist but last night I experienced something which made me thinking. I was sleeping, but dreamt to sleep in my own bad, with my partner sleeping next to me. Than suddenly something heavy sat on my chest – I can still recall the pretty heavy weight, and started feeling very uncomfortable and then something pain full flow into my body through quilt. I started move my body, tried to get out of it, stop it. I remember screaming. Than I woke up still in my bed with my partner lying next to me.
    This morning we talked about it and he heard me moaning while sleeping, turning my body etc. He said that it did not sound like a normal nightmare as I was really scared.
    The experience was so unusual and real that i cannot ignore it.
    In my opinion it is not about what you believe or not to, but about the unprovoked events – evidences that cannot be denied.

  100. We read your comments here about the purported demon sitting on the chest, and can confirm that this can certainly be the case, in many instances. About 12 years ago, my wife, who is a prominent psychic and medium was referred by a psychiatrist and called to his clients home to help deal with a mysterious entity that was tormenting her, almost to the point of suicide. .
    When Ursula went to the home , the woman was laying upstairs on her bed and calling for help to ‘get this thing off me’. She sat down by the bed , not immediately noticing anything untoward save for the distress in the womans voice . Soon enough , she noticed a rancid , terrible smell arising in the bedroom, and thought at first that her client hadn’t washed her feet. The odor was similar to rotting flesh. Soon a 3-foot-tall creature began to materialize , sitting on her clients chest. This thing , according to Ursula, was disgusting : it sat on its haunches, had cloven hooves, short stubby wings and arms , long claws, the face of a goat, large, curved horns similar to a ram, serrated teeth and vertical red, slitted eyes. Its skin was leathery with clumps of fir.
    She was truly terrified at this sight, but was careful not to let her fear show, as the demon feasts on people’s fears. She demanded that this thing give her its name and the ancient identity ‘Gor’ came through. It swore and cursed , and said it was going to kill her client and then it was going to kill her too!
    She was able to(mentally) trap this creature in a thick steel cage with bars only an inch apart, and send it back to where it had originated. The story goes on, and is fascinating what occurred next, as the demon attached itself to her aura. It was touch and go , when this beast materialized once more in our home when she was having a shower( standing with her in the shower), snarling that she wasn’t going to get rid of it so easily . I asked her to draw this demon later, and it took her 3 days to calm down enough to do this. These things are real, and lurking for an opportunity to prey on people.

  101. I’ve had “nightmares” with the paralysis a few times about 10+ years ago. They were “dreams,” as I would wake up from them. But I was unable to move while having them, and it was difficult to speak. After looking it up back then, I believed it to be demonic work, an incubus. I still do. I never thought about aliens much, but 10 days ago exactly, I had a dream where people were being taken prisoner from little grey aliens and everyone had to pray for another flood. After researching, I believe it to be a warning that the aliens people think they see, and are being upducted by, are actually incubus/succubus demons, the nephilim. One of the main reasons I believe this is, if it was an alien abduction, nothing you said or did could stop them, same goes for if it was a medical thing right? But every single time (since it started happening and I was told to pray to Jesus Christ), saying His name or praying the Our Father prayer stopped it. This is a nice prayer to say before you go to bed too: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all manner of demons, especially mind-demons, be struck down: deaf, mute, blind, unable to harass me (or name someone you care about). I command it in the name of Jesus Christ, by the blood He shed on the cross, and by the power of His Holy Spirit, I compel it. Amen.”

  102. terrifying comment… all we can do is pray to Jesus’ spirit and angels to help fight these things.

  103. . about 5 or 6 years back i distinctly remember playing with my 2 year old brother. i would laugh and tease him by sticking tennis balls in his clothes, then at night when it was time to go to bed i was really tired. Then at around 11p.m. or 12p.m. my door opened slightly. At first i thought it was my mom so i called out , ”mom are you there” no one answered me. The next thing i knew i heard footsteps, i wanted to scream but was suddenly gripped by the worst fear.
    I decided if i wanted to know who was there i would have to open my blankets and see. At that moment i saw a pitch black figure which resembled my 2 year old brother but could not see any of its facial features just black. it touched my bed and was staring right at me i immediately closed my blankets opened them again and it was gone. from that day on for 5 years i could not sleep with the lights off.
    In my dreams i was constantly tormented by demons they would pinch me, hit and slap me, bite me, and make themselves form different parts of the human body and start laughing at me. i even remember that in one of my dreams i saw a knee shaking vividly and rapidly from side to side and laughing and cackling, it was absolutely horrible.
    sometmes the demons would come in all sorts of weird forms big small short tall and they were obviously incredibly ugly and scary.
    Another time, i experienced sleep paralysis for the very first time. i woke up from a dream and i remember lying on my back looking at the ceiling, but something wasn’t right, i was paralyzed and couldn’t move a single muscle i felt as if something extremely heavy was on top of me and wouldn’t budge. i could see no demon, but i just could not move. i couldn’t even open my mouth to utter even a single word. Then i summoned all my strength in my body that i had and the paralysis left me. I was so relieved.

    But what i actually want to say to everyone including myself is you cannot fight these things if you don’t call on the name of Jesus, by the way sometimes the demons will leave you when you say in the name of jesus other times they wont even go because what you dont realize is that demons flee when you call on the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who died on the cross of Calvary, The Son of God.
    If you see that this isn’t working its probably because there is some door that you opened in your life that gave the devil a foothold. you need to shut that door permanently and seal it with the blood of Jesus Christ. If you ain’t a christian well you have just made your body the devil’s party house where him and his demons can enter you any time. You need to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour and believe with all your heart,soul,strength, and mind that he died on the cross for you because he loved you and forgave all yur sins and rose up again after 3 days. You see you must also realise that if you pray to alah, buddah, and mary or other special saints the truth is they will never help you because they are not God. The bible says that Jesus Christ is the way the truth and and the life, no one comes to God the father Except through Jesus Christ. It never said that mary or buddah or allah etc.. can get you to heaven or God. If you were experiencing sleep paralysis over and over again and just decided to try to say Jesus and the demons left you it shows that God does exist and demons are afraid of Him. if it didn’t work then maybe the demons knew that you just wanted to call on Jesus to snap out of it so they wouldn’t go. you have to be a strong belever in God, and when demons know that usually they won’t harm you and you must also make them afraid of you. don’t let them fuel onto your fears, show them who is boss and tell them to go back to where they came from.

  104. On a Tuesday, some years back…
    I put my kids to bed, tucking them in with prayers and songs and kisses. Hours later (as my clock would tell me afterward), a very strange dream-like space of time and weirdness happened. In a long, white gown of sorts i didn’t know i owned, i woke up, or came to consciousness, crawling around on my hands and knees in my bedroom, flashlight (not turned on, though) in hand. Under my bed there were giant rats, crawling up and down a curtain rod i did not know was there and had never before seen. I realized the strangeness of the experience, backed out of my “search” and went back to bed to sleep a few more hours before work. The memory of this did not exist when i woke in the morning.

    Wednesday, the next day…
    I awoke, sat up in my bed as if a loud noise had shattered my sleep and harshly propelled me to a state of instant awakeness. Immediately i was overtaken by a darkly oppressive sensation. I experienced or imagined a low, rumbling, drone of sound, like a sort of humming somewhat, and the adjective insisted by my mind asserts the sound was “magnetic,” though i don’t have a clue how that could be known auditorily. Slowly i opened my eyes and saw, about five feet or so away and in front of the foot of my bed in the doorway to my bedroom, a green, almost chartreusse, floating ball of light, about 7″ in diameter. It stayed, as if suspended there, without a face or eyes but in an erie sense i felt it “looking at me.” My children were in the room next to mine, and all was deathly still. The vibrational hum had stopped and i remember asking the glowing ball, mentally, what it wanted, its purpose in my doorway, to which no response was given. It vanished. i recall nothing further, and again had nothing of this strange event remembered until some time later. The first thing that had come to mind and jarred the memory loose and brought it forward for my scrutiny, was the floatng green ball of light was a “portal” of unknown origin and purpose.

    Thursday, the following night and final, unpleasant event…
    Having paid attention to my dreams for a decade or so, even keeping a “dream diary” of sorts, the single and glaringly “unsimilar” quality known in dreams compared to the story that follows is that
    and the details, sounds, sights, smells and sensations of this event DID NOT. They have not still, and it happened over 25 years ago. It still seems like it happened more recently than yesterday. Crisp, clear and distubingly frightening. The kind of thing that burrows through your soul.
    In my bed, alone, my children asleep in the bedroom next to mine, i gradually moved from a deep sleep state to somewhat muddy wakefulness, prompted by the urge to vomit in response a horrid smell in my room. it was gagging me, an absolute olfactory assault that got my stomach almost cramped up as i swallowed hard and thought that i should open up my eyes and see from whence this putrid odor came.
    Before i could, my breath left my body. It felt almost as if it had been sucked out all at once, leaving me there on my bed, on my back, arms at my sides, wanting to gasp for air but i could not move. The weight upon my chest was unearthly. I entertained the image i’d be sqashed or squeezed or flattened, as no oxygen would let my chest lift or help my lungs expand. The heavy thing subduing me instructed me to open my eyes. Before me was a heinous, horrid vision, and nothing in my life experience before or since has flooded me with even a tenth of the subsequent, unspeakable terror in the moments that followed and that i’ll not forget.
    Glaring back at me were two huge, red, bloodshot eyes, yellow where the white should be. Mucous dripped from nostrils flaring, hot breath with the smell of death pelted my face sharply, a mere 3 or 4 inches away. Frozen, no breathing out or in, it felt like my heart had stopped beating. Upon me, weighing easily 200 pounds or more, was a beast – a wolf-like, hairy, heavy creature with a gaze so penetrating it was like it could see into my mind.
    Time came to a total standstill in the moments to come. I could not inhale due to so much pressure, couldn’t move a thing except my eyes. Unable to find anything equatable in terms of earthly images, i thought it was the hell-hound form of a demonic animal-thing cast into my room to find me and tear me limb from limb.
    Its skin rippled as its muscles pulled beneath it. With hair or fur like that of a dog but not as thick, sparse and straggly. A low, and barely audible growling sound reverberated through its chest into mine. It wasn’t loud, but oddly strong, and sonehow threatening, menacing, mean. Sharper than its greenish yellow fangs its claws or nails protruded into where it held me down, starting at my shoulders.
    Perhaps the fear consumed me as i must have passed out. I woke to the alarm, went to the bathroom and was scared by my reflection. I was pale, my hands clammy, and a wave of dizziness brought me down into a pile on the floor. Catching my breath and my head kind of spinning, the urge to vomit brought back lucid memories… the rats on the curtain rod, the floating light ball… the portal! The way the beast got in!
    The stench of the encounter, like a layer of sweat, clung to me, claimed my thoughts, remained a part of me, haunted me, held me in those moments that are nothing like the fleeting, elusive fragments of a barely remembered dream. It was personal, physical, intentional. And its meaning a foreboding – and permanent, pervasive and disconserting mystery.

  105. I am equally saddened and elated other souls have suffered similar excursions in terrors of the night. I feel for you. Yet i’m gratefully surprised that i am not alone.

  106. My memory is kind of hazy as I am now 20 and my experience happened when I was between 4-6th grade. This seldom crosses my mind as I didn’t really know what to make of it at the time. My younger brother and I by 6 years shared a bedroom with top and bottom bunk bed. I slept on top. I remember waking up on my back in the dead of the night, and for whatever reason trying to move and being unable to. It was like my body was stuck in neutral. At that point I felt the need to call out to my stepfather but I couldn’t produce more than a low, unintelligible moan, if anything. In all honesty I don’t recall being aware of any presence all though I’m sure it must have been malevolent. As I lay there I realized I couldn’t speak and became frightened all the more attempting to release myself from what or whomever held me captive. Then, and this is really the only part still vividly held in my memory, there was a bright bluish-white light taking up a good portion of my vision all the while my room remained completely dark. Simultaneously I heard a loud metallic clanking noise as if someone was striking my head with either a sword or a heavy hammer like a mallet. Every time if I felt it strike, painlessly might I add, the light filling my vision became brighter as if in unison with the blows and then receding back to the original brightness in between. 1.. 2.. 3.. times at least it struck. On the final blow the light abated along with my paralysis. In retrospect, it is my belief that something unseen may have attacked, but someone else intervened on my behalf. Perhaps it was the Light himself?

  107. Hi I am 35 yrs old my name is Tony.
    When I was 16 I had some friends over. We were hanging out. It was not a very positive point in my life. I was a gang member etc… We were having a few drinks and smoking some Blunts. My tolerance was very high being this was a daily thing and I was in the market. I remember this day very clearly as it was one of the most terrifying experiences in my life. (To give an example of my experiences, I have had a friend murdered and take his last breath in my arms. ) it was getting late and we decided to call it a night. I seen my friends out and walked to my bedroom . I had lace curtains in my doorway in place of a door. I laid down in bed as I heard some notices sounding as if it were my friends returning. I immediate assumed they had forgot something and replied out loud. I then heard whispering and and footsteps as I could see shadows in my curtains. I visually recognized 2 of my friends very clearly as one was not there that night. I then spoke again realizing I could only hear myself and I could not move. I immediate went to panic as the shadows were now surrounding me and did not resemble any familiar faces anymore. I was giving all I had to scream and nothing would come out. It felt as if I was being pulled to the bed with massive force and I could not break free. A Paralyzed feeling. It was only for a few minutes. I was hysteric trying everything then I called upon Jesus in prayer and was released. I screamed mom as my words were now free lol but it was because I knew she was the only other oerson in the house with me. She ran to the bottom of the stairs and replied: what, what is the matter? I replied: who the fuck was just here. she said: no one your friend Alimb and them just left about 5 minutes ago did you not know? That is when I realized I was correct in my thoughts. I had not fell asleep and they never came back. I only told a few people of this as it stayed my secret till now. I’ve heard a few opinions like Demons, the Devil is trying to get you, the Devil uses loved ones to get close etc…

  108. Hi there. I’m Sam (as in Samantha, not Samuel), 23, had this a couple of times, but I’ve just had the worst.
    So, last night, I was asleep. Dreaming, actually. I was back in my childhood home, with a desk under my bed, and a ladder for access. I knew something wasn’t quite right. My younger sister has always been a bit of a sleepwalker. She opened the door, came into my room, and paused there for a few seconds. I could feel my heart rate climbing. Her head was bowed, and she walked over to the bed.
    I craned to see over the ledge beside me, and in an instant she was on top of my chest, with crazy eyes and hair splayed across her face.
    I woke up. In the city I live now, with the vague awareness that my boyfriend was by my side. But this thing, no longer my sister, but a crouching, scrawny, toothy… thing; was still there. Staring at me. I know my eyes were wide with terror, but I couldn’t move. My jaw was locked, and I kept trying to scream.
    I’m not sure how long it lasted, but it was more than enough to properly creep me out. Hadn’t realised chest demons were a thing until I started a Google today.
    Not sure how to round this off, but that’s what happened.

  109. Call me crazy bitbi need help badly I have had many awake dreams or maybe just real in general when I was younger I would always see gremlins trying to grab my feet as I went to bed it got so bad one night that I jumped from my bed and into my aunts bed I was never asleep but I had seen theme just as I could see any of you and had seen them many times in my life and still see them every few years or so not like I did when I was younger am I crazy I need help is there anyone else out here that seem to see them also I have also seen people who was not there my mom told me many times she would walk into my bedroom and see me elevate off the floor I remember seeing my grandmother who had passed years before with a caraselle in my bedroom I still remember it from this day like it was real I was not asleep and I was fully awake

  110. I had experienced this demon 2 days ago , I felt someone is trying to push me against my bed like heavy weight on your body , I can’t remember but I think I could see blury cloud and tried to speak and also tried to free myself by forcing my body out of the bed to drop my self that’s when I woke up and i had gose bumps i read prayer and i felt better. But I am Muslim and I read prayer and are very effective which is called surah and these things are not new in our society.we have more interesting stories about demon and someone siting on your chest and also taking out hearts.but if you are Muslim and believe in ALLAH ( GOD ) then you know more about the solution there is a lot of ways for Muslim to over come this problem and I hope non Muslim that has this DEMON problems finds the same solutions that I have by praying to ALLAH the only owner of this tiny world we are living. For those who don’t know a lot about the religion. Muslim people see jesus as one of their prophet of the God.PEACE


  111. Ive had strange experiences and awful vivid memories since I was a kid. This sounds crazy so I will keep it short as possible I have evil voices at night recorded on my evp app. Strangly when they orbwtv start talking the evp stops recording shortly after with hours of silence it records nothing.. The other night I was dreaming that I fell asleep and awoke with this white creature lookin thing on my chest pale white albino, almost could see veins through its skin. like I remember vividly it’s dark black like eyes. it had its hand in my chest and was doing something I woke up and saw it I freaked out and threw the thing off me I couldn’t breath like it was squeezing my lungs it schreached loudly when I threw it. Here’s the crazy shit as if this shitbdoesnt sound ridiculous already. I woke up choking again as if I was dreaming about dreaming persay. I awoke with a cigarette width scar lookin thing on my chest smooth like it wierd it was never there before my girlfriend is my witnis that shit appeard over night this is no joke. Iam scarred as shit I don’t know wht to do. I don’t know what the fuck goes on when you sleep but the shits fucked I am scarred to sleep any practical advice no burning white candles bullshit I don’t know even how to explain most of this there is much more I sound crazy I’m sure.. But aim sure something isnfuckingnwith me in my sleep aim in pain I have had bad nightmares my whole life and eventually shut them out. I use to wake up as a kid and hear footsteps in my room chills.midk wtf ghosts aliens .nidk wtf I’ve tried meditation all sorta shit mad wire experienced me and my girlfriend have I can’t tell anyone they thinkmiam nuts.nthisnshits fucked. I’m not on drugs or any bs I smoke weed that’s all… I’m not crazy help me with advice please

  112. This just happened to me this morning around 3am. At 2 am I had a nightmare of a car hitting people. At 3am I was asleep and wanted to wake up, but I was dreaming inside a dream inside of a dream and when I finally got out of all 3 dreams I couldn’t move at all! Couldn’t say anything, just looked in one direction and heard feet dragging around my room. Tried to yell, move, fall out of bed, but nothing would worked. As a college student I thought my roommate was in my room, but it wasn’t. Nobody was in my room. Scary, because it happened twice last night.

  113. I felt it…i think i seen it but not sure….i couldnt move or yell out….it was there it felt like hands pressing on me….i think it was smiling and taunting but with no words…its something but i wasnt scared after

  114. This dream/Nightmare happened to me a couple of years ago. I have sleep paralysis often, I find if i push myself to go back to sleep instead of struggling I will usually wake up.
    But this experience was different. I could scream or speak or move and I could feel a presence in my room so i look down across my body and there is a Goblin/Demon sitting there watching me. It was then that i couldn’t breathe and i was truly petrified, I felt the pressure on my body and I was being pushed through the mattress, but this Demon didn’t move it was like he was smiling at me. Feeding off of my pain.
    Towards the end of the dream i ended up screaming Gods name and begging for help. I woke up straight away and my breathing was genuinely awful, i had to sit up and calm myself down.
    I believed in God a very long time ago and I stopped when I was around 7-8. After this dream it’s near on impossible to believe there isn’t something out there. I had never seen or heard of anything like this before, how is it possible that this is something that happens to people all over the world? Why do we all have similar stories to tell… There must be a reason.

  115. Hi all, i keep the same dream about 3 times a week now and a i am scared! It all starts with me feeling like there is a person in the room and then it fees like i am been held down. I feel like i am awake but infact i am sound asleep, as i beging to wake myself up i see a white women on my chest! This is happend so many times and a dont no what to do. Its happend since a family loss, but let me tell you people demons are real

  116. I actually don’t see anyone or anything sitting on my chest, but I feel that there’s a soul or energy sitting on my chest. Then I felt like its pulling my soul out of body. The strange thing is that I opened my eyes, I didn’t see anything but I could feel my something pulling my soul out. I thought that this is the end and maybe this is what people feel when they die. At that moment, I remembered what my grandfather taught me when I was a kid (verses from the Quran) even though, I’m Catholic but I find that only when I say the Quran versus, the paralyze would stop. I recommend you doing that. Memorize a verse and keep repeating it when you feel paralyzed and everything will be over.

  117. I used to wake up a few nights out of the week terrified for no reason. I would instinctively try to sit up right away but would not be able to. I could only lift the top part of my body an inch or two. It was like I had heavy weights On me but didn’t feel any pressure On my chest or arms. From the Moment I woke up I would fight the whole time trying to sit up and eventualy get angry and all of a sudden could.The fear was so intens at first it would take me a Few minutes to over come it before I could get angry every time. The last time it happened I asked(what do you want). I looked up and saw an old lady hovering above me right under the ceiling of my room and she said I want you. Her face looked pail with thick wrinkles and she had a black dress on and long curly gray hair.. I didn’t know what to think so for what ever reason I tried to hide my fear and said f$&$ you that’s to bad and sat up. That was the last time that’s happened. I was in my early 20s and am 30 years old now. I think about it sometimes and wonder what it was all about. I never thought to look up anything about this i just came across an article online and found this website . Don’t know if this helps at all just thought I would tell my story.

  118. I happened to me this morning. I’ve had sleep paralysis all my life (any time I choose to sleep on my back) and I’ve recently learnt not to be scared and just breathe.

    I’ve seen dark figures staring a me before. Today was a little different.

    As I woke up paralyzed, I felt something get on my bed and climb on top of me. I breathed deep and remained calm. I knew I couldn’t move, but for some reason I could feel this thing restrain my arms and begin struggling against my arms.
    Again, with little fear, but trying to release myself from paralysis, this thing must have been moving all over me and giving off an energy of some kind.
    It’s energy moved to my ‘private parts’ and, I won’ lie, the energy felt amazing.
    This to me was clearly a seduction as I could have easily ‘given in’ to that feeling, but I got my mind together and reminded myself what was happening, that this was a being, and averted my attention back to my breathing.

    Although I’m not religious, I used the name Jesus a few times and calmly went back to sleep.

    I’ve had other experiences where that name seems to have an effect. Amazing to say he least.

    If you can calmly focus on your breathing and the notion of calmness while paralyzed, you tend to win.

  119. hi everyone,
    I had seen this dark shadow of a being sitting on top of me looking like it was digging its hands into me and eating me. He continued to do this hand and body gesture continuously, I didn’t feel scared at first or even through most of it, I was laying stiff and didn’t feel like I was being held down either. In fact I began to observe this being in anger towards him, because lately these past 4 months i have been feeling drained, unmotivated, and depressed, I began to get angry because I am thinking that he has played a big part in these undesirable feelings and I was more so interested to see what this being was because i have been having ridiculous back, neck, and shoulder pain, and this might be one reason why along with work. Anyways as I lay there trying to further investigate this being, I began to get scared because my eyes were wide open during this whole experience and they suddenly began to turn pitch black as if someone was staring into my soul and trying to consume it, but all i could see was black. I know I was not asleep because I just got into bed and it takes me awhile to knockout I usually have to lay there for an hour, or use substance like either a shot or two, or some marijuana smoke. As I began to get scared I said “In Jesus Name” I wanted to scream it out loud, but my roommate’s room is right next to me and I did not want to wake him on a work night, when I said this the being stopped and sat upright and stopped digging his hands into me, but as soon as he didn’t hear the name “Jesus”, he began to dig his hands back into me and continued the ‘feeding off me’ gesture. This continued to reoccur for 30 more seconds, every time I didn’t bring up “Jesus” he would continue, until I was scared shitless and couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped out of bed and ran out of my room scared that this being wasn’t even scared of “Jesus”, it just kind of distracted him from whatever he was doing to me. I waited outside my door with the hallway light on still interested to see if I can see a shadow on my bedroom wall, to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, ((mind you I don’t have a nightlight in my room, I get light that can possibly produce a shadow from my laptop charging light)), Then I did see a shadow but this time it was a blob shape on the wall and I saw a dark cloud hovering above my bed for 2 seconds then it vanished as if it had known I left the room and knew I caught a glimpse of him after I did so. After knowing what I saw wasn’t a figment of my imagination, I tried to lay in bed again thinking I had scared it away, but the shadow of him sitting on me and eating me and darkness immediately came back. So I continued to do what I had already done and say “In Jesus Name, Leave My Room” but it continued as before, ((I was raised in a christian home this is why I have been saying “Jesus” because I have a feeling that he is always there watching me but in a good way)), mind you I haven’t been to church in years though, and I don’t pray often or read scripture. So in that case it scares me that maybe there is not enough positive spiritual energy around me and that I am to week to fight these demonic spirits or whatever this being was or is trying to do to me. Now I am sitting up straight in bed scared to turn off my lights and try going to sleep because I try laying down with the lights on and I feel really drowsy and if there is extra weight on me but I can still move my limbs but they are heavier. I even tried praying to God to keep me safe and protect me so I can sleep even with the light off but I continue to feel this way every time I lay in my bed tonight. I will be awake for the rest of the night hoping to figure a way out of this.
    I had no clue this event was part of a phenomenon occurring throughout the human race, I feel good knowing I am not the only one, but I feel like this being haunting me is too strong for me to drive away by myself or even Jesus and I.

    I really hope somebody speaks/comments or has some feedback on my story because I am really shaken up about what just happened, this is my room and my room only.

  120. I wish calling out God’s name worker for me but I tried it all 3 times, during the worst and most painful episodes/abductions/out of body experiences and it had absolutely zero effect.

    I tried calling out the names Jehovah and Jesus Christ and almost felt it made it worse. The final 2 times I tried this I had researched this matter online and general believed it would work.

    Please don’t let my few experiences dissuade yourself from trying calling out the Lord’s name.

    I had a bluish, green goblin enter my physical body once and it felt like I was being pushed aside by this being and it had more power than me and it was very scary.

    I felt like I was a child sharing a pair of overalls with a larger more powerful person and I was just being pushed aside.

    After having a tough time in my life I called out God slightly, and than after 2 days of that called out the devil saying that he was not powerfull and his worst did not bother me. To be honest I just lost my faith and needed a sign to believe in anything. What I got was several out of body/sleep paralysis episodes from hell and I know believe in the devel as well as in God.

    Unfortunately it took a scary being entering my body to make be believe.

    I will never again question the existence of God, gods, angels, demons or aliens as I have spent over 2,000 hour researching each and believe they are all real and connected.

    But to be honest I do have mild Narcolepsy in my family so my other worldly experiences are related to this condition.

    I would guess that my struggling for sleep at times results in me accidently slipping out of my astrall body into some sort or altered state, thus allowing the occasional entity access to my physical body.

    So as a very sane person I can see some people thinking that they are being upducted while others call it demonic and some call it astrall projecting. Either way it feels evil to me so I try not to do it as much as possible.

  121. Many years ago I had a similar experience as everyone else. I recently just discussed it with my therapist which is why I went in search of anyone else that have experienced the same thing.

    At the time I was in a very destructive relationship. I always wondered if my boyfriend at the time had bad spirits around him because weird things started happening when we moved in together. I would wake up in the middle of the night and see him sitting on the side of the bed speaking Spanish. When I would touch his back and ask if he was ok he would lie back down and have no recollection of it the next morning. Also, there was a night that right before I fell into a deep sleep, I heard heavy breathing in my ear. Just wired things like that that would make me believe there was bad energy around. He was abusive emotional, mentally, and sometimes physically.

    The night of the “Sleep Paralysis” incident I had gone to bed before my boyfriend. He was usually a night owl and sometimes was up all night on his computer, so I often went to bed alone. I shut my bedroom door, turned out the lights, and went to sleep. Next thing I know, I wake up (laying on my side), I see the bedroom door cracked open with the living room light shining through, and I feel a presences sitting next to me on the bed rubbing my leg. I spoke my boyfriend’s name thinking it might have been him and I got a response saying “It’s ok. It’s going to be ok”. So thinking it was him I fell back to sleep. Shortly after I woke up (lying on my back this time) and I couldn’t move. I felt like I was being held down and I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. I noticed the bedroom door shut this time. I was freaked out and scared. All of a sudden I was able to break free from whatever hold was over me. I rushed out of bed and quickly opened the bedroom door just to see my boyfriend sitting on the couch in the living room with his headphones on and his laptop on his lap. He had no idea what was going on and was freaked out as he watched the color drain from my face.

    It’s never happened again but I fully believe it was something not of this world. Sleep Paralysis is not a true explanation to what I experienced.

  122. I have experienced it more than once I was sleeping and woke up next to my ex. I couldn’t move couldn’t talk it felt like something inside me was pulling on all my insides. It didn’t hurt just overwhelming fear. The only thing I could move were my eyes I tried to reach out to her and yell I couldn’t. Felt like hours but in reality it was only a couple of seconds. It is one of the most terrifing things I have ever experienced. It is always on ur mind b4 I go to sleep and it’s been 4 years since it last happened

  123. Wow,

    I’m so glad I found this site. I thought I was really going insane. Three mornings ago, early, I felt half asleep. I think I was in REM sleep, but I actually saw this little goblin creature, with green skin, on my chest, and, suddenly, it started jumping up and down on my stomach. I had the worst pains in my stomach, while this was happening. It jumped up and down a few times, and I sort of buckled into myself. All I remember was it launched off of my stomach and jumped off of the bed, then I fully woke up. My stomach was hurting really badly. It did go away, later that morning.

    I don’t know what to make of it all. It freaked me out.

  124. If it happens more than once, get checked for Narcolepsy, as Stewart mentioned. I have it as well. If so, dreams can be SO real. Like, wonder if your insane real. I used to get this, and levitation way up high. I felt crazy a few times when I was younger. I obviously know I cant freakin fly, but I also know it happened(or so it REALLY seemed). Oh, it is odd, but people do have basically the same type of dreams as well. Someone said they thought they were in REM. Thats exactly what Narcolepsy is. You go into REM too fast. My fastest in the sleep study was asleep and in REM in under a minute. Lol. Also, just because you dont fall asleep all the time, does not mean you dont have it. Most are never diagnosed.

  125. I had my first experience quite recently, last night even , at first I was just laying in bed trying to get situated as one normally would. I soon fell asleep without a discomforting feeling but some time afterwards, I do not know how long, I began to feel a pressure on my chest and I felt like there were hands both around my neck and over my eyes so along with not being able to move i could hardly breathe and i could not open my eyes. At some point possibly from not having enough oxegen i began to hear a sound like wind rushing past my ears then the pressure lifted and i got up or t least i thought i did and i went to my mothers room and tride to continue sleeping there but it happened again and once the second time ended i woke up on my bed like i had not moved al all

  126. First I’d like to say that I completely believe and sympathize with the victims of these happenings as I myself have been under attack as far back as I can remember. What I have come to believe is that there are unseen forces all around us and they have only one objective, to destroy all that is good. They will do that by either driving the target mad to the point of self destruction or enter the body where they can use the human connections of the victim to destroy anyone they can. I also believe that because they will use humans to destroy other humans, they have their hooks into the powerful, Godless elites and have a vested interest in entertainment media. Ask yourself if horror movies haven’t become exponentially more sadistic and terrifying, as one example, and anyone can see that it’s a runaway train and who even wants to see that sick shit. A generation of people desensitized by the loss of boundaries when it comes to the portrayal of reality. The idea that because its not real that its ok to watch and even enjoy but the fact is that the mind has a special relationship with the eyes and the fact that whats being viewed is not real life but merely a well orchestrated piece of performance art, the mind makes it real and especially if you are afraid. I had terrifying night terrors as a child that would manifest before my eyes even after being awake for minutes and it took me to my breaking point before age 8, then suddenly it stopped. I’ve always felt something trying to find a way back into my reality and eventually it did. I had a series of terrifying encounters including a demonic dog like creature chase me and an entity that wouldn’t let me near my home and would make an ungodly sound everytime I came close. Both incidents in the same night and this was only days before my child was conceived. About 3 or 4 months into the pregnancy, my wife awoke to me speaking in tongues or something unfamiliar to her while I had one hand on her forehead and the other on her pregnant belly. I was horrified to hear this as I have no memory of it though she says my eyes were wide open. All I know is that our fear is what they need to fuel their attacks and without it they’re just bumps in the night.

  127. I’m from India .I’m 23. years old now.when I’m at 18 I felt the same thing in different manner .on that day I’m sleeping with my grand parents, I’m In another room sleeping alone. on that day around 12 I had a bad dream I thought to woke up but I can’t make it some object is sitting on my chest .so I thought to shout for help but my sound is coming from my mouth and I can’t even open mouth. I heard a bell ringing sound . after that I thought to move my body but my body is not responding I tryed so hard but nothing happed after a while mouth is opened I shouted very loud and I thought and I woke up and I thought to see what it is but I couldn’t find it .thats what happed after a these many days my sister had a same type of dream which I had . and my family is saying they saw some big black object in my home and all my family had seen that black object .my parents can’t sleep at night .actually they where not feeling sleep at all .they all had the same dream .
    tell me why it’s happening .

  128. i suffer from sleep paralysis since i was in secondary school. i don’t really remember at what age i experienced it but i found that it was really terrifying. at first, it made me paralyzed while i was in deep sleep and i wanted to get up and scream but it’s hard to make a move and i barely can breathe. it happened for a short time but before that, when i was paralyzed, i can see a human figure but i can’t see it clearly because i only saw a black glimpse and heard noisy sounds. it made me terrified. but i was long time ago. but what terrified me the most is i started to experienced sleep paralysis and it’s weird that i felt someone sodomized me. can someone explain this?

  129. In my twenties I had something happen after my husband left for work. I was praying that I could feel being slain in the spirit like some friends of my husband had been talking about the night before. I woke up after dozing briefly and was disappointed at not having experienced what they had spoke of happening. I was living a sinful life. All of a sudden I felt the presence of something huge and dark in the opposing left corner of the room. I felt the evil overcome me. I was paralyzed and couldn’t even bring my hands together to pray. I heard “lasisidus”. Just as I finally pulled my hands together against an unseen force, a rush of wind at a super speed or either I was moving at a super speed like an outer body experience. I can’t really express what I felt. I just know I had the most joyful peace consume me and couldn’t stop saying thankyou, thankyou Jesus. About fifteen years later I looked up lasisidus in my child’s Latin school book and found that it means “to harm”. Maybe a warning huh.

  130. Sleep paralysis is completely inconsistent with my experience. They always come ahead of a big storm, usually just one but the latest was three, maybe four. I had been sleeping but woke up and rolled over in bed. I felt one approach and push down on me, tried to resist, but it was to strong but I thought screw that, it’s happened before so I won’t react, I’ll just let it sit until it leaves. Another pulled my legs and pinned them down. Then another, distinctly female in nature, approached ringing a little bell. She climbed between the two on top of me, touched my privates gently to let me know she was in control and either she or another one placed the bell in my hand. I felt the shape and cold of it clearly. I screamed to my roommate for help. He thought it was a nightmare and yelled back to wake me. I screamed “I am awake, get them off me!” at which point they pushed me down even harder. I could no longer speak but continued to moan and struggle. My roommate switched on a light which dispels them. The previous time before the biggest storm last winter he thought he might have seen a figure run from my room before putting the light on. We no longer think it’s just a nightmare / night terror.

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