Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest – Add Your Testimony

One of the worst things anybody can go through is sleep paralysis.  I have had this experience myself and you basically lie on the bed without being able to move a muscle and it can last momentarily or for minutes and even longer.  For whatever reason in the past I always break out of the paralysis saying the name Jesus or Yeshua…

Three of my friends have said to me that they saw a goblin sitting on their chest whilst having this experience, thankfully this has not happened to me thus far. All of them describe the creature similarly and two of them never knew that this creature is actually part of folklore…

Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest
Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest

Legend has it that Incubus is a demon that lies on the chest of sleeping people with the intention of having sex with them, Merlin the magician from the King Arthur saga, was purported to be the offspring of the Incubii. Apparently these creatures have penises that are very cold and very big (maybe like the metal probes described by people anally probed by aliens???)!

This legend varies from region to region and the demon takes many forms, the scariest of the lot is Popo Bowa, a Tanzanian demon that strikes fear into the hearts of men because this particular demon paralyses men and then sodomises them!!!

Scientists believe that sleep paralysis can be explained by the fact that your brain wakes up before your body does but there is no conclusive evidence about what actually causes it just yet…

These colourful legends stretch far and wide!!! If you’ve had one we’d love to hear from you!

Update: My latest sleep paralysis attack

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  1. Yes I am a Christian, and yes I do believe there is good and a evil! I have had the experience before multiple times after I got saved. Never saw a goblin on my chest, but have been woke and not being able to move my body at all! A scary feeling and I get paranoid after a few minutes! I am able to move after saying ‘in the name of Jesus!’. Works every time i have a nightmare which use to be a problem for me as a child. My mother taught me that and have used it ever since, we have to love our mothers! but my point is that evil is very real and can be faught against with the Word of God! Who is also very real!

  2. Thanks for that Dre… the label you use, Jesus, is powerful on this side of the Earth. The spirit has many names, and this was it’s name whilst residing in a human host fully so it responds to this name…

  3. this first happen to me when i was 13 but now im 14 and yesterday it happened again i turn 14 on nov 26 i know im only a child

  4. I am glad im not the only one experiencing these, it makes me feel a little but more normal. I have unfortunately been experiencing sleep paralysis since i was 15. But usually only when sleeping in weird unusal or new places. For example in the car on a road trip, or in a hotel that ive never been in before. Only once have i felt it in my own bed. But anytime i do feel it i only am paralyzed, i have never felt that there were demons present. Until a few nights ago i woke up at 5:30 a.m. I could see my room, which looked completely normal except a light from outside the door lit it up slightly. I felt an extreme pressure on my chest and i realized i couldnt move. There was something on top of me holding me down. This thing started to kiss me and lick me up and down my body. I tried to scream for help but nothing came out of my mouth. My breathing was short and my heart was racing rapidly. This thing just kept kissing me and licking me. The worst part was that it took the form of my sister, gross i know, but then changed into something else, which i never got a good look at. I would try to lift my arms to push it off of me but nothing worked. Eventually the feeling was gone, but for a few minutes afterwards by heart was beating so heavily i could hear it. After i fully woke up i looked outside my door to see where that light was coming from only to find out there was no light on. I checked on my sister across the hall and she was fast asleep. This experience was by far the worst ive had. not only the pressure on my chest and the inability to move, but that fact that it took form of my sister at first! I am scarred by this and hope and pray that it never happens again!

  5. I had sleep paralysis and was attacked by demons and it was such a violation. really scary. I would be paralysed lying on the bed. a darkness rolled up my body and then fear manifest in the room and I heard the sound of thousands of screeching demonic cat like animals. It was really scary. I managed to say the name jesus and this massive force of love manifested in he room like a giant arm and pulled off the demon and peace filled the room. It happened a few times and when I said Jesus peace came and it stopped.

    My take on it is that it doesn’t matter if it is a physical thing and is sleep paralysis or if it is a demonic attack. Jesus is king of the physical and the spiritual so calling on him to come and Rule with his Kingdom stops it happening. He is King of all. I align my life to his rule. I haven’t had these attacks in 10 years now and I totally 100% believe Jesus saves.

    Seriously, whether you suffer from sleep paralysis or not, go to church, find Jesus and let him come into your life!

  6. My experience happened tonight. I am writing this at 3 am to get my mind of it happening.

    My experience with sleep paralysis is when I am at my house. I’m sleeping in my bed and I hear a voice in the attic. I look to investigate and there is a little white gremlin there. I only see his legs at first but then he looks at me with two massive black eyes and I try to yell at him but I can’t. I feel as if my body wouldn’t yell. The moment I had the words in my mouth to say something I go blank. I get scared and start praying “Please God deliver me.” “Please God Help me!” “Please God help me!” and the gremlin goes away and start yelling to my Mom. I see the look on the white gremlin’s face and he starts talking again. It freaks me out. I want to call him out but I cannot produce any audible sound. I start to yell for mom as much as I can. I’m yelling “Momma!” “MOMMA!! “MOMMA!!!!” in my sleep and she’s not coming. I soon bust myself out of sleep yelling “Momma.” I’m hurt in the chest and my whole body feels numb. I’m paranoid as anything now.

  7. Strange that everyone sees a creature.

    Without prior knowledge of the old tales, I experienced sleep paralysis about 3 years ago. I was sleeping on my bed and then I opened my eyes. I could see around me, but I could not move. I felt there was a creature on my chest, trying to pin me down. The creature was struggling as I was trying to get up and it made a sound kind of like a small dog yanking on a toy. I began to freak out and what the creature off me. I became sad and hopeless after 2 minutes.

    Suddenly, I heard 3 beautiful female voices telling me not to move. These voices said ‘Hold on, stay calm… we are trying to help you’ I felt as if those 3 female beings were doing something. I could not see what they were doing, but I could feel them next to me.

    I could suddenly move my hand, but then my eyes closed and when I opened them a few seconds later, I could move but was in a lot of pain. My chest area hurt like a heartburn from food. I looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

  8. It’s interesting to look at how these dreams typically end. I was in sheer terror and I started to pray to God and the gremlin went away. I’ve noticed that in all of these other stories as well. That was not a good experience, the feeling of fear is not one I enjoy. The dream taught me to appreciate my spiritual life and not let the metaphorical gremlin hold me down.

    Best Regards,


  9. Twice I’ve felt the weight on my chest – exactly like something was crouching down staring into my face.

    I could feel and hear it’s breath as it said in a deep ominous whispery voice, “I’m going to kill you. You are going to die,” and similar things for a few minutes.

    It was terrible and terrifying.

    A couple of nights later I felt the presence of an angelic woman. Perhaps it was Mary – it felt like it might be. I felt at peace and felt an amazing feeling of joy, safety and security – of bliss.

    The night terrors have never come back.

  10. Everytime this has happend to me I’m pulled out of it by my mums cats they sit around me snarling and swiping when I’m fully back they calm and I’m usually coverd in scratches on my arms feet and face and around my hands is like temporary burn marks like old scars but their not my own if that makes sence it’s been happening for years once I calm myself it almost feels like I’m being lured back to sleep but I have managed to train myself to snap out of it. It takes so much energy as a few have said white lighting good thoughts and alot of will I really think the cats are sharing energy with me and protecting too

  11. Last week starting Sunday I woke up in the middle of the night terrified for no reason. I tried to move, and could not. I tried to call for help, and again could not. A few minuts later I was “released” from this feeling and “paralysis”.

    The same thing occured Monday-friday and then Saturday I was able to see something. I dont want to remember what I saw but It appeared to be a Hairless dog standing on my chest with human-like hands and feet. I can not get rid of this image and here it is sunday night and I’m scared out of my mind. Sleep? I dont think so…

  12. a hairless dog is about as scary as it gets… did you utter the name of jesus to break free?

  13. I did not, but probably should have. I just fought and fought until I eventually woke up. I cant believe this kind of thing can happen to someone! The thought of something so terrible and evil is disgusting.

  14. I have been experiencing SP episodes for over 30 years, off and on. I can link it directly to an encounter in the home of a cult member when I was in my early twenites. I do not believe Christian Believers can be possessed by demons. I do, however, believe we can be oppressed. Praying to Jesus is the only thing that gets me through these terrors.

  15. This has happened to me twice when I was very young. Call it sleep paralysis or whatever you want. I call it something sitting on my chest! Whatever it was, it was blacker than black and right in my face. There wasn’t much light in the room each time it happened but I could see its black outline as it sat there taunting me. I could sense evil. Each time it left it would spring off of me shaking the bed as it sped away, once slipping out the window like a black ghost. To the person who posted it must be a beautiful experience, it was horrifying!
    Later when I was about 7 an Alien type creature woke me up in my room very early one morning. As it walked around my bed and approached me I tried to scream but was unable to. After that there is a blackout period, missing time if you will when I woke up much later in the morning. WTF?

  16. i’ve experienced something the same. i cant move a muscle and couldnt eyes half open, but nothing like sitting on my chest. i can only feel that im shutting down slowly. my heart beating slowly as if about to die. my eyes fading to black. it still happens to even now. but every time it does i just breath in deep 3x. and thankfully it works. pumps back my dieing heart and saves me. but i cant avoid panicking every time it happens. i might forget to breath and die. makes me hard to go back to sleep again.

  17. Before I went to bed, I was praying to our father. I asked him to please tell me what name is best to call him. I explained to him, I wasn’t sure about the name Jesus because there are many people named Jesus. I mentioned I felt weary about the name due to bad (spirits or souls). I then fell asleep, was having a series of dreams, when suddenly our father appeared in my dream, stood in front of me. He looks so beautiful clothed in white. He said to me in spanish
    “( Hija quero me llame Jehova, preparate que vas estar en guerra. )” aka
    ” Daughter, I want you to call me Jehova. Prepare yourself, for you will be in war”
    I never expected in my wildest dream, that our Lord Jehova would appear to me in my dream. I looked up Jehova and saw several names after. One of them was Jehova ( Elohim) Dressed like he appeared in my dream, like the Shepard. ♥

  18. Recently have had this, it’s happened 4 times.
    It’s happened at these apartments in Rialto my friend rented out,
    they moved into an apartment where not too long ago, a man was found in there dead in his room, he was in there for at least a month! I was sleeping on his bed and all of a sudden I can’t move, my arms are stuck my body, I can’t even talk.
    I tried yelling for my friend because funny thing was he was on the other bed across the room, but nothing came out, before that I fell asleep I felt like something was moving the bed before, but I felt it was nothing. Now I guess I know why.
    I was always curious about what it was and my friend found out and told me, I’m so interested in the subject, what happens if you put your arms into the position to where you look like if you’re in a coffin?

  19. I have had this to.

    My eyes were open, but i could not move my body. It felt like there was something on my chest. I would describe it as a mist or small cloud.

    I also remember hearing sounds, almost like footsteps.

    I was able to force my self awake bye thinking, 1..2..3.. WAKE UP DAMIT, and then i woke.

    Have never been so scared in my life while sleeping / lying in bed.

  20. I’ll be the first to say I am the biggest sceptic you will ever meet. I try to rationalize everything but the following events, that occurred to both myself and my boyfriend a few nights apart, could not and still cannot be explained. I am 27, he is 34, and we had just moved in together. He awoke one night frantic and woke me up saying he was just frozen and heard a low voice in his ear say “i’m in the room…”t I think I laughed at the time, but whatever it was scared him enough to where he wouldn’t come back to bed the rest of the night. I thought nothing of it. Then about a week later I was falling asleep to the tv as I always do, alone in bed… my boyfriend was in the office across the hall. I awoke very suddenly as if my stomach dropped and could not catch my breath. I felt pressure on my chest and as I tried to sit up as something kept pushing my back. I could not scream. Once I’d snapped out if it I heard a low pitch “get out…” in my ear followed by what sounded like a growl. Something I still say helps with the validity of what I experienced was that as soon as I awoke I saw the tv screen bright blue as the dvd player had reset itself/ Not finished a movie, not been toughed, but resetting on its own. And i’d seen enough ghost shows to know they use electricity to transfer energy… I hate to admit it myself because I still don’t want to believe it’s true. Later that night I awoke to a loud buzzing sound on the side of the bed. I thought it was my phone but it had not wrang. I thought nothing of it then looked up some info online the next day and found out the presence of a buzzing like i’d experienced meant the presence of a demon. His old roommates warned us the house was haunted. When we explained our experiences to each other they were almost exact. There was also fingernail sounds on the bathroom door, footsteps and things moving around in the attic above the garage, the dogs following things around on the wall, and most convincing…. a bright ball of light we both saw one night shortly after turning the tv off. It startled us as it just appeared out of nowhere in the corner of the bedroom. I tried explaining it away but to this day I wonder if these events were all something more. The only experiences I have ever had were in that house during those few months. I now take sedatives to sleep. My lucid dreams are often frightening but (I just felt freezing air pass through me as I am writing this. I feel as if something it watching me, like I’m afraid to look behind me) I can say I have had no such experiences of such pressure since. I am finished with this as I feel I am inviting unfriendly energy. Seriously theres NO draft and the window just sounded as if a pebble hit it. Then again as I wrote that sentence. I’m scared as hell. There’s something here with me. There;s something in this house . Something just touched my shoulder

  21. I was attacked by a strong demon 15 minutes ago. Just as I began to drift off to sleep. I call it a demon (satanic attack) because I’ve had these experiences many times. It doesn’t matter whether I sleep in a chair or in a bed, they come. By the way I am a Born AgainChristian. I found out if I call out the name of JESUS the evil presence always leave. Glory to God! There is truly power in the name of Jesus. Demons tremble and fear his name. I also had one sit on my chest in the fom of a cat. It wanted to have sex with me. It’s a paralyzing state of mind whereas you try to scream for help but no words come. Your tongue is tied. You feel a heavy presence on you and the presence is real evil. One time I spelled out the names of J-E-S-U-S and the demon left. Demons are real. The bible speaks of them.

  22. First of all, i’m from denmark, so my spelling my bit a little weird.

    I’ve had the same dream, for 1 week in a row, for about 6 months ago, i was awake, but couldn’t move at all, on top of me, there was a black ghost, then suddenly, the picture changed, and i was viewing my frontdoor, like i was a camera in the corner, infront of the door, theres was this black ghost, and i knew it was gonna hurt my mom. Then i woke up, i thought. Agian, i couldn’t move, couldn’t scream for help, and this time, i knew the creature was inside my appartment. I knew it was standing over my mother.. Then agian, i woke up, and agian, i couldn’t move. Same over and over, till my alarm clock waked me up. Then yesterday, i was in the train on my way to school. I was sad beside an women, in the mid twenties, and her friend sad in front of her on the other seet. Then he started talking about this weird dream he had, and he completely got my intention, he described my dream 100%… Every single detail, every single thing that i had dreamt, he had too.. i know im gonna dream the same dream tonight, so, can some1 please, please, please, help me what to do? Right now, i’m just staying waken up!

  23. Do not panic or fear Craig. If you do it’s like bloody water to sharks. If you stay at peace they will leave you be.

    Ask the spirit to come to you and give you peace and protection.

  24. the other day i had a dream it was so rerythingeal i could feel the floor on my feet and in the dream i was in a viler next to the beach there was lots of people there and they ran down stairs and then though this arched passageway made of stone i followed and when i was running through i was running and running but it was getting longer and longer then there was no one insight then i woke up unable to more it felt like something was sitting on my chest and it felt like all my muscles were tightening up on my chest it lasted for about a minute then it happened again straight after but only for about 30 seconds and then i seen this witch type creature standing beside my bed and then one of my was staring in that direction growling then it just all disappeared.

  25. Last night it happened to me.Iam a Christain.Have had demons trying to suduce me in the past.This was at a different locztion 5 years ago.this is the first I remember anything sitting on my chest.I could not move.Called out to my daughter in next room
    but not without much grumblung and effect.This stinks!

  26. I was sleeping at my family home by myself shortly after my mother had passed when i was awoke with a demon on my chest. I couldn’t move anything but my eyes and mouth. The demon was , from the waist down ,burried in my chest. He was horrific looking and dug his right arm into my chest and pulled out what looked to be my heart. He was dancing around and taunting me with my heart. All of the sudden I involuntarily spoke the name of Jesus and he went away immediately. I’m so glad that I found this site because I always wonder why me? Am I leading an unholy life? I didn’t think so and by the grace of Jesus I made it through this tramedic experience. Jesus is alive and looking out for us always. Thanks,Kent

  27. This happened to me a few year ago back in 2005, i lived on my own in a flat above a shop. Once the shop was shut there was no neighbours or noise. I experienced several episodes of this when i was falling to sleep at night, along with not being able to move i couldnt breath……as anyone else had this because iv not seen much posted about breathing……it lasted a few minutes untill i knew i had to breath…….i never seen any demons sat on my chest but remeber seeing a picture years before which i instantley related to it. Along with not being able to breath or move i felt like someone was breaking in threw the shop underneath……i went to the doctors and got told it was panick attacks.I have never panicked in my life and heard alot of strange noises around the same time. These experiences carried on untill i moved out of the property when i fell pregnant……this now worries me after researching the term and what is believed.

  28. I had this creepy experience of a demon trying to sodomize me during waking moments. I was working with devil worshiper and he hated me cause I am Christian. He told a worker that he was going to send his demons after me. Unclean spirits would crawl on me at work,driving home and at home. Devils would hit my mattress and my bed would vibrate and I could feel unholy spirits in my room. Right before I fell off into deep sleep satan would invade my room..this eery sinister evil spirit crawled in my room usually on the ceiling or hovering and it tried to paralyze me fear. My skin would crawl with goosebumps. Then I would try to break out if this trance so I could rebuke this low spirit in Jesus name

  29. Usually all night long these demons would vex my rest
    everynight for about five years.long time of trying keep my sanity.My boss is responsible because it was his brother in law a devil worshiper. This guy and his impish clan would wear 666 on there wrist. This guy had the whole office creepy like hell. One night my I let my cat in from outside where the air was crawling wit demons from this guy in park Forest Illinois.I went to sleep but not quite te yet then this figure came walking in my room and I knew it cthenawled in my cat so if ,oils terrorize me. I got up and rebuked that damn low from hell. Tossed my CA out. Went back to sleepsleep

  30. One night this demon came in my room and it made an announcement sort of speak before it entered.I had an experience before with this devil. I felt it coming at me, paralyzing my brain so I couldn’t articulate the name of Jesus . I tried to say Jesus save me. It was a dumb spirminxit trying to dumb me. It say on my chest and tried to open my eyes and something spoke to my spirit telling me that this thing was terribly ugly.

  31. This demon sat on my chest snickering and felt tremendously ugly and I tried to open my eyes and to get my brain to work to say Jesus in my lasted like minutes I was a sign of things to come. Years later I got a respiratory infection unlike anything normal it smothered me almost. I have to work hard just to inhale naturally. It came from these so called friends who were around atheist and devil worshipers like Ozzy faggot Osborne hooker from hell. These friends of mine are black. What kind of black person admires this foolishness.I’m black. This person smoked crack heavily and demons would be seen crawling inside this mans back. Every since then I have been fervently casting these unclean dr old

  32. One day i woke up and couldnt move and this alien/demon thing came out of my closet and it was a faded purple and really skinny and looked like the alien from lilo and stitch. and when i seen it i freaked out and thought i was gunna die by a demon and i couldnt speak so in my head im talkin mess to the demon calling it names cuz i couldnt move or speak and i thought it was going to kill me. and i said to myself to stop tripping cuz if this was real then i can feel it and it jumped on me starting at my legs and crawled to my chest and this long skinny dry tounge came out and licked me on my face. all of a sudden it jumped off me and ran into the closet and my mom open my door to make sure i was sleep and i was able to move and i got out the bed and told her what i experience and she didnt believe me. i was pissed and i slept on the floor in her room for the night.

  33. Couple months ago I was lying in my bed fully awake in the mind, and I got this horrible feeling of terror all of a sudden, so I tried to move but I couldnt, I tried to call out to my mom but I couldnt speak, just a faint noise came out, then I felt this hot breath on my ear and was really freaking by this point, then I got angry and said to myself, Im goona beat this evil off of me! and slowly thinking fighting thoughts I was able to move again and I snapped out of it. But then two mins later I felt as if It was happening again and I couldnt fight it off I could tell I was slipping back into ps and this evil was trying to get me again, but somehow I jerked my leg and got up and ran outta my room like a bat outta hell.

  34. to isiah the fact that the demon was something you recognized from a cartoon makes me think that it was created by you in your mind.

    Although i have had a demon wearing a white type of tribal mask put me in a headlock. I first saw him in a zombie dream and he appeared on a bridge. I instinctively kicked him over bridge into the water. It was a like low rope bridge. Then awhile later I am having a dream i am at kung fu class. Then my teacher grabs me in a headlock from behind. I look at him cuz i dont think he would do that. Low and behold its that same demon holding me in a headlock. Next thing i know im in a paralysis state with him on top of me and im lying in bed. I easily push him off and i have to force myself to wake up as hard as i can. I ve had to do it several times in the past. You have that feeling you cant wake up but if you try with everything you got you can wake up kinda thing. Still not entirely convinced its not my mind playing tricks but makes you wonder.

  35. This has happened to me twice. The first time I was in high school I was 17 or 18 and I had some weird experiences leading up to it. So here it goes te night it happened I kept waking up because I felt like something was staring at me. Then I woke up and I was laying on my back which I never sleep that way. And I felt pressure on my chest and it was hard to breathe and I felt a tightening sensation around my wrists. So I tried to scream out and kick but I couldn’t. I felt my legs moving but they weren’t and I felt myself screaming with no sound. And finally it realeased me and I ran out of the house got in my car and left.

    Next experience. Was I believe mid last year so about 5-6 years after my dirt experience and this one was really bad. So I spent the night at my friends house and I woke up mid morning and I felt this evil prescence. And the was a heaviness on my chest kind of hard to breathe and I felt re tightness on my wrists. I trie really hard to fight it off and I did. As I wa sitting up I felt exhaustion and was forced to lay back down and all of the sensations came back. This happened several times. Finally the last time this happened I could feel it inside of me. I could feel it in my mind filling my mind with its thoughts and what it wanted me to do. I saw myself pushing my friend out if the bed and falling on top of her. I was so scared I said Jesus or god I don’t remember forsure please help me. This made it extremely mad it tightened its grip on my wrists and I could barely breathe then all of a sudden I saw it inches from my face. It was black with swirly edges but solid if that makes any sense. Then suddenly it was gone and I wasn’t sleepy anymore and I jumped up and told my friend what happened. It was scary.

  36. when I was 10/11 yrs old I used to feel something small crawl u my
    body. its small hands clutched my neck and I would keep
    my eyes closed out of fear not wanting to see what it was. I would
    try to yell for help but It would come out as a whisper. I felt it sitting
    on my chest and I just struggled to pry its hands off me and it went away.
    this happened numerous times. I would tell anyone who listened
    but no one believed me. I used to call it the gremlin. I am not religious
    so I wouldn’t pray or say jesus. it smply stopped coming when I started to sleep
    with my blanket held up and around my neck. I am now 30 and have
    only started sleeping without something protecting my neck in the
    last couple years. I told myself at that young age to never let
    anyone or anything diminish the truth of those events. I’ll never
    forget the terror.

  37. I usually cant breath or move for couple of mintues but i can see my surroundings and i feel something evil in my room, and when i can finally move i try sleeping a different ways and i will get it again the most i had it happen to me in one night would be 3 times, in one night!.. and i usually pray when i cant move breath or talk and it leaves and leave the light on. …

  38. Im 18, very religious and recently Ive moved in with my grandparents. They live far out in the country with an amazing view of the sky and I have been spending most of my late summer nights starring into stars and asking for knowledge and answers and if any aliens are out there I will listen. This event that taken place last night is something I never knew could happen I thought maybe I was still dreaming but this is how my night went. I was watching gsn the gameshow network with my mamaw and she said that she was extremely tired and took her medicine and went to bed. I went outside staying from about 10pm to 2am laying on the ground just star gazing and admiring Gods creation. When I came back into the house I suddenly got the feeling that I was ready for bed, so I skipped a midnight snack and didn’t brush]my teeth and crawled straight into bed without saying my prayers. But my ceiling in the room is full of glow in the dark stickers shaped like stars all above my head as a night light. I drifted off to sleep and I woke up feeling like I didn’t ever even fall asleep waking up to what I made out to be a tall shadowy figure that was wavy like smoke but keeping shape sitting on top of me and I didn’t feel no pain but I felt the pressure of this thing laying on me and I just keep starring at it because I didn’t understand why I couldn’t move, all of a sudden it faded away slow lifting off me and I could see my stars in the room glowing again as if this thing was blocking my view. I stood up feeling the presence of this still in my room giving me a very dark creepy feeling. I ran outta the room to go check all my doors in the house to make sure they are locked and I checked on my grandmaw and she was still asleep. I went to take a quick shower and brushed my teeth thinking maybe my body was just uncomfortable, then I turned the tv on seeing it was only 3 am making me think I barley even slept at all, theres no way I was in a deep enough sleep to simply not be able to move. Around 4am I got the courage to go back to sleep thinkin I was trippin maybe cause I was thinking about the stars. I got back in the bed just laying there thinking what if I feel this thing creep back ontop of me and lay there. a few time went by and I was still unable to sleep with my eyes closed just thinking then all of a sudden I felt a tighting on my body as somebody was wrapping me into a blanket and something held my eyes open and I saw terror of a golden demon that opened his face or whatever it was and I saw an endless spiral of golden light and felt like i was falling into him further into the spiral as it got longer I felt in less control and I started crying couldn’t stop then I screamed jesus save me and I was back in my dark room still crying tear still laying up. Jesus stopped this thing from scaring me. I ran out straight into my grandmothers room and she was awake saying that a light woke her up. I told her what I saw and she thought I smoked weed or something but This golden image of this demon is stuck in my head and im terrified to enter my room ive been sleeping in and I think its because I called upon this from the heavens above and its not good I need help I cant sleep.

  39. I normally do not like to talk about my experience but I have decided that to better understand I need to tell people about it. When I was 14 years old, a freshman in high-school, I woke up in the middle of the night in the petrified state of mind. My mind was aware of its surroundings. I could see perfectly, and the only thing keeping me from breathing was the sheer terror I am about to describe. This glowing green creature, roughly 3 feet tall, straddling my body. His hair was curly and grey, his skin was almost a scaly texture. I remember it quite vividly actually. As he sat perched on my chest it was whispering something very morbid sounding. I can only describe it by telling you it sounded similar to that of speaking in tongues. As I read the comments above I am pretty sure I remember the creature threatening to rape me, also, there was definitely some kind of sexual desire spewing from his reptilian lips. As cliche as it sounds, the bed started to rumble like something out of some cheesy horror flick with bad special effect. This went on for what seemed like an eternity but then the creature levitated from my body to the corner of the ceiling where two walls meet, still speaking in devilish tongues. Suddenly a gust of wind, conjured by the creature threw my comforter out of the bedroom door and about 7 feet down the hallway. A moment later everything stopped and I was laying in bed and things seemed normal. A bad dream you ask? Possibly. But I the next bit of information I am about to release proves otherwise. My comforter was still in the hallway the next morning, every single law of physics was broken, how does a thick cotton comforter get tossed out of a doorway, turn 90 degrees to the right and continue 7 feet before landing almost in the next room? I am not a religious person. Agnostic at best. I am a logical thinking and I question everything. To this day no one can explain it to me without saying it was a hallucination. If it was a hallucination how come my dad told me the next morning to “get my damn blanket out of the middle of the walkway.” Apparently whatever i was smoking, so was he. (all of this before i experimented with any drugs or alcohol. I was 14. It has not happened since.)

  40. I just now decided to research my experience and found the term “sleep paralysis”.. My experience fits some of the description but not all.
    5 years ago, I was laying in bed-normal night, nothing unusual- and I had just laid down, and I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of pending danger and absolute terror. At that time I could feel my heart pounding, along with the sound of something clawing quickly up the stairs to my room (I no longer could hear my heartbeat, move any muscle in my body, blink, speak and had no sense of time) barreling through my bedroom door, and jumping up onto my the end of my bed. Here is one difference I’ve noticed between what I’ve read and my experience; although I didnt have the sensation of “being suffocated”, I couldn’t feel myself breathing but the demon was on my legs/pelvic area, not my chest. It was jumping up and down on me, locked on my eyes with its small red eyes. It was hissing and laughing. It was scaley and black.. maybe two feet tall. Had two large wings and talons on its arms but no legs. I felt like it was telling me that I was all his and that I would not escape but without words. All I could think or feel was sheer terror. As soon as I registered that I was doomed, it was gone, everything was normal again and I could sit up. My sister was across the room in her bed sound asleep.
    I hadn’t known who Jesus was before this, had no intention of going to church or changing my life before this. My uncle had been trying to talk to me about going to church for a few weeks before this happened. Only after this night, I suddenly felt deep inside that I needed to go. The week that followed after, I went to church. I said aloud that I wanted to know God. My life has never been the same since. I never understood why this happened to me, and definitely didn’t know that there was others out there that had similar experiences.
    I guess that God just has a different plan of salvation for every person. Sometimes He takes us to the deepest of depths to help us recognize the light..

  41. Hey there name is Suzan, and I honestly don’t see the big deal about sleep paralysis. I literally happens everytime i sleep on my back. Its been happening since I was a kid, but I always remind myself to stop sleeping on my back because it’s isn’t exactly pleasant. It’s not so scary. What usually happens is I sleep on my back, I fall in and out of sleep, I end up waking up while my body still asleep, or paralyzed. I see a really short ugly looking dark grey/almost black demon with arms as long as its body from the neck down. And it has a whole bunch of creases on its forehead. I see it at the corner of my right eye every single time. It runs up on to my bed (remind me of a cartoon characters) and it just stares at me. It lasts approx 15- max 20 seconds.

  42. Hi,
    I used to have this experience a lot growing up. My mom’s explanation was that its a malevolent creature similar to what others have described here. I only saw the creature once and that was after my mother painted a vivid picture of what it’s supposed to look like so that’s probably why I saw it. I don’t share my mom’s superstitions or her beliefs. Anyway it stopped for a long time until 2008 when two major events took place. first one in April of 2008, I was asleep in my bed in Luton, England when suddenly an unseen force pulled me out of my bed and dragged me all around my bedroom before sliding me back onto my bed. the paralysis was just like before but the dragging was new. however while I was being dragged, some furniture was disturbed but when I got up and looked around everything was in its place so I don’t know if it was real or a dream.
    the second time was that year in the summer when I was visiting my sister in Exeter. at night I was in bed when I saw my sister come into the room. she grabbed me by my leg and tried to drag me out of bed. she disappeared when I screamed. this I was ready to dismiss quickly as a dream until the next morning. at breakfast I asked my sister if something strange ever happened to her. she said that on a number of occasions, something in the form of her youngest daughter came into her room and tried to drag her out of bed by her leg. I told her what happened to me after she told me that first. I am certain that whatever it was, it was real and not a dream or a psychological phenomenon. I am an atheist, PhD student with an IQ of 140. but that shit was real.

  43. I had my first experience at about 15 yrs old I had no idea that it was so common. I always suspected it was a demon but had no reference. I myself never seen a creature, only felt the presence, and as many have explained, I found after many experiences that calling upon the name of Jesus would always set me free. At Bout age 19 my mother bought me a dream catcher and I no longer have the problem. I now have a 12 yr old daughter a couple of yrs ago she had a bad dream I told he father to get her a dream catcher she hadn’t complained after that recently we moved and temporarily live with family and her dream catcher is in storage, well, two nights ago she had a “bad dream” .last night when I found her still awake at mid night I told her to go to bed she began to cry. I asked her to explain her “dream” to me. She stated that she woke up and it sat up on her chest she could not breath then it screamed in her face and she woke up again and that’s why I found her in bed with me. I asked what it was she couldn’t answer I asked what it looked like she couldn’t describe it. I then decided to serf the web and see what I could find here I am I asked her if it looked like the thing depicted in the photo and she said it did but it’s head was in between its legs and it appeared female.

  44. I was asleep and laying in the bed then I drift off into a dream as I was dreaming this goblin was on top of me it was other people in my dream but it came to me and tried to get me it was sitting on my chest grinding up and down try in to get to my mouth and I was trying to yell help help help help help help and next thing I know I was free my wife she nudged me I was released from this goblin or demon that was holding me down I don’t know how come fear didn’t strike into my heart but I know I wanted to be free and when I was yelling help he was to powerful for me to even say it so it was sounded as a murmured yell I don’t like that feeling at all but it happen to me

  45. I’m surprised to see others have had this experience as well, although mine is not quite the same. I had it happen just last night (or early this morning). I was sleeping and heard a noise come from my living room so I tried to get up and couldn’t. As usual I fight against whatever is holding me down. I eventually push to a standing position and am pushing forward. In my head I say something about my lord is my savior and then say fuck you! To whatever force is holding me. I’ve never seen a person or demon of any sort but I’m definitely fighting something. This has happened a lot to me and it used to happen every time I fell asleep, even during the day. Now it’s been maybe a year since it happened until now. I personally think it is a bad spirit and I will always fight back.

  46. Mostly all people that i know of apart from my family experiences it. I noticed that it happens only if you sleep like a dead man. It happebed to me a couple of times, never saw how he looked but evertime it happens i always say in the name of god the merciful. This thing always dissapears. But one time, i felt that there were 2 unwanted spirits in my room i looked at my door it was open and i can see the light of the living room being on but i cant move whatsoever, then suddenly this huge unbelievable pressure appeared on my chest almost couldnt breath. Fthen i look to the right in my imagination i hear a little girl laughing and running around. Then i notice a somehwat girl running atound the room in circles next to me that resembled my sister. It was creepy and that day it was the strongest preaaure i ever felt from this thing/demon.

  47. I have had a few of those experiances years ago. It would occur after if have slept for over 12 hours. I’d wake up and couldn’t move. I knew the lights were on but it was dark. No noise and no fear. Allthough i allways had cats in the house sleeping in the bedroom at those moments they weren’t around. It would last up to a few minutes. The first few times i was scared but later i wasn’t. A strange experience.

  48. So last night I woke up to use the bathroom then got back in bed and laid down. I pulled the covers over my head because the dark usually helps me to fall asleep right away. Im assuming I fell asleep at this point but it didnt feel like it. Im unsure though, I tend to lucid dream often and Im never sure when Im actually asleep and awake. So weather I was awake or asleep I heard my bedroom door open and I could imagine/see it opening then all of a sudden my chest felt incredibly heavy and immediately I knew something was sitting on my chest. The energy was intensely negative. I asked the “thing” to leave and i again imagined my bedroom door opening and closing like it left. After that i dont remember anything like I may have fallen asleep. Im nut sure how to feel about this experience or if it was just subconscious because i have been slightly stressed with working long hours lately. I would love to hear what you think :)

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