Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest – Add Your Testimony

One of the worst things anybody can go through is sleep paralysis.  I have had this experience myself and you basically lie on the bed without being able to move a muscle and it can last momentarily or for minutes and even longer.  For whatever reason in the past I always break out of the paralysis saying the name Jesus or Yeshua…

Three of my friends have said to me that they saw a goblin sitting on their chest whilst having this experience, thankfully this has not happened to me thus far. All of them describe the creature similarly and two of them never knew that this creature is actually part of folklore…

Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest
Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest

Legend has it that Incubus is a demon that lies on the chest of sleeping people with the intention of having sex with them, Merlin the magician from the King Arthur saga, was purported to be the offspring of the Incubii. Apparently these creatures have penises that are very cold and very big (maybe like the metal probes described by people anally probed by aliens???)!

This legend varies from region to region and the demon takes many forms, the scariest of the lot is Popo Bowa, a Tanzanian demon that strikes fear into the hearts of men because this particular demon paralyses men and then sodomises them!!!

Scientists believe that sleep paralysis can be explained by the fact that your brain wakes up before your body does but there is no conclusive evidence about what actually causes it just yet…

These colourful legends stretch far and wide!!! If you’ve had one we’d love to hear from you!

Update: My latest sleep paralysis attack

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103 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis Demon Sitting on Chest – Add Your Testimony”

  1. It happened to me about 2 days ago. At first I felt like I was falling
    then I can’t move I opened my eyes and every thing was shaking
    and then I was really scared so I started praying and then I woke up. if it happening to you don’t open your eyes you see crazy shit like once I saw my step dad sitting next to me and laughing at me
    and also move your toe and your fingers it helps wake you up faster and pray to god in your head cause you cant move your mouth or anything and again DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES btw im 14 years old and it happens aleast every 2 weeks.

  2. I had that sleeping demon sitting on the chest…what is odd is that i dreamt that i was in church, well mainly in the back room of the church and watched soething like live tv where there was “new singers” featured, i knew noone till some band came up and i knew people that were there singing, they just looked different so it took me time to recognise some of them…
    but then, i was in church, and some guy that was in room with me and others, came dressed as priest, and said tht the statue is broken, and started to repaire it, using something like concrete to fix it, few moments later i was laying in the couch in the backroom, and suddenly i felt as if someone sat on me, and started fighting for my breath, that lasted for about a minute and jumped out of my couch, and scared the shit out of my roomate by staring at him dazed…

  3. I have been terrorized for ten days straight.After I fall asleep I have the same nightmare,a demon sits on my chest,and lately my belly the lays on top of me.He moves his face so close I swear I could smell his stench!!It always me to sleep only 3 hrs or less and when I wake up this morning screaming I feel as if I’ve been in a fight and lost.I slept in my lazy boy last night sitting up hoping it wouldn’t appear.It did sitting in my lap it wrapped it’s arms around me and the chair and was like trying to hump me,that’s when I woke up screaming.I’ts been 10 days! I feel like a zombie with the very little terrorizing sleep.I am scared.I have been keeping my wife in the dark.I don’t want to scare her,but she knows something is very wrong.I am Catholic It’s about 7:30am and I’ve been up since 3am. I don’t know what to do.I am so tired and beat down. I picked out some nice wood that I was going to use for shelving,and when My wife is awake I will saw them and create 3 wooden crosses. Then I’ll call the church and ask when I can come by and have them blessed.I will place them around the house,over our bed the living room,and my art studio. The last couple of nights I did not want to sleep I was drinking coffee as I sat in my recliner but the ugly sleep slipped in.This is not a small little gnome I’m fighting.This is a demon I believe I never seen any thing like it,and it is getting more aggressive.

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