The Electric Wind – Truth Vibrations

As a child I grew up a Christian but I never really got into the whole worshiping thing.  From a very young age (13ish) I came to the conclusion that extraterrestrials were a plausible explanation for the mythology and subsequent religions on Earth (and lets face it there is vast amounts of evidence that show religion followed myth). Later in my teens, my mother was part of a Christian Charismatic group and she asked me to sit in front of a picture of Jesus and asked me to open myself up to the Spirit.  She said if I do I might feel tingles in my hands and maybe my face too.  I was very sceptical at that point but I went along just to humour her. What happened next changed me forever.

It started with tingles, and it intensified slowly over a few months until occasionally when I spoke with certain people about spirituality or even cosmic science I would feel a strange energy flowing through me.  The best way I can describe it is like an electric wind or fluctuating energy flow through the body, from head to toe, that pulsates, intensifying and dissipating at random periods.

It seems to happen when some truth is spoken, something literally rings true and through. I initially associated this feeling with Christianity, thinking that nobody in any other religion could feel such ecstasy, and I bought into the messages of my church hook line and sinker. I defended sound and mindless arguments alike withanyone who would debate with me.  I spent 10 years like this and did feel the energy quite a bit. 

Eventually, I went back to grass roots and started thinking for myself. I can’t quite put my finger on why this happened but it did.  I started to reject the horrible guilt trips put on me such as ‘happy are those who have not seen and yet believe!’ The way this is used really annoys me suggesting we should all believe without questioning, when practically all of the apostles, who lived with the Christ could not believe he came back from the dead until they saw proof with their own eyes! Then you have the scruples that people develop from listening to people like Sr. Faustina who said that it is an insult to the Christ if you consume the Eucharist with the smallest of sins on your soul. This never sat right with me as Jesus came for sinners. From what I have read in the word, I cannot see how the Christ would never refuse anybody from coming to him. How dare anyone change his message. Revelation discusses what God will do to people who change this message!

The thing is, even after freeing myself from the spell I was under, I still feel the Electric Wind on a regular basis.  I often wondered was it real, was it just an inner feeling like adrenaline or some emotion brought on through nostalgia or something, however, something happened on the 0906o9 that proved it is far more than that.

I was having a deep conversation with a good friend of mine who is quite open-minded and we were speaking about space, chakras, the word, you name it… at one point we were discussing gravity and I was giving him my insights about it and how it ties in with light speed and the energy in space when I felt the energy flowing through me.  I told him it was happening and I said maybe we should try a transmission exercise.

I grabbed his wrist and the pulsating got very strong and he felt it very strongly.  He described it is as a feeling similar to a pulsating setting on a rife machine (rife machines tranmit electrical frequencies through the body to kill off parasites etc.).  Afterwards he got very hot and felt nauseous. I was elated, someone else had felt the energy flowing through me. 

So what is this energy? Is it a living entity that moves around the ether of space freely or is it a field technology that Jesus the master uses to communicate with people from wherever he is right now.  It seems to flow down from space and travel through the body lighting up my very being with some sort of electromagnetic wind, lifting and dropping me gently. Whatever it is it feels fantastic and I believe everyone feels it. Be open to it, it’s your birthright! 

So I suppose the key message is that no matter what I do, or what religion I subscribe to, it really doesn’t matter. There is something out there beyond our understanding that interacts with us on a regular basis. I hope to one day measure it and prove it happens so that scientifically it can be shown that there is something else out there beyond the physical that interacts withus when we hit on some universal truth. Call it chakras, kundalini, chi, global consciousness, christ self, ET or paranormal contact, the Holy Spirit or whatever you what. IT IS REAL and that’s all that matters.

If anyone has felt the electric wind please give us your testimony by commenting on this topic!

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9 thoughts on “The Electric Wind – Truth Vibrations”

  1. I have had this same feeling for many years. It comes at certain times – usually in a conversation and feels like waves of light energy. Wind is a good analogy. I did an experiment and tried to pass it once to a friend without saying anything. I touched his neck and he suddenly said, ‘what did you just do? I felt a ball of energy roll all the way down my spine”. He seemed to enjoy it – we never spoke about it again and I still don’t know what is is or means….

    Thanks for all your good work. Any info on this would be great!
    Thanks, Eric

  2. Hiya Eric,

    Great to hear from you!

    That’s great to hear… I reckon everyone on the planet has this ability it’s just that we don’t pay attention to it. We’re the lucky ones to be so attuned to it, but I think we have a responsibility to pass it on.

    I also think the gift is tranmitted or awakened through touch!!!

    So the question is, why do we get those feelings… can evolution be the cause of it?

    The chinese call it chi, the indians call it kundalini, christians call it the holy spirit… and as such as a species we need to study it. We’re so much more than just flesh and bone.

    Best regards,


  3. I get a burning sensation at the top of my spine at the base of my neck. I had a dream once my husband and I (at this time we were just dating) were in a dark time where we were fighting for Christ and my weapon was a glowing white sword that I pulled out of that place in my spine. I woke up from that dream with an incredible pain in that exact spot. I get the burning sensation there whenever I am in situations or conversations or dreams that are intensely “holy”.

  4. brilliant shona, it occurs during holy moments, a good way of describing it… it happens when some fundamental truth is spoken for me, so is holiness the same as fundamental truth?

  5. September 12, 2012 in Bozeman Montana Me and a friend of mine where present when there was a light that was moving inbetween two other stars in the sky. we realized after an hour of watching the glowing middle light slowlyarp thro the sky that the entire unite of the three stars were infact moving. we watched the stars do this. They formed triangles and all sorts of lines. lots of triangles. they would fluctuate from the form of stars to the form of large diamonds. the stars projected waves of colors that looked like colors of light and energies. these colors took shapes of pyramids and portraits of a face with the third eye of consciousness. we watched this and felt an energy enter our heart that made our chest feel warm along with our entire bodies. we were relaxed and transfixed…stuck in a dream like transe. i had been calling my son indigo child lately. watching these moving shifting stars made me think of indigo children. i cried to the sky asking if my child was an indigo child. the stars moved in correspondence to my cries. after another house the stars began to align with my friend and i whereever we went. i would move up and down and the star would. we communicated with it for awile. i gestered towards the middle star with my hand and it would my insync. it was incredible. my friend and i felt as tho we were on drugs…we were sober. we had the urge to dance among the moving stars and laugh and sing. the minuet we wnt inside out of site of the stars we would feel anxiety about the situation. after we left the stars stayed aligned all the way to my house. it was so frightening. after i started looking up alien sitings over the weekend. they were all over the world in forms of crystals. there was one seen hovering over a crystal mine. than i started investigating indigo children. and than i found out crystal children are their off spring. i felt the angels presence as did three of my other friends. we all watched it. during this time when we were transfixed there were six shooting stars that came randomly through out the four hour fixation. i still feel the energy pulsating through me. i feel relaxed and intuned. i feel as though the star people centered themselves with me opening my heart chakra. if there are any similar incidences please let me know

  6. I started having the tingling sensations and energy pulses after my son’s death last year. I was searching for answers to why he had died so young. The more I read, the more Enlightened I became, the more sensations I felt. Being a Catholic, it was hard for me to understand that we are more than just a body and soul. I was taught in Catholic school that the Holy Spirit enters us, to help us. But I felt God was separate from me rather than a part of me. I feel so much better knowing that God lives in me and that we are all connected. It nice to know that He reconfirms the Truth by giving us the “electric wind.”

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