Spiritual Sensation

This post is for your comments.

I want you to describe your spiritual sensation whatever religion to ascribe to be it Holy Spirit, Chi, Kundalini, Vril or whatever.

Just post in a comment how you feel when you are connected to your spiritual source.

My testimony is as follows:

“When I sit and think and call upon the faceless spirit to fill me with it’s energy it sometimes comes, from where it comes I do not know and where it goes I do not know. When it is here it lights up my being with an electrostatic sensation, like a vibration running through my body.  It feels like an egg cracking on the top of my head and gently travelling down to my forehead and neck.  I feel a lifting and dropping effect, as if going over bumps in a car but gentler, like going through the clouds and it happens within my body.  Every cell tingles from head to toe and sometimes my face might lock into an expression.  It mostly happens when speaking about spiritual stuff and I use it to hone in on some truth.  It is a beautiful, peaceful, invigorating and powerful feeling that simply lets me know that we are not alone.”

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