Stop worshipping Cesare Borgia as Jesus Christ

Cesare Borgia, (nobleman, politician, cardinal 1475/6-1507) was a cruel son of Pope Alexander VI, who made him bishop and cardinal at a very early age.  In 1498, Cesare became the first person in history to resign the cardinalate and he became the Duke of Valentinois.

Borgia was renowned for his deceptions and had no trouble crushing and executing his enemies.

Cesare befriended Leonardo da Vinci during his life and it is rumoured that Leonardo used Borgia’s likeness as a base for his depiction of a caucasian Jesus.  Apparently it was common place for artists to do such things to please popes and monarchs.

It seems that the image of Jesus that many worship today is based on Cesare Borgia’s likeness.

The image above from left to right: Cesare Borgia, Jesus Christ (Divine Mercy) and Jesus Christ (Shroud of Turin)

I am generally an advocate of the Shroud of Turing being the real image of Jesus after his ordeal because of the overwhelming evidence.  However, if da Vinci had discovered using chemicals on a sheet could make it possible to receive an image then it too could be an image of Cesare Borgia. Da Vinci, more than any other genuis that walked the earth before or since, had such capability that it is possible that it was within his faculties to fake such a thing.

That is why I feel it is important when you pray to not pray to any likeness, because if we’re truly honest, we’re just not sure what Jesus looked like and we should not put a face, label or image to the universal spirit that connects us all.

Exodus 20:4 gives good advice:

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God”

Now, I know that many believe that the God of the old testament was another one of these idols, nevertheless it is good advice.

Do not, I repeat, do not imagine anything when you pray.  Our prayers and our minds are powerful devices that can construct particles from waves, so if you want to manifest something you think and dwell on it.  This is how the secret works, the law of attraction.  Our minds are powerful and are part of what makes this whole reality work.  We are parts of the creative mind that created this place, so our messages go back to that and give it ideas on how to play out the next scene.

So there you have it… what do you think?  Will you continue to worship Cesare? Comments welcome.

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16 thoughts on “Stop worshipping Cesare Borgia as Jesus Christ”

  1. Very interesting piece. I think that there is something to what you say. Exodus 20:4 is good advice – if we must pray to something external, then we need to be careful. I personally think that the best connection is to be made within.

  2. Because man is weak they asked for a King. Until David no King was Ordained by the Most High, and His image was not relevant, but his age. His courage, strength, and faith. Later his Kingship. Until HIM Haile Selassie I, there was no image of Jah that was worthy only a lowly Shepard with no where to go… Jah was made meak. Until The Conquering Lion Of the Tribe of Judah, Jah in Man had no been seen honored and declared, respected and praised. Only The Ethiopian Emperor is worthy of representing the Father of humanity, in truth the Ethiopian is Our Father made in the Likeness and Image of Jah. Now All Nations can see that Haile Selassie I is the Bridge and is the evidence of the Power of Jah on the Throne of Zion. Let Selassie I Alone be praised in perfect form and awareness, harmony and balance with the Earth Mother Empress Omega. He is Bridegroom, in the Marriage supper of the Lion and the Lamb. ONE JAH.

  3. It is true that human are lost without knowledge and God is knowledge. God the Father is Knowledge,God the Son is Freedom and God the Holy Ghost is Guider…we shall only worship the Trinity,which many have not seen nor concieved with their canal minds.

  4. AMEN.I been telling people now for a while that this image is cesare borgia the son of pope alexander vi ,i never set up a image in my home and i forbid my wife to bring any images into our home .i always tell people the bible says do not set up any images .one they are false and idolatry.i really try hard to please my true heavenly father and the best way to be obedience.may GOD BLESS you for being a faithful steward.

  5. I really enjoyed this knowledge.
    Please email me a copy and more information so that I can be an infantry soldier to spreading the true word of God. Thanks.

  6. All hail Lord and Savior Cesare Borgia!!! The true lord hath cometh in him verily I say unto thee. All hail Cesare. We are all individuals.

  7. Oh gawd I made an error. I meant all hail Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who actually had the Roman name of Cesare. I bet you never realized — check Roman census records. Jesus ‘Cesare Borgia’ of Nazareth. Its wild. So maybe Cesare was like the 2nd coming or a namesake of the o.g. JC. JC did NOT fuck around. He was a SERIOUS gangsta of the werd. So was Cesare. Coincidence? I think not.

  8. How can get Shroud of Turin? If he was only in the grave for three?all this Shroud of Turin is lies. He is black.

  9. This is funny because when I look at this, it’s not even true. The image that we’re familiar with now has been around since the 1st-3rd century. Cesare Borgia was not alive in the 1st-3rd century. He was around from 1475-1507.And if he was, then your telling me that he time travelled to the 1st-3rd century. You could do that to anyone that looks like Jesus. I could say oh look at this picture of Jesus, it looks like my friend, but I’m not gonna say that the picture is my friend that’s just stupid. And that’s exactly what’s going on here.

  10. Th problem is, ppl r worshipping th shroud under th assumption that th figure really is J th C since long b4 th tests. They’ll say “veneration is not worship” Oh but it is. AND they’re not satisfied to do so themselves but they desire that everyone in th world must do so too AND many of them will become angry, resort to lying n insulting non-believers..

  11. Everyone knows the trinity was made up at The Council of Nicea. Constantine made sure of this because there was great strife and division in Rome.

  12. I don’t believe in any of them because they are idols. We are to be Christ like. Christ is our example of how e should live in the Love of The Heavenly Father. We should let our lights shine before men so that they see our works and glorify our Father in Heaven. The true Church is within each believer and the Kindom of God is here within. We allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. The Rapture is us coming into Christ consciousness. When to or three are gathered in my name there IAM. No buildings are needed for Salvation as many pastor have started preaching. The Bible is a book of parables. Like layers of an onion

  13. i teach this and would like to add that our words are profound and powerful. god is not a name , and the true first commandefment says do not forget my name. godrial was cast from heaven with 1/3 of the angels. god for short to rule the earth. satan runs things here even the churches, every christian church is a satanic cult, they all have pictures of jesus or ceasare sixth popes gay son who had relations with da vinchi. yahway and yashua are father and son. ask for forgiveness and stop praying to a gay man. say creator or father. only a very few know this truth nobody preaches it except two or three people.they changed the bible 7000 times to say god and jesus. this is why everyone says goddammit and jesus christ. the vatacian is satanic they control every church. good luck to you all and spread the truth now

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