The Force is with me and I am one with the Force

We may not be able to lift an X-Fighter out of a swamp with a muppet in our back packs, but the Force is with us and it does flow through us.  It can be called chi, kundalini, spirit, and many other names including the force, but it exists and flows through us when a truth is spoken, when something we need is near, when music touches the core of our being.

Do not listen to mans explanation of the force, it’s is always abused and always wrong.  I know that you could say I am a man and explaining the force, but I do not intend giving it any form of label other than it being an unseen force that we can feel and use in our daily lives.  Some call it instinct, but it seems to have an intelligence…

For me the function of the universe is life, i.e. all the stars and planets exist, and all the rules exist so that we have a place to explore and experience, that is what life is about. Experience.

People worry about death so much that they forget to live, but if you understand that you are a manifestation of the universe, so that it can observe itself, you will have so much more peace.  If you die and your own conscious mind ends, don’t worry, that is just your ego pangs.  We all experience that.  Even if there is nothing after, there is peace, and it is only through having a physical body once again can we experience a heaven, hell or whatever else is written down by men.

I do believe that it is possible that the most beautiful minds here might be mined for better roles in the future, nurturing other planets, entertaining, making things better and keeping things going, this is written in ancient texts, but it isn’t necessary for me to believe or speak about to others.  It isn’t necessary for me to have peace.  Knowing that I am the pinnacle of evolution, that I survived on behalf of a long line of humans and other creatures to experience now is enough.

By living life to the full now, we don’t need to be anxious about the future or depressed about the past.  We all make mistakes and learn from them or repeat them until we learn, but ultimately we choose whether to hurt or nuture and there is only one thing that makes you feel better and that is to give everything you have to life and to being a good friend.  This does not mean being walked over, far from it, if someone does not appreciate you, give your time to those who do.  It is a big planet filled with amazing people, who are human and make mistakes, but the capabilities you have are terrific and know little bounds, so make the most of what you have.  Even being able to stand up and walk around and hear, smell, touch and see is beyond incredible given we are made from dirt extracted from the ground by plants and animals… assembled by our DNA through eating food, breathing air, basking in the sun and watering ourselves… the four elements… when you do these things right the Spirit will come and you the force will be with you will be one with it, for the force is the very function of nature, and you are it.

May the Spirit of nature flow through you!

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