The Nephilim

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4

In the Christian Bible we are made aware of the Nephilim from the very beginning. Genesis 6:4 speaks of Nephilim who are born of human females but who are Fathered by the sons of God. Who exactly the sons of God are is often the subject of debate, some think they are humans that are descended from the biblical Seth but most understand them to be God’s messengers or Angels. In my opinion it is clear that the sons of God are actually the disobedient rebellious fallen angels (which in my opinion are physical beings  with advanced technology possibly from another planet). Their offence was copulating with human females which resulted in the creation of the monstrous Nephilim race. The Nephilim tipped the natural balance of the Earth, which angered God as went to an awful lot of trouble to create that balance in the first place.

The Nephilim and their Parents Enslaving Humans
The Giant Nephilim and their Parents Enslaving Humans as seen in ancient Sumerian Relief in modern day Iraq.

Most ancient myths speak of Gods copulating with human females to produce heroes of great strength. In Irish or Celtic myth, the God of Light known as Lugh (pronounced Loo) has sex with a human female to produce the mighty Setanta. The adventures of Setanta are spoken of even today by the Irish. This myth is mirrored in Greek mythology where Zeus mated with the mortal Alcmene producing the mighty Heracles known as Hercules to the Romans.

The book of Enoch is an ancient text that is still used to this day by the The Ethiopian Orthodox Church who regard it as canonical. Fragments of it were found among the dead sea scrolls and it was quoted from in the New Testament in the Letter of Jude 1:14-15. The book is written by Enoch himself, who used to walk with God, and goes into great detail about the various offices of the angels (both obedient and disobedient).

In Enoch it is clear that it was the angels that mixed their genes with human females to produce the Nephilim. The book states that they lusted after human females, mated with them and took them as wives, however this does not preclude the fact that the act might have been performed artificially in some way. These fallen angels then taught man about farming, medicine, metallurgy, astronomy, astrology and much more. They also taught women how to beautify the eyes with make up (which is hilarious but thank God they didn’t teach it to men).

God was angered by this act as the immortal beings were not allowed to father children.

Personally, I think that this is to religion as the Grand Unified Theory is to physics. It links original sin to eating from the tree of knowledge and explains why the flood happened and why later Joshua was instructed to finish off the lines of the Nephilim.

Consider this theory:

Imagine a world where the humans of the time lived in harmony with nature. The reason they lived in harmony with nature is because they evolved here on this planet in balance with all other creatures. Perhaps we were always meant to be relatively simple Neanderthals with little need beyond survival. A beautiful species on a beautiful planet.

Imagine then a more advanced race (from another planet perhaps) mixing with this life form. What are the implications of this uplifting?

  • It would increasing their brain capacity so that humans would become self conscious and given the knowledge of good and evil.
  • Women may have increased pain in child birth due to unnaturally increased cranium size (Genesis 3:16).
  • We would be stained with the genes of our ancestors, meaning original sin could be handed down from Father to Son.
  • Longevity, the people of the bible lived for approximately 1000 years
  • Cause a rift between God and some of his Angels

In my opinion it was this uplifting that was offensive to God and is the root of all our problems. There are stories of how the Nephilim, because of their size, began usurping all of mans resources, especially food and that eventually when the food ran out they began cannibalism.  Because of the inequities caused by this God decided to reset the planet and caused the flood.  So he selected as pure a human family as he could find and gathered them with the animals and then destroyed the surface of the earth.

Incidentally, at this point God also reduced our live span to approximately 120 years (amazingly accurate when you consider it was written over 2000 years ago).  The easiest way to do this for an entire species is to modify a small sample, kill the rest and repopulate using the modified set, which is exactly what happened according to Genesis.

So what are the Nephilim?  Ancient humans with advanced technology (Atlanteans, Osirians, Ayrians etc.) or beings from another planet or realm?

If the story is true then there was also a policing system for these beings and that is encouraging.

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11 thoughts on “The Nephilim”

  1. you are a very smart person – you have all of this perfectly laid out- ive known this story by heart since i was born , but some people need to be told-its easy -they are from outer space and were a product- the books say it clear as day- people are designed nieve though-only people with advanced genes from the sons of god understand-

  2. nice of you to say Michael….

    I do agree with you, not all men were created equally with mind body and spirit, that much is obvious, but we do have to treat each other with the same respect.

    looking forward to first contact with you!

  3. With regard to the ‘clipped wing serpent’ at the top of this page. Try this.. (Speaking to the winged serpent)
    “Because of your involvement….you shall lose both ear and wing, hand and foot”.
    From the 1st book of Jubilees, Old testament Apocrypha.
    Strip a dragon down of ear, wing, foot, and hand and you’re left with, a snake.

  4. You you should make changes to the post subject title The Nephilim : The Jesus Alien to something more suited for your content you create. I enjoyed the blog post however.

  5. They just recently found a tunnel that rans between Khafre’s Pyramid and the Sphinx, and exactly halfway between the two they found a shaft going 95 feet vertically down into the ground, were they found the tomb of Osiris. Since there has never been any mummies found in the Great Pyramids of Giza, and the tomb of Osiris was found in a “secret” underground chamber just a few yards away from the Great Pyramid, it’s very possible the Great Pyramid was built by Osiris or Osiris’s son Horus and not by Khufu.

    For the full story see “The Nephilim (the fallen angles) give birth to a race of Giants that build the Tower of Babel and the Great Pyramid.

  6. Totally agree Kevin. What is your opinion of the shafts leading from the queens chamber to hidden doors closer to the top of the pyramid? I personally think there is a hidden chamber in there too… but most of this stuff will be kept under wraps if it is the mummies of the ancient gods or fallen ones.

  7. I recently found out that I am nephilim and am also a decendent of one of the four horsemen, is this a good thing or very bad?

  8. do you have any physical traits? extra strong, young looking for your age, 6 toes?

  9. Nephilims is a plural, in single form or a root of the word in Hebrew is npl as it is found in Psalm 58:8.Here it means miscarriage.And matched with the Fijian greatest anscestor known as Tui o Waicalanavanua(king of dissolve land) or Lutudra(miscarriage).In other context it means untimely born.It was mentioned in a traditional Fijian chant.Au lutudra kau kune rawa,Tinaqu tu edua na marama,Vale iloilo au laki tawana,Noqu tiko na lomanimacawa…English:I was born prematured or miscarriage and I was found. My mum is a human lady (didn’t mentioned his dad).A glass made casket was my house.The above firmanent used to be my environmnt…His dad was an angel from the pre-flood earth.After the flood God took him and put him back to a dry land right next to the dissolve land where he was taken from.That’s where his name derived from Tui Waicalanavanua (King of Dissolved Land).

  10. When series of migrants reached the Fijian shore after the great flood.They saw giant’s already settled in Fiji.When they asked them where did they came from, they said that they came from Vunilagi (heaven on earth) on central East Fiji.But during that very moment, Vunilagi also known as Vuniivilevu had already dissolved to the ocean floor.These were the descendants of Lutudra.Acceptin this theory that Lutudra was the progenitor of the nephilims on earth after the flood.

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