The Purpose of the 666 Chip Revealed

I attended a speech recently on the Law vs the Legal System and the speaker spoke about how a legal entity called the Person is created for each and every one of us when we are registered at child birth.  This legal entity is created so that we can enter into contracts with other incorporated entities such as limited companies and governments (which are themselves incorporated bodies). The legal entity is often called ‘The Straw Man.’

What most people don’t realise is that this cloak can be cast off if necessary allowing man or woman to be exempt from certain contracts.  For example, if you think about it, how can a living breathing soul be made bankrupt when all the resources of the earth are available to it. If your person has been made bankrupt, you can still walk the countryside, eat its produce, enjoy physical relationships, laugh, have fun etc.  The sun still rises and sets and life goes on. Just because you cannot get loans and perform a contract with an entity such as a bank does not make you bankrupt, it actually sets you free.

Anyway, as I realised the difference between the person and the man/woman, I realised that the reason behind the 666 chip mark of the beast is to ensure that the straw man cloak cannot be removed (or that it can’t be removed as easily). As more and more people become aware of the law and man’s rights as a powerful sovereign entity, and not just legal statutes and acts, the more the powers that be will fight to take these rights away or bypass them.  By implanting or branding everyone with a chip will mean that literally part of you becomes government property. Let me repeat that, part of you becomes the property of your Government, which means that they will have more power if not total control over the entity containing their property.

Revelation 13 states that we will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast i.e. we will not be able to contractually make a sale or purchase and item without the mark.

Therefore, I am suggesting here that the chip to be imposed on mankind is an attack on our sovereignty and our god given right to free will.

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One thought on “The Purpose of the 666 Chip Revealed”

  1. Are you sure?

    What if it turned out that everyone was wrong and it is something simple like a circle instead?

    The legal 666 straw man thing is pretty clever, though.

    But isn’t he the lawless one? Perhaps he is the libertarian type. NWO of, for, by the people?

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