UFOs over Comeragh Mountains, Waterford, Ireland

coumshingaunWe have had a heatwave here in Ireland over the past week and I took every opportunity to make the best of the fine weather.  Last night I visited my favourite place in the world.  Coumshingaun lough, a jewel nestled in the Comeragh mountains in Waterford, Ireland.  If you are ever in Ireland it is worth a trek to see it.

I took a dip in the lake and when I was back down at the carpark I was talking with my friend and we noticed Mars in the sky.  Then we were chatting away and I glanced back up at the sky and there were a number of bright stars around it.  One particularly bright, then other were moving in different directions.  I got out my phone to try get some footage and then a streak of light shot downwards.

After a few minutes another 2 moving objects appeared, they looked like satellites and perhaps they were, but as one travelled towards the lough, it shone at us from this great distance.  Like a torch when it hits you with the sweetest bright spot. In order for it to shine the way it would have to have either shone intensely bright or focus some sort of light beam in our direction.  This suggested that it was more than just a satellite.  The sun had also gone down behind the mountain and it was twilight so I doubt it was a reflection from the sun, especially given what had happened earlier.  It was not a jet or a chopper either, as we would have heard those given it was so quiet up there, and it was not sky lanterns as they would all travel in one direction.

There was no cloud either so it wasn’t stars getting dimmer and brighter based on high altitude cloud cover passing over the objects.

I feel honoured to have witnessed them and am writing this blog for posterity as I am sure that I will forget what happened in a few years so it is nice to be able to mark down this experience.

There is something very special about this lake as I have took a shot of a UFO here many moons ago.




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One thought on “UFOs over Comeragh Mountains, Waterford, Ireland”

  1. its good you thought of alien invasion to the mountains , this might have led to ufo illusions when u saw asteroids. If you have taken apicture of a flying saucer over those mts i wd hav had alittle belief over that becouse we have ever hard of those alien ufos in area 51 in the u.s.*
    i appritiate the website innitiative but always show application of statements writen or concrete evidences.

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