Warning: If you connect with angels you can connect with demons

The title of this post is slightly misleading because angels and demons are not the same.  Demons are thought to be the souls of the children of angels.  Some people think the Devil, Lucifer, Satan is a demon, of course he is not.  He is an angel, be it a fallen one.

Anyway, now that I’ve grabbed your attention with the title let me explain what I mean.  There is a physical or spiritual means through which entities such as the spirit, angels,  fallen angels and demons communicate with people.  They gently give messages, lead in certain ways for good an evil, they make you speak in tongues, perform miracles such as healing, communicate with dead spirits and so on.  They can also possess you and take full control in extreme circumstances.

People have different abilities in this regard.  Spirits connect with people and depending on the ability of the person they can feel it in various ways.  Some suggest it is the pineal gland that facilitates these talents and of course as with any other gland it is affected by the nutrients supplied to the body.  Like the talents associated with good sports player, singer, writer, marksman, politician, driver etc. there are varying degrees of spiritual talent and ability to connect with these spirits.  Royal bloodlines may have this ability in spades, allowing them to communicate with spirits more readily.

My own ability is very subtle, I feel a presence and sometimes it is the spirit, other times it is angels and yet other times it is mischievous spirits.  The only thing that these spirits can do is allow me to resonate when a truth is spoken, when the spirit has connected.  I do not know how this works only that it is very real and very powerful. I call it the electric wind.

I use this for many things, such as exploring truths on this site, discovering what supplements I should take for healing my body when it is ill or under stress, and I use it to pray and ask for help for others.  Sometimes I just like to feel it and I breathe it in and drink it because it is beautiful.  I probably don’t use it enough.  Maybe I should ask for the lottery numbers, but then maybe these entities cannot tell the future either.

A few weeks ago I was communicating with a spirit and it was answering questions but not the normal way I expected.  It was giving me multiple answers leading to a bit of confusion, so I then challenged it and asked it if it was a friend of Jesus and at that point I had to get rid of it.

I feel the spirit now as I write this so thank you God for this privilege as I am confident now that what I am writing is worthwhile.

So I had to cast it out and here is where it gets really weird.  I used the name of Jesus/Yeshua and asked for help to get this entity out of my brain.  It had connected directly with my brain through some sort of spirit/matter bridge or convertor.  It felt strange, as it was disconnecting it didn’t want to leave so it held on.  Now normally what you feel when it connects is tingles, like a bird walking on your head.  Very nice and relaxing and sometimes powerful.  Once connected you can ask it questions and feel the response.  When I tried to get rid  of it I could feel the connections more acutely, this time it went very prickly and I could feel it like thousands of microscopic filaments type connections snapping and being dragged from my head.

I’d be very interested to hear others experiences of this.  It is highly technical in nature in my opinion… possibly something we will emulate in time.  A direct connection to key parts of the brain through some sort of hair like connectors that span the physical and spiritual realms and all entities of this type possess this power.






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14 thoughts on “Warning: If you connect with angels you can connect with demons”

  1. Hey the thing which is in your head is a demon, you must not to communicate with it. It may seem very good, pleasurable or very close to you but it is an evil spirit which is very dangerous and subtle. There is nothing to be proud of to be communicated with any spirit other than the only Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ. It may destroy you entirely, so pray to the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as soon as possible!

    Also, this prayer may help you:

    Tell me what happened in the comments. After casting out demons you should not sin ( Galatians chapter 5, Romans 1:29). If you sin, it is dangerous to be oppressed again. Read Holy Bible daily, Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any twoedged sword, it is our shield and exceeding great reward. Meditate the Word of God day and night. READ ONLY KING JAMES VERSION OF THE HOLY BIBLE! May the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth be with you and set you free!

  2. Yea. I know exactly what your talking about. At times what information they give me is truly transformative. Other times it is almost as if they are purposely throwing me off or leading me in circles. In my case they usually answer and speak to me using my own mouth. The way I form and pronounce my words varies depending on what entity is speaking through me. My whole tone of voice, personality, and fluency changes when they speak through me. I don’t usually ask them the questions because they already know what questions I have. They know my every thought. They only connect to me when they choose to. The connection feels to me like it does to you. The connection feels like a fluid energetic electrical form of matter different from the matter we see in our physical world. It is quite pure yet subtle. When all the lights in my room are off and there is no light I can visually see the connection. It appears as fuzzy, vivid , colorful strings of energy in the general shape of an orb that surrounds my head. If I pass my hand between my head and the orb it’s like static electricity. sometimes it gives of a slight shock to my hand. The u can definitely tell when it’s about to make a connection. It’s like a sudden boost of confidence, energy, and clarity. The problem is is that I have I questions that they will not answer and they are the very questions that i desperately want answered. I get angry with them at times because I can tell that they are attempting to confuse me. I’ve learned to know which ones ones are pure and wich ones tell me things that are not valid. Sometimes I think it is the same being expressing itself in different forms. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

  3. Thank you, when I read this it gives me the sensation of truth, which is excellent… so the question then is, is it a demon validating what you said, in which case why would they do that, and if it is the Holy Ghost, sent forth from Jesus the Messiah, then I am connecting to the right source. I think that the article just means that if you can connect be careful and perform the test… ask the spirit if they believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, if they can’t answer this or beat around the bush, cast them out in Jesus name.

  4. thanks for your testimony onja… be careful and ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit for help if you feel threatened.

  5. I have similar experiences and i was mentalized for several months, because i did do some weird stuff. I use to call them “abrahams” and i thought the spirit was God himself. I got it almost as Muhammad, author of quran did, i think. He meditated in a cave and when he felt for suicide he went to a hill to throw himself down but an “angel” appeared and told about his “mission”.. My mission was suicide, i was told, and there was another world wich contained living people and who was grizzling my suicide and did not now about the “other planet”..

    Anyways, I was let loose from hospital when i put my trust in Jesus and he went to my heart, the doors to freedom and from the lying spirits. Nurse asked me “which god do you believe today then?” , kind of sarcastic because i had said i believed in jehova,rastafari etc.. But when i told her Jesus she only laughed a bit and i don’t even are ordained medicines!

    I don’t believe we need to cast out demons because our God is a living God. He is good!

  6. i also have this in my head i get a pressure and loud screams come out of mouth telling me to die…then when i begin to pray to king Jesus i begin to speak in tongues and then something begin to speak out of me saying you are not going to die …i hear the words “now go” some speak as if angels saying i am going to do great things and that i belong to the most high God and i also hear don’t read because your demon reads and the only way to fight is though worship …sometimes i am left in a confused state i have been in church and tried the casting away of and nothing has helped…i have also heard a spirit say that it was God himself and all of this is being said from my own mouth…i do believe it is real i see no electricity only pressure in my head from the evil spirit and a warm feeling like something pouring down on me from the angels ..ive had it for months now and is convinced that i am in between a battle of satan and God for my soul…i do speak in tongues and interpretation comes in after but not by my own will its like im being forced to talk and i can’t think because what i ask God in my head is being answered out of my own mouth…i like to sing but was told by an angel or maybe God not to sing not to read my word and to only pray…i need help because im feeling like im destined to preach to the world because ive been told by whatever is going on with me and it happens everywhere my children don’t get scared either when it comes they get crosses and begin to say devil leave mom alone as if they are fighting with the angels i thought i was the only one going through this but i really believe that we are chosen by Most High God for a certain task if we can’t cast out of ourselves then how can we cast out of anybody else and another weird thing is that my dog doesnt bark when this is happening i though dogs saw spirits evil and good ive always been told that i am a prophet and since ive been prophesied to im getting the same thing from each prophet…can anybody help

  7. Hi folks.
    some of your posts are all so familiar.
    1. I’m not religious.
    2. I want to spit out the fruit, Adam ate so i can be all of me and do what G-d needs of me.
    4. perhaps you’d be more comfortable and alive too.

  8. jasmark, the best way to evangelise these days and get your opinions out there is to use blogging and social media etc. just get out there and share your experiences without forcing anyone to think your way… that is what this site is all about, exploring my thoughts and allowing others to share theirs especially if they disagree with me.

  9. Gabriel you are right… if we spit out the fruit do we also lose our knowledge of good and evil and perhaps regress to being the hominids evolved for this planet… it was probably going to be a lot longer before we were ready for harvest but what’s done is done now and the mess has to be cleaned up… maybe this was always meant to be…

  10. hii my name is Elizabeth..
    I have a question…if any one could answer me I would be glad…there was a tym just 3 or 4 month ago…I could not able to sleep at night whenever I closed my eyes I just started preaching to the church for Jesus it goes on till I don’t fall asleep …. why is it soo ?? is that god Jesus want to used me for some purposed or m I xtually the target of Satan…. pliz give me d frank answer…

  11. We are all blessed and targetted… go with your gut and dont give in to fear.you are a soldier.

  12. Elizabeth, God is preparing you for your mission of Preaching the Gospel. Thru your gift of the Holy Spirit, you would experience what is to come. Do not be afraid

  13. Hello

    I recently went through a very similar experience like those who have commented on here. I’m still not entirely well but am fighting with what little strength I still have.
    It started with me becoming ill and then evolving into hearing voices that claim to be God, Jesus Christ, Arch angel Michael, Satan/Lucifer.
    At first it was only one voice, Heavenly Father so I thought I was destined to do something for God but then the voice began telling me things that I had to do like beg and pray for forgiveness all hours of an entire day.
    I did all of it and this went on for two months.
    Being naive at first, I truly thought God was speaking to me and I felt tormented by the things I had to do and say. I could not live in my reality with my family, they became terrified of things I was saying that were all untrue.
    I did not speak in a strange language but instead I was saying odd things that the voices would make me believe.
    Finally, my family found someone who was able to help me and now I am protected by that demon. The voices are gone now and I am much better now but I still have terrifying dreams and sometimes I can feel it wanting to touch me and speak to me.
    During my experience, I felt this deep love for the Arch Angel Michael, I was tormented by that demon about my love for Arch Angel Michael.

    My advice to those who are not psychic or mediums but are just someone like me who has no special abilities is to not speak to the voice.
    God doesn’t speak to people directly but he makes you feel his love and power in your heart and spirit. If a voice claims to be God then most likely it is something else trying to possess your mind, body, spirit and soul.
    Seek spiritual help right away and don’t wait for months like I did. I would not turn to medication unless it is truly necessary but find someone who deals with possession.
    Thank you for reading.

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