Winged Sun Discs or Advanced Personal Transport Devices

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke, ‘Profiles of The Future’, 1961

If you lived 2000 years ago and you saw a helicopter, how would you describe it?  Would it make a noise like galloping horses?  Would you describe it as having a scorpion’s tail? In the book of revelation there are what seem to be descriptions and thus prophesy about today’s machines described in the language and imagery of the time.

If we go further back in time there are more incredible descriptions of things such as the chariots of the gods.  The people of the time did their best to describe them by carving them into stone, writing about them, passing down stories about them etc.

The most interesting of these for me is the winged sun disc, which appears all over the world in ancient times (and in modern times too).  Very similar versions of this symbol appear in various countries in Mesoamerica (Toltec, Aztec, Mayan cultures) and the Middle East (Babylonian, Egyptian, Persion, Hebrew cultures).

In modern day Iran the Faravahar is a national symbol. The Faravahar is a winged sun disc with the primary god Ahura Mazda sitting in it or on top of it. The Faravahar is one of the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, and is said to represent a Fravashi or guardian angel.  This is a striking similarity between how Ahura Mazda sits in the Fravashi and how the Hebrew and Christian Cherubim sit inside the Ophanim or Wheels / Thrones, which are discussed below.

Ahuramazda Faravahar of Ancient Iran
Ahuramazda Faravahar of Ancient Iran

Then there’s the winged sun disc of Ashur, a Sumerian god, the head deity of the Assyrian pantheon. Ashur is pictured as a man riding within a winged sun disc also (notice the spokes here within the disc). These spokes can be seen in Nimrud’s Steele also and in this author’s opinion represent rotary blades as opposed to rays of the sun.

Sumerian God Ashur Riding Within his Winged Sun Disc
Sumerian God Ashur Riding Within his Winged Sun Disc

There are thousands of depictions of winged sun discs in Egypt. An interesting correlation with Sumerian culture is that the original Egyptian rendering of Osiris is Ausur.  A striking resemblance to the name Ashur? Then there’s the Hindu God Surya, which bears resemblance to Assyria, the city named after Ashur. Depictions of Surya bear remarkable resemblance to the Greek gods riding on their Chariots of the Sun powered by winged horses.  Then there’s Ashtaroth, the grand duke of hell, depicted as a nude man with large wings. The similarities go on and on (if you want to get New Age there’s also Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light).

Winged Sun Disc on Ben Ben Stone found in Dashur, Egypt
Winged Sun Disc on Ben Ben Stone found in Dashur, Egypt

Note: It is worth noting the “all seeing eyes” of Horus in the above image which is a description for the flying greek god  Helios the all seeing.  It is easy to observe the world from on high (I won’t digress into any conspiracy theories regarding the American dollar bill and the  illuminati).

There’s also Quetzalcoatl (try saying that under the influence of alcohol) of Mayan persuasion who is said to have civilized middle america with teachings about politics, farming etc. Very similar motives that Osiris had when he left Egypt and also very similar motives to that of the fallen ones mentioned in Enoch.  Following is an image of Quetzalcoatl in what seems to be a machine. Perhaps this is another view of the winged disc?

Quetzalcoatl in some sort of craft
Quetzalcoatl in some sort of craft

Finally, let’s take a quick look at Ezekiel 1:15 in the Christian Bible

“This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like chrysolite, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel.  As they moved, they would go in any one of the four directions the creatures faced; the wheels did not turn about as the creatures went. Their rims were high and awesome, and all four rims were full of eyes all around. When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose.  Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels.”

What Ezekiel talks of here are known as Ophanim or Wheels / Thrones.  In Christianity these are a clasiffication of angel, which bears a striking resemblance to the Fravashi angels in Zoroastrian.

What is apparent to me is that the author was trying to describe some sort of flying machine:

  • They sparkled like chrysolite so they were probably metallic
  • Wheel within a wheel, perhaps some form of rotary blade, counter spinning for stability, they are often referred to as the ‘whirling wheels’ which is a good description of a rotary blade in operation.
  • They could travel in all directions
  • The moved with the living creatures (or moved the living creatures), because the creature was in the wheels!!!

My thoughts on the matter are that some advanced ancient civilization, be it indigenous or from another world, flew about in these flying machines which looked like great birds.  The pilot stood or sat in a circular platform on top of the bird and the wings/tail were used to balance the craft or maybe store fuel (hanging wings would give the craft great stability, try sticking 2 forks into either side of a cork hanging downward and you can balance the cork on the top of a pencil). Perhaps the wings were simply ornaments or a camouflage. Underneath the craft was a large rotary blade used to give the craft lift. If the craft was balanced correctly the pilot could simply lean in any of the four directions and the craft would move accordingly (a bit like the Hobgoblin in Spider-man).

Often people try to explain hieroglyphs as symbolism, when more often these hieroglyphs depict real scenes and real object (such as the advanced medical devices shown in the hieroglyphs in kom ombo).  The ancient people went to great trouble to record how their gods looked and how the travelled around. The hieroglyphs and carvings are detailed and span countries and oceans. They appear in mythology as chariots of the sun, they appear in Hebrew and Christian scripture also as wheels or thrones (a classification of angel, which is probably where the winged angel idea comes from). The Nazca lines also back up this theory as the people on the ground called out to their flying gods through markings on the ground that span huge areas and can only be seen from the air!

My conclusion is that if they are simple figments of some ancient storyteller’s imagination they had one hell of a marketing campaign!


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16 thoughts on “Winged Sun Discs or Advanced Personal Transport Devices”

  1. Greetings, I found my way to your site via a long search on the Winged sun. About 26 years ago i was in a park St. Louis were there was a psyhic fair happening. My sister and I were drawn by a crowd surrounding a woman maybe in her 70,s . When we got closer we herad that she was russian spoke no english. She drew symbols that she saw around a persons head. Though she said that she had no idea what they meant. The man she was currantly drawing in chalk, had different symbols around him one being a airplane and a medical staff. His friend exictitedly said, Amazing! this guy was a nurse for an airline. We decided to get our sketch done. On top of my head she sketched a winged sun, as well as a space ship to the right of my head, with a stairway and someone climbing it , also about 2 other egypitian pictures. I held on to that Chalk drawing for close to 20 years. Crazy thing, about 10 years after that i was contacted by space brothers, who gave my messages about things to happen. I want to tell you, that i was not into this stuff! though i was on a pretty intense course of Self realization, Any way, i have been looking up the winged sun ever since, glad i found your site, you have put many of my visions together, Somethings up!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Marissa, that’s really interesting… who did the space brothers identify themselves as??? Most of my thoughts come from looking at the evidence with an open mind. Please feel free to share your information with me :-)

  3. Actually It is a powerful story, a bit long and detailed to type out. Maybe a short version to answer your question, they referred to themselves as space brother, Adeish Bahar and Pranam Mateesh.
    Its was the 2nd to last visit that they told me to write the following message and it began, “ We of the Planet Ashur” I should mention that they referred to a few bible quotes concerning who they were. I was not into the bible at all , i happened to have one because my mother sent me my first communion bible only one month before these 5 or so, visits took place. I was pretty shocked when they expressed “We of the planet Ashur, I wasn’t thinking about Space Brothers, out there, so to speak, but I was entertaining them more as astral friends. This concept was ok with me as I was deeply involved with eastern studies and I often heard that we travel these planes and connect with one another, like guides. So, this idea about space brothers now became aliens. Wow, I just couldn’t finish writing and just huddled up in a ball crying. After 20 min. or so a friend started banging on the door telling me she heard a voice telling her to get to me immediately, she said she jumped into the car, and then was instructed to stop at this used book store. (She said she walked in a saw a book lying on the floor, she was told to buy it and bring it Sun, (planet Ashur,) is some way directly to me) She was frantic and saw me also crying, what does it mean? She handed me a book, called World Messages for the coming changes channeled by the Ashtar command. I took one look and said Oh my god, I was really being contacted. The next day I just started calling out to them saying, who are you and why are you contacting me? They said they would be in touch but to answer my question the told me to read Revelations 7, which of course I ran found my little white bible and it was all about the close of the earth when different angels where given powers to bring on its destruction. And then went on to say, that one angel rose up and said not to harm the earth until the 144,000 were sealed and that they where from the 12 tribes, Ashur was one of those tribes. This has been an on going mystery for me as I place the pieces together. The story is still unfolding and I still have my encounters, events now are coming into focus. I am grateful to find your site. I think the Winged Sun may be a link up. P.S. could you email me, i deleted your address.

  4. That’s fantastic Marisa and thanks for sharing with me… Have you done any research into Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation of Light? There’s a lot of interesting information out there regarding Astar, Sananda and Christ Michael among others… I suppose the big debate is whether they are the angels spoken of in the bible and are they the good or the bad…

    The key thing I suppose and it’s something that a very wise man said… He said, you will know whether someone or something is bad or good by their fruits… i.e. their actions… keep that in mind always!

    You should write down all your messages and store them, our little brains are not great for storing memories cohesively and so written word can be very useful and a powerful tool to record our thoughts… it’s why I set up this blog… I wanted to get the stuff rattling around in my head out there for people to see.

    I will be writing a story on Osirian civilization soon, which I believe was the atlantean society, which were the basis of Olmec and Toltec societies, Greek, Persian etc. I think Osirian is the mother culture… and he links in directly with your story.

    Hope to talk soon!

  5. I am actually a Zoroastrian and I wear one of these Faravahars on a neckalce. My family more commonly refers to it as a Asho Farohar. Their are not too many of our race left with the majority existing in Mumbai. I am now going to go back through my many book on Zoroastrianism and read with new eyes. I’m sure I will find some very interesting things this time. For starters the word Zoroastrian probably has a root in the word star….just look at it!

    This will be very interesting….

  6. Hi DAR, thank you for your comments… I am very excited to meet a Zoroastrian. Have you any good recommendations on good books to read on the belief system? I too would like to delve deeper into it as it is a fascinating culture.

  7. I haven’t personally read this book but it is easy to find at -“Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices” by Mary Boyce. She is an excellent author and very knowledgeable. This book should give you a good basis of understanding. A lot of the books I have had access to throughout the years are those given to me by relatives and are either rare or “homemade” so to speak. It’s definitely an interesting culture and religion. If you have any questions you may email me.

    Oh, and when I find things in my own readings that seem to contribute to the idea of ancient aliens I will be sure to share. I’m still getting over the shock of the Fravahars possibly being something other than what I thought they were my entire life. I am fairly sure the three wisemen of the bible were Zoroastrian astronomers or there abouts. It’s something my mother had mentioned to me and Patrick Heron also mentions it in his book “The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse”. How did they figure out by looking at the sky that Jesus had been born (they were a little late mind you). Hmmm.

  8. Nice!
    I am looking for people who have been contacted.
    I saw from top of the building spacecraft flying in all directions like fly.It creeped me out and I’m still obsessed with it

    There must be some intelligent life.
    Mellisa your story is unconnected but I’m still very interested.
    Please write it all down.
    Maybe you had some dreams about it?That could lead to some clues.

  9. Please, have a look at my picture-video “Living UFO”.

    I think the Faravahar is the exact same thing I have seen with my own eyes. How would you depict a hovering orb, in clear, simple symbols?

    I think as a Faravahar.

    Take care, LW.

  10. interesting that the feathered serpent god you show is holding a small handled object that can also be seen in the hands of sumerian winged bird men. archeologists do not know what this object depicted in sumerian art is, they usually explain it away as an incense censor. there are other parallels too, the feathered serpent god is surrounded by a winged serpent with beak, the sumerian bird men are winged, feathered and have long curving beaks, i think two cultures a world away from each other were depicting the same concept. it is interesting that our culture, at this time, seems to be recovering from amnesia and sites like yours are helping the recovery of lost information. (tried to attach or include image, can’t so suggest you just google images for sumerian bird men and look at few, you will soon see one holding this object)

  11. Hi admin, a fascinating read. I was looking for a winged sun graphic that could be colored and came across your website. Would you happen to know where I could find a good clear outline drawing of an Egyptian winged disc or winged disc from any other ancient culture?
    Cheers, Pete.

  12. hello.
    I saw in my dream the Jesus with a winged disc that came with a white bird.

    He told me : I am Jesus. I am coming with winged disk .

    And now I have a question : will he coming with winged disk?

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